Crypto Corner Podcast 885: Stocks discussed: (NasdaqCM: MIGI) (OTC: CONMF) - Transcripts

September 20, 2022

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Crypto Corner Podcast 885: Stocks discussed: (NasdaqCM: MIGI) (OTC: CONMF)


Ohio nurses now Xavier University is offsetting the demand by offering individuals with non nursing bachelor's degrees an accelerated path to the profession with locations in Cincinnati Cleveland and Columbus our AV SM program enables adult learners like you earn a respected bachelor of science in nursing in sixteen months so what are you waiting for there's no better time than now to step up and become a nurse thirteen years A. B. S. sent to apply welcome to today's edition of crypto corner at best radio stock news on what's driving the cryptocurrency market

everyone this is Sam ours here welcome to episode eight hundred eighty five of the crypto corner podcast critter corner was recently named one of fourteen the best crypto and blockchain podcasts by the side your oyster that's why O. R. E. oyster you can check out this list along with a write up about crypto corner over at your oyster dot com slash log slash bass dash crypto dash podcasts now for news today we have common tree on the big coin market from bit pull capitals Joe to pass quality Monson infrastructure has posted updates for August and the queen's smart has shared a corporate update but just before we get into the news today a quick reminder that if you enjoyed this podcast to please feel free to share it or leave us a review and as always I recommend checking out some of the other podcasts on investorideas dot com this includes the cannabis podcast the cleantech and climate change podcast along with many others all of which will bring you up to speed on the latest stock news and trends in their respective space right so Joe to pass Wally the C. E. O. of pit bull capital is provided common tree to investorideas dot com regarding the state of bit coins price and its market quote we can see that bit coins relief rally was indeed unsustainable and they gave up a lot of its gains after the CPI data came out higher than expected and the theory emerged turned out to be a sell the news event however the upcoming FOMC is going to be a key point for the markets as participants price in a seventy five BPS rate hike while some are expecting even more hawkish measures any signs of division is in the meeting will most likely give the market a strong push up and we could see a short term bottom forming if the price drops any further due to a seventy five BPS hike we maintain the bitcoin remains attractive below twenty thousand dollars and we will continue to accumulate down to seventeen K. and fifteen K. levels if they are seen on the top side of bitcoin does break out in a big way we can see twenty four thousand dollars as the first major resistance followed by twenty seven thousand dollars and quote for context bit coin is trading for about nineteen thousand one hundred USD at press time at the time of recording I should say this is according to data from coin market cap moving along Monson infrastructure group Inc which trades on the nasdaq as M. I. GI is announced its unaudited bit corn production and an operational update for the month of August highlights include the production of seventy bit coins or one thousand one hundred twenty nine year to date one point eight million USD in revenue from the company's energy market program and three point seven exacts in total installed capacity James manning the company's CEO said quote since July we have continued to adapt our business model to reflect lower bitcoin prices and higher energy costs in the USA are direct responses include the activation of our energy market program and our focus on high margin mining opportunities and jurisdictions our priority continues to be on the build out of high quality low cost per megawatt deployed data centers in the USA and quote lastly for today quoine smart financial Inc which trades on the OTC under the ticker C. O.

N. M. S. has shared a corporate update highlights from that include the launch of payment processing service March pay which allows businesses to send and accept crypto payments and guarantees no charge backs no holds same day settlements and up to eighty percent cost savings compared to traditional payment methods like credit cards according to the press release coin smart also became the first crypto platform to receive an online sports wagering vendor permit from the state of Wyoming allowing it to process cryptocurrency payments for legalized gaming companies licensed in Wyoming

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