Sept 21 & 22: Fed drama, Kraken CEO resigns, Twitch bans crypto gambling, 'Crypto King' owes millions - Transcripts

September 22, 2022

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On today's CoinMarketRecap with Connor Sephton, crypto markets suffer whiplash as the Fed increases interest rates yet again. Jesse Powell announces he's stepping down as Kraken's CEO after 11 years. MicroStrategy buys more Bitcoin… and is already underwater. Twitch bans crypto gambling streams — it's gonna cost some content creators a lot of money. The U.S. considers a two-year ban on algorithmic stablecoins after UST's collapse. And a self-proclaimed Crypto King owes $35 million to investors… but just $2 million has been recovered so far. You can follow us on Twitter — @ConnorSephton and @CoinMarketCap.


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