Crypto Corner Podcast 882: Stocks discussed: (NasdaqCM: FTFT) (NYSE: V) (TSXV: DMGI) (TSXV: IMIN) - Transcripts

September 12, 2022

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Crypto Corner Podcast 882: Stocks discussed: (NasdaqCM: FTFT) (NYSE: V) (TSXV: DMGI) (TSXV: IMIN)


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to today's edition of Crypto Corner at investor ideas dot com. News on what's driving the Cryptocurrency market. Hello everyone. This is Sam Mauer's here. Welcome to episode 882 of the Crypto Corner podcast. Crypto Corner was recently named one of 14 of the best crypto and Blockchain podcast by the site. Your Oyster. That's Y O R E. Oyster. You can check out this list along with a write up about crypto corner over at your oyster dot com slash blog slash best dash crypto dash podcasts Now for news today. Future Fintech Labs has partnered with currency cloud for a Remittance app called tempo DMG Blockchain has reported its Q three updates and I mining has signed an mou with invest Alberta but just before we get into the show today, a quick reminder that if you enjoy this podcast to please feel free to share it or leave us review and as always, I recommend checking out some of the other podcasts on investor ideas dot com. This includes the cannabis podcast, the clean Tech and climate change podcast along with many others, all of which will bring you up to speed on the latest stock news and trends in their respective spaces.

Right? So Future Fintech Labs, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blockchain firm Future Fintech Group inc, which trades on the NASDAQ as F T F T, has announced that it has teamed up with visa trading on the N. Y. S. C under the ticker V subsidiary, currency cloud inc to launch the Remittance app, tempo, tempo offers us based immigrants and others a streamlined, secure and cost effective way to send money from the US to north America parts of europe Australia India and the Philippines. Now this will see FT FT labs. Future Fintech labs provide its customers with a multi currency digital wallet that streamlines these remittances. Ft FT Labs. Ceo Sean Lew said quote tempo represents an easy, fast and secure way to transfer money cross border, working with currency cloud and using the breadth of its services, it allows us to offer our customers a seamless product from start to finish. We are confident we are making Remittance a seamless process for our end users end, quote moving along at DMG Blockchain solutions inc, which trades on the TsX V under the ticker D M. G. I has shared updates regarding its third quarter results and monthly Bitcoin production highlights included 12% decline in revenue, down to $10.5 million in the quarter.

A 3% decline in hosting revenue to $900,000. And the mining of 212 Bitcoins in the quarter, Commentary from the press release reads quote in the current quarter, the situation has worsened with summer temperatures and as such, we expect only a very modest change in realized hash rate in the quarter to end September 30th. DMG expects the situation to markedly improve in the december quarter as temperatures rapidly cool and we approach our expected calendar year. End target of one exa hash per second of installed mining capacity, assuming bit main deliveries and installation. Stay on track end quote. Lastly for today I mining technologies, inc which trades on the TsX V under the ticker I M I N. Has signed a memorandum of understanding or mou with invest Alberta to support the expansion of I mining and its subsidiaries Bit bit Financial and metaverse advisory group within the Canadian province of Alberta Khurram Shroff. The Ceo of I mining technology said quote Blockchain technology provides a clear pathway for the Alberta oil and gas industry to utilize stranded gas and develop regulatory and technology technology capabilities. Alberta can truly be a leader of the future economy and we are excited to work with invest Alberta to make this happen and quote that does it for today's crypto corner If you would like to be a guest or sponsor for this podcast, contact investor ideas dot com investor ideas reminds all listeners to read our disclaimers and disclosures on the investor ideas dot com website and this podcast is not an endorsement to buy products services or securities investors are reminded. All investment involves risk and possible loss and investment. To hear more investor ideas dot com podcasts, please visit investor ideas dot com slash audio and a reminder. You can also hear our podcasts on apple podcasts, audible.

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