Sept 23, 24 & 25: Fed hikes, SEC criticized, Kraken's CEO resigns, Twitch crypto ban, Nayib Bukele — weekly news roundup - Transcripts

September 23, 2022

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It's the weekend edition of CoinMarketRecap! Connor Sephton and Molly Jane Zuckerman chew over some of the biggest crypto stories from the past seven days. The Fed has increased interest rates to their highest level in 14 years — before Bitcoin launched — we find out how this will affect the crypto markets. The SEC claims the U.S. has full jurisdiction over Ethereum… is it right? Jesse Powell is stepping down as Kraken's CEO, we'll find out why. Plus, Twitch is banning livestreams of crypto gambling — and Nayib Bukele is controversially seeking re-election as El Salvador's president. Does he need to stay in power to keep the Bitcoin Law alive? You can follow us on Twitter — @ConnorSephton, @MollyJZuckerman and @CoinMarketCap.


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