108. Back on Booze, Ice Baths, Pickleball Mania, & Dying With Zero - Transcripts

January 20, 2023

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(0:00) Intro
(0:51) Alfalfa OnlyFans?!
(3:10) Alfalfa Meetup - ETHDenver!!
(8:28) Dopamine Detox - Postgame Review
(30:35) Ice Baths/Cold Exposure
(34:06) Pickleball Is The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread
(39:32) The Bad*ss Economics of Pickleball
(42:53) Possible Dangers of Traveling to Nepal
(49:20) Die With Zero
(106:51) Outro

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Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, degens and degenets to another episode of the Alfalfa podcast. We are four radically moderate entrepreneurs and investors, swimming in the messy gray ocean, serving up alpha in money, politics, and life. We are Nick or Bonnie, Eric Johansson, Steven Cesaro, and I am Arman Asadi. All links at alfalfapod.com. Make sure to hit subscribe wherever you are listening or watching on YouTube and follow us on the socials. And most importantly, hop in our discord to join the community for the after party and more alfalfa. Yeah, we were talking monetization and whose idea was only fans? I don't know whoever's got the

prettiest feet. You can use it like a patron. Whoever's got the prettiest feet. Oh, oh, Jordan, Jordan mentioned that he has a friend who's a surfer. No, nothing.

No, nothing. Yeah. Pro surfer uses only fans for his monetization model.

It's just a like a version of Patreon. Good memetic good. I mean, I imagine there's like a god tier available on that only fans that no one can see where the surfer does remove articles

of clothing for certain fans. I could see that happening. Yeah. No one can see that. No one can see that. Who does have the best feet of the group? Not me. I have the most broken feet. You get pedicures. I would imagine. I'm only guessing. I do.

Do you get the crystal gel? I bet Nick's got great feet. Yeah, I could see that. I don't know. If we forget like a lot of female fans, like tons of them, you could maybe do like a little erotic fiction thing. You get a voice for it. Lit erotica. It keeps coming up. You get a voice for sex.

Yeah, female fans, like erotic. You got a voice for it. Lit erotica. It keeps coming up. You got a voice for sex. You definitely win the voice. There's actually good apps for that. And apparently they're huge. Women don't talk about them very openly, but I went and looked at the stats and everything. Wait, what? Oh yeah. There's like the lit erotica.

There's apps for this and there's services or subscription services. Like you would read Daniel Steele. Yeah, or whatever,

like original content. I'm just imagining the three of us trying to read it. Keep burning.

I forget what he called them. I want to shout it out for the female listeners. Very nice. I already know about it. So speaking of which, yeah, Discord's been popping off thanks to Paradox lately, who's been putting out something she put together on our Twitter called the alfalfa leak, which is really cool. She basically highlights what's been going on in our Discord each day, like, you know, latest hottest thing in each channel. And it's been leading to like a flood of new people joining the Discord, which is cool. So welcome everyone. So shout out to Paradox and shout out to everybody new,

which also leads us to the poll that Steven put out today. They'll find it.

I'm sure they already know. Yes. I mean, it's not that exciting. It said, are you going to be attending

ETH Denver, yes or no? So yeah, who is out there? If you're coming to ETH Denver, if you are thinking about it,

you have to get a ticket, right Nick? Yeah, you have to apply and it's free and you get accepted. And I think most people do. It's just to go to the show though. Yeah, it's just to go to the show, but to meet up with the Alfalfa crew, that won't need a ticket. Just got to let us know in the Discord that you're coming so we can invite you. And we have some fun times. Have some drinks, might have some merch there and just, yeah, it'd be good to get some FaceTime, some IRL time.

Yeah, and apply. It's just to go to the show though.

Yeah, just to go to the show. Yeah, and Paradox is helping put that together. So yeah, thank you Paradox, which should be fun. We'll be at a bar.

Near the main venue, looks like.

Yeah, and like I said, I think in an episode before, if you don't get a ticket, if they're sold out or whatever, or they just deny you for some really weird reason, I think I spent a grand total of like two hours inside the conference. So it's all about the happy hours and events outside of the conference. And that's the case with all great conferences, honestly.

So yeah, come regardless, ETH Denver, early March. Something like that? March 2nd to 5th, I believe.

First few days of March. First few days of March. Nice, all right, anything else there?

I think that's it. Okay, cool, cool. Wait, should we ask people to leave a review? We haven't asked people to leave a review in a while. Please do, Steven. Could you guys leave a review, please?

Yes, please do, Steven.

No, no, be more commanding.

Please guys, just leave a review. Or else, problem. Great review, subscribe. Actually, what would be cool is share the pod, share a recent episode with a friend, introduce them to the pod, I think it's a good time.

Yeah, we had a few people pop in saying, we're getting more people saying, oh, friend, share this to me. And I love it, and I'm happy I'm here. Yeah.

That's good.

For sure, sure. So we're kicking off the year, right? We just did this dopamine detox. We've covered it here and there, and we did do an episode in the middle of the detox, and we all had very different places we were at with the whole thing. So now the detox is over. Yeah, we're back, by the way. We get, we get. We're back. There's a cheers.

There's a cheers. We get, we get. There's a cheers. This is an alcohol podcast.

It is. The whole audience is so goddamn relieved.

Like, guaranteed there's like, we've got some compliments in there.

People were like, yeah, you seem really lucid.

I got, I got some compliments here. You did. You did seem that way. As opposed to.

Well, like, I think the previous, was it the last episode we did before the detox where Eric was on the table and Armand was.

We had a strong response. That was, we. A stronger form of alcohol that, yeah. You over imbibed?

Oh, that one. Oh yeah. You over imbibed. No, no, that was, that wasn't where, yeah. Nick brought the special year-end bottle. We drink, we drink, we drink the entire thing.

After having a couple of the tweet, I haven't watched the episode. I don't remember it at all. Pretend it never happened. Yeah,

it was a lot of. It's our it's our It's our It's our It's our So there's a lot y was a lot of So there's a lot of It's our it's our It's our It's a lot

is a lot of We're spinning. Sorry. For short.

Yeah. Sorry.

Yeah. So, oh, can we years enact a drunk history moment, like maybe like a history, a moment of crypto at some point and. Ooh.

Yeah. Someone just Yeah. Everyone, everybody take one little glimpse of crypto history, but you gotta, I mean the people in drink history show.

2021 estimates they're like puking in the middle there if they're filming. But you got to, I mean the people in drink history show the 21

puke a huking in the middle there if they're filming what if it's like you is explaining the memes of crypto okay that's a good one did you guys see the punk 6529 has I didn't even know this has an NFT collection I didn't know that

no hmm yeah it's like at the top of the charts okay that's a good one did you guys see no I haven't been following NFTs but you had a pretty cool thing

come through pipeline today yeah just another one of those like when you own a mutant or a bored ape sort of you qualify for this and you can mint this and minted it and sold it immediately they just keep feeding you do yeah just feeding you I think my sixth eath has turned into God knows how many that's wonderful yeah it is but you only need one of those most of the time though they

all go to zero feeding you do yeah that's wonderful now you're grinding the

options game yeah it's nice it was something called the sewer pass it's definitely at the top of OpenSea today I think it's done like 4,000 eath volume something crazy maybe more actually I got to about 1.6 eath today and then apparently it just is access to a game and the game runs for a finite period of time three weeks or something like that and there's probably supposedly rewards

for playing the game and winning the game and I don't know what they're up to I'm guessing you didn't look in the game at all I have questions about the game

and I'm guessing you just sold this thing you're like thanks Yeah, that's is this the game with the trailer where the key got stuck up the monkey sphincter like that's already more than I know

I don't know you didn't even see that Mean yeah, I'm a I'm not a gamer and be I don't have time so it's it's I don't have answers for you there

You're like a walking that Give me $2,000


Want to know the yacht club spokesperson? I don't know the I want to know the yacht club I know they use eight coin in the game because I want to short the shit out of eight coin But it's like if they keep on adding

Utility to it and be scary. Well, okay. So to pivot to the the detox a little Oh couldn't play games or anything. We couldn't do anything. We talked about our pros or cons our gripes our grievances And now we're on the other side. We're having the drink. How do you guys feel? Let's break this down What I'm most curious about For all of us we have not talked about this. We've saved this for the pot. What are you guys holding on to? What are you?

Letting go of how have you changed what are your thoughts now that you're on the other side? I had one One thing that came up last few days, I realized before the dopamine detox, I was at maximum information intake. Like if I had a 10 minute walk, I was podcasting, like just optimizing for as much information as possible at all times. I mean, I went to sleep with Bloomberg in my ears, not because I thought I was gonna learn something just because it helped go to sleep, but even when I worked out, I don't think I remember, I remember the last time I listened to music while working out, I just listened to podcasts and all that, which I think is still good to do, but I realized that maximum info intake is not optimal. There is a balance between like, having some clear mind time to achieve a little bit of clarity, let your mind kind of like, remember that defragmentation program

on your Windows machine? Let your brain just like-

I still use Windows, I still use Windows. Yeah, just kind of let it like clean itself and order things possible, let us some free space in and that has been-

Well, let's talk about the balance, well, let's talk about the balance because I still don't have any social media on my phone, including our Discord, including Twitter, but I feel like I'm like under informed. So I think there's a balance somewhere

between where you're saying or I'm- I'm really curious what you feel you're under informed about. What do you, do you really feel? Okay, and how does it compare to during the detox? Like during, when you were actually disconnected

where you're like, Oh my God, I'm missing. Well, hold on, like keep in mind, like I'm still in that. Like I don't have it. That's what I'm saying. Yeah, so like I feel like I'm still in the detox, which is like, I'm not getting the information that I probably should get, like my Twitter feed is curated like yours is, like mine, I don't follow like influencers. I follow like crypto stack stuff and when I'm not getting information, it probably- What's your new source?

Yeah, so-

That's what I'm saying. So, what's your new source? Yeah, so- So for what's worth,

of not installed any social media apps back on my phone. I think I could just totally sign out of Instagram for the rest of my life and be fine. Twitter and Discord are pretty cool. Like, our Discord's cool. I get it for the hour that I log in on my laptop,

but it's like, it would be nicer to chat more. I left Instagram off, haven't put it back on, I put Twitter back on and Discord, and I barely logged into Twitter, and even when I do, I was like, On your phone. And I was like, what is this? I was like, even the people that have good signal versus noise, like even then, I was just like going through my feed and it's like, I was like, half of this is garbage. So I probably need to do some pruning and,

but I don't know, I just haven't been using as much. Well, do you guys feel like you've changed your behavior outside of the phone as well? Cause when it's off my phone, now I don't even use it on my laptop either. Like that, like I just don't use it at all. And that's sort of where I'm like getting under informed.

I just, I use it in particular moments on the laptop.

So still getting it there, I guess. Yeah, I'm using it more intentionally. I feel like I was using all of this stuff in a reactive way before. And now I'm just like, I want to figure out this or I want to hear this from these people. Like I use TweetDeck now. If you guys use TweetDeck. I remember it.

So I have lists and I go there. I remember it.

Yeah. So I go there and all the different lists. And if you have multiple accounts, it's helpful cause they're all in one place.

Yeah. Yeah. And I'm like, well, what do I want to do? I want to learn things, but like, I'm not even like, I realized I have my information retention wasn't even that good, right? Because I was just absolutely doming myself with information just straight to the face. And I wasn't recalling as much as I thought. So that was an eye opening thing for me because it forced me to pare down where I got my info. Like instead of Twitter, I was saying to myself, oh, wait, I I've subscribed to all those newsletters and I actually haven't read any of them, like Lin Alden's newsletter. I subscribed to it like nine months ago. Never read it. I never read a single one. And I was sitting there, couldn't use Twitter.

And I said, well, maybe I should use this stuff. I already had, maybe this is signal. Anyway, so I started reading all of the newsletters and stuff that I intentionally subscribe to, and then I started taking notes on Twitter So I like wake up and I have like a log and I go through and as I read stuff, I take notes on it if it matters. And then I have something there and I've actually internalized some stuff and then it's gone

and then I don't have to go. I like to take notes.

I'm laughing immediately because I'm like, I'm just wondering what's in your logbook. Kobe changes profile again.

What are you logging timestamp? A lot of like Mac, mostly macro trading ideas, um, ideas for coins to look into in the future. Like a lot of information that when I was scrolling, I would say, Oh, that's good alpha. But then I just had to scroll to the next thing and it was gone.

Yeah. It's not that you're trying. It's for recall.

The moment you're writing it down, you're more likely to actually like retain that information. But it's also like when I'm browsing, my intention is to sit there, read it and internalize this stuff as opposed to I'm killing time or I'm just turning into a zombie here. Just reacting to whatever the app gives me in the infinite scroll. I think lists are a huge unlock. If you don't use lists, you should use those because you can kind of craft a intentional signal that's chronological and just read only that stuff and digest that. And once in a while, go to the home screen because I think it is good once in a while to recommend something where you go, Oh, I need to add that to my list. This is signal. So maybe it's good for discovery, but mostly I want to use like the lists and everything I've already crafted and keep crafting those.

So it's all about intention. It's like going from passive reactivity to intentional consumption on your terms. Yeah. Intention is huge.

Why am I opening this app right? Yeah. Intention is huge. Why am I opening this app right now?

I think we all, all have taken that on. I would, I would assume. Yeah.

I mean, whenever I saw price movement, I was like, well, yeah, I mean, whenever I saw prices and I was like, well, maybe I'll just open up Twitter, see if there's anything notable being talked about. Half the time it wasn't, but that's to me, that's like an intentional way of using it.

You see the price move a lot and you're like, well, it could be news. I'm really glad we did this. First of all, there were definitely aspects that were very difficult. There were definitely aspects I really enjoyed. Ultimately for me, I love anything that has to do with taking a step back and purging the unnecessary. Like any opportunity in my life to do that, I get excited about that. So because I believe how you do anything is how you do everything. And I think there are extreme correlations to the way your room and your home or apartment is organized, the way your desktop computers is organized, your laptop computer is organized, the way you, anything, the way your Twitter is organized. I really believe there is an absolute connection between your usage of a platform and the way you go about it and the organization of it and how you feel and your state of mind. So for me, what this was was a multi purpose, multi spectrum, taking inventory of all these different channels and all these different behaviors and all these different things in my life and being like, let me completely stop, let me completely evaluate and let me completely get attention intentional about what I want to reintroduce. And what's really funny is like the reintroduction was I went to dinner with Steven and we met with another friend. And you know, we were both like a little bit like unsure, like do we drink, we don't drink, I kind of like took a little more initiative than you were

if you were very not

I was excited. I was excited. No, I was excited. I was excited. Like, no, but a normal Friday night would have been like, I'm gonna have a few and at least and excited. And this was like two cocktails, or maybe three by the end of the the night. And like, but that was also like celebrating this and like coming back strong and like, you know, wanting to do that. But then on Saturday, it was like nothing, I think I had half a glass of wine, whereas normally a Saturday would be completely different. But this is applying to all these other areas too, where I was like, yeah, I don't need to reinstall the apps. I don't need to. I want to continue waking up early, I want to continue doing the sauna thing all the Positives I kept and all the dopamine I

You know just only slightly reintroduced. Honestly, the most welcome thing back was coffee. Oh, I still haven't drank coffee What? No way. Yeah. Oh, wow. I think it's surprised It's been surprising to me the stuff that actually and into I'm thinking back to Eric a few weeks ago Just like struggling right? He said why can't I do these things? These are meaningful But sometimes I feel like you don't know what's actually important until you cut it out like even if you think it's important sometimes you cut it out and you go wait actually That wasn't important after all or sometimes you do it and you go to yourself. Oh, actually that was really important I'm an idiot. I don't ever want to do that again and that discovery process is It's super valuable because for me stuff became important to me that I didn't think it was important and stuff that I thought was important Is actually not Important some stuff I knew wasn't important was actually not important like Instagram is Probably the thing I spent the most time on on that was the least useless and I may never go back on that least useful so don't miss that at all I was surprised how much I missed just like watching TV because I was really searching for a thing to do or I could unwind because the stuff I was doing unwind was read a book play the piano

I may never go back on at least you had piano dude like imagine like if we put piano on the restricted list then you would be only reading a book and that

would get worse that's where I was at yeah but even piano is like yeah but even piano is like you're not I'm not it's enjoyable don't get me wrong but at a certain point in time you are still like actively doing some sometimes your brain needs a break and yeah you don't want to stare at the wall right like a

monk so I which I did which I did which I did all right so you feel good you're back what did you reintroduce Eric let me give you like a little higher level analysis on this thing like you guys had a better time with this than I did I think that's pretty clear I have had a little bit of post-mortem with arm on where like you guys said it was like oh well this is a caffeine addiction whatever I don't think that was actually it like what I experienced was like a mild form of depression and it was because like I was just not doing anything like when you're not allowed to do anything and this includes going outside because it was raining every day it's like I couldn't do anything like all things I want to do couldn't do so I didn't I didn't nothing and like when I got into a mode of doing nothing like like, that's fed onto more nothing, it's like it's it's how like emotion creates emotion and creates more emotion. Like, it works in the opposite way as well when I was doing absolutely nothing, not moving. I had no motivation to do were her no motivation to get up, like go to bed at 6pm, just because that was less boring than what I was doing. And that, that to me was eye opening, in a way, like, I think it was, I think it was like, worthless. The the experience, it was worthless. What was worthwhile was like I experienced something I never experienced before, like a mild form of depression, which is not something I'd want to put myself through again. But like, I know that that's a part of the human experience for a lot of folks. And for me to be able to experience that, at least for a taste was,

was interesting. Cool. Uh, gave them moving, gave them the first time I experienced anxiety. I was like, Oh, that's what it is. I literally had no idea what it, what it was and what it felt like.

But like, I live, um, naturally, but like I live, um, naturally outside of that. So like, I don't want to like force that upon myself. Really? Like, um, anyone would. Yeah. It's like

unpleasant. And I just have a hot take. Um, like anyone would. Yeah. It's like, yeah. Are all the monks just like silently actually depressed? They're just sitting there doing nothing. No, I don't think they are. No, this is a hot table. I don't think they are. Well. Well, okay.

So kind of in between there. They just face that there's nothing they can do. And they just sit there, disconnected from the world. And they're actually depressed where they're telling you that salvation lies within.

So I think it's a lie. I don't think they are. Okay. So kind of in between there, a half way. I don't think so. From the detox to that is you guys have heard of a Vipassana

retreat. Yeah. That's a three can't speak for 12 days. It's basic. It's a three can't

speak for 12 days. It's basically this on steroids. Okay. It's 10 days. You guys are like so off on this. I can't emphasize this enough. It's so wrong. Like I don't need that. Like, okay, here's, here's my real point. Everyone is fighting a battle, right? Internally, like every single person's unique and they have their own battles, right? Like somebody's addicted to caffeine.

Somebody needs to speak. Somebody needs to be completely dopamine stimulated, whatever. Like none of these, like none of these dopamine things that we just got rid of were really my, wasn't your thing. It didn't, it didn't matter to me. I just literally stared

at a wall instead of doing something that I would do. I'm so confused. It wasn't your

thing. I'm so confused at like what you couldn't do. That was so fun. Cause the only thing

we, that you couldn't do, right? Was like watch TV and drink, right? So, so hold on. So Mina and I to like pass, pass sometime we played a board game. That was fine. It just wasn't fun. And then we played cards. That's fine. It just like, it's, these are not my versions of anything that brings me joy in life. Joy is a word that I'm using intentionally here. Like they are fine to pass time, but that, but like for me that

doesn't, it's not something that I want that to do. But was it just the alcohol and the

TV? Uh, that's two of the, two of the things we cut out. We cut out everything.

Well, I think a big part of it is he literally is an active person. He couldn't go outside. It was raining all the time. It was just like having to sit and do nothing. That was a lot though. I was in the city. He didn't. He's saying he didn't, I didn't go actually also maybe to analyze and defend this a little bit for you. It's like, I would say the most addictive personalities of the three and most compulsive where us of the four were us three.

I think you're the most balanced with a lot of those things.

scroll. It's not my problem like or infinite was like I was a part of and I was like this is awful. Like I just want to go. Yeah, not my problem like

or infinite consumption. I gotta say it was it was harder than I expected. And I usually thought of like a Vipassana retreat is something that I I might do.

Yeah, but I'm throwing that out then then the never buy. So you wouldn't you would do what we did in addition to being in one place. I didn't understand not talk meditate for five hours a day or the whole day the whole day basic.

Yeah, there is like eat minimally huge chunks. I didn't understand not talk. Yeah, eat very minimal. I mean, just even I was caught up to eat vegan. Oh, that's right. Yeah, I like that part. But but yeah, I mean, I always I was like, Yeah, that was something I would be interested in doing. But I don't think I fully appreciate how difficult that would be. This was well, they have a three day. That's the one I would do. Okay, because if this was kind of hard, we will still become 10 days of no speaking and only meditating. No, I

know. I think people talk about this. Yeah. I think people talk about this. Oh, I know people that have done it.

And they all confirm it's the hardest, one of the hardest things they've ever done. Because you have to defend your internal battles of like yeah, they go to hell and combat, you go to hell internally and back, but they come out on the other side. Like, but uh, I don't integrate that. I don't know exactly. So let's say you get the learnings. It really is hard to integrate it. Like the two people that we talked to that had done it, um, they were like, the world is very noisy. Like it is, it is very noisy for me right now. And I just, I'm having trouble. Unnecessary speech, unnecessary everything. Yeah. Yeah.

So, and I think it lasted with them for, for some of it was permanent in a good way, but

uh, I just, I guess I underestimated how, how to go to hell and come back.

Yeah. But uh, it's hard to integrate that. And then I'm having trouble.

Yeah. Yeah. Why do you guys think it's so painful to just even not even for Eric, for all of us to just not do anything? Like, why is it super painful?

Because I think it's a default state of human experiences to enjoy.

So back to the word Eric, well, hold on, well, hold on. I, I think that's, that's my default state. I don't think that's everybody's I, like I actually had, I've questioned like in that period I was thinking about you guys at a point in time. I was like, I don't know how you guys, um, experienced joy sort of like in your home to have fun. And I, I say in your home because I wasn't going outside and I mean to have fun, meaning not working. So like, I don't know how you three do it.

Right. Yeah. like I wanted to do this again and do one of the things I thought that we're already good for again well I want to do a full cleanse but like maybe for like a day and then maybe like a month later try like three days or something because together Eric makes a good point here which is that I have a lot of activities and pastimes that I enjoy that we're not excluded for this that probably create dopamine in me but also that I think our productive activities but like I love

like he played board games and was like meh which is fine so like all the things that I love were off the charts like inaccessible the things that I find very meh were fine yeah and I think like in the discord we had it there was conversation about I think it was Erica puncher how you pronounce his name he was saying that like no Stephen's allowed to play piano because that's earned dopamine but like this is the problem I had with this detox is like that was never the stipulations it wasn't it wasn't the zero dopamine like that was the point oh no we won't do it we never we never wanted this is William I got I got on like I didn't get any for 12 days like you've played fucking

pianos like I didn't do shit I started wall for the chart it's like yeah it wasn't it was in the zero Joe point no no we weren't do it we didn't we never

wanted this is why I got caught. That's what I got. You don't get it. I slept. I stare at

a wall and read a book. No, I get it completely. No, I get it completely. I'm empathizing with you. And that's why I felt like I want to do this again and just actually reset because I feel like it was it was easy for me because I already had these things that were good and productive that I like to do. And by like clearing out all this garbage, right? It just

freed my brain out to just do the product. I mean, I had an orgasm. Yeah, to just do

the product. I mean, I had an orgasm. So, you know, all you guys out, I'm sitting there

like a jack. Did you, did you, did you actually hold the celibacy? Yes. All right. Wow. I did

two. Yes. All right. Wow. I did too. 12 days. I did nothing crazy. I'm telling you everything

I did. I stared at a wall and I read and I slept. Are you crazy, man? Eric deserves endless props for this. Nothing. A hundred times the props. Armand deserves for this.

In spite of how much grandstanding Armand has been. Nothing. I feel amazing. This is

so easy. I'm like, are you fucking saying it was easier for me because I already had stuff to do. I had no choice because I already had stuff to do. I had no choice. Okay. No choice. Sure. You don't tell that to Jordan Peterson. But no, I think it would be interesting for me to, because the other thing too is like my work is it's, it's a dopamine overload. Like, yeah. And I tried to not trade and I did cut down on the trading a lot and cost myself a lot of money, but no choice. Sure.

You don't tell that to Jordan Peterson. It like did help me. And as soon as I went back to that, that was the biggest source of like

me not being happy that I know happy that I know if we really wanted to do this, we would

all go to a three or 10 day. I think it'd be interesting to just do one. I think it'd

be interesting to just do one. Oh, Vivasana is my. Oh, that would be the only way. Anyway, I, I, I'm, I'm happy that in the end we did this and I definitely have walked away with

like a different approach to a lot of things. Okay. That would be the only way. So anyway,

I, I should say you're maintaining the social media component. Yeah. I am off social media. I do not want to install like any of those apps. I kept my phone in, in black and white

and grayscale. Yeah. Wait. Grayscale. Yeah. Wait. Are you not keeping the black and white

phone with mine was not black and white. It was the no blue light, but I've kept that

switch to grayscale and what about the gray scale? And what about like sleeping? Like, did you not like feel better just not having screens about it? Are you not going

to keep a phone in the room huge? Oh no, I am right back to listening to you. Yeah, I

have the listening to you. I have the phone in my room. But I'm not using social media. I'm like in my goal

by like far less bad than like looking at the screen I think. I'm just listening to a fiction novel. I think that's totally fine

I think that's totally fine. That's great. I think that's totally fine

Yeah, yeah, I have like a soundscape. I use a great app calledAudel. I think that's how you pronounce it It's an amazing app. It's just like soundscapes for different. You play it out loud like yeah Yeah. Yeah. It's like white noise at night, like rainy night sound. And then during the day, it's like, um, you walked in the office, you heard it one day. It's like focus sounds, lo-fi sounds, stuff like that. Um, but otherwise I'm trying not to look at the phone.

You play it out loud. Like, yeah, I'm maintaining the, uh, calorie restriction and, uh, the cold exposure on an ongoing basis. Um, that's great. Hookham was helping me, uh, design the, the cold plunge in the backyard. Are you going to set it up? This is a, uh, ledge. So there's like an intermediate, there's an intermediate step between like giving the full bronzies he gave me like, Hey, you get this? Like, uh, the freezer because it'll go a chest freezer

or something. That's great. Our, are you going to to set it

way. So there's like an intermediate,

there's an intermediate step between like giving that all day. Yeah. I've done it in those, Those by the way are, are more cold than the average cold plunge up in it. What is a chest freezer? You know like where you, where you remember like in the convenience store when you open it up and get ice cream out of? like one of those, like a top open. Most people just plug it in. Pour water in there

and hope you don't get electrocuted and hop in.

you know, one of those's like a top

and hop in. When you said chest freezer I think I think you wrap around your chest. Oh, no sorry that's just sweet,

no sorry that's just, Top,

I got you. Yeah. Wait. So you just get one of those and you just fill it with. Yeah. Yep. There's a few ingredients. I mean, do you know, have you looked at?

Yeah. Yeah. And he gave me all the, all the stipulations. There's like a, there's like a little device thermometer thing that you put in there attached to it that controls the temperature. And then he says that he just changes the water out every, every week or so. Yeah. So it doesn't get clean as well. You can like put chlorine in it and like keep it clean, but he's like, I just shower before I go and then change it every week.

That's a really, okay. Right. Yeah. So it doesn't get something to keep it clean

as well. You can like put and like you could clean change it every week, but that's a really cold. I can't, Oh man, let me know when you do it. I I've told you guys, I've been doing the, um, the full body cryo one and, uh, yeah, it's kind of addicting. It's extremely uncomfortable. You, you like it though. You think it's effect. Oh, I mean, right after it, I, the, the, I've used it twice in the last month. One was for a hangover and it worked beautifully, got rid of the hangover or it was like mostly subsided. And the other was just like, uh, after a hard workout, just for recovery, but also just to wake up before we were doing the podcast and felt on fire.

I mean, I said this in, in, in another thread, uh, recently, I'm like, if we don't all have like sauna cold plunge, like pull up our sort of a little situation in the backyard soon here. Like we're not winning a life. Like this is minimum standards of like, I don't have a backyard house. I have a balcony. I have an apartment. So yeah. Um, but that has to happen. And for sure, it's like, whether it's a barrel sauna or a, um, what's the other type of sauna that's really affecting infrared,

infrared. Those are great too. I'm a huge fan of those minutes.

Some of us don't have a house infrared, infrared. Those are great too. I'm a huge fan of a big sauna at our place. You do fit like 15 people. Yeah, it's huge. Yeah. Um, but just real quick on the whole body crowd therapy, these were, these are advertised benefits. I don't know if I believe in all these reduce benefits. Okay. Yeah. Reduce inflammation, flush toxins, elevate your move, your mood, decrease stretch marks, relieve hangovers, reduce cellulite, decrease stretch marks, release endorphins, release endorphins, improve sleep quality, increase metabolism. There's already great literature on

this one. You do reduce benefits. Okay. Yeah. Reduce May light below release endorphins.

There's already great literature on this. We just look at the literature.

So none of it, just look at the literature. So none of it. Like, my biggest thing is I like that the, uh, like the capillaries and everything are constricting and then expanding. And you If you get plaque buildup inside your arteries and stuff, you're sort of working that stuff. So as soon as it's on those two. I mean, if you can constrict them and then expand them.

So you go again and half. So on those two,

So you go like in and half.

You go from son Orta cold. Like even if you don't believe in the science. Just go off how you feel after it. Like if you have mood enhancement.

That's great. I've started dunking my feet in a bucket of ice after pickleball, actually.

Cause of my feet having You're all. You're all. Hold on. I'm not in Eric's camp. I'm not in your camp. You're in the like, this is the greatest things in sliced bread and Eric's in the camp way better than Eric's in actual like he's the tennis player elitist, right? So he's like, not going to touch a little pickle ball. You're confusing a little pickable battle. Me, I'm like, this is a really fun game, but this is not a sport like let's stop taking this. So why is it not a sport? It's not a sport. Why is it not a sport?

It is way better than actually using Loided Pickleball broadcasts

and me. Why is it not a sport? I mean, look at the videos. I mean, let's look at the video. Look at, okay, let me put it this is pickleball going to be the next, you know, formula one

drive to survive tennis Netflix special. That's your bar. Yeah. No, the videos. I mean, let's

are yours. Yeah. No, hold on. This is like, this is always the point that I argued was that Steven said this is at least 80% as much of an exercise as tennis is. And that's the only point that I argued is like, that's not, it's not 80% of exercise. I mean, it's don't,

I mean, it's, don't you believe that objectively falls just based on the size of the court or no?

No, because like what I've expressed is that there is a tremendous amount of downtime in tennis. And when you are not that good, which the vast majority of people are not, you're not rallying like one shot, like half the time, sometimes you hit two balls back and forth,

right? Okay. That's like, that's so true. And it's so much more accessible to more people. And it's such an easier on ramp to pick up. Yeah. Oh yeah. So there's so many benefits to it. That's what makes it fun. But to take it, I just can't take it so seriously. Like when I see the guys, the pickled pros, like just being very serious with their shit. Like I just, it's just a little

nerdy. It's just all for me, it's okay. These guys probably have like the, uh, like the compression leggings like LeBron and shit. Like they're walking up there and it's like this big workout, like

compression leggings, like LeBron and shit, like they're walking up there like it's like this big

workout. Well like I can't take that part very serious. But I, I do admire you for doing the, the cold plunging on your feet because like, you know, athletes for millennia have been

doing ice baths. I got the compression. Yeah, that shit works. Yeah, that shit works. Now

is that is that some alfalfa? Is any good? Yeah, those are great. Actually, like it is significantly noticeably reduced like the soreness in my life. I don't know what it's called. Tell me what it's called. That's by hyper ice called Norma tech threes. But you got to describe it. These are like compression. Yeah, you slip these leggings on your feet like made a nylon or some shit. They have pockets where air inflates and it basically kind of compresses your legs, but it like compresses the feet. It's sort of like squeezes blood out basically and then back in.

I think it moves the lactic acid or something.

Yeah. And it, it like works very well. I've seen lots of, I don't know what to describe it.

And I think it moves a lactic acid or something. Yeah. Well, I seen like on, on Instagram back when I was using Instagram, I would see like Steph Curry and Kevin Durand using these things,

looking for an edge, using these things. Pro Aggies. Yeah, yeah, that wasn't for an edge. Yeah, I think they're alpha, they're, they're a little expensive and I want to get like a short, they have a shoulder attachment to which I kind of want because my

Shoulders. Yeah. Do they have ones for the penis? Yeah. Yeah. Do they have ones for the penis? You walked in flaccid

Emotioning it around. Our mom would be doing penile exercises 30 minutes a day. Is that like a modern? I could see that Someone will find it. It reminds me of when Joe Rogan talked about is like Uh, the whole thing of like if they ever found like an actual penis enhancement that worked It would just be so bad for society Yeah, it's like humanity's every guy would just be walking around with a foot-long dog It would just end the species like no woman would have sex anymore. Like the whole thing All these guys just walk around going. Yeah, what do you got there? No productivity Nobody's at work you just need to end like we'd all just turn to absolute. How big would you go?

I could see that someone will find it

It reminds humanity's every guy would just text anymore like no productivity like golden dick

I think the gold's enough. We know we know it's golden but how

I don't know. We know it's golden. But how is it? Oh, no, man. I you can make a penis any size

I can't take this You're blushing mr. I can't have that can't not have sex for 32 hours

I'll falif over to the window. We're blushing

Mr. I can't have that can't not have sex for 32 hours. We have a pretty wide over to the window on this show

We have a pretty wide over to the window on this show. I don't know this is pretty wide Okay, everyone's dodging the question as big as she likes At maximum that for her comfort she would require wow

Yeah Well, for her come- wow. Yeah, it's like come-out-in-a-half. It is, it is. If you were not married and you were 21,

IE about and a half? Yeah it is, it is.

Okay, five. Um, nine inches. It's like prompting Chad GPT. A good night. Yeah, yeah. I want to go Chad GPT.

Yeah, that's, okay, ahh, fine.

Um, that's fine. A good night. Yeah, yeah.

I want to go Chad GPT with, Chad GPT. Yeah. That's like a greedus. It's ridiculous. Pretty egregious.

Do, you know, yeah, Yeah, yeah, but you need to my friends, you know, yeah, Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Okay, we were actually onOh, yeah okay, we were actually on Oh, yeah, Pickle, until Steven

got caught up with penis hairball, the official sport of the theory as the official sport of Ethereum.

Okay, I love this board. I would I would long pickleball the sport. There's a lot of people investing in the sport. And there's LeBron. A few of the people who do athletes who do angel investments are buying teams.

It's like the perfect game. Feping teams. It's like the perfect game for f-cking crypto quit. If that deal came across my table it was good. You can be out of shape on Athletic Choate.

Be able to play this game.

You can be out of shape on Athletic Choate. Be able to play this game. Yeah, it's a good finance bro. Fost emulator. Crypto bro sport. Yeah, so I mean, I like it. I mean I think you convert a lot of tennis courts at use into the economics of it are unbelievable. What do you mean? Which part? Because which

part of the value chain? Because people say that I'm like, well, you can fit be the door

bro sport. Yeah. So I mean, I like it. Well, then I'm like, well, you can fit before pickle courts on a single tennis court. And the occupancy is also higher. Yeah, like tennis courts are

notoriously empty. I'd rather have an apartment complex on that land. Dude, this place that we go to charges $20 a visit for an hour. No, it's the whole day. It's the whole day. Okay. $20 though. Did I, I used to, did I, I used to spend like, let me fill up a court with $400, $150 a day playing golf. Well, it sounds like the Memphis and the membership is a hundred dollars a month. Yeah. The membership sounds a little, yeah. I'm already like, yeah.

I'm already like, you just think it's that because it's pickle ball. People spend $2,000 a month just to belong to a golf course. And then they spend hundreds of dollars on balls. They spend hundreds of dollars on beverage minimums, thousands on clubs, problems for

very cheap sport, thousands on clubs, clubs, very cheap sport. I'm just wondering how you managed to play an hour long of pickleball in such an intense game. It's such an hard sport to play. How could he possibly stay for one hour? He's

there for like five hours. I played me singles either. We're the We got smoked. If Arman played me in that match for an hour and a half straight, he'd be dead. Wait, why would I be dead? Because you were just running back and forth doing suicides, trying to get the ball.

I think it was the other day.

If I played my V's or V's or... We got smoked. If Arman... Oh boy. Oh, you're going full pickle elitist on us. That's pickle elitist, right? No, he was already elitist, right? He was giving the power. He's not giving a thing to himself. I almost... I wanted to give him a chance that he wasn't gonna go pickle elitist.

I mean, to be clear, Steven is... No, he was already elitist, right? He was giving the power.

He was giving a thing to himself. I mean...

To be clear, Steven is very good at pickle bowl. Very good.

I hope you bet Eth on pickle bowl this good one. I just wanna make it clear, the difference becomes... I just wanna make it clear, the difference between us is not as much as you think. I played five times. It is incredibly wide. Okay.

I played five times. Okay. What did you beat me? What did you beat me...? He would win zero. What was the score of the game? He went zero to thousands??

Thousand yes zero thousand. Yes. These are Steven comments. Don't worry. No, I'll take one. I'll take the overall Do you remember Ankle's be done. Well not all in one day Do the last time Steven made this comment when we were at the bar that we're gonna be at at East Denver the same bar and you know what he's made that comment when he saw Mario Kart and you know what he said Thousand to one like you will not be me

What are you what happened what happened liar and I beat him two out of three times you know, I'll take one

I'll take the overall

First of all, if you get a thousand pickle ball, your ankles will be done. Well, not all in one day Three Mario Kart 64, but you made the same statement I offered Arman a 15 to 1 bet on Mario Kart 64 and he turned it down. I didn't turn it down Okay, we can play any time what 15 to 1 Four is a different game

So down for that, but you guys were drinking again, you guys were drinking again was never proposed. We're drinking again I

Have a question unrelated moving on to a new topic. I like it. My question is Should I go to Nepal because I was gonna book a trip to Bhutan and Nepal at the end of the year There's recently a what happened. First off why what happened? Why am I going to Nepal at the Bhutan?

What happened first off why what happened? Why am I going to Nepal at at the Bhutan? I need to know why you want to go before I should. I just want to explore

I just want to exploreup meal a place that It's easier to explore when you're saying you're 30s maybe 40s. It's it's less easy to explore later on in life I read the cliff notes of the book by the way. Oh wish which I was nothing. Oh, so it was I was here

Which I was nothing. Oh, oh, I was zero. I was zero cool

But that's like hasn't the Paul it backs up this idea. Yeah, backs up this idea

Yeah, you've seen the light you are spending money now in the light I yeah, we could talk about that I was like, all of a sudden, just not optimizing for good returns.

But it also applies to, what, climbing mountains? Is that

what the portion of that number's? I want to hike, it's high outsuite, it's the tougher hikes, but you can stay with the local family. Like the tourism there is very controlled. It's also rated one of the happiest, if not the happiest countries. It is the happiest. It's the only country that measures their happiness. Right, measures their happiness, and they claim to be the happiest country on Earth. They have a monopoly on it. Right. There's, so there's some like visiting monasteries that, that kind of interesting. I want to hike. I want to stay with families.

I want to absorb the culture. And on our list has also been to go to Everest base camp, which is in Nepal. So I was like, maybe I can combine both trips. And, uh, there, well, there was recently a, a plane crash in Nepal and it wasn't just one, it turns out, it turns out they have one of the worst aviation records of any country. In fact, they basically averaged one fatal plane crash a year. Oh, that's nothing. Okay. That sounds incredible. That's the, that's the most for any country. Okay. So this is what I want to discuss because like, there's this recency bias that comes in play and that was my initial thing. I was like, what are the actual, okay.

So what, like the probability is still in the news. Yeah. It just lasts three to four days.

So what are the, what are they? So why, like the probability is still,

so what are they, what are they attributed to? Is it like, it's high winds at the airport. Cause it's an altitude and are surrounded by mountains or something.

Three, three things. Uh, it is a very tough place to fly around high altitude mountains, that kind of thing. Uh, just not as experienced pilots, but also a old, older planes. I mean, it's not like the, cause, cause flying into Kathmandu is one thing from like a major city. That's, That's not as tricky, but it's flying within Nepal, Bhutan. Yeah, like going from, going from, instead of flying in the JFK, you're going between O'Hare and, you know,

some like Nepal, Bhutan. Yeah, like going from.

I mean, I'm curious where the math is on that, but I don't imagine there's that many domestic flights a day. And so the probability is actually higher than it sounds.

And so every time this happened, every year there's like a 60%, 60% drop off, 60% drop off in tourism. Like literally they all canceled their trips right after these. But if it was your life, because like the expected value calculation is different when it's your life, because the risk is so high. My immediate reaction was like, so what I'm going like, I'm literally not going to let this fear interfere with what I want to experience. And if I died like that, that'd be a terrible, horrendous, very violent way to go. But still mathematically doesn't seem to register. And when I talk about it, like if I talk about my mom or I talk about my girlfriend, they're like, no, you're not going. I've never viewed something, well women are not.

60% drop off. Women are not. How are you guys? I've just never reviewed something like that is like a real concern, because I just again

look at the math probabilistically super went curious. Would you go? Because I mean, it's one time a year. Oh yeah, no question. Okay, so you no question, you no question. What do you think? When there's no noise to get around.

What do you think? When there's no noise to get around. It depends on what the odds are. If you tell me 600 flights a year take off and one of them crashes, I'd probably not do it. But if it's 10,000 though,

There's probably, if you tell me it crashes

I'm probably not do it but it was likely, I mean there's probably a few day,

a few flights a day between these like- That's what, that was my mind.

I was like if three flights a day. So it's literally a one thousand pilot planes crash. I don't know an exact number but- I think we need to infinity- What do you need to assume because- So that's high. That seems.

That's high. Yeah but that's same as, What do you need to assume because like- So that's high. That's seems. That's high. Yeah that seems not. They have one of the worst records in the world. In fact the UN was like, we should help,

like solve their issue. But flying is normally so safe that having one of the worst flight records is still like I think you should compare it against your odds against dying assuming that you elect to drive a car every day for the rest of your

Life. Yeah. Yeah. So what's so what's the record on that because I feel like that's even worse than a Nepal flight It's it's more dangerous to oh, thanks

I'm it's probably worse getting behind a wheel on your average like trip to the grocery store. It's it's more dangerous to to drive, it's certainly more dangerous than flying in a US like domestic

flight, that's for sure, or even international flight. I think it's one of the most dangerous things a person can do, just get in the car. And we just do it every day, really nearly. Yeah for sure, so we do it, I would do it. Tens of thousands of times. I would double check this

data because, yeah, just to be, just to double check. Really nearly. Yeah, tens of thousands of times, but if you go and you die, yeah, at least we'll know that that you're okay. Cause like you said, you said, you know, like I'm cool. Yeah. The trust.

Yeah. The trust. I feel bad. Cause I'm like, I'd do it. You should do it, bro.

Want to use on the trust to figure out, find all the crypto and, you know,

distribute it appropriately. So find all the, you know, distributed appropriately. Yeah. Can you leave like a trail of clues or so?

I've already told you the clues. I think that's important. I think that's important. I've left clues. You guys will figure out. I've been paying attention, but I think it's important to have this, uh, that's a very good business for somebody like making that, aw just the whole, like a crypto will instruction. Turn your death in book client puzzle. I meanj

We'll find a puzzle.

I mean, listen, like these, like a murder mystery deposit box that only you have access

to that one day once they have their desk certificate, they work on like the social recovery wallet. I feel like that's the real solution. Like it's better than like how are having somebody remember that thing you told them

like, well, you're drinking that one time to account abstraction. It's not a topic for this. No, no, no.

Right. I'm not immediately. Yep. No, no, no. Right. I'm not immediately. Yep. But I've been diving more into the die was zero thing. Yeah. And I did the Blinkist last night. Okay. So what is missed in the Blinkist is that he creates a formula for himself of like right up your alley.

Yeah, exactly. I'll go in front of me. Let's talk about the formula. What's the form? What he says is like, instead of picking goal, you should have your normal goals, but you should also have these things called like experience points. And this XP.

Yeah, XP. Like in a game, there's usually like gold, a monetary thing you like right

up your alley. Yeah, exactly. I'll go in front of me. Let's talk about what you like out

the algo is an equation with the XP. I'm listening. But then along the way, you accumulate these experience points and like both have value of some of them have equal value. And really, what you're trying to get out of life is maximum XP points. And so I created my own. And it's

like, you're like a spreadsheet. Yeah, I'm looking at right now. I love, I love, I love, how intense is his little equation? Can you read it? I don't have his equation. He doesn't

say like, I don't have his equation. He doesn't say like, here's my personal one, but I kind of got the gist of it. Like adventures of a lifetime might be like 500 points. So like I can kill him in Jaro, our New Zealand trip, you know, training Muay Thai in Thailand. What is one point? I need a baseline. Okay, one point might be a walk with your girlfriend training what is okay. One point Okay. Might be a workout, might be, you know, two points might be recording this podcast, and date night makes sense. 10 points might be just a long meal with friends. Like you know, two hour meal with a group of people, you just spend some time traveling with wrong with long meals. Steve?

Yeah. And then maybe like

Reminding it Friday.


Some meals are better.

This is actually, this is actually rap, so I've never read this book, but this is a really cool idea and I'm now sort of thinking of how I can design my own point system.

Yeah, it's not about like, it's not about like, there's no one way to design your own.

It's doing, design your own. It's unique to yourself. It has to be because like a walk with your girlfriend might mean something different to somebody who has no girlfriend. Right.

Wait, you think? Wait, you think? So like, well, I'm saying 500 points.

So like, well, I'm saying 500 points. Nick, point one. I should accept that. So like work trips, golf trips might be like in order, another level of like order of magnitude. And then like you have like these extended weekend trips like going to Tulum or Cabo for us because we're in San Diego. Then we have like memorable vacations like Tel Aviv. We went to that's a good example. Bosnia, Croatia, whatever. But then you have these like adventures and like I want to have as many points this year. So I started booking trips and I was like, love it for me. Buton would be would be like adventure of a lifetime. For me, that gets the most points.

We also have a trip to Japan coming up and I'm like, well, that's also like a very memorable vacation. Fold something on. Wow.


Not bad, anything. Yeah. Nick, point one straight up there.

Nick, for me, Bhutan would be something. Wow.

Armana chose the size of his mic today and it's a proportion of the golden penis. Anyway, so I'm kind of like going further into this and I really like it. And he also emphasizes health in this, too. He's like, you should you should almost spend irrationally on your health because if you don't have your health, then your experience level is going to go down because you can't even do these adventures of a lifetime or memorable vacations or like things to the fullest. Like you may never be able to, you know, I don't know, water ski ever again if you don't have your health, you can't play pickleball. So anyway, I created the same thing for health things. Like I'm doing a one of those pre nouveau scans at the end of the month. And before I was like, it's a lot of money to spend on like, what is what does that look for? It's a whole body MRI scan. You've done one of these.

And so what were that shows Mike today? Proportionally golden.

Anyway, so I'm kind of like to what would that show that would show

like almost every stage one mod Angela masses, almost every like each one cellular masses, stage one or above plus a bunch of other

conditions. So it's soft tissue. Yeah. Okay.

But yeah, okay. But you can also see your your spine.

You can see a lot a lot of stuff in there.

I was looking for tumors like TLDR. Yeah. The idea is like if we catch every stage, cancer or every cancer and stage one, then you can prevent a lot of issues. you can prevent a lot of costs in the healthcare system. Anyway, but I've been looking at it for a year and I'm like, ah, that's a lot of money, two people doing it. But then I read the book and I was like, this is such an obvious decision, add to cart, because it was like, provincially preventing a serious thing. Maybe you only do it once every two, three years. And it just seemed like a no brainer at that point. So I don't know, I found like the calculations.

I've been on this-

That's how I feel about my basis subscription.

It's not the pill that does the, freakingaint extension stuff, that nobody can really prove. Wait, what?

What is it? What is it?

They can't prove it. Pretty good. Is there a.. Pretty good research. Wait, it's a pill? Yeah. So OMG Facebook ads back in the day.

And then there is nothing pretty good research. Wait, so a pill? Yeah. by Elysium, bro, there is nothing better in the literature when it comes to this department of longevity. I would say the two things that fall in this department are increasing NMM. But ingested orally? Well, yeah, that's the problem. We're talking about NAD, right? Yeah, NAD, sorry. Yeah, NAD plus by taking NMM. And yeah, I mean, some people go get injections and that's where people are divided.

So that was one of the, but ingested orally? Well, yeah, that's the problem. We're talking about NAD, right? Yeah, NAD, sorry.

Yeah, so that was one of David Sinclair's cocktail. Part of his cocktail.

A basic cocktail. Part of his cocktail. I basically follow the whole cocktail. And I've been on that cocktail, cost me like,

I don't know, $150 a month to follow the cocktail, but. What else is in there? So he had, Met Forman was one of them.

Yeah. To be clear, his number one and number two things in that book Lifespan, David Sinclair was strenuous exercise.

As much as possible. To be, Huberman will say the same thing. It's like, behavioral is always step one. Meaning like diet and exercise is step one. And then if you want to supplement from there, that's step two.

Let's go back to that book really quick. Yeah, Lifespan. So the two things that stood out to me in my reading last night were, number one, what I love is the whole dive at zero that there's this assumption. It's like, don't leave anything for your kids or something. He's like, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying give it to them earlier. Give it to them, while you're alive. And that makes so much sense because he has like a few arguments that are really good. He's like, one, they don't need it when they're 65. They need it when they're in their thirties and they're trying to buy a house and they're trying to make a life for themselves and they're trying to break through. That's number one. Like then you get to actually, number two, you get to enjoy watching the fruits of your labor being given to your children and they get to then enjoy those fruits and you get to do things together.

Or you could literally just create experiences for your family. Take them on trips. Splurge and do things and don't wait to die. The other argument that I loved in the book was every dollar that you're left with is time that you wasted working. You exchanged, like say you're left with like a hundred thousand dollars, right? How long and how many hours did it take you to earn that hundred thousand dollars? So you're basically two years of your life or one year of your life, you worked instead of just literally be free and do what you want. Two hundred rounds of golf you get to have.

It's actually a crazy idea that I had not down well to your kids because I grew up in a environment where there was a lot of wealth being passed down to the next generations. And I think there's like a tightrope to walk there because there's a lot of shit kids. And when you like give your kids too much too early, I think it changes their philosophies on life. So like, I think he might be ignoring that component. It's like he's looking selfishly like you get to enjoy it with them or they get to enjoy it in an earlier stage, but it's like, they might not be developed enough to use it responsibly

in the way that you would maybe intend. Yeah, that's definitely true. I also know like multiple people who've married into families that like definitely have eight figured net worth and they're like scrounging together to buy a house and I'm just like, like, why? Just let the kids have the house. Like waiting until all the times in life, like you would do all the times in life, like you would do something like, what do you do? Yeah, it makes no sense. You're gonna wait till they're 60, you die and you're like, here you go. You're rich now,

but here's some more money. So what I've seen or withhold from your kids, something that I've seen, like this is like a sort of a topic that's related. It's like estate planning where I've seen rich families who have a milestone, like stipulations that say, like, if the kid can meet such and such criteria, then they are like now able to get X percent of their example. I think it's like, you can say like, are they holding a steady job, which like the trustee will be like the arbiter

of that situation. Are they, you know, like what would be an example? But if you're still alive

and you give it, you don't have to give it to the shithead kid if they're being a shithead, right? So you can and you can give as much as you like. And I think is the point maybe he was trying to make the author in the book. I don't know, because I read a summary of the book and I didn't hear his voice and his explanation. I think you did, Nick, you might be able to address it better. But I would imagine his point was to definitely avoid giving it to the, I hope you would not give it to the entitled brat kid to become an asshole with you. I mean, I think

he's like, yeah. I think he's like, you could still make parenting decisions, but like, if you intend to give them the money, regardless, like give it to them in a way you enjoy together,

I think was his main point. Yeah, he's not advocating for just opening a cash account

with like a $30,000 a month flow works for flow. And so like he's saying like as a parent,

get value from it yourself while you're alive mutually exclusively very mutually exclusively very important point in general is like if you get money in your life at the wrong time and you have not worked for it it can really can really mess you up unearned wisdom in any form yeah can be pretty dangerous very yeah can be very yeah so that's a couple of great book recommendations I'm curious

that is that worth going to the book itself I mean I don't curious I mean I don't know I mean I think we kind of discovered like the meat of it now like but but if you're interested in you're like why I want to like I understand it but I want to see if it'll change my behavior then suggest reading

it or listening to it it's not very big how like but would it would any of you guys be motivated to like create your own scorecard like XP points type of Scorecard cuz that like that to me seems like a huge enlong

To me this feels like a good replacement or additive thing for that Oh, he already did it to the annual plan so it's like you have you a plan and then you just have another tab where you're actually Tracking the metrics that correspond to it which my metrics Felt like work metrics before like ok ours like I didn't like that. I don't like that. It's not exciting

This feels way more exciting back. I got a question about your your metrics You have like a certain XP point level you're trying to hit on annual basis now.

No, no, but I'm like, you know, I haven't figured that part out yet, but I'm like tracking how many— 250 a year. Like I met up with our buddy Marcus, and we had like a three-hour discussion, and we just met up for coffee. How many points was that? I don't know. I was like how many points should that be? You gotta set some standards. But anyway, it's really fun. I was like, I don't know, maybe that's like after— Wait, this sounds awesome.


We've never try that part out yet,

but I'm like tracking out how many- How many 250 a year, dude?

I don't know. How many points should I see? You gotta set some standards.

But anyway, it's really fun. I was like, I don't know. Wait, this sounds awesome. After the meeting, how was it? That was like a 25. That was fucking great though. It goes Vermont idem. It's a lot. It's afterwards. Yeah. It's quality. It doesn't have to be stressful.

Like it goes as. It's a lotfind a. Yeah, it's a lot. It doesn't have to be stressful. can literally be like a joke for yourself that you play as a game with yourself. But what the point is, like whatever you just put in this spreadsheet and you're just aware of whatever gets measured. It's not

even it is playful, but I can guarantee if you look back on a year and your points were low, you're probably gonna look back on the year.

Like that was not as good as the other year. Does it take away some of the value if you're measuring every single component of your life? Like because not all walks with your girlfriend are the same. Like some, some might end up on a park bench. Some might end up on a park bench.

Some, some you might fight or something. It's like, well, that was about the expected value of the walk. I do it off like on Sundays. I do like some of the business scorecards and then I like do my own. Just go down and like check green, yellow, red, and I've put it in and like, it's not like exact. It's just kind of like this. Oh yeah, we did that. Did that. If you some people like to follow like a gratitude thing, like they just be thankful for the things they did for the week. It's another way to do that. Just with XP points. That's, that's really fun.

And I don't know. I'm going to keep, keep going with it. What's the OP?

But uh, Yeah,

value of the walk.

Like on Sundays. But uh, Yeah. What's the, the, the one. Well, I feel like, uh, for, for everybody it'd be different. Right? Like

For any trade.

Do you acquire to when the game here's one, here's one, here's one. I definitely don't want to buy a new fucking couch because I'm like, you've been talking about this couch for a Julie, you know, I don't like buying things. windows, the words

for the jet, you, the told me. Don't want to, we're talking about this couch.

You're not a things guy. It's just like at the end of your life are you going to remember

like the like no but if the thing makes you happier I'm a huge fan like for me if a sofa every time I got in the sofa and I was just like oh this is the best fucking sofa like to me that is a good feeling but what if you already have a

but what if you already have a 95% satisfaction there's no reason

there's like a value there's a value by in here that exists so like me and a sister is like shopping for a new RH modular thing that was like a $25,000 you know Brown I don't think it looks like good she doesn't listen to this I'm cool saying that but like we found something that's like a tent at the price and it's like suits all of our needs and I'm like so happy with like finding this deal like this this for us is like this beautiful couch that we got and I feel like awesome every time I sit down it's comfy Italian leather I'm like oh this is great couch so like I can I can see where you're sitting and you're like I

don't want to buy one I want to like it looks like good

you know you're not getting scammed and I'm like and I feel like I want to like literally spend it on XP points not a couch yeah I was like there's a Formula

One race in Las Vegas it is not cheap I will say though cost two couches I went furniture shopping at it like a nice place the other day and the stuff like it was really good oh this is really cool it was so I actually finally bought

some some art for this wall oh really all right yeah hopefully oh really all

right yeah I do maybe two weeks from now I like that thing I like that thing too did you get it I don't know my designer got it I just don't like it it brings me no joy and I always will just pick like the cheapest thing and then people are like why did you buy that she if I ever have

a designer I want him to be the gay guy from father of the bride you guys remember him I just wanted to be French and have like a huge personality and just like you know just very you know over the top he's like turn the whole thing is like do you have to be rude it's like kind of condescending

yeah it's gotta be like that for me it's gotta be like that for me I love you're like if I ever get like it's like some like high-end luxury you can get

this like 30 to 75 an hour I have like 30 to 75 an hour I have very good taste

already I don't need it your your time is worth more than that I am the designer mm-hmm if you enjoy anything by all means but like I derive no joy no I

know I know I really like my own taste of like with things here's a home design hack West Elm gives free interior design layouts they'll literally bring a designer to your house and map it all out showcase it to you it takes about a week really and they do it for free they obviously suggest nothing but West Elm furniture but you could also just take that design and then go replace it with cheaper furniture a big hack you if you want to thanks for coming by I was like well see you later yeah and I ended up getting scammed into buying few this was like that that one does you're good yeah that's that's actually good I don't know if you remember we lived in that uh that big place in Little Italy was a top guy and it was just too big for like we didn't know what to do with the space and West Elm came and did the whole thing beautiful yeah so anyway you can get it

you can get all the design for free well thanks for telling me big hack you do

you want to thanks for coming by yeah I was like wow really yeah you know it's

like this time all right we wrap this yeah that's a great place to wrap I got

to say great episode really enjoyed oh I need to before we leave I need to correct the record on one thing oh yeah so on our last episode I talked about how I like to reverse seer sticks apparently what I think it was is a reverse seer is an act is a non-reverse that's a seer Oh, really?

That's a seer. So if you seer it first and bake it next that's a seer.

The problem is I talked about it with Chris and then like he reinforced my things like oh yeah reverse here I love that and I was like yeah make sense to

me yeah that's me so reverser is you bake it first get the middle cooked and

then sear it which is still doesn't make sense to me but I checked the internet

and I am definitely wrong and I apologize to everybody who has been hurt

seriously I go to a friend and they tell them about the reverse sear and then

they look like the fucking douchebag stephen I feel like I'm not like told

somebody else about it their friend was like that's not a reverse a trusty like

told somebody else about it and they trusted you may God have mercy on your

soul my mercy on my soul applies to pretty much everything I've ever said so

I'm just going to go for the record for the record 10 our fathers and tell

hill mary's and you're going to bury that at the very end of the episode to

minimize my own shame shame yeah so well this was actually very fun for me

this felt like full of all the good stuff it's a different type of episode because this is a reminder we're going to do it switching up the the

distribution of the pod a little bit so happy our episode covering on a little

bit so happy our episode covering all happy our episode with actual booze

which is important I think we're going to cover we're going to cover all the

topics for those that are all the topics for those that are still here listening on this won't be out in time never mind but in general on Fridays we're hitting up Friday mornings at 930 on YouTube live. Money only. We're gonna do money. It's money only. Coffee. Let's get after it. That's the plan. And it'll hit the podcast and it'll hit the podcast feed on Monday mornings. Exactly. If you want it live, you gotta come get it live. You gotta come get it live and join us and you can be in the chat with us.

Otherwise you'll get it on the pod on Monday. Yeah. All right. Try it out. Cool. Sweet guys. Peace.

Later. One love. One love.