Ep. 472 - The Start of a New Era Begins Now, with Kosala Hemachandra of MEW - Transcripts

October 04, 2022

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In this episode of Crypto 101, brought to you by …


all right everybody it is time for another episode of the crypto wanna one podcast but before we dive in to our awesome awesome guest in conversation today I wanna remind you guys of two things in the first one is if you go to crypto one oh one insider dot com you can join our private community here is where we have our model portfolio in all of our topics we also have a trip to wanna one university we have hours and hours and hours of written and video content that explains blockchain explains cryptocurrency in a very bite sized and easy to understand way in we have a weekly newsletter that goes out and quarterly state of crypto addresses that go out there's just a ton of value packed into this every which way so once you guys first I did go to crypto one oh one insider dot com


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yeah I think it's mainly I mean you know for the past I'd say okay so we have to go all the way back right like we need to reinforce came out in two thousand fifteen Aug as appeal as the measure was

on the road map right

trying to finish it and like it yeah yeah

that didn't seven and he is it later yeah

so and then the next year and then the next day a few years went by and then for the past two years as a lot of people of super skeptical about it too it's like why is it taking so long why are there so many delays while like this is not gonna happen and I even had minus just like betting against P. O. S. not going through well I called definitely we will still keep mining that's not going to be a problem this is always going to be but but the good news is those delays actually meant something

it does delays meant that

these POS the measure will go smoothly asset when and we all saw it and which is amazing to see

I know like we were

all expecting and I mean I'm gonna be honest at the I was a bit nervous and I was like I was ninety nine percent sure that he's going to go smoothly but at at like but still that one percent of nervousness like oh my god something's gonna go wrong yeah six and a half and but at the end of the day we all know like Tesla mind so the smartest minds in this world while working on this and then if they they did the best and they made sure everything went smoothly yeah I was one of those things where they had they had planned for you know stuff like you said seven years for this day and kept pushing it back because they have done so many tests and yeah one of the interesting things I thought that the only analogy somebody on the podcast it mentioned was like you know there's a brace this is like you're the same level of detail that you know E. long musk will put into a rocket ship launch she goes there's two hundred and fifty billion dollars of value secured on this Ethereum network and that's just the Ethereum token alone not to mention let's round up to a hundred billion dollars of value across defy and

you know you know


applications built on top of the exit we're talking almost a half a trillion dollar launch EM is it and this is this is you know aerospace level engineering and even as it you know you've run my user wallet which is one of the the earliest you know crypto wallets for Ethereum you've been with us here in probably since it was before even a billion dollar market cap what what it was it surreal to to watch this rocket ship launch kinda take off and you haven't just played such a big parking ecosystem

yeah I mean I'm I'm


definitely it was just it's mind blowing moment because like we were all expecting this to happen for the past seven years and then finally it happened and it's just like just just being that just looking at it I mean I had two computers up and running just like watching the live stream from Italian foundation and then one of my computers actually move managed to POS and then I saw the panda icon and it only made and everything

yeah I mean I

I was looking at a live stream and then nothing happened is there was still waiting I was like oh my gosh what's happening like for quick five seconds I was just concerned by like this is the mind like it's amazing to see an amazing to be in the space and then see all these development and yes you are hundred percent correct it wasn't even a billion dollars been we all when I at the center today

the market and then it might be the wallet came two weeks after so like a we've been part of the thirty meter system since the beginning of Italian maintenance launch and it's amazing to see all like every single step of the development process and every single step led to their marriage as of now

yeah and

and I also want to make sure everyone is so bad that this is not the end this is the first step towards a whole nother level not the wishin it Kerry M. that's going to upgrade eventually like within the next six months twelve months like they have like think of five year old client full new upgrades and updates to make it more scalable add more functionality things like that so this is this is the start officeholder that Europe I love it

yeah no I I think that's great you know somebody was telling me the other day like all right well the merger happen like that's it like okay what's next I'm like you know the merges the beginning of something brand new it's


it's the Assyrian two point no view of you know


you know shar dean and all this you know very sharp quick data availability of you so that you know applications can now you know span

you know millions of users simultaneously and and what I think that you know this whole the whole promised land of the Ethereum two point oh ecosystem is like we're gonna be able to now finally moved from the world of experimentation and small localized little crypto communities that are you know firing off on one another in Twitter and like will now be you know a platform that's that can house truly the the financial applications the future because the band which will be there right and I'll give you a lot of this has been so similar to the early days the internet where it's like you know all the guys like us you're the nerd you are thinking about this stuff away before anybody uses that they're like well why are you guys interested in that's all you could do is send a text message to like for other you know intranets like that's not that cool but we're like if if you kind of play it out into the futures one day you'll be able have videos and people are like laugh and they're just like oh you could have you know will take you ten minutes to download a kilobyte you know package it looks like it was shot on a potato like but then but we settled in one day you'll be able to have you know four K. streaming into every device in America just wait you'll see yeah I'm sure enough twenty thirty years later now we're here and we can do that and so this to me is like you know people laugh a crypto because like you could only have these little borrow and lend facilities that could house you know a hundred million dollars and studies like yeah that's not big but Hey it's a proof of concept in Assyrian two point oh is gonna take us from proof of concept to now the doors are open businesses open kind of come build here and and I think that that is gonna have a lot of you know enterprise value you know companies can kind of attach themselves to this Ethereum open network that'll help their enterprise value boost up in there's gonna be a whole lot that people can do with this and I guess my you know my long winded preamble is all kind of

you know resolving to a question of like what do you think are going to be the most valuable things to happen on this new Ethereum platform that maybe weren't even possible before the the merging like ball the finalized version of each two point now

yeah so yeah going off with the example I remember back in the day when we had like Nokia phones and then use the daily may just filled out a black and white pixels down by on and then you'll see a legal emoji yeah and then look now we have phones that can play like four K. video is right and there you don't it's completely wireless and the five G. networks and then people are working on like most like in the next generation off the network itself we can which can handle magnitudes of the bandit that it can handle that fact five G. so things like that so N. V. Derry office came out thank you send one single transaction it like Tolkien's didn't even exist it was just like right back and forth right it was more like bit coin back then and so smart contract wasn't even like it was that they had the capability but nobody really used a nobody really knew how to use that event so and look at us now right we we already have lending borrowing platforms defy completely decentralized exchanges running on Ethereum and like like in the fifties were a big thing in the past and which was never a possibility that the centralized question right now it's not possible to have a nifty is hospitalized and if the type of thing on a centralized environment so now now we have all this already and then that's a huge improvement that's like from if you look at seven years ago Terry M. tis now it's it's already amazing and by itself but like thanks in the main problem is that we are having L. like main problems that a lot of people well the dot of dems are having okay we have a user base but all the users can interact because like for example this is like the major most biggest issue right the gas price I like you have to spend a lot of money in gas price if like someone wants to maintain NFT all like even do an exchange so I. thing like last time I checked a couple of hours ago it was around forty three dollars to do a swap from one token to another which is you know which is high like it's not possible if you know it was gonna swapping almost hundred thousand dollars or so so then like maybe forty three dollars and a is an egg that negligible but at the same time if you're doing like a fifty dollar swab then obviously forty three dollars is a lot so and the good news is that we are all better off these issues and then the marriage is getting one step closer to solving that

is the magic

the what happened a week on the POS demise did not solve it so by like it's the first step toward solving the scalability issue and I thing like over the final goal is to support some error like hundred thousand transactions per second and the moment feature of that it's just for the people who are not a barrel like how cryptos functioning how centralized servers are functioning basically we saw cards can only handle twenty thousand transactions a second the last time I checked well I hundred thousand transactions transactions per second is already five acts so that means that we are already going to be like all the centralized seven cell yeah and it's it's amazing and doing it in a decentralized manner like it's just it's it's again mind blowing and I feel like that's like the my neck next biggest thing that I'm I'm I'm going to wait for and then if I have to stay up and and until like two AM in the morning till watch that's happening then yeah that's the case I mean for the P. O. as I was up at midnight I think it happened around midnight and

your whole team like online you're kind of like ready to go just in case kinda you know crap hit the fan and

but it was not on call list of that which is funny because like me didn't make it mandatory anything we would be made sure every ounce of barrels like this is happening and that your available through online just in case if something goes wrong but later on we all found out that everyone goes online looking at a street or not like it was not mandatory but everyone was just excited similarly as like myself so which is not amazing and then we also like as we grow we also building a community who will believe in this whole ecosystem right I'm not going to like I'm not saying there is anything wrong about bitcoin but like I I I totally believe in bitcoin is going to be the value token and this is going to be like the my and my way of expressing it bitcoin is like gold in real life school is not gonna go away goal will always be there and if it carries value but was as he

will be

a usually spoken right like it's like USD euro you know Japan and something like that where you can actually carried to a store and then buy something it's not like you can carry like oz of gold to buy a bag of chips right alike if you look at all the other ecosystem all the other leg locks chains all dat I feel like it's area I'm is the most developing all like you see something happening in the area all the time which means that it's it's moving forward is not stagnant I was just I mean it's not necessary for some of the other blockchains to keep moving forward because they're happy where they are but at the same time if you look at any software right if you like B. stay L. if you don't make any updates to the software then it's possible that you might lose your useless yeah because they might belong to another blockchain that can accomplish what they want to accomplish so and indeed this is also another reason why you carry missiles so be interesting to me because all these developments happening all these like really bright smart minds behind it and then making changes like adding new features on basically like every day yes which is extremely exciting

and it seems like there's just so many new applications that that get formed on Ethereum every day and you know something you said that was kind of interesting was you know theory is is this you know more utility token on top of this network were a bit coin is more like the digital golden

I got a lot

I kind of think like Ethereum is more like this digital oil and I know a lot of people have made that sort of yeah analogy but I'll take it a step further in I would say that probably in five or ten years like there will be more machines and more software programs that are transacting Ethereum on a daily basis than humans and I think


that's probably going to be specific to Ethereum because in order for the smart contracts to run and operate

you know

I'm preaching to the choir but like they need to have a theory I'm in they're smart they're automatically will smart contract ball in order to facilitate transactions and so I think that you know people are are probably gonna be spending stable coins or tokens like

you know

on the Ethereum network but most of the actual


will probably be used by these machines you know do you think that that would be something way off base or kind on track

no I don't yeah I think is it'll definitely be I mean that was that's why I'd like to keep their name is also the gas right because that's what fuels the whole ecosystem that's definitely a possibility like in the future yup five eight years from now like all these I. O. T. is right like the internet of things like everything even your friends can I mean I've seen like a fridge which is abiding by Sam song is something that can order groceries for you if you if you are like running low on that those things I mean obviously right now it's happening to our credit card as some kind of a centralized service but those things easily could be on the blockchain like just also imagine like your electricity meter I'd like to meet so it can maybe once per second like ones by our agents and as small message transaction say okay this is the level of this is the value right as of right now this is the value as of right now

which is which I can talk directly to the car

it could talk directly to the car as well so and this all of this can happen without basically any service and I a I a in the future it also could be right now all the user who is actually sending the transactions need to pay for gas but like eventually there will be a feature which will enable of some other wallet to pay for gas as well so not everyone needs to have gas in that like for example a dapp user I'd like if let's say this is a purely an example or like an FTP that you want to maintain an F. D. on this specific topic but the problem is you don't have to eat so you can't mean that you cannot mean the NFTA by like but the data past let's say enough eat four to give away to all these uses so they can pay for the gas so things like that could be definitely part of the future and this is also why it is called gas because it's technically what facilitated the tarian but not even though he use IT asset token **** to send value back and forth but it's not the main goal

of key

is to run the whole network so that's what controls it and all the other tokens built on like wrapped each could be a token that you can you know think of it as a value and this is what all every single decentralized exchanges as of now because they don't want to deal directly with either but yeah so yeah I I I I yeah I agree definitely like in the future it could be I Teazle machines talking to each other and then using either ask ask I'm it's yes

yes each is gonna be wild place and one of the things that you know in order to interact with with crypto you need a wallet right I mean that's pretty base level

just like if you want to interact with

the web

you need a web browser

I always kind of thought as

a crypto wallet similarly to web browsers right in the beginning there was among a bunch of different browsers just like there's a bunch of different wallets but eventually you know do you think that we're gonna we're gonna settle on one standard or will it really be you know

it is that even an accurate kind of analogy

so the wallets and it is as of right now is like any basically you can don't do this but you can write down like sixty four characters which are between zero and ask and that's a wallet address right that's a private key but don't do that because like humans are not capable of generating enough entropy so if you do if you write down that and then use it as a wallet it's possible that some kind of a S. and I'll be able to figure that out and

first the private key

yeah but first a private gate so that's basically a private gas all right now right so but like this also that quantum machines problem coming up pretty soon and I think like eventually went on to missions will be able to figure out private keys like exponentially faster than regular computers so that's going to happen so you actually like this the the crime private key standard will change so but as of now talking like as of right now this is this is that the private key but the but the good news is the use is not not doesn't necessarily have to memorize this remember this all the time and it's not I would say it's an NXT impossible to remember sixty four characters right and characters so and then the wallets are like for example might the wallet is is a wall that that'll let you access your account we are like hi bill it's we are like browser extensions we are even if you have the role private you can access it and

so that

that kind of standard is already laid out so there will be multiple wallets I have which is a good thing in in the ecosystem which is decentralized right we because we all believe in decentralization and different laws but lets you do different things there there are different use cases and that's why this this one standard that everyone is following which makes it way easier for all the while this to integrate different key key files different private keys and so this is why I actually think the competition is really good because now every single wallet is trying to you know figure out O. okay what's the next best feature that we can add to be on top of the other competitors and things like that so we just we just like it we are in a constant cycle off improvements in order to compete with each other every eventually makes the use I have the best feature set for them to access that network and this is also why and then like if while we were doing this we already and like a good place any terrain ecosystem are we also realize that the other net blockchains I'm not doing a pretty good job on like creating wallets like Wallace what interfaces to make it make it more user friendly and then like those networks hopes mill has they have millions of users as well but that and like this constant struggle of acts how to access their wallets out access or send funds and this is basically an aide to reminded me why I initially started my wallet as well

as I saw on reddit that so many people having issues

just simply unlocking the keys to follow sending EM a point trump has an eight point a to point B. a while the data on the beach and I was like okay I can put together a simple interface and then now seven years and I'm seeing that unfortunately I'm still seemed apple other blockchains so that's why I'm not sure whether your family with encrypted just saw the latest cross extension that we released a month ago so we know so this old so will encrypt be able to you know function as a wallet on different networks as opposed to just Ethereum yeah so we are basically enabling obviously all the terriers in networks are supported thirteen basically Connie Terry M. binance chain all those chains are supported and the nanny and CVM chains and then we also added the whole polkadot ecosystem so what are the sama we recently released our Stosch I didn't call out all the spectra but I because systems are already included and then a bit coin is on the way as well

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these different blockchains have different capabilities right and then they they offer different things today Unisys and then why do we have to create a future of about people who needs to use different wallets for different blockchains because in the future that I'm looking at you says doesn't even need to know what blockchain to interacting with like for example in use when not right you don't know whether the wind was so exhausted in A. W. S. O. Google or some other service or whether that person as a chase bank or bank of America bank exactly gnostic yeah like that's the that's the future for blockchain that I'm looking at it like it is agnostic future

a protocol called Axel lar that's coming out that I heard about this trying to do that same really on sept yeah well I will definitely take a writedown A. acts T. L. A. are actually are okay yeah for sure like yeah I would love to take a look at it and maybe you'd like to get in touch with them as well S. like

if you if you make it complex we all talk about mass adoption we all ones like everyone to use blockchain but

going back to your wallet center rightly even easy enough yet yeah like no one's gonna yeah I remember the sixty four characters and like if they have a pretty good like ten different Wallace interacted ten different blockchains

like you're already losing semi database and a few separate so it's like it's not get something that that'll happen so

E. D. the fear yes fear chase the mass adoption but we have to take small steps today in order for that to happen in the future A. N. and so tell me a little bit more about the plans for my ether wallet I think you know it's it's been on the on the you know for front of Assyria M. for seven years right and they just had the merger you guys planning on getting involved in any different business lines or what's gonna be your sole focus going forward

so my thought might get the wallet is completely focused on Ethereum we will obviously be able add new features as they come like we we supported staking functionality to our users and then now when they can withdraw their funds will add that feature as well and then my ether wallet is completely tarian base and then at the same time we also have multiple other products based on the term like you to be M. which is our blockchain explorer and you told me I was just a like a terrier mix occasional platform and then meanwhile averages our

the mobile application so we have a whole ecosystem around eight thirty AM to improve it there M. and then bring great yet like the user experience to all every single using interim space basically like what we want to accomplish is if you want to do something on the Terry I'm you should be able to do it with one of our products and that's where we want to be and that's where that's where that's where the trial electric trying to be an

find main goal and then at the same time we are like okay we don't have to limit to Ethereum we can bring the excess same kind of user experience to other blockchains and then have just like one wallet to access every single loss and so they don't have to worry about memorizing likes six ten different new Monex like ten different keys at all downloading ten different extensions things like that so just like one one extension to support basically all that three one ran to rule them all

lord of the rings yeah but yeah so that's where that's I feel like that's going to be a nest not necessary in the future like people

because it is the only such yeah no reason for you to be just you know stop with one change and because eventually there will be a chain that offers completely different feature set and then you're like okay I want to use it and they might not that be said might not be in the Terry I'm sorry right so it's like okay

I have to I have to use that box in in order to achieve that and then eventually maybe in like ten years or so we will be able to make it all seem less and one single death will be able to interact with ten different blockchains and then make you says it she what they want to do it but in order to I see you have that feature we have to start today

yeah no what what do you think of like you know people have been you know exchange accounts and they always say not your keys not your coins but a lot of the exchanges I mean they're pretty buttoned up now at this point some of the reputable ones obviously there's a lot of exchanges that have you know been hacked in the past but get a what's your stance on all this are you a hardliner like never have any money on the exchanges I mean to be completely honest I do have exchanged the founder of my idol and I do have my young exchange and we also like the company's self use

very well known exchange in U. S. T. do you know how to pay our do we have to do our payroll right so we have to do that you have exchanged eat all like all the funds tokens that be get paid in to convert to USD so we can do the payroll so yeah we will definitely Ferreira will need exchanges and by like that where I draw the hotline is we can be totally fine to use exchanges to do convert to fiat getting to crypto but if this is a physician which means non custodial wallets to keep your crypto there's no way you're doing it for a long time there's no reason for you to leave it on an exchange right it's not it's not necessarily because it and the exchanges can get hacked but when the funds are in the exchange they can do other things with the with the funds right like they can borrow land again as we saw the Celsius just filing bankruptcy

because they were using uses funds to do other things just like banks right this is what banks do yeah what I call it re hypoxic cation

I will never be able to establish

she taking customer deposits and loan it out to someone else so and every single point introduced a new like a point of failure and then like you know if your funds might be lost not necessarily because of a hack but something that the banks like this the exchange would do to increase their profit and if you're a traitor like any feel like trade on centralized exchanges then by all means you have to have funds in India he noted Fassel did that by a fair trade on like just Texas then you don't have to have it and in central I. six changes so it it depends on the use case but I I draw my line well that

if you're on if you if you don't if you don't need like hot funds like a hot wallet regulate constantly trade or do something if you're saving something for a long time put it in a non custodial wallets

let L. I. L. O. even I mean even if they are not contracts NextRadio you don't have to have it in the exchange of the move just the ones that you need to trade to a non custodial while you can always just you know mass with a hardware wallet yeah exactly and move it to a hardware wallet this says so how you can use encrypted hard balance there we go so but yeah so that definitely how do we download how do we download encrypt what we think about com yeah E. N. K. R. I. T. T.

okay perfect insights interpret that K. dot com yeah

N. M. yeah and the future will be adding more blockchain so basically one key you can use on every single blockchain love it let let me switch gears I I've got a I've got a higher level question for resuming now outside of the crypto wallets outside keys let's talk about running the business I run a business through several bull markets and bear markets we're kind of

you know someone say we're in a pretty strong bear market some say we're on the precipice of even stronger bear market I'm not gonna ask you not necessarily your opinion on where you think the market's gonna go or anything like that but how did used as a CEO how is the business owner do you manage the the volatility of running a business and in the in the crypto market yeah

it does definitely ups and downs and then there are definitely calls that we have to make we are like do you have enough funds to survive at least in the beginning right we were like okay

the pretty it doesn't the the the the time that he'd been either going to like eighty dollars so so thing three four years ago yes it's crazy right it was a two dollars like I think yes a good three years four years ago that was pretty tough for us I'm not gonna lie when eat his dad kind of levels is not easy because like the whole business is based on Ethereum and Ethereum based tokens and then this this this trend when like my

the outlook the market goes down all like crypto goes down as well so it was definitely tough and then we learned our lesson the dead the main lesson is what everyone thinks they're a good trader when the market is going up so everyone I made so much money I'm the best straight alike like put all your money on this script on this coin this this

if you're running a business it's not easy to just like follow train what we do we

whenever the market is high all I do is win beating okay it's high enough we can read some of our wallet tell US IT assets to eat and all these other crypto to stable coins and we keep it separate so which also means okay that's the downside off if the market keeps going up then we won't make any profit on that because now our assets are stable but it helps us cover it during about market yeah you basically take profits for a rainy day and young cover your runway you know five months nine months out or whatever your runway in order to operate business you make sure that's covered when when the market's good exactly and I think so many people get caught up in like old going up it's going up it's going to keep going up and they never take profits and this is a lesson that everybody learns is like you gotta take profits along the way at some point yeah and since you're earning you know you guys are an income in Assyria mini stroke and stuff that you guys would be remiss to not at least you know books some of those gains yeah we everyone has to if you like it so easily like have these minds at all I'm a really good trader again like when the market is going on and everyone things and then I'm pretty sure you you have your friends if you have friends who are like old like I made this my eyes like I definitely got calls when the market was up like when it was like okay in a second I made this much money last month like trading and then I don't they don't even talk anymore like we are still in touch but they don't talk about crypto anymore which I

lost yeah so unfortunately like

do you have to lose that mind set because the if you if you keep having that mind and said that and you are going to lose everything so you have to take profit and yes like having a twelve month run away I in stable assets is a really good way all looking at

the future L. like makes you making sure your company runs well for the next twelve months or so and yeah it is that's the devil definitely struggles during during bear markets do you notice like as you I mean if you travel around a different death cons and conferences do you see kind of a different level of interaction maybe different level of enthusiasm or seriousness about the market during these sorts of periods relative to like bull market conferences he I definitely do bull market conferences are hi it's everyone's just hyped

thanks guys I was like yeah it's like it's all fake but so I can say it's all fake because there are some good projects in the mailbag you see Tarnoff like hyped up projects

one of them and then and being in the space like enough time we I can easily spot them right they'll they'll like all of you do this all like come up with some like monkey looking NFT thing and it's like but what's the difference between you and the most popularized so I didn't even why why are you doing this but like it's because like someone made money and all like some investors put money but while the market is high and then they all have

just money to spend and they all just like create some


at the repetitive kind yeah exactly something not original I yes that too you know I remember you know going to conferences and stuff if you're in San Francisco you back in like twenty eighteen and like some of these really to see cool conference is kind of in the bear market twenty eighteen yeah a lot of like maker for instance the shirt I'm wearing I mean they they were they're seller network was there a couple of these guys like who were just like Hey look we're just kind of starting in in talking and you know then they go launch you see they become these billion dollar yeah exactly it is but in in the in the in the bull market you go and you see you know hundreds of these companies and then two years later none of them were there yeah exactly I I love it because like whenever I go to

a conference I always tell my team while I

nine ninety percent of these companies will not be here for the next conference yes Sir it is yeah and then withdrew and it's it's I it's I don't know that it's I yeah I think it's a way of filtering out bad people ride the banjolele will see good projects surviving and then all the back projects just like just dying off and your life

exactly and during down markets I definitely see people who is survived through like the previous E. S. all people who you know somehow saved enough to sponsor for these conferences get a booth even like people who who are just getting into this space it did on how to boot I feel like those other people like I really do like to talk to because they have genuine ideas that genuine light goals to achieve not just not just after money you know again it's like it's a different group of people that you can talk to you you can just sit down and have a good conversation well if you were shot out one other company that was in the space that you've kind of seen since the early days and has you know kind of come up with you if you will and really made an impact on I'm just kind of curious of what are some companies that are out there that you think are kind of legit like I have to say definitely make for di and then the next company as the N. S. I'm a huge fan of the N. as

it's because

I know the release of Hogan recently but before that date I mean it's just you know just like few people just maybe like forty five people increase including the Johnson who just like you put so much effort into making it a reality on and like what all the smart contracts and through audits and didn't have a single thing I don't think they were funded by anyone on a selected area I'm probably during foundation funded them and which is you know it's such a such a great team and such a great group of people and I'm I'm still in touch with the touch with them as well and and even like even after the talk on launch their still developing that still adding new features which is and it's it's a necessary feature to have in any blockchain because no one's gonna remember that address right so you you should be able to put a name to the address so it's easy to remember and numb which is the are such a great project yeah I know I'm really really excited about them and you're right they they just launched a token and I don't know maybe a couple months ago it if that and like they've been building for so long and so yeah you see the reverse happens so much is you know there's these projects they launch a token and then they say okay well you know we're we're in the process of building and it's kind of this you know wonky little application you could hardly get transactions processed on and so yeah they're a great example of somebody who did it the right way in fact I'd love to bring him on the podcast if you want introduce it mean yeah yeah I'll

Johnson yeah shelled that'll be cool and maybe we'll get the the crypto wanna one died Dr he's there some

this man console this is been amazing having you on the show there there's so many different areas of that we can go with this but we're running out of time I just kind of got one last question for you one that we ask everyone who comes on the show and I'm gonna say except the tower computer cake seven dollars beater and since you're so plugged in with the Ethereum ecosystem maybe there's another knight in shining armor and that ecosystem but out of everybody got interacted with who who really impresses you whose somebody who's challenged you to think differently about a theory or you know made you have like a zero to one moment

I want to say I actually how multiple people yeah go for it Peter sludgy who codes they get

he is the co DAB ID W. foundation news behind if you're using at probably ninety percent of the stuff time era uses get the interim client you're basically using like code that he wrote at some point I don't know whether he's superb involved in actual coding now but he's still like a senior level developer and another person would be Nick Johnson like I mentioned full E. and ask he helped me multiple times in multiple occasions like sometimes about smart a smart contracts sometimes about like how Ethereum is functioning things like that and I also wanna give a shout out to I do not remember all the names there are eight people who mainly worked on it during a match

so shout out to all the data who worked on the banks and and make sure it's like when servicemen I yeah unfortunately I don't remember all the names but Hey I mean that's they they really as you say yeah they bear the cross for all of us over these years and dag man it was great they they did a great job and because all it was wonderful getting to reconnect with you here on the podcast and we'll talk with you again soon thanks for coming on yeah thank you so much for having me rice have a good one