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Terrifying, first-person stories of people who have been tormented by an evil spirit, hosted and hand-picked by Eli Roth and as told by the victims themselves. From confrontations with ghosts to demons, dark entities and poltergeists, these are the true accounts of people dragged through hell and back, complete with candid interviews and evocative, horrifying soundscapes. For even more haunting stories with Eli Roth, head to discovery+ to stream full episodes of Eli Roth Presents: A Ghost Ruined My Life. Go to discoveryplus.com/ghost to start your 7-day free trial today. Terms apply.


A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth The Dead Files: The White Widow The Dead Files: The White Widow
On The Dead Files, physical medium Amy Allan and retired homicide detective Steve DiSchiavi solve unexplained paranormal phenomena in haunted locations across America. As Amy Each investigator's findings remain hidden from the other, and from the property's occupants, until the shocking results are revealed in a riveting conclusion. With direct audio from the hit Travel Channel TV show, The Dead Files is your paranormal investigation podcast.


A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth Shark Week: The Podcast - Eli Roth on Shark Killing Tournaments Shark Week: The Podcast - Eli Roth on Sh...
For more Eli Roth, check out his latest episode on the new season of Discovery's Shark Week: The Podcast. On this episode of Shark Week: The Podcast, host Luke Tipple takes a dive into the latest news in the world of sharks. He discusses Mako sightings off the coast of Spain and the media coverage of several shark attacks near Egypt. Plus, award-winning filmmaker & shark conservationist Eli Roth also joins Luke to discuss shark killing tournaments in Florida and across the United States. Eli & Luke explain how spreading awareness and increasing public pressure can put an end to the practice, once and for all!


A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth Portal to Hell Portal to Hell
Please note this episode contains mention of suicide. Listener discretion is advised. After moving into a remote home, single mom Shannon quickly realizes she and her young son are not alone. As spirits begin to latch onto her son, Shannon does research on the previous tenants and uncovers a dark tragic past. Seeking to end her torment, Shannon attempts to close the portal between worlds, but when a malevolent spirit becomes trapped, a violent series of attacks escalates to a horrifying confrontation.


A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth Dark Entity Dark Entity
Please note this episode contains mention of suicide, depression, and contains explicit language. Listener discretion is advised. Candice is living an idyllic life with her wife and child until their world is shattered by the sudden death of a close family member. At the funeral, an evil spirit latches onto her and infiltrates her home and mind.


A Ghost Ruined My Life with Eli Roth War With the Dead War With the Dead
While stationed in Iraq, Matt and a fellow soldier enter an old air base notorious for the heinous crimes of the previous regime. After awakening something evil, Matt is plagued with gruesome visions of the dead. When the evil entity follows him overseas and begins to torment his wife Heather, Matt must fight back and learn the truth of why it came for him.