Elon Musk’s Doge Pumping Lawsuit | June 17 2022 - Transcripts

June 17, 2022

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Why is Elon Musk being sued over Dogecoin? Why are GPU prices dropping? What will Anna Sorkin's NFTs be? How is Sandbox teaming up with Lionsgate? All this on today's episode of Crypto Daily.

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GPU prices are falling well below MSRP due to the crypto crash

Elon Musk, Tesla and SpaceX Hit With $258 Billion Dogecoin Lawsuit

Convicted Fraudster Anna Delvey is Launching a Collection of ‘Reinventing Anna’ NFTs

This Week in the Metaverse: Hellboy comes to The Sandbox, Charli XCX performs on Roblox

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my name is Destiny Cast and be sure to follow our show and please leave a review on apple podcasts. A $258 billion Musk. Tesla and SpaceX. The lawsuit alleges that musk was part of a pumping scheme to back his favorite meme coin coin. In this complaint filed by Keith Johnson, it says defendants falsely and deceptively claim that dog coin is a legitimate investment when it has no value at all. The $258 billion Musk's constant tweets and support for dog. In addition to the money, johnson is also asking for an order blocking musk and his companies from promoting does coin and the doge coin trading constitutes as gambling under the U. S. And new york law. So we'll see how this plays out. It's a very unique case and it'll set a big precedent for all meme coins over the last couple of years, it has become almost impossible to find a video and a. M.

D. G. P. U. S. Due to minors snatching them up. It was such a big problem that NVIDIA even released a special card with a low hash rate to discourage buying with the recent drop in ethereum. This trend has reversed and I'm sure that the upcoming merge from proof of work, proof of stake has something to do with this as well. The cost of Gps have decreased by about 15% over the last month with the majority of sellers on Ebay dropping their prices below msrp. E one seller reportedly sold a set of six R. TX 30 80 Gpu s for only $418 each, less than half of the M. S.

R. P. So if you've been wanting to upgrade your GPU or maybe build a mining rig for yourself now is the time, well now it's time to turn our focus over to the world of N. F. T. S, the famous convicted scam artist who is currently serving time in prison and inspired the netflix series. Inventing Anna has some interesting news. Anna Sorkin is coming out with an N. F. T. That's not art and it's purely a utility token that acts as a members card which gets you access to members only perks, that's all I'll let you interpret that story how you want. Lions Gate and Millennium Media have big plans for the metaverse platform Sandbox, they are creating an action city where they're going to have virtual experiences based on some of their big hit franchises starting with Hellboy, they're also planning more with Rambo and the Expendables but they aren't just going to stop at action films.

Lionsgate is also planning to make experiences based on their horror franchises as well. Sebastian borga chief operating officer and co founder of the sandbox was quoted saying our vision for the sandbox has always been to bring to life thousands of colorful worlds where players can create their own original adventures alongside licensed content from their favorite movies, tv shows, anime and more adding to this mix. A partner with the unparalleled global Entertainment impact of Lionsgate, a company with 129 Academy Award nominations and a rich catalog of popular action and horror films significantly enriches our open metaverse. Now, just to note some of Lionsgate horror films include Saw house of 1000 corpses and american psycho. So there could be some pretty epic things coming to the sandbox. You get your podcast, also leave a review on apple podcasts or also leave a review and also leave a review on apple podcasts or comment on Youtube. It really does help the show. I'm Dustin Krause and thank you for joining me today.