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March 19, 2023

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Because he was

The we start the month of the week. But now We can't solidify that in Russian. because we have Array borders there we have an air and it's low You get to love me, mother's mother, and not your best friend conversations anymore. If it was you or what you perceived in the first setting where it was ... ... ... ... ... ... ... We should have talked better, each and every hour of tomorrow. For every tree on the SIA and every tree in the garden, the this is small but yep yes

I'm so dumb are you saying that you are telling a certain thing I got right yeah I'm going to tell you I'll write that

you got the long way I would give you back that is totally detailed wich is important oh shit it's tender it's very tender entire Yes. The normal of September. And about the false. We should have come to say it. El Bishakkle. We go ahead. You look at it and I'm in a normal match. How much more. We might look at it. I mean, look at that. Well, I mean, a lot of people. I mean, don't accept the mean, but tomorrow.

I just thought no. Good. Good. Good. Yeah. The matter of a minute. I mean, you're there. And after the onion. Hey, why had a like much better. If not, but sister than had you. Why not? Okay.

I have so because that was on a mind. I be a Bear up in yesterday. How much are we.

Well. Easier. You'd love a. I said the last day.

I wake up. A bit of. Simple as saying that. Don't mess up that point. As always. I've done a Jeff and Shake it why am I ending your It. And I can arrive with my head back a little bit, but although bad is singing at the wheel at the end of it No, this way I live with normal. I'll tell you nothing I'm duck for him in in in terms of it be a month to get in ninta bit nervous But I'm gonna lay off I mean get what to look I what if I'm not so only by it I'm a shirk or to look up lay. I'm gonna see him. She'll finish him a record But when I've seen a madman, I've said haggis not so haggis. What was our home? Mateenson head mult Charlie Mala he has mild entails a happy because of sheriff.

Ah, uh, ah What every celetatic eyes all self-coloredrek at a Way

clash the the kill

a a leave the

there a I will heal best customer service makes price irrelevant Do you remember all the names in the

The things that happened there Yeah, the things that happened there You will remember afterwards And also the big Corona Are they tapered Let's put that

Take 2 This said What is, we do not let the Truman possibility The next day Well... We don't know how much Yeah And I talk all the time

ideal value and about the work like any we will you know what I had a part of the room and then the story of the other came out to be a personal brand of tatak and then I just said that

the head of the who was then a kid of a column to us and marketing the cassette of online well why don't you say because I don't like the idea of live yeah I mean I don't like to say that my own online I don't like that online for the personal branding I don't like that I don't like that but branding that branding had well and that's what I hate the whole good hair seems better He was not made by our friends.

When you come to our group, you'll pick up one of the books by yourself.

People downtown will think, YouTube

your personal brand

my name is a brand you want to sell it I don't know how I met that. I'm sorry to show you. I didn't know about the other way out. I don't know what you saw I'll argue in a musculish terror Twitter who can bad it means I'm actually active the personal brand had I'm sure Phil I'm still a lot of in essence get the national influencers dole them. I'm a salon Hoonah Temer share The personal brand how he was your health and mobile accessories when this bit hippo tussle We've but she got from while he bit. I'm in my house. I'm kind of a mile halal effect. Hey some for seen Roger, but I straddled us dear Yes, my personally on shocks, but another I'm a personal brand a feature kitty I was not sick. Okay, the one at all the one about over all of us if Don't a freelancer No, good. I'll mock up a layup title. I'm a little horrid II Looks a bit dull or will his solution really empty. Hey, I'm a guy that personal brand.

I tell him I'm a fuck away And I could I couldn't show robust So L who can eat I'm heat lagga and I all had a lot. Yeah, I don't got hot hell So, um, so I do hell I like a fair bit of the loss life Yeah, the money legal of school that the result would illegal but cool in us Let's do a lot less Dylan be the lead in the mission accent cafe I'd be tough of the loss I type even the helene and I can ship Also, I'll of the loss if a hell in my heart and my heart mom and my roommate mom I don't know if he had him in the cool. Oh, mom's a man. Hey Rotsi malik to me social capital Rotsi malik to me lay out a katak sha say monkey. No, sir tak monkey. All right, but what about my salon? Can my salon programmer when thai's programming fabada? Oh, uh, and tanda cross malik to me, but that is nidak Yo, laktob. Hey, rahli falan. Hi. Hi, Todd Corsica's. Anna.

I'm out. I'm el casa warini Yeah, uh, what had wall douche a lot of clues. I am a be a soul. We all like it We are sleighline fee receipt. If you're a city where we buy a cellular colloquial What a cellular fabric we have in a few had this ando Rotsi malik to me. I am a hagam. I should have left. Yeah, or I back. So that's a quelter Yeah, I'm hagga in tapte. I'm a little personal brand Rotsi malik to me. I build personal brand daily get them Mcnest but a kit here. Oh, we are a folk for the mental through from left Sama.

I had a tip on the back of the hat. Oh, and can has a hat World-wide day and could tell them how to buy less than was all to him Can anyone hey to build a son or? Then I get them have their session of cool. Yeah Well, if a tub will have to press on a lag in telemetry of the head Hell, we will assign ill ash her be struggle actor. Well, I'll start over Harv ash her wall. I'll start the ash her may have in me By the way, I'm going to call in a bow, npjah Indonesianprotection my personal branding In regards of that my July! How see. My baby. We're gonna color in anyways, but speak about social cap. Because

Pampers, the

they are saying they are compassionate and doing this, and they are telling to me that they are not collaborate within the to communicate and shout out Your own torment willOTHER defend as well They will unite every single one of us and we will get better The something with us and I'm thinking that can lift me from seeing any fan of a cabbie that way to an absolute home of sustainly gay in between the we'll say can at all for a fair effort if it is a normal I will say in saying in his island in hell in eighth like in a lady really amassan daddy really a terminal fell comes off be a muscle all of us are

and if I because of her because of her it has any other rally of in Isabel in Kenya

oh really a municipal in Kenya will be will be enough so if not so

oh if not so So

I was a bit surprised and the

But what do you think about who Put yourself on an ankle or long I will put my Windows down It will make your body not You will entrepreneur If I Playing.... I can move to thenick You want to work You want to anchor a constructed breath

You want to enter And this memory can handle in here is to be a little more good and then I could learn a little man up That business in the fucker in in a colonize a in With y'all if I could hustle next here get for Can it bit some? Compound sag beer again, then what if me?

I am right with a little I'm right via sure ota if I can it may yell a zane

Below all in here's Liz. Oh, sure. I'm a little Sure, it's hot kibirah. We'll let miss hot kibirah. We're gonna in my off. She Is in this hole We have it bad when you're too sweet. I see in this how I show it in not a bomb up to Let in the hour Mr. Shut up, that's sweet What is it? That's sweet? What we tell is a rally met a cliff at all of us are oh creating communicating and delivering value to target customers at a profit at a profit and Bill Clinton must have some success if he can say that there was nothing different about the business model business model means is very important

for the continuingween I pretty much like how we daughter married We developed a business model called Chicken


In the end, we have all agreed that we shouldn'tOOOOF

and now the

It was not that bad. He gave Terra, the food, bs surrounding his body. He took it completely, he made it very bad.

He had made it very bad as well. He Ros unknown. He was phoneANCERED. I have a case in Bethara, I have an Ulster roads always nice and good, We've had in that the sweet the cool or come come in low. I don't come tiny I don't come in with any ill. I mean I can live nakama Shani Will I'm ill history came on except me that I'm ill came will haggad back to the digital marketing in the cost beer acquisition The cliff tick several I mean will cost work in a corner. I won't have a hustle on tower It's not a malayam I'm gonna get it many admin the fish are Bush a humble even a guy shirka while I'll feel loose while I'm okay Well, I'll make an oil and a clean cold. I don't want to announce uh with argument. It's a week. I will kill me promotion, but in Greece, they're going to a third week. Mm hmm. It's female zikter week.

They must be magic this week. If you help to go with the week, like in the week, but the rent that was on the side like Linus, because the tree, uh, we have to check say, uh, what's all the shocks together? Can I make my son? What was the mess? That doesn't be a telephone. Tod Mac value. We have to do it. She'll say, and I can't tell them that

they're not for going on. I would do up to him. My mom, a visit target. Yeah,

then cool. What there is in one of them, they'll have to smile. For the Alenda goes in the third week. Who goes in the music? It does. We have a heart. I don't know. But he'll be sure. I'll kill me die. Well, when they buy it, but I'll have to let you in. If you yell tallah in the shirt, hello. I'm too sweet.

They're game. Oh, kill me advertising die. Misch Okay. And then I know it for tallah. Lisa love my canvas. My kid, Maddie, can. You know season no, no falls. She tends to define. Therefore they're in the world, to be said, wonder lurking or to swim. We're gonna tell them it, came it, propaganda, propaganda, doomidlol occasion. And we roughly cannot get him. We will thermal worried with cho.

Let us you know. Me claiming another mother will be enough is laid down and one of the

Yeah, I would make it a house. You're like an essay. What like online?

That's our week Like If you're off of a in a montage or get them on his own fat relief it You get the suite electronic. I had your alone. I mean you know, and I'm gonna hit that this way I'm gonna hit that this way. Yeah, oh, oh yeah, maybe I'm in hell We should have this way. Yeah, whoa hit the suite online. They'll head about that

Digital it is sweet. Well a little week a little week my homo don't know to read if we look highly Then we'll fish on to a ton of certain tests we also

See a small digital marketing So if I am a fenet digital marketing that far I'm not a weak Like in us know all this week all marketing fit a T magic magic fear, but haggot what had men home is what are we? Will the week the visit the haggot? Oh, I had men home is what does with electronic? Oh Tony then it there whoa tool Been Naf is be a hit them to treat my own fashion here the site or where that's our way Tell me what's a photo montage? Yeah, and then I'm a little a mess on honey. I'm a middle and I'm a said Oh, well, I'm a lima damn shit digital. You will have hulls depth oil marketing a little sweet enough. So Living All the green and of all high shirka wide or at

Oh My

Why do you have to look at bloggers and

Who do you want to teach? InemptXu Oh! I used to... ... I never recruit ... one Episode But they develop a lot and it tells them all the truth What's happening adjacent to them As I told you before He comes from Scotland On this fire

He's here in Scotland Yeah, from Scotland Yeah in the comments... It will be difficult for me

They are kind and we are genuine They are kind and we are indigenous but very Baptist That is the most important part All the Myrrhts They brains They are gender Yes they are They are very good They are rather good Have your parents heard that. the end of the day but they're all in us and I'm not a hustle feel hakadi and I'm a mature yeah I'm a salon II nice baby oh I'm a sure what had be all lucky and I'll be a mesh Suf Biddle bass that has satay or the house my lab is Harimi Suwari the house most tells a man at a boil as name before at the Queen the house all of a sudden she called haggard at a bus none of us the house we should only that hustle as now and that the VBA Mackin will be against

I am we VBA I'd like a laugh in the moon to get

type it's a hustle what do I like is one way for sure my hug yeah integrate all the animal tosses bomb a sister bus was slightly to a head baby I'm a sister who I want to call it a mesh for dinner but so much is sit there and do awesome

Milan duck what has even taken him a ditney she must come up with a hustle

didn't be mouse there I think it ho yeah the hustle so I'm a small boy yeah the

hustle with a little cliff we aim at the hustle suit am I use what an abbess I was awful these are bizarreness hi chef he wouldn't either of t95

click limit her ars earlier huh remove the well Thomas right maybe a bit a slime I respect him at heart Acela men he assess show heads fit though n

Oh I I



















Because the twitteredia was very stable

and as you can see well they shall make things for us

by calling them closer so lets instance fighting

then you receive delivery one

get the thing now i will order here so I was like you've received you ah so this delivery makes it not within Oh

I You Jattak, Tu'la al-Miggaf, an contemporary The

and For the first time in hinge, the 5 sticks of gamut

But what interesting for me is that I have no idea My wife doesn't need the text We are not sure I don't know what she is saying A lot of timess My wife can't do anyone She can yell things But she often sees them fulfillment

The next year

She take the information

And crops a lot of people also have been walking through the behaviors

and that's what the smarter this gives me anything to do them to Gartak. Yes, they look at the felon. Yeah, and you've done it really, really, really. Yeah, fish. More than a fish. Sir, I'm going to mess. Oh, it's a mistake. Be cool. And you'll feel at the core of the shakla. Oh, for that. Oh, sorry. And I don't know how I'm going to talk about that for a second.

I don't know how to do that. But today in Islam, I know all nala oclock yet will will or for him. Mm hmm. Moda dobbit o'clock. He

with the Shraya Shraya little sweet. Yeah, for that. Oh, sorry. And I don't know. Oh, yeah, with the Shraya, with Shraya, with Shraya little sweet. It does. We may not look where and I can limit have that like I will be gamale American this week. We'll be able to make a film for them now. We'll almost always must have a lot of you get a lot of you get a lot of you get a lot of you could have ethics together. Oh, I could argue like a great man. It's a sweet. Oh, but I get a colony, but further in.

Mm hmm. That's why I'm here. I'm not going to have it for the next week. I'm gonna most of our time. Oh, good. Mm hmm. Mobile film is that way. Well, you know, how much think I'd get? How the Kool-Aid again? I should know how many is he had? How about this? How did he get them?

And a diamond ball in the column in the hole, the mannequin rod, the haggis, Lusola in the cool little at the end with the host. I'm gonna carry one of them. we did not understand the grading of the elephant it Facts were organizations. We were taught that women do not have to wear an surgicalfold so the elephant did not do that but the elephant liked ice cream and fried chicken they just washed the songs and that made themant to even step up And the Muslim movement it felt confident The My

who is the What should I say for the doctor? What should I do for?) I have been with children in my study, my doctor and I have been with children in my study. I was children, but as I told you... The problem being that children survived... When I was med apply a studying, I was consumption re- What does the State has developed where the

so we know that the Murphy much had shit I'm in my foot but I don't know what he'll ask you really much want to share a gauda with a towel in a gauda mudrak and I've been been next year be kellimo and brand

wine and I keep the guilt okay I know I know that I know I'm sad I know I'm a

mini gauda be be a actor mini yeah colleague out of the strategy in

instead if mean you know about me as a gilder to be a or perhaps I'm singing me but in the chef's so much more bill I would necessarily be a little bit snore

you know how to do this no I have been thinking in a dish at any of my own fashion Nana a row and in men gilder to be a this strategy of the strategy would be shariha dish area what the beauty of a man of all lucky and then I'm gonna come to target customer lately she'll a meal must add up in a meal and lower be

a stereotype alpha real lips of tomorrow a relevant thing already a doctor and I fought a hostel ballad we share up hello sir what we could be a cool young Ashar to go is can we kiss a bunny and fingernail narda will be a it mean

A I will ask. I will ask. I will ask. I will ask. I will ask. I will ask. I will ask. I will ask. is do you think It is like when I go from Yeah, So I can I mean hey It will more be there will more it could more or more it come on. Okay. Okay. We'll come on tag Malmo's Cool.

It's a lesson. We'll hear a lot of you. No one Lea Shoraka lesson, but I'll do a lot of you multiple I'll have to hire him or check up behind him or up. She was her ma free

In the techies shirk at least Anna book a lot the sweet

O-line, am you fearing for eight a sweet a chilli came and be sure One of the members of the F

And very quickly the I won't really show what I forgot, because I don't think so. Yes. Even I wait for theChip behind us for that.

What I do know is that I don't quite know what I should say about Haryb al Leaf. I'm not discoveries among these people.

Yeah. Eh, I'm satisfied. Haha, What was it?

No, it's If we ruler the Inv Transgender is one of the most patron macros that way We can only remove the conversion mulUL They will not put conversion mulUL There some but if you know the flip off they will take the tips you never know like health the business still has a different level No more

No more Yes Clean the country What do you say Don't bebaby You didn't speakclash Yes

You didn't speakclash I certainly didn't far

If you didn't Years interviewer

Yesplaying Wear mask

Ahh, I'd put it on. What does a mask, a mask is carries.

With a+, with a care. With no care.

You have the stones. You have the time limit. There is a lot of sunshine week after the people get caller. When you are drinking now, you know what to do. You knew this was coming out are you looking No no Yes, people got me too... that there was a cause and a sentry. My wife was there. My wife was there, our son was there and the woman got my breakfast.

We won the South ha deafening missile.

We were talking about the When you made the exercises you were applying the

That is why the preferences are lower.

Best ... ...

... ... ... ... ... ...

... ...