Introducing... Flightless Bird with David Farrier

May 13, 2022

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Armchair Umbrella and David Farrier introduce you to Flightless Bird, a show that follows kiwi journalist David Farrier as he embarks on a quest to understand American culture, after getting accidentally marooned here. From football to flags, religion to burgers, David wants to learn about the things that make America tick. “Why do adults love Disneyland so much?” and “why are American toilets filled to the brim with water?” are just a few of the important questions he’ll pose. Each episode sees Farrier documenting a different part of American culture, meeting people who’ll make you see America in an entirely new light with new episodes arriving every Tuesday.


Welcome Welcome welcome to not our show to David Farriers news show. Flightless Bird. David. Hello, how are you? I'm good. I'm excited about this. It's so good. So first and foremost we do a conspiracy show. We meet David ferrier. He's a genius. He is ira glass. Just sitting in new Zealand.

We see a genius, We see a diamond and we said we must work with this guy. So we do armchairs and dangerous. I love how this is randomly sort of developed out of doing an episode with you guys and then do this this monthly thing which has been a joy by the way I love and dangerous. It's so, it's so fun and people love it and we got to tour with it, which was so fun and we will probably continue to do more of that. We love you so much. And Monica are both were like, what do you want to do, David? What show would make Your Dinger hard, which is an amazing question to get your Dinger part. Amazing. So we got through that and all of that got onto the podcast. So the idea was to make a podcast that was me being a new Zealander in America when you didn't mean to be here because I came over here meaning to go back to new Zealand last april and then when I went time to go back they shut the border because we were keeping Covid out. And so I kind of got stranded here. And so the idea is like to make the show where I'm trying to understand different elements of what makes America America to try and be more american.

Yes, it's irresistible. I watched it in real time. You've become greedy, you become materialistic, you eat Mcdonald's every day, pretty much Mcdonald's, you drive everywhere you go. It's been beautiful to watch. There are so many things here though that is so puzzling and so different. Like even just dealing with the U. S. Tax system for the first time ever horrible. It's like a true nightmare. Everything about America is so different to new Zealand in big ways and really subtle ways. But what's great is you ask a bunch of questions that we probably should know the answer to which is the delight of the show for me. You just start with something that's pretty unique about us.

We're 76% christian or whatever that number is. Why is it? Well, there's a fascinating history behind it that I had no idea about and you stumble upon it and you teach us as you're learning. Yeah. And when you're immersed in a culture, it's hard to also observe it. It's really hard to be like yeah, it's a little weird that there are all these adults at Disneyland looking happy, like you don't think about it because you're in it and you are able to be this outside perspective who also loves America. So I think it's worth saying this isn't a I hate America show at all. No, I love America. I mean growing up all my pop culture was from America. I called my cat Chandler bing. So there's a cat episode. I go along to some american cat shows, Cat shows, guys, cat shows so fun.

I'm so happy for the world that they get to experience this because we've got to experience it over the past couple of months and it's a true joy. We're calling it a flightless Bird because our national bird in New Zealand is a kiwi bird and you may not know this, it can't fly. It's the most useless bird on the planet. It's like this big giant thing involved no predators in New Zealand. So it didn't need wings, no wings. So flightless Bird, it's a little wink to being a kiwi being a new Zealander. And also the fact that I'm in America and I can't fly back home, figurative metaphorical kiwi. I wouldn't be me if I didn't get annoying and give people too much info they didn't ask for. But that thing, the flightless nous of that bird is succumbing to the amazing principal in biology called Foster's Island principle. Foster's island principle predicts that all birds over time will become flightless on islands because there are no predators to them. Similarly, all mammals will become pygmy. They'll get smaller and smaller and smaller because the food resources aren't as much so on Madagascar.

There are fossils of pygmy hippos on the Catalina islands or the Channel islands here in California. There were pygmy wooly mammoths. So what could be better than the pygmy wooly mammoth like the size of a saint Bernard with the little cute tusks. That is the best. I had no idea. I love this so much. Good. Okay, I'm grateful that it was received that way. So we get like a tiny little animals and flightless birds. That's right. And the show is called Foster's Island Principles. Please listen to it.

David. So excited for everyone

to hear this show and guess what? We're a part of it. Monty's on every episode. I'm on some, you'll get a kick out of it. I couldn't do this alone. That would be awful. Well you could have absolutely done it alone. But it's always more fun with Monica. And I also feel like I can teach some weird things to an american. You Monica about your country that you might not have noticed or seen or just taken for granted. Exactly. And I can also learn from you because I often, you know, as part of the episode, I still don't understand what I'm talking about and you guys are here to kind of clear things up.

Well easter egg. You did an episode. It ended and I said, you're fucking stoned, We're going to this place and by God we did and that will be a two parter. Hopefully. So everybody buckle the

funk up, flightless birds coming your way. Our resident genius. David ferrier blows our minds. So check out flightless Bird next week. Every Tuesdays touchdown in America In America.

Yeah, mm hmm.