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Apple News In Conversation brings you interviews with some of the world’s best journalists and experts about the stories that impact our lives. Join us every week as we go behind the headlines.


Apple News In Conversation What A.I. will make better — and much, much worse What A.I. will make better — and much, m...

Ever since the introduction of the artificial-intelligence chatbot ChatGPT, people can’t stop talking about what the latest wave of A.I. is able to do — from acing standardized tests to composing detailed essays to writing code. But it also has people asking: What does a world look like where A.I. plays a larger role in our lives? Apple News In Conversation host Shumita Basu spoke with editor in chief of the Verge, Nilay Patel, about this rapidly evolving technology and how it could shape our future.


Apple News In Conversation Havana syndrome looks very real on brain scans. Why is it still a mystery to the U.S. government? Havana syndrome looks very real on brain...

In 2016, U.S. government officials began reporting a mysterious set of symptoms. They first appeared in Havana, but then showed up in other countries around the world. In a podcast for Vice World News, reporters Adam Entous and Jon Lee Anderson explain everything they’ve learned about what’s now commonly called Havana syndrome, and why the U.S. still can’t explain what causes it. On this week’s episode of Apple News In Conversation, Entous and Anderson discuss their reporting with host Shumita Basu.


Apple News In Conversation Inside the most shocking moments in Oscar history Inside the most shocking moments in Osca...

New Yorker staff writer Michael Schulman has been an Oscar enthusiast for decades. He’s even memorized every acceptance speech ever given by Meryl Streep. Now he’s out with a new book called Oscar Wars: A History of Hollywood in Gold, Sweat, and Tears. It’s a deep dive into key moments in the Oscars’ history that signaled shifts in the culture and industry. Schulman spoke with Apple News In Conversation host Shumita Basu about this evolution — and what to watch for at this year’s awards.


Apple News In Conversation After a reporter’s killing, journalists came together to finish his last investigation After a reporter’s killing, journalists...

Jeff German was a legendary reporter in Las Vegas known for holding power to account. A local official has been charged with his murder. After German was killed, the Washington Post reached out to the Las Vegas Review-Journal — where German had worked since 2010 — offering reporting resources to help finish the work still sitting on his desk. The story the Post ultimately took on was assigned to reporter Lizzie Johnson. Johnson spoke with Apple News In Conversation host Shumita Basu about completing German’s unfinished work — and honoring his legacy. Below are excerpts from the interview.


Apple News In Conversation How new weight-loss drugs are changing conversations about obesity How new weight-loss drugs are changing c...

There’s no such thing as a “miracle pill” for weight loss. But for many people who’ve struggled with their weight, drugs like Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro come pretty close. These medications — some of which were originally developed to treat diabetes — have been flying off the shelves, but a number of experts are concerned they could be misused. On Apple News In Conversation, health reporter Julia Belluz breaks down how these drugs work, who they’re for, and how they are impacting conversations about obesity, weight loss, and stigma. 


Apple News In Conversation Why the economy is so weird right now Why the economy is so weird right now

Recent economic indicators point to a relatively healthy U.S. economy. That’s despite an economic slowdown caused by the pandemic, inflation, a wacky housing market, and fears of a recession. On Apple News In Conversation, Vox senior correspondent Emily Stewart breaks down how we got here and what government officials need to do now to keep the economy trending in the right direction.