NFT Projects of Q2 2022 Worth Keeping An Eye On - Crypto Breakdown April 27, 2022 - Transcripts

April 27, 2022

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Episode Summary:

In this episode of the Crypto Breakdown, I talk about some NFT projects that have launched or will be launching in Q2 2022 that are worth keeping an eye on.


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Hey everybody, my name is Joe Dewitt and this is the crypto breakdown on here. I'll be getting you caught up on everything you need to know regarding crypto any relevant news. Anything that you missed, Don't worry about it. We'll cover all that good stuff in the morning before you go out and start trading. Hey everybody happy Wednesday. My name is joe do it and this is the crypto breakdown. Today. I'm gonna be talking about some N. F. T. Projects that you definitely need to keep an eye on for the second quarter of 2022. Now, first off, we'll talk about the obvious, the crypto punks, those are not going anywhere along with mutant apes and board a ship yacht club.

Those three are the most popular in ft projects currently out right now with the crypto punk floor price being $192,000 at 61 the mute Navia club being about half that with 31 relatively um, $100,000. And the board Api club is actually sitting at 120 ethereum floor price. Equating the cheapest board 8 to $300,000 which is absolutely insane. Now, these have become more of a status symbol in the web three area as more famous celebrities and entrepreneurs start to buy these blue chip FTse. The prices are absolutely skyrocketing. Now, the important thing to understand with these type of blue chip ftse is that it's actually more of an exclusivity type of club. Um, the fact that there's only a few 1000 of these N. F. T. S Means that holders actually get to be in a sort of community with these other celebrities or other influencers or whatever. And that aspect is part of the culture that is really um not going to go away anytime soon. We've always valued expensive things and now it is tied to the Blockchain and people are actually able to own expensive things alongside other famous people, which makes it even more valuable for some people.

Now moving away from those blue chip N. F. T. S. And over to um some other N. F. T. S. The Murakami flowers are set to release in quarter two. Those are made by the japanese designer Takashi Murakami. He released his flower seeds Um about a month ago which are sitting at 5.5 keith. Now these look really cool.

I'm really excited to see what he does with this project. I've been a fan of Major economy for a while and he also collaborated with Rtf Katie studio. Making the clone X. Collection. That is another entity collection to definitely keep an eye on the floor. Price is sitting at 17.75 ethereum. Now this project has also gained a bit of traction in the culture. Is um a lot of celebrities have actually been picking up these clone X. Is now another NFC that is not going anywhere are doodles. Doodles actually released back in october of 2021. Um The floor price now is currently 15.9 ethereum. So almost 16 ethereum.

And the really cool thing about doodles, like some other projects like board apes, they actually have um had private meetups for doodle holders in California. So if you actually hold the N. F. T. You're able to attend this event and actually get to network with all the other doodle holders, which is a really cool aspect and web three. Um to be able to exclusively network with other developers and other people in the N. F. T. Space is definitely something that is undervalued. Doodles have also been gaining a large amount of traction in the space and it does seem like their status is going to be maintained. Now taking a look over at some Salon A. N.

F. T. S. There's two I want to mention, portals are very interesting to have a floor price of 53 Selena, which is about $5300. Now the portals are essentially a ticket into a three D. Metaverse type museum and it is not actually released yet. There has been some teasers but they talk about actually being able to display your N. F. T. S on the Salon, a network able to explore chat build with friends on your metaverse sort of realm and another one very similar. That's actually a little bit more affordable and has been releasing a little bit more content that seems like it will be releasing sooner is in vero. Now the enviro floor is 6.15 Salon a and this is very similar.

It's a make your own metaverse cross chain application where users will actually be able to host their own environment, be able to hang out with friends and be able to display their N. F. T. S. Now, this is really cool for people that actually collect multiple different types of N. F. T s on different chains because they'll be able to kind of display them all in one place. Um, these both projects and bureau and portals have only released from their tickets or their passes what they call. Um, this is essentially their, your way into the metaverse when it does release, but as of now they have not released yet, so definitely make sure to keep your eye on those. And that being said, that's all the time we have for today guys, thank you so much for tuning in. You can follow subscribe to the podcast, which will all be the description below, Have a great Wednesday quickly. I just want to say that this is not financial advice, I encourage everyone out there to please do your own research before investing in cryptocurrencies as they are very volatile assets.

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