Markets WILL Rise and Johnny Depp Wins Again | June 6 2022 - Transcripts

June 06, 2022

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What will the near future look like for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and crypto overall? 

Will regulators let Bank of America into the crypto space? 

What is New York doing to hurt Bitcoin?

What is the DeLorean doing in the metaverse? 

How is Johnny Depp's NFT collection doing after the Amber Heard trial? 

All on today's episode of Crypto Daily with Dustin Knouse.

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sunday the markets did well and there are some analysts who believe that despite a bad couple of months, we will see a big uptick soon. Mike McGlone, senior commodity strategist at Bloomberg intelligence believes that the bear market is just starting, but when it comes to an end it will flourish and Bitcoin will become the most valuable asset in the world. McGlone believes that by 2025, Bitcoin will hit $100,000. A recent Deutsche Bank survey also shows that 25% of Bitcoin investors believe that the asset will surpass $100,000 in five years. A lot of people also think that ethereum will be skyrocketing soon. The former ceo of bit Max Arthur Hayes believes that ethereum will hit $10,000 by the end of 2022, but he also thinks that the middle of the year will see some turbulence and that we aren't out of the clear for this bear market just yet. Now, the biggest thing that seems to be slowing down the market is the Fed rate hikes, it's believed that once the central bank decelerates the rate increased process, we will see a bullish trend continue like we did before Bank of America Ceo brian Moynihan has come out saying that they believe in crypto and see a big opportunity in the metaverse. In fact, Bank of America has hundreds of Blockchain patents. The problem is they aren't allowed to use them, Moynihan was quoted saying we're not engaging in accounts for people in Cryptocurrency, we're not allowed to frankly because we're regulated and the regulators have said you can't, they've said you have to ask us before you do it and by the way, don't ask. The reality is that we can't do it by regulation, we're not really allowed to engage. So regulators aren't allowing big players in the financial space to really dive into crypto at least not yet. But Bank of America does seem to be a big advocate for the crypto market and even recently released a report saying that crypto is the next big thing.

There's been some bad news for Bitcoin recently on friday morning, the new york state Senate passed a bill that would require a two year moratorium on new proof of work mining operations and it would not allow for existing companies to expand. The reason for this bill is that New York is trying hard to reduce its emissions. However, about 60% of proof of work operations are currently running on renewable energy in new york, 80% of the mining is run on renewable energy. Perry and boring. Founder and president of the Chamber of Digital Commerce said this is a significant setback for the state and will stifle its future as a leader in technology and global financial services. More importantly, this decision will eliminate critical jobs and further disenfranchised financial access to the many underbanked populations living in the Empire state. The ceo of GM mining, john Warren said the regulatory environment in new york will not only halt their target carbon based fuel proof of work mining, but it will also likely discourage new renewable based miners from doing business in the state due to the possibility of more regulatory creep so well to see if the governor decides to sign this into law or veto it. Well now it's time to turn our focus over to the world of N. F. T. S between its stainless steel body and iconic use in the back of the future. The DeLorean has become one of the most recognizable cars in history Now the company is trying to connect with a newer generation and is planning to enter the metaverse in a recent tweet from trademark attorney Mike Condos DeLorean motor company has registered N.

F. T. S. And metaverse trademarks for DMC and DeLorean. The applications signal plans for virtual cars, N. F. T backed media and stores offering virtual cars, I'm sure that we'll have more news on this soon, but it seems like they have really big plans in store. Well johnny Depp's defamation trial has come to an end with millions of dollars owed to him after the favorable ruling. The N. F. T. Collection titled Never Fear Truth Collection which is made of 3850 N.

F. T. S drawn by johnny himself have exploded in value. Now I discussed the collection in a previous episode of the crypto Daily podcast but it features many of his friends and heroes such as river phoenix heath ledger, Marlon, brando, Elizabeth taylor, tim Burton Hunter? S Thompson al pacino and his daughter lily Rose Depp, which is just so sweet. Each in ft collectible serves as a membership key to unlocking privileges in depth. Discord community and promotions on future products. Around a quarter of the proceeds from N. F. T. Sales will be donated to chosen charities such as the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital, the Gonzo Trust and the Los Angeles Children's Hospital. And I'm pretty damn positive that Depp will donate that.

Unlike some people around 10,000 of depths, N. F. T. S can be purchased at www dot Never Fear Truth dot com and also from the leading N. F. T marketplace Reparable. Be sure to follow our show wherever you get your podcast. Also leave a review on Apple podcasts or comment on Youtube. It really does help the show. I'm Dustin Krause and

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