First US Crypto Bill and Another Virtual Land Rush | June 7 2022 - Transcripts

June 07, 2022

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When will the first US bill on Crypto be announced? What company keeps buying Bitcoin? What's the latest NFT land rush? What is the English Premiere League planning in the metaverse? All this on today's episode of Crypto Daily with Dustin Knouse. 


U.S. Senator Lummis bill integrating crypto into financial system to be unveiled this week

Microstrategy takes on $2.4 billion in debt to buy bitcoin despite recent volatility

Crypto is here to stay despite recent volatility, says Deepak Chopra

Ethereum NFT Game Illuvium Sells Over $72M in Digital Land Plots

$72 Million Raised In Virtual Land Sales By Illuvium, An NFT Game Involving Alien Worlds And Battle Missions

English Premier League Files Crypto and NFT Trademarks

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Welcome to Crypto Daily.

My name is Destiny and be sure to follow our show wherever you listen to podcasts and

please leave a review on apple podcasts. There's expected to be some big

news today as the first draft bill on Cryptocurrency from the United States is unveiled. Wyoming's crypto friendly senator. Cynthia Loomis is going to be the one doing the honors. The bill is supposed to clarify various elements of crypto regulations alongside identifying the correct classification of digital assets.

On June three Loomis said on Twitter,

we've been teasing it for months but the time is almost here a proposal to fully integrate digital assets into our financial system, excited to finally unveil this effort next week. Stay tuned. So I imagine that I'll have more on this tomorrow. Some people see markets drop and panic sell. Others see this as the right time to buy. Like the company Microstrategy, Microstrategy continues to accumulate Bitcoin and has even taken on a total of 2.4 billion. That's with a B dollars in debt. Their Ceo Michael Saylor said Bitcoin is the most certain thing in a very uncertain world. It's more certain than the other

19,000 cryptocurrencies.

It's more certain than any stock. It's more certain than owning property anywhere in the world. Some investors in microstrategy do worry about the impact that the volatility of the crypto market could have on the company's stock. But sailor has expressed that the near term volatility that we've seen in Bitcoin isn't anything to worry about Over the years. Microstrategy has accumulated over 129,000 Bitcoin

and said that it would need to drop 95% for

the company to be worried about it. Well now it's time to turn our focus over to the world of N. F. T. S. The virtual land rush continues as alluvial, sold out 20,000 plots of land and made over $72 million. The plots all ranged from 283 or about $3700 all the way up to about 88 theory which is about $148,000. Each piece of land is for their upcoming role playing game which will be released for Mac and Pc landowners of the game will receive special resources based on where their plot is located. The N. F. T. S.

Were minted un immutable which is a layer two Blockchain for ethereum. Now there's no official release date yet. The company just said that it will come out later this year. The world's most watched sports league has just filed N. F. T. And Cryptocurrency trademarks in the US trademark. Attorney Marco Condo. This this is the second day in a row that Michael has made the show. Anyway, Michael tweeted out that the Premier Football League filed applications for N. F. T.

S. Cryptocurrencies, digital tokens, collectibles, digital asset trading, financial and crypto services, virtual clothing footwear and sports. The trademarks also include the use of the Premier football trademarks in virtual augmented and mixed reality software. Now I told you in the past about how Manchester announced that they are building

a VR version

of their stadium. Well, it seems like the league has big plans for crypto and the metaverse themselves. I'm sure we'll hear more about that soon as well.

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