September 16, 2022

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BREAKING NEWS: White House publishes crypto framework for regulation of Bitcoin and digital assets while Microstrategy executive Michael Saylor publishes open letter discussing the "sheers volume of misinformation' tied to BTC.


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In today's show Bitcoin price threatens $19,600 is Ray Dalio predicts a 30% stocks crash quoting him here. I estimate that a rise in rates from where they are to about 4.5% will produce about a 20% negative impact on equity prices based on our present value discount effect and about a 10% negative impact from declining incomes and quitting Crypto Kapo. I feel confident with the scenario of a quick pump to 23,000 on Bitcoin in 1800 teeth and a big big dump from their time will tell and 14 years ago today the great recession begins. This is why we Bitcoin. As you can see in the headlines here. Lehman brothers filed for bankruptcy. Also in today's show over $320 million in Bitcoin and Crypto liquidated in the past 24 hours but ethereum the most impacted quoting sentiment as traders bet ethereum would fall leading up to the merge. Short liquidations have been the story thus far after each prices dropped to $1565 after Tuesday's CPI I report traders expecting a drop bet wrong after the smile bounce back up to $1635. Also in today's show these old coins may outperform ethereum post merge according to ex Goldman Sachs Executive Raul Powell, that's right paul says that the theorems transition to a proof of stake will be a positive but that ethereum is layer one, competitors will outperform due to the head start they enjoy in terms of scalability and affordability and check this out. Breaking news just in White House publish is a framework for regulation of Bitcoin and digital assets quoting him here, you wouldn't need stable coins you wouldn't need cryptocurrencies if you had a digital U. S currency which is really a laughable argument at the end of the day. Also in today's show, Michael Saylor publishes an open letter discussing the sheer volume of misinformation tied to Bitcoin.

That's right. The microstrategy executive is a big believer in Bitcoin and his company has purchased 100 and 30,000 Bitcoin over the last few years and six days ago the US off of science and technology policy published a report that claims proof of work mining operations have been affecting climate change which we all know there's nothing more than fud. Also gonna be sharing with you this throwback prediction from Michael Saylor from last year of him predicting a $6 million Bitcoin price. That's right. Sailor foresees Bitcoin hitting $600,000 per coin and eventually $6 million per Btc wants to be taking a look at the overall crypto market all this plus so much more in today's show. Hey what's good crypto fam this is first and foremost a video show. So if you want the full premium experience, visit our youtube channel at crypto news alerts dot net again that's crypto news alerts dot net. Alright, welcome back to another episode of crypto news alerts. I'm your host. JV how's it going? My crypto fam, Welcome to podcast episode number 1049 of the crypto news alerts pod a Bitcoin attempted to violate local laws on september 16th as the latest cross crypto downtrend intensified and here you can see the Bitcoin one hour candle chart. Bitcoin.

Currently looking bearish tired of reporting fire drills value. ops the value stream management solution from Broadcom is built to manage what you value most value ops means more visibility, not more meetings, instant access to data and actionable insights to make reporting easier. It's one platform for everyone with specific features to support your job. R. O. I is tracked at every step so there's more value for you and your customers to schedule a free demo go to Broadcom dot com slash value. Now data from coin telegraph markets and trading view should be quite approaching 19,600 with buyers support just avoiding a further drop. The level had remained in place as an intraday floor as the theory emerged, concluded only to spark a selloff which took ethereum towards three week lows. That's right. And amid the gloomy mood traders and analysts showed little inclination to reassess their market outlooks, quoting crypto Capo here, I feel confident with the scenario of a quick pump to 23 thous on Bitcoin in 1800 on teeth and a big dump from their time will tell and warning that the situation doesn't look good. Meanwhile, popular account crypto bullet the man that reclaim of the 100 period moving average to flip bullish on the four hour chart as his original tweet shared here. Bitcoin holding the 40.618.

Fibonacci like a champ to be bullish. We need to reclaim the moving average 100 he updated us here. Now this doesn't look good. Same condition reclaim the moving average one hun and I'll be bullish and after a further day of losses on us. Equities, legendary investor Ray Dalio drew some fresh berries conclusions about what the current inflationary climate would mean for the market's. In his latest blog post, published on september 13th, Dalio predicted the combined damage the stocks would cost them 30% of their current valuation, quitting him here. The rise in interest rates will have two types of negative effects on asset prices. Number one present value discount rate and number two decline in incomes produced by assets because of the weaker economy. We have to look at both, he explained and shared the following whether estimates for these, I estimate that a rise in rates from where they are to about 4.5% will produce about a 20% negative impact on equity prices. On average, the greater for longer duration assets and less for shorter duration assets based on the present value discount effect and about a 10% negative impact from declining incomes. That would spell danger across highly correlated crypto markets with Bitcoin, thus taking aim at levels closer to $10,000 now, 14 years ago today, the great recession begins. This is why we Bitcoin as you can see in the headlines.

Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy and you can see this headline was dated september 16th of 2008. So God bless Satoshi and long live the king and before I break down next to the day over $320 million in Bitcoin and crypto liquidated in the past 24 hours with ethereum most impacted. But first let's take a quick look at the overall crypto market. You see all the major Kryptos are currently correcting and in the red we got Bitcoin down 2% of the day maintaining just above 19,700 at the time of this recording and the theorem and the blood red down 8.25% trading at $1458 while finance coin avalanche salon, a polka dot dog, coin light coin X. R. P. And card. Oh no all correcting and in the red right now let's break down the next day the day new data from intelligence firm Glass showed almost $300 million worth of digital assets have been liquidated in the past 24 hours as the market experiences increased volatility in the wake of the ethereum merge update according to coin glass, ethereum is the most affected by the sell off followed by Bitcoin. Now check this out. The world's leading smart contract platform sustained $169 million worth of losses or more than four times the 38 million in value that Bitcoin lost and shed in the past 24 hours. What are your

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and according to market intelligence platform sentiment, the price of the largest gold coin dropped as traders expect plunge before the merge happens, quitting them here. As traders bet ethereum would fall leading up to the merge. Short liquidations have been the story thus far after each prices dropped to $1565 after Tuesday's CPI. I report traders expecting a drop dead wrong after this mild bounce back up to $1635 sentiment also says that ethereum will continue to see increased volatility now that it has transition into a proof of state network quoting them again here, ethereum emerged. Day has justifiably been the overarching trend even when it's now concluded and relatively drama free expected outcome over the past year has seen less interest. But this event will propel volatility for the near future and as you can see in this chart ethereum and merge dominate social discussions today, but it is still on a long term downswing and interests theory habit. What are your thoughts surrounding the price action for ethereum post merge, let me know in the comments right now. Below. Before I break down next to the day, these all coins may outperform ethereum post merge according to ex Goldman Sachs executive Raul Powell. But first let's take a quick look at the overall crypto market cap sitting under that $1 trillion milestone with about 68 billion in volume in the past 24 hours. With Bitcoin dominance back on the rise at 39.4% in the ether dominance on the decline at 18.7% and checking out the top 100 Cryptocurrency gainers in the past 24 hours we have chilies within the pack up 10% trading at 20 C followed by chain link up 5% trading at $7.69 followed by compound up about 5% trading at $56. And checking out the top 100 Cryptocurrency gainers for the past week.

You can see back to a sea of red which is a handful in the green including Celsius up 27.6% raven coin up 16.7% and compound up 11.3%. And checking out one of my favorite indicators is the crypto greed and fear index shows we're currently rated at 20 to 100 extreme fear today at 28 last week at 22 last month of 41 in fear. Right, let's break down our next play of the day, Macro guru and former co head of hedge fund sales and equities and equity derivatives at Goldman Sachs, Raul Powell is previewing what type of ALTs could outperform the second largest crypto asset by market cap. After the theory emerged, paul says that the theorems transition to a proof of stake, consensus mechanism will be positive, but that ethereum layer one competitors will outperform due to the head start they enjoy in terms of scalable and affordability putting him here. My hunch is that when we all wake up tomorrow we will realize that the change to proof of stake is very positive over time for ethereum but then people will again realize that there is still a need for cheaper and faster chains and that is where the marginal money will flow as these later ones are earlier in their network adoption curve. So we'll generally outperform in a bull market so according to crypto data platform analysis, some of the leading layer one Blockchain includes Alana carrano polka dot aval cosmos and the finance chain and the macro guru and investment strategist says that the merge, which was activated early thursday will trigger a bullish cycle and decentralized finance and boost the growth of other financial products in the crypto space as he shares here, the establishing of a benchmark yield for web three via ethereum will also sow the seeds of another big boom in defi along with rapid growth and structured products and derivatives, scary habit. Do you agree or disagree with the macro guru that defy is likely to boom post merge let me know in the comments below, In which layer one Kryptos are the most bullish on facebook is taking action to keep its platform safe. Their safety and security teams are over 40,000 strong, more than the size of the FBI. In the last six years facebook spent over $16 billion enough to build seven pro stadiums all to help create safer connections. More than 40 million people are using facebook's privacy checkup each month, that's nearly 60 times the population of Washington D. C. And they're doing all of this to keep their platform safe, learn more about the work ahead at facebook dot com forward slash action.

Before I break down our next breaking story of the day. White House publishes a framework for regulation of Bitcoin and digital assets as well as Michael Saylor publishes an open letter discussing the sheer volume of misinformation tied to Bitcoin as well as I share with you his throwback $6 million Bitcoin price prediction. But first I want to remind you to smash that show more button right below this video in the description for detailed analysis of what's going on in the crypto market, this goes for all 1300 plus videos right here on my Youtube channel if you're not already subscribed to the channel, you know what to do? Hit that bell turn on all notifications will smith that like button as hard as you can and drop a comment right down below. I want to say, I greatly appreciate your continued support. But all right now let's break down our next door the day with crypto adoption on the macro rise. Regulators have been keenly eyeing out the space and as of late they've also been addressing the elephant in the room just today. Back for insta sec. Chairman Gary Gensler said that state Kryptos could be subject to federal securities regulations. That's right now. And what is the latest development? The biden Administration has laid out a crypto framework outlining what regulations should look like here.

It is worth recalling that biden has instructed federal agencies to examine the risks and benefits of Kryptos and report their findings. The current framework has been released in response to the same. The United States stance on central bank digital currencies has been sort of muffle until now. However, as per details released in the fact sheet, it looks like the biden administration is all set to take a step closer to a digital currency, notably the Federal Reserve will continue its ongoing cBc research experimentation and evaluation. More so because a digital dollar could enable a payment system that is more efficient, provides a foundation for further technological innovation, facilitates faster cross border transactions and is environmentally sustainable. Furthermore, the release framework added, it can promote financial inclusion and equity by enabling access for a broad set of consumers. However, it was also emphasized that the digital dollar should be created only if it was a national interest here. It is also worth recalling that Federal Reserve Chairman, Jerome Powell previously stated the main incentive for the US to launch his own cBC would be to eliminate kryptos use case. Good luck with that one quoting him here. You wouldn't need stable coins, you wouldn't need cryptocurrencies if you had a digital U. S. Currency.

I think that's one of the stronger arguments in its favor, which is really a laughable argument at the end of the day. Now let's discuss stable coins post the crash of the terror ecosystem. Ust stable coins have been on the radar of regulators and now the release framework emphasized that if the said asset class was not tied with regulation, it can prove to be disruptive for investors. And furthermore had also added that digital assets in the mainstream financial system were becoming increasingly intertwined and as a result, turmoils could have spillover effects. So to make stable coins safer, the Treasury will work with financial institutions to bolster their capacity to identify and mitigate cyber vulnerabilities by sharing information and promoting a wide range of datasets and analytical tools as well as team up with other agencies to identify track and analyze emerging strategic risks that relate to the digital asset markets now regarding illicit activity. Another section of the release framework by the White House emphasize illegal activity in the industry and how it can be curb for the same.


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The president will evaluate whether to call upon Congress to amend the bank secrecy act anti tip off statutes and laws against unlicensed money transmitting to apply explicit e to digital asset service providers including digital asset exchanges and N. F. T. Platforms. Furthermore, the President is also considering whether or not to raise penalties for unlicensed money transmitting with respect to that will follow next. The fact sheet, read Treasury will complete an illicit finance risk assessment on the center is financed by the end of february 2023 an assessment on non fungible tokens by july 2023. So there you have it. What are your thoughts around in the U. S. S. Framework for crypto? I think it's all laughable that they want to replace Cryptocurrency with a C.

B. D. C. When we all know a Cbc is nothing more than the digital form of the fiat dollar, which is trash at the end of the day. And Bitcoin has no top because fiat has no bottom facts. But all right now let's break down our next story the day regarding Michael and all the foot narratives surrounding the energy usage of Bitcoin. Microstrategy's Michael Saylor. Published a tweet that led to the recent blog post he wrote concerning Bitcoin and the environment. Given the sheer volume of misinformation and propaganda circulating lately, I thought it important to share the truth regarding Bitcoin mining and the environment. Sailor wrote with a link to his blog post. Editorial is called Bitcoin mining and the environment and it discusses topics such as Bitcoin energy, utilization, Bitcoin versus other industries. Bitcoin value creation and energy intensity.

Bitcoin versus other Kryptos. Bitcoin and carbon emissions. Bitcoin and environmental benefits and Bitcoin and global energy. Each topic shows how a number of environmental misconceptions about the Bitcoin network can be looked at in a different manner. Bitcoin runs on a stranded excess energy generated at the edge of the grid in place where there's no other demand at times when no one else needs. The electricity sellers blog post says retail and commercial consumers of electricity and major population areas 5 to 10 X more per kilowatt hour than. Bitcoin miners who should be thought of as wholesale consumers of energy and the microstrategy executive editorial adds Sailor stresses that he believes that the world produces a whole lot more energy than the planet actually needs approximately a third of this energy is wasted. Sailor insists the last 15 basis points of energy power, the entire Bitcoin network. This is the least value, cheapest margin of energy left after 99.85% of the energy in the world is allocate two other uses and in the topic concerning Bitcoin versus other industries. Sailor cites a Bitcoin Mining Council presentation. The microstrategy executive also talked about the Bitcoin network and the environmental benefits the technology has to offer. Sailor mentioned the ceo of genesis and E.

S. G. Analyst Daniel Batten, who published a number of papers about the subject. Bitcoin dot com News reported on batons work in May. After a particular study baton worked on said that Bitcoin mining has the potential to eliminate 20.0.15 percent the world's global warming by 2045. He also argued in the paper that no other technology could eliminate emissions better than Bitcoin quoting him here, There's an increasing awareness that Bitcoin is quite beneficial to the environment because it can be deployed to monetize stranded natural gas or methane gas energy sources. Methane gas emissions curtailment is particularly compelling and daniel baton has written some impressive papers on this subject. It also has become clear that energy grids that rely primarily on sustainable power sources like wind, hydro and solar can be unreliable at times due to lack of water, sunlight or wind. Sailor added. In this case they need to be paired with a large electricity consumer like a Bitcoin miner in order to develop grid resilience and finance the build out of additional capacity necessary to responsibly power major industrial and population centers. The recent example of a major Bitcoin energy curtailment on the E. R.

C. O. T. Grid in texas is an example of the benefits of Bitcoin mining to sustainable power providers. The microstrategy executive chairman sites to links tied to the Bitcoin mining Council's research. Sailor also shares the macro environment research website case. Bitcoin dot com. The microstrategy executive blog post concludes by thanking people for their interest and sailors research blog post. Microstrategy currently holds 100 29,698 Btc on its balance sheet. According to its current Bitcoin Treasury's list. So there you have it And now for his six mil million dollar throwback Bitcoin price prediction which he shared last year, Michael Saylor says he never sold any of his Bitcoins and does not believe they should ever be sold. And furthermore, the information reported.

Sailor foresees Bitcoin hitting $600,000 a coin and eventually $6 million per Btc. Send it. The only question is when microstrategy described itself as the largest publicly traded corporate holder. Bitcoin. In fact they were the first in the world to put Bitcoin on their balance sheet. That's a fact in novem Sailor said Bitcoin was unstoppable and will emerge as a $100 trillion asset class, let's go. And the Ceo has repeatedly said the Bitcoin will replace gold considering the gold market cap is set at what, 11 $12 trillion. I cannot wait. I personally feel once Bitcoin overtakes the gold market cap, we can expect a $500,000 plus Bitcoin price. So he said once upon a time gold was the most desirable store value. Now Bitcoin has taken its place. You're damn right now.

For the top three comments from yesterday's episode pesa wrote 65%. A Bitcoin hasn't moved in the last year, that number is going to keep going up. You damn right. Which is getting this party started. Our next featured comment comes from chris Minka, my astrologist brothers are used in the past to predict the bottom but the $69,000 top and 2021 only went up 250% from its 2017. That's not consistent with the past. I think 10,000 is the new $100,000 and author and final featured comment comes from Edwin Leon who wrote let's go keep crushing it bro. Bitcoin is going to $100,000 and so your followers send it and to be featured on tomorrow's episode. Drop a comment down below and if you're not already subscribed to the channel, you know what to do, Be sure to smash that bell turn on all notifications will smith that like button drop a comment below as it helps out tremendously with the Youtube algorithm. And I look forward to seeing you on tomorrow's episode Peace.