Crypto Corner Podcast 883: Stocks discussed: (NYSEAmerican: NILE) (NasdaqCM: NCTY) - Transcripts

September 15, 2022

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Crypto Corner Podcast 883: Stocks discussed: (NYSEAmerican: NILE) (NasdaqCM: NCTY)


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to today's edition of crypto Corner at investor ideas dot com. News on what's driving the Cryptocurrency market. Hello everyone. This is sam hours here. Welcome to episode 883 of the Crypto corner podcast. Crypto Corner was recently named one of 14 of the best crypto and Blockchain podcast by the site. Your Oyster. That's Y O R E Oyster. You can check out this list along with a write up about crypto corner over at your oyster dot com slash blog slash best dash crypto dash podcasts for news. Today. Yesterday saw the much awaited ethereum merge bit, Nile has shared an update for august and a subsidiary of the Nine Limited has announced the launch of four new products. But just before we get into the news today, a quick reminder that if you enjoy this podcast to please feel free to share it or leave us a review and as always I recommend checking out some of the other podcasts on investor ideas dot com.

This includes the cannabis podcast, the clean tech and climate change podcast along with many others, all of which will bring you up to speed on the latest stock news and trends in their respective spaces. Alright, so yesterday saw the historic ethereum merge noting the full transition of the ethereum network to proof of stake according to the coverage from Coin Telegraph. This means more specifically the merging of the ethereum main net execution layer and the beacon chains consensus layer meaning the network will no longer rely on proof of work consensus mechanism. Eli Ben Sasse on the president and co founder of crypto and software firm Stark Ware told Coin Telegraph that the immediate importance of the merge is the dramatic effect on energy consumption and that the merge is the first step in a process that will lead to exceedingly widespread adoption of ethereum. He went on to say quote, it starts a chain reaction of changes. The end result will be the very broad use of ethereum is computing power and the general population using Blockchain based apps in many different areas of life and quote Bit Nile holdings inc which trades on the new york stock exchange american under the ticker symbol N. I L. E. Has published an unaudited update on its Bitcoin production and minor installation for the month of august highlights include the mining of 60.45. Bitcoins bringing of 700 of the company's new S 19 XP and minors online and a total of 12,669 minors in possession and a total of 3920 miners installed in the new hosted facility in texas Milton todd ault the third Bit Niles executive chairman said quote, We kicked off our expansion of Bitcoin mining in november 2021 when we announced purchase agreements with Bit Main at the World Digital Mining Summit 2021 held in Dubai. I am pleased to see the progress the team has made in building up our mining capability. We are excited that we have started to receive the XP miners that are environmentally friendly because of their reduced power usage And quote lastly for today, the Nine Limited, which trades on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol, N C T.

Y. Has announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, N. F. T Star Singapore, which operates the Web three metaverse platform. N F T Star will launch four new products on october 15th. These will include an N. F. T. Collection designated for the International Soccer superstar Neymar JR a Web three metaverse social platform playmaker, a Blockchain soccer game called meta goal and a sports prediction collecting game called Wonder Win that does it for today's crypto corner if you would like to be a guest or sponsor for this podcast contact investor ideas dot com investor ideas reminds all listeners to read our disclaimers and disclosures on the investor ideas dot com website and this podcast is not an endorsement to buy products services or securities investors are reminded All investment involves risk and possible loss of investment. To hear more investor ideas, doc. Com podcasts, please visit investor ideas dot com slash audio and a reminder. You can also hear our podcasts on apple podcasts, audible, Spotify tunein stitcher speaker dot com, I heart radio, google podcasts and most audio platforms available.

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