Crypto Interest Is Going Strong | June 20 2022 - Transcripts

June 20, 2022

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Will the SEC allow Bitcoi Spot ETFs? Do people still have an interest in crypto? Will Elon Musk stop supporting Doge? What's the newest music festival? Do sports fans like NFTs? All this on today's episode of Crypto Daily. 

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SEC Commissioner affirms it’s time to stop denying crypto spot ETFs

Bear Market What? Bank of America Study Shows Interest In Crypto Remains Strong

‘I Am’ Buying—Elon Musk Reveals Surprise Crypto Bet Amid $2 Trillion Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, XRP, Solana, Cardano And Dogecoin Price Crash

W3BSTOCK Launches NFT Collection That Grants Ownership & Voting Rights For New Music Festival Venture

Sports Fans Twice as Likely to Buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs

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to Crypto daily. My name is destined cast and be sure to follow our show wherever you listen to podcasts and please leave a review on apple podcasts, even though things have been tough in the markets lately. Bank of America released a study on Tuesday showing strong support for digital assets. In their inaugural Crypto Digital Asset Survey, 91% of people surveyed said that they plan to buy crypto in the next six months, 58% of the respondents indicated that they currently hold crypto or digital assets, while 42% said that they do not currently own crypto but aim to purchase some over the next six months bear market or not. In a statement Bank of America said overall, our data imply the consumer interest in the sector remains strong despite the severe fall in crypto prices. Now, if interest does remain strong, hopefully the crypto market will be one of the fastest markets to recover regardless of what one thinks of crypto it is in both investors and the sec? S interest to take a more productive approach using the tools Congress has given us and drawing on public input, we can provide regulatory clarity, facilitate iterative experimentation and pursue bad actors in the crypto space. Now, these are the words of Security Exchange Commissioner Hester Pearce who believes it's time to stop denying crypto spot E T F. For some reason, the sec here in America keeps denying the ability for investors to purchase through Spotty tFS, an E T F or exchange traded fund is a way for investors to benefit from gains of assets without actually owning it themselves and going through the hassle of signing up at a market. E T. F. S are popular for investors who want to put money into different markets and stocks in an easy way.

Now. Pierce has made it clear she thinks it's time to finally let Bitcoin and crypto E T. S happen and we see demand for it from investors. She looked at what's happening in other countries and was quoted saying, Spotty TPS launched in other countries without incident and with great investor interest in Canada, for example, the first spot Bitcoin E. T. P reached one billion Canadian dollars in assets under management a month after launch in 2020. She also pointed out that Spotty TPS are also popular in europe where there are more than 70 crypto E. T. P. S with an estimated total of $7 billion in assets. E. T.

P. S and other jurisdictions have functioned even in volatile markets. So we'll see if what she said has an impact on the rest of the Commissioners and if the sec will stop having such a harsh stance on crypto. Well, last week, I told you about Elon Musk being sued for $258 billion doge coin must recently said on twitter that he will continue to support, does coin. He also replied to someone on the platform saying keep buying it. I am at least he didn't cash out when things started going south. And I honestly don't think that this lawsuit for his support of the coin is going to go very far. Well now it's time to turn our focus over to the world of N. F. T. S. The N.

B A U. F. C. And NFL have all started to venture into the N. F. T. Space and it seems like it was a good move. According to a recent survey from Stanton Hall University sports fans are twice as likely to own an N. F. T. Than non sports fans. In the survey, 57% of households with an avid sports fan have owned digital assets compared to 24% without one daniel at a Staten Hall marketing professor and poll methodology ist was quoted saying if managed effectively, N.

F. T. S could become a major source of revenue as well as a new avenue for fan connection for sports brands. In a digital age, interactive assets like N. F. T. S can drive a sense of holder equity and belonging key attributes for brand success. So it makes you wonder who went out in the N. F. T. Space arts or sports ever since Woodstock music festivals have been a big draw. Well now they are entering a new generation with web stock now for those of you that are just listening.

The E. Is actually a three, The NyC media and entertainment company launch, inc is creating the world's first music festival powered by Blockchain. The events put on will be owned and curated by N. F. T holders and governed by a decentralized autonomous organization or tao. To become a voting member of the Tao, you have to own one of the N F T s from the genesis collections. There are only 500 NFT is available and owning one grants you two tickets and voting rights to every event that the Dow produces. N. F. T ownership offers lifetime utility, including free entrance merchandise preferred and V I. P accommodations, direct voting on programming decisions and other perks at Web stock and partner events. They are currently holding an event today, june 20th in new york at N f t dot N Y C.

And they have a lot more in the works for things like Art Basel in Miami and then FT L A. Now you can find out more by going to web stock dot iO Again, the E is a three.


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