May 25, 2022

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Hey guys, I wanted to take this episode to talk about my journey so far in crypto. I also wanted to chat about the future and what I have in store for the podcast. Of course I rant about my journey before getting into crypto so you guys can hear more about my story and get to know me on a more personal level. Hope you guys enjoy, we will be back to your regular scheduled podcasts next week!

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up? Cryptologic podcast listeners welcome to episode of 1 97. It is a special episode today. Not really, but it was supposed to be kind of like a stopgap episode. Um it was supposed to be a break week for me for the podcast. I didn't have anyone scheduled for this week because I kind of wanted to take the week off for the podcast, but I said you know what, on weeks like this where I don't have a guest scheduled or I feel like taking a week off, I'll just do a podcast where it's by myself, right and next week we have a guest scheduled already. So I'm excited for that and the week after as well, but this week I had a lot of stuff going on and I was like, you know, I don't want to like cram schedule someone to get in here within this time frame. I pushed it out for the next week next two weeks. So that's why this episode wasn't gonna come out today but I was like you know what, I'll just make one for myself because I've been going in on podcast for the past four months, five months now um where I had a guest on every week and I was like you know I want a week where I just say I don't want to just take a break but this is like a break for me because I get to just you know talk to you guys, it's just me, there's you know there's no interview process or anything like that. We just kind of have a conversation with myself to you and you guys listening to me, you know and uh you know that's just how I kind of wanted this video to be or this episode to be nothing um nothing too heavy or anything kind of just going over just things I want to talk about by myself, you know and just just ranting about things, my thoughts on things. But yeah I'm very excited because you know I want to go over like what the podcast has in store. I'm gonna be working on bringing N.

F. T. Creators onto the podcast in discussions with that. Um for anyone listening right now I am working on two NFC collections. Um one is going to be on the x. r. p. ledger and the other one, I'm deciding between ethereum Salon a avalanche because I do want it to be on open C. So I'm sorry, I'm hoping avalanche gets on open C at some point in the future. But it will be an avalanche or something that is integrated with open see see how that goes. But the X. R.

P. One, it's going to come out first. I have, I don't have a date yet. We're still just working on the designs but we have the logo and everything. It's it's super excited. I'm very excited about that. Um I'm very very happy that that's something that's a possibility that able to work on. But yeah, shout out to Bear Studios. He is the one being my artist. I'm gonna promote him as much as I can as we launch and and keep it going. So everyone listening to this podcast, you guys are getting some early gems in here. Like early, not gems, but like early announcements.

So shout out to all the supporters. It's officially been a year now since I started uh creating content in crypto with this podcast. Obviously we have mike on the show previously before like we went our separate ways business wise. But yeah for all you guys that stuck with me. Um that's weather the storm with me while I try to find my way and how to how to do this show and how to do this, Youtube video, this youtube thing and Tiktok and everything. I want to just thank all of you guys that stuck with me and, and, and, and, and, and allowed me to continue this whole thing that I'm doing with Crypto and got so much things to come. I'm very, very excited about the future. I feel like I'm just getting started one year in and we've amassed over, You know, 25,000 followers across like all platforms, right? 25 1000 amazing followers, you know, 16,000 on Tiktok, 2800 on Youtube. Over 5000 on twitter. It's amazing! over 650 members on discord.

Like it's all gonna keep growing, I hope, and I'm going to keep it moving. I'm gonna keep it pushing start, keep bringing more amazing guests to the show. But yeah, it's very exciting. Um I'm hoping that one day we, we, I'm trying to nail some of the big, big name guests here soon in discussions with some of them and uh, you know, that's going to help bring more awareness to the channel as well. And I love um bringing on people whether they have small followings or midsize followings or whatever. Just love having conversations about Kryptos and t s like I said, I'm going to bring people from empty space onto here as well. But I love the community that's around Crypto, Tiktok twitter, etcetera. It's amazing community. Um yeah, I mean, this video is, this episode is just kind of me just trying to explain my gratitude to all you guys and everyone that, you know that pays attention and listens to the podcast and I try to bring as much value as I can every day because it's been like, it's been a tough journey in regards to, since the pandemic started because my whole life, you know, as I'm 29 years old, but I feel like everyone says I have a young soul, so I'm like, like I'm younger than I actually look or act or I act younger than at my age and everything like that with all this craziness going on in the world, like, you know, condolences to obviously all the people affected by the shooting from the past couple of weeks and everything that's going on in the world, in regards of inflation, people having money problems etcetera and things like that. I've had my fair share you know of that and I know what it feels like to not know what to do or not know where to go um like who can help you and stuff like that, but um the way the way that the world is heading, it may seem dark to a lot of people, you know, and that's one of the things I was worried about in regards of like before crypto, so where's my life going? You know, and it's just one of those things that once you just got to find out what you love and you stick with it, you know, and, and I just feel like with the whole situations of life that's been going on and not to be political or anything, it's just what do we do? That's what's right, what's wrong?

You know, who determines what's right or wrong, right? And it's just hard, it's hard to feel happy about things in life when there's so much negativity going on around the world that doesn't have. That may that may not you may not be in the vicinity of right, that small town, most people never even heard of it. And now it's blasted all over the news and the people that live in that town are affected forever. There's people that lives are never going to be the same after that and it's it's a very unfortunate cycle that, you know, the news blasted all over And then in a month or 2, 3 months it's something new and we move on, right. We're not in that community, We don't know anybody affected by it personally. We move on and then these people still are dealing with it every day and that's the cycle of the world that we live in. And that's the one thing I don't like about it. It's like we're not all connected like that, we're so far apart and that's why I love crypto because we're all, it seems like we're all one big family, we're all connected. So if something happens in crypto space it affects all of us and we're all in on it and we're all able to help one another. So yeah that's all I want to say about that. I don't want to you know turn this into like a super sad or anything like that gloomy video.

But episode. But um but yeah like how the crypto space is right now. There's a lot of fun, a lot of fear. Um People are staying strong. Like you know luna is trying to make some changes, luna 2.0 coming out like what people do with that they extract the lost the ripple lawsuit, right? People showing their favorite holdings um like want L. C. X. Like obviously my favorite holding X. R. P. And L.

C. X. And I feel like it's getting repetitive, right? That's the space that we're in right now. There's something more drastic happening. There's people just showing their favorite projects like Y. N. F. T. S. And and all these conventions and events happening behind the scenes and and and and like I feel like like I I feel like there's like so many things I want to cover but it's like I go on a little random tangent but this is what I want to say. So like I feel like I'm from the class of 2021 and when it comes to crypto right?

There's a class of 20, there's obviously the class of like 2013, 14, 15, all of them. But 2020 was like the big, the big people, like the bigger people with a bigger massive audience, like Joshua, j crypto, Mason Wendy Blockchain boy, Those people right there there from the class of like 2020, I think 2019, And, and I'm cool with, you know, on with Mason Blockchain, have had conversations with them, right? Um just talk to him a little bit, but they're like the originators of tiptoe, Crypto Tiktok And I came in 2021 And there's a lot of people that came in 2021 as well. And then there's obviously a lot of people that came in 2022 and the next, we're gonna have a new bachelor creators and I'm seeing new creators come up every day and I'm like, okay, like this is the first year where you start seeing all these big events, beacon everything. And I'm like, well those guys have been in a year longer than me, the ones in 2020 I'm like, okay, well the next year it'll be my year to be going to these events, you know what I mean? And then the year that's how I look at it. Whereas I could have gone this year, but I feel like I wanted a year, a full year of content creation under my belt. And now I have that going into 20, I have close to two years under my belt of content creation. And I feel like it'll be the perfect time than to just start networking more in person right? And I'm very excited about that because I want to vlog all that stuff posted on the Youtube obviously Tiktok and and and pictures and stuff on twitter and just block all that stuff. That's something I want to do. Moving forward on top of taking the podcast to higher levels.

Getting more um name name brand. Um companies like like C. O. S. Or developers getting them on the podcast as well. Getting reaching out to more people like that on top of, I'm always going to reach out to smaller creators, midsize creators. Like I said I'm always gonna reach out to everybody. I don't care about your following encounter anything. Um But I do want to get like Ceos developers and stuff on the podcast which I will. I know I will and soon because I have talking to one and if you can talk to one you can talk to multiple. Right? But yeah like this journey has been like kind of crazy for me because when I started um I was like I had a good job in 2020, right?

I was I was like a loan officer. So like like what I did was I did I broke working capital loans so I did loans for um small businesses so I was able to close a lot of deals prior to that I was an I. T. Guy. So I was an IT guy for many years and that job got really boring. I've always been good with um like I've been creating content and I was like 13 years old. I know I've been either I self taught myself how to use Photoshop. Um Premier po but I primarily focus on Photoshop right? I was taking pictures and putting pictures together, adding people's pictures. I was a kid that I just knew how to build a computer and I was like that age um I was one that was creating cd s and burning them and then like selling Cds like I was always tech friendly with Apple and everything android. Like I just didn't know how to jailbreak stuff. I didn't know I was just a tech guy had an ex model Xbox had like all the, I was just a very tech advanced person where I just like technology, right?

Um So then I finally got my I. T. Jobs in football and everything like that and you know? But I'm gonna fast forward it. But I got an I. T. Job for like 56 years at this company and then I left that company started my own business that went well for about six months right? And then maybe one day I'll explain what it is. But I had a job I started my own business for six months went really good for six months. The last month was horrific. We had to close it down and then I had to get a job again. So I called up the old company.

I was at very shameful, but I was like, man, like they know me, they trust me. I just kept, I wanted comfort ability, that that was my problem. I always wanted to go back somewhere I was comfortable and they took me back in obviously because I was there underpaying me. But they knew like man, his values is is worth. Like it's good, right? Because they were underpaid, I knew they were underpaying me and I knew that my value was worth much more and I was like, man, I just, I need, I need stability and just comfort bility, that's always been my problem, just wanting comfort ability. So then I went and got that job again and I started working there for about a year and I was like, man, I'm not making enough money. And I went and told the ceo, hey, am I make enough money man. And by then technology has already advanced. They already automated a lot of stuff. There's not that much. I was only part time.

They brought me back part time. So I was kind of struggling and I was like, dude, I can't do this right? And I was freaking out. I wasn't confident to go do my own thing and I always wanted to create content. I've always wished that I could talk to an audience of people, that's all I wanted to do. I just never knew about what right. I I learned I I had mentors, had a couple mentors throughout my life as an I. T. Um they taught me how to build an online store. I did that for about three months, gave up on that wasn't making enough money, right? I gave up on that, which now that I know all I had to do is stick with it. But I gave up on that.

Um I tried to start a podcast In 2019 about my journey from my own, like I wanted to detail my business that I started and talk about that. Like I literally had a podcast out there, I think it's called High Avenue or something like that. I did one episode and people told me that they liked it and and it's just and then I just didn't, I quit that in one episode, I quit. I was gonna make and I love movies, right? I did a Youtube. I started a Youtube video about movie reviews. But for the marvel universe because I love marvel. I love superhero movies. I didn't even make the first episode. I made the graphic, I made the banner, I made the logo, I made everything I get started. I I love creating, I did that. I didn't, I never went, I never started turning the camera and started recording.

And one thing I did find during the year of Not during the six months of my business. Right after that, I I found um I figured out how to use after effects more and I started drawing lasers on dance videos. So I did that for about, I'd say a year. Why was IT for that year, 2019 - 2020. Um I am master over 10,000 followers on Instagram doing that. It's amazing. And I just stopped. I just got over it. I was like, that's not what I wanted. I thought, I thought that was my thing. I was like, alright, cool, I'm doing these laser thing and it's working. And then I started seeing competition.

I started seeing a lot of people copying and and it became a fat, a lot of people started doing it. And a lot of these younger kids, they're like 15, 16, 17, doing this stuff and they were better than me, I felt like. And they have all they have they were pumping out content every day and I think takes like a couple of days to make video, it doesn't come out, I can't make one every day. These kids were home all day. They're like, they're younger, they're living at home and you know what I mean? They're able to just do it all day. You don't have to make money, right, this is a hobby of mine. And these kids are surpassing me. And I was still immature too where I'm like man I can't do this like I don't want to keep competing with them right? That was just my flaw and seeing how they were growing their channels and I was I got stuck at 10-K. And I got stagnant. My content wasn't getting better, I didn't have the time, I was like I didn't make more money so I stopped editing videos and it was cool little dancing lasers right?

It was like lasers where it's like visual effects right? I was getting paid a little bit for that but it wasn't enough. So I went to my job where I was working and I told him hey man I didn't make more money. Like I quit the laser thing, I just stopped it and I was like hey I'm ready to make more money you know? And basically they hired me on as a half I. T. And half funding manager. So I was facilitating deals. So that was commissioned based only. And I started killing deals, I started closing 45 deals Make it up to like 10 grand a month for like four months straight, right? And I was so stupid with money. You know the funny thing is I told I told everyone in this if I had invested in the crypto that time that was in 2020.

That was like That was actually yeah December 2019. And then um I actually started doing alone things in June of 2019. I didn't get good at it until September 2019. I started closing deals around October November. So October 2019 all the way to like February 2020. I made about like 40 k. Right. Obviously I had a lot of bills, I had to catch up a lot of stuff right I probably netted about like maybe 20,000 25,000 which hey, it was still pretty good money sort of amount of time I told I looked back man, if I had invested in the quant dodge coin that time, even ethereum avalanche luna salon a like if I had noon, if I had known all that I'd be a millionaire today. Already, already in the math, I would have been close to a millionaire maybe even more. So if I invested at least 10% of that or 20% of that, if I invested like 56 7000 $10,000 of that, put 1000 in 1000 like I would have had Way over six figures and my life would be completely different if I had just looked into crypto. And the funny thing is I was working at a job, the pandemic hit. Obviously we were catering to small businesses.

What happened during the pandemic, all the small businesses shut down so they couldn't even be operating, they weren't even operating to showcase any money coming into giving you qualify for a loan anymore. So I was standing there, I was sitting there like man I'm not able to closing more deals so I was living off of that money for the next few months. Um And that was in 2020 So I was like man I only got like $15,000 to live off of how I'm gonna do this. So that's when I found Instacart Instacart still worried it wasn't in the crypto yet. I was looking at stocks though. That's the funny thing. I had Robin Hood and I was looking at the stocks I bought AMC I bought um what else did I buy? I bought these this carnival cruise ships, Talk about airline stock, about oil stocks, I bought a bunch of stocks and I remember buying A. M. C. For like two bucks and so you can go down to a dollar and freaking out like man I just put $400 in AMC And it's down in like 280. Like I was freaking out when I should have realized like oh that's a dead bite again by more lower the average, lower the average and I would have been big when AMC went up like 30 40 bucks right like a year later.

So I was freaking out. That's how I knew when I looked like when I got into crypto was like man I was so stupid and naive right? And I was remember freaking out Being seen at $8 and going into the rest of the year. I was just doing Instacart, living off of Instagram making about $100 a day, $150 a day. Like it was good money and you know it was in high demand because obviously the pandemic, everything was shut down. No one, no one was leaving their house groceries so I was just killing it Had another opportunity there. I was making I was making good money, decent money over $25,000 a month and just do an insta cart. Still was not investing, still was not investing, I'm an idiot like I'm an idiot. And I knew about crypto, I just didn't, I didn't buy, I looked at Bitcoin looked at the um I didn't care to research, I was so focused on comfort ability. Oh I'm too scared to risk anything else. And then that's when um Going into 2020, the beginning of 2021 was when George Quinn blew up right and I was doing Instacart, I was at the store at Vons or I think it was Albertsons and my nephew calls me and he's like yo bro he's like did you buy any does coin? I was like what?

I was like what is that? Did you buy any torch coin by some right now. I was like why what is this? He's like dude some guy told me about dogs coin back in november. I have like I think 400 or 700,000 shares of her. He called it shares right? We didn't know At the time and I was like what? And he looked at his portfolio was like $10, and he only put in 300 bucks. I was like what the All right I'm gonna figure this thing out. I immediately went to the isle, put up my phone typed in on google. Oh it's a Cryptocurrency and I just, I started reading and reading, reading and I was like oh I just bought a Robin Hood already had a Robin Hood account. I put a couple 100 bucks in the coin.

Sorry I bought something I think it was two cents, three cents. He said all right just hold it. I was like alright and then people started calling me, my friend called me, my other friend called me and I was just like, yo you guys hear about the door, that's how literally I'm not, I'm I shipped you not you guys that's how like mainstream crypto was spreading already and that was because of a meme point people were calling me talking about how you have this dodge coin, this dodge coin. I had people literally calling me that haven't talked to me in months calling me for some reason. I don't know why because I'm a tech person. I don't know they're like bro you're how do I buy it? I was like, what? Like it was so crazy to me then I was on instagram, I was already inactive on instagram. I just left my videos there. I started posting on my story and I started getting active with Deutsche coin and started talking about it and then I went home, I remember went home that day and that's what I call mike, I was like bro, looking at this thing and look into it. He's like, he's like check it out, I'll buy some right. We had a little conversation, he bought some but he wasn't really into it.

He was doing his youtube at the time. He had a gaming youtube so I was like, you know what? Let me find out what the hell is all about. Why is this thing pumping, went on twitter, I had a twitter account that I wasn't, I was just tweeting music quotes and stuff. I wasn't even using it, it wasn't even twitter related. I was just tweeting the dumbest things like, like just nonsense stuff so I typed it hashtag coin and that's when the rabbit hole started started reading what the what the which one was, how was it created? Who was created by what was the purpose, started seeing more people talk about it like it was like mass hysteria, it was like people were going crazy over this thing and then that's when I clicked in my head, I was like, wait a minute you guys like if all these people that never cared about investing, never cared about crypto never cared about stocks other than the stock market crash and people trying to buy the dip some things because they didn't go back up very very elementary level thinking right I was in that category right? Where I was like oh if you buy this because so low you can go back up so high so high you can make money. Did understand the true dynamic of what the market is and what's to come. I looked into it and that's when I found N. F. T.

S. Gary V. Start talking about N. F. T. S around that time. I was like okay well let me find out what FPs are. Let me find out about those corners. So I started researching N. F. T. S.

And crypto I went back learned the history of Bitcoin ethereum, Look at the top 10 of the past 10 years and I did this multiple, it started off an hour a day. I was like let me do an hour a day. Then it was three hours a day and in five hours a day to the point where All day every day for like three or 4 weeks straight. Like a month straight. I was just for like all of february. I was just like oh crap what is this crypto like I learned Blockchain, smart contracts, gaps. Obviously N. F. T. S. Staking yield farming defy texas centralized exchanges sexes. Learning about coin base.

Learning about coo coin cracking all the divisions uphold I sign up for every single change I learned about meta mass. Learn about trust wallet but not enough on the security side. Just learn how to use it. Okay what is this what is this being be smart change what is this why is there a smart thing? Why can't I send my ethereum to be and be like why figure that out. Oh they're two different networks. Okay And I started learning about different landscapes of the technology and expanding my mind and learning about okay who's bagging these? Someone has to be bagging these started learning about venture capitalist capitalist groups and I just started growing and growing and learning oh there's gaming there's so much there's everything and that's when I started that's when I called mike in March it's like yo bro you really gotta get the crypto you really got to find out like these protocols. I was already investing in a digit by um Salam and then I didn't find out until I found coach JV. So shout out coach JV. I had him on the podcast last year we had him on the podcast last year. He's the one that got me in the X.

R. P. And I went down the rabbit hole there. I was watching his videos oh man changed my whole life. He changed my whole mindset of where we're heading as a society and everything. I never looked back still this day. Never look back and I'm only gaining more but I'm not researching at the level that I was last year though last year I was on another one. I was finding gems every we even had on there on the Youtube videos. Found. Elf morpheus network V. XV LCS Lcs at two cents. L.

C. X. Um I bought Qantas $77 so I wasn't early on that. But there's so much project, so many projects that I was because I was researching so much I was borderline crazy. And that journey changed my life where I was like I finally found something that I'm actually good at. I'm good at. I can get great at. I wasn't making content yet. This is like March of 2021 and it's making money. Right? Those going up and down. I remember my friends were calling me talking about did you sell what's going down like no but I'm holding this thing that's going to go up higher than I don't know when to sell.

I don't know when I'll sell. I'm buying more right they were trying to like time it and everything and I was like I'm not listening to you guys anymore. I'm gonna focus on what I'm doing. So then obviously we had Elon musk buying Bitcoin $1.5 billion dollars worth the market went crazy. Elon musk is the king of crypto. Apparently I don't understand why people were so mad by him being probably crypto. Now. I know why. I'm like, this guy doesn't know anything about crypto really. He's just been calling ethereum coin. There's no layer one, there's no layer two years knowing that stuff, it's disrespectful to the space, right? I was like whatever, like at that time I was like whatever is gonna make money or not, remember, he said he's been going to saturday night live and he even said by the sell the news like there's no way why would dodge coin pump on the day that he's gonna go on the side of life if anything is going to tank.

So I told myself I'm going to sell at the next pump before the night in the Sinai live and if it doesn't happen, I'm spending the night before and it was already kind of high, It was like 40 cents 50 cents. That thing hit 70 cents, 72 cents on that Thursday and I sold around 70 cents, 68, cents. Made a few $1000 from a couple $100 investment to a few 1000 move that thing right into ethereum park into a theory and says, all right, I'll figure out what I'm gonna do with it. Next boss of N. F. T. S. Et cetera and that was my first cash out. I didn't cash out at all. That was my first cash out. It was George coyne, and then I bought some meme coins was, you know, this is already after. So we started the podcast and we had this idea like, hey, let's just have conversations about crypto every day and go over the news, over the market and just start teaching people about crypto, basically a channel where we that we wish we had when we started crypto, that was the heart and soul of the cryptologic podcast was to be a place where newer investors can come and listen to two guys who love crypto who haven't been crypto for the 2015, their new that were successful enough to where we feel confident about talking about it, that was like our main goal, right?

And obviously it went well, it was a smash hit. We met so many people along the way. Um but yeah, we, we we basically added on like, our trades were what we were doing, we had ideas of creating like whole ecosystem of people, which we did. Um you know, I was so excited about, I was like, I was very adamant about cricket discourse, we gotta get create discord right away, so shout out to the road, one of the first people that joined the discord because he knows there was one token that we were all in on spec mars and we were we were one of the first people to talk about it. Look at the names, we were so stupid, we thought that thing was going to a dollar right freaking smeg more. What kind of name is that? Right end up being a rug pool. I put in like $1000 in that thing, lost it all. My $1000 worth 10,000 at one point mike was like double like you know we lost money on that but it was a rug pool, right? We were making videos about it saying hey we know this is a meme coin but there's a chance that this meme coin can pump. Everyone else was making videos about meme coins. People are talking about people talking about sheep, people talking about safe moon.

We were like hey this is underlying token here called memoirs that we wanted to talk about. We were talking about on twitter, we're talking about you know we took the risk and we would say this is a mean coin, this is a risk but it's going to make you money if you, you know and it didn't make money, we just didn't sell, we didn't sell, we got greedy, we thought that you could go higher, we didn't sell and it got rubbed overnight. I literally got rubbed overnight and we documented it, we did a live stream, it was our first live stream and yeah that that journey was was a very learning, it's a learning experience for us and from there we kinda just so you know what, let's focus only on utility. Which we have always have been but we added like Bitcoin stuff, let's just focus on utility. And we went down to defy finance chick. We met um um juniors crypto, we met so many people that we had on the podcast and we just kept it going from there to the end of the year. And you guys were there the whole time. Um We caught up so many plays and it was a beautiful thing. It was a beautiful thing that lasted for about a year, not even a year, like eight months. And you know how it goes starting business, your friends is not, you know, something I would advise you to do because if you wanna keep your friendship you don't do it because there's so many, I'm I'm very uh an O. C. D.

Type of person where I'm like no that has to go this way. I was like freak out right? And I have so many ideas every day and mike has ideas. But then he would kind of be like, hey what's the easiest way we can get something done? You know, he wants to just get it done, It gets smooth. I was like no that's break barriers. You know and it's just we were clashing every day. You know, I said it on the video before. The very first video where the cryptologic podcast changed, john channel. I detail it all in there alright. We're bumping heads. It was not healthy.

Like we were not like we started hating each other in the sense that we're like, oh man, I can't stand this guy. He can't stand me, I'm pretty sure, right? And it just happened to be so where were like, you know what? Let's just do our own thing. And he had a Youtube channel. He was turning into crypto, he wanted to go and do that. I cryptologic was already in my name, everything like that. And I was like, well, he's like, just take it. And I was like, all right, I'm gonna take it and I'm going to do it this way. And he's like, I'm going to mine this way and he went on and did his own thing and I'm doing my own thing, right, business wise. So the friendship is still there. It's just, we're still, we're just focused on doing our own thing right now.

There's no hate, there's no animosity or anything like that. We're just doing our own thing. Dante the same thing. Dante was on our channel borderline every week. He's doing his own thing. We're still friends, text him to this day, right? We're just doing our own thing. But um, basically through that ever since then I was kind of depressed because I was fighting to keep it going. I was fighting to keep it going. Mike had already checked out saying I can't do this anymore. I remember him telling me that I can't do this anymore, so I can't come here and butt heads with you every day anymore. It was damaging to our mental health and I know it was for me too, but I was willing to fight that and he was just like, he was done.

He has four kids, has a wife, He has things to worry about it. Don't worry about deal with my bs every day. And I remember that video, the first video after that was like, all right, well, that that first video is easy. I'm busy to explain what happened and what's gonna happen for the channel. But it was a second video after that. I was like, oh man, like, this video, I can't just keep talking about the incident. I can't keep talking about what the podcast used to be and where we're going to go. Like, I already have to become it. Like, I have to already do it. And I was terrified. Like, I was terrified. I was like, oh man, like, I set up my home studio here.

I love the studio that we had. I loved it. I loved I didn't even want to change the artwork when we changed. Now I have that little white little circle thing and the digital thing. I didn't even want that for us when we moved When we, when we initially started the new year. I liked what we had with the spaceman and everything. I loved that. That was like, I wanted to write that out for the next 10 years but we felt like we needed change and I wasn't really cool with that change. And that was one of the things that was not what we mean when we split. But that was one thing like behind the scenes, you guys hearing your first now, I didn't want to change that. I, you know, he wanted, he wanted something new and not blame him or anything. He wanted something new and I was like, I was like, all right, I'll agree with you.

Like we'll just do it. I came up with a design, honestly didn't want to change anything. I was happy with how everything was. I was cool with everything how everything was. Um and it's funny because I'm gonna tell you guys something that is very private, not private, it's not private, but it's a conversation between me and Dante and, and Mike Dante was like, yo you know what's crazy, right? You know how we split? Me and Mike split, Dante was on our challenge every week. He even said he was like, he was going to suggest, hey you guys should start doing your own thing as well. And this is before the split. He just felt like it was time to like you have create your identity and your antennae on top of doing the podcast And now obviously hindsight, 2020, the best case scenario would have been, he asked this channel I had my own channel and we do the podcast once a week. That would have been the best case scenario. But at the time we didn't know what we were doing and we, you know, and I have visions of one day doing that again, having a podcast where all of us come on and do it once a week or whatever the case may be, you know me, whether it be a new channel because I think it would be kind of ironic or kind of like weird if you come back and act like cryptologic with the same podcast because now it's transitioning into it like my own thing.

I put in the work to make it towards my own thing. But yeah, that's gonna be down the road and see how that goes. But um I was completely, completely terrified of how the channel was going to be and if I wasn't going to quit because like I said, if you guys have been listening thus far, which I shout out to all you guys and thank you guys, I've borderline almost quit everything that I started, right? So prior to start, let me rewind a little bit In 2020 when I lost my job because the company shut down. That's when I started Instacart and that moment where I felt lost, I was like, man, I'm just doing the card. I just felt like a robot just constantly just trying to make money to make ends meet. I had no nothing and that's when crypto saved my life because I was able to find something that gave me purpose Right? And then I Tiktok really was the thing that put me on this whole concentration thing because of YouTube. I was nervous. Mike had already grown his channel like 5000 subscribers and he was doing gaming so he's already comfortable. You know, I told I wanted to do a podcast like dude, let's do youtube podcast, let's do it. I was like, all right, if you watch the first few episodes, I was very nervous.

I was like uh you know, and a year in now. I'm like good right? And that's what I'm saying with life. Like you just got to take that risk man, you gotta jump off that cliff and just hopefully wings open up. That's it. But I was terrified after the new cryptologic channel turn to what it is today when we, when we split, I was terrified. I was depressed. I was worried about what what the channel was going to become like, man, people are gonna listen to me. Are people gonna think that I'm, I'm the reason why they explain, people gonna be against me. People gonna hate me and people going, oh you ruined the whole thing. Like I was terrified like do I even do I just pick a hold, I just make a whole new channel, you know? And Mike gave me his blessing.

He said just take the channel bro. Like you you you you were like the hard like you know like you you came up with the name, you did everything just just just take it, you put everything in your, everything was in my name, I created Youtube, I create everything. He already had, he was working on Youtube by the time and he just said alright bro, he was he was doing me a favor like he was doing me a favor, he was helping me out to get this podcast started. He was the one, I was like bro, you take the lead because if I start to lead, I'll ruin everything cause I don't know how to take the lead. Hey, well welcome to like now I can do it but back then I couldn't do it. He took the lead, he hosted the show, he killed it, he made it what it was, you know what I mean? And he was there to help me grow my personality and and and everything like that and it's unfortunate that there was just too much head clashing too much and it was you know, that's that's what happens in life you know, and shout out to Coach JV you see what happened to him. He and his partner split him and kev and I remember the day we asked you to come on the podcast, him and kev are both on there on their lives and now kev has his own channel and coach JV kept coach JV and kept it going and when it happens it happens to everybody literally Coach JV and his partner, they're not doing the war academy anymore. There are they split and when I saw that recently I was like, man, that's crazy how that happened. But yeah, it's just crazy how life works. So once again, let me get started and finish this up, man, shout out to all you guys are listening. Still I know this has nothing to do with crypto.

It's just, it's just one of those things that I've never publicly recorded and said about what happened. So I hope that all the listeners I listen to this can, can hear this and go, wow, this is what's been going on. That's how John really got his during started or not really. But you know what I mean, hearing more, hearing me from a personal level because the podcast, I'll explain everything what my idea and think what the podcast is moving forward. But so far the podcast has been like me bringing guests on, we're just having conversations, nothing personal and I kind of want to do this maybe once a month or let me know what you guys think in the discord on Youtube and the comments on twitter or whatever. Like if you guys like me talking about this type of stuff, talking about motivation because I'm really good at motivational too. So if you guys want to hear a personal level type podcast sometimes just let me know if you guys don't, this will be the last one I ever do where it's just me talking about personal stuff. But if you guys still want, if you guys want to hear this type of stuff, a video like this once a month or whatever, I'll have no problem doing it for you guys. But yeah, I was a 100 worried about what the fans, the listeners were going to think like where the other guy go, where'd mike go? Why is it just you after that video? Right? So I made that video and I was like, hey, I just was like, hey, I don't want to talk about too much.

Just listen to that video. I explained everything in that video and um, I didn't know if I was going to keep it going. You guys like the cryptologic podcast was probably gonna stop. Like I was like, I can't do it. I was like, I'm scared. I can't do this. I'll just stay on Tiktok and I'll stay on twitter and I'll just do that. But you know, I had good conversations with, you know, close friends, my girlfriend and we just started talking about like, like this is your time, you know, whatever happened happened in regards of business wise, he has his own channel, he's gonna do his own channel. Like he was making videos on his own. Don't feel bad right? He gave you, he gave his blessing. Take the channel run with it.

You know, don't don't feel discouraged. Don't feel like you're going to fail. Just keep going. So I just said, you know what, let me figure out. Let me just start doing what I know. Do best, go over crypto news, go over crypto coins, go over my favorite tokens. And I did that. I started asking people who want to come on the podcast. It was I liked it. It was working like working in regards to like people were listening and people were like oh this is awesome and that's how I built out this cryptologic podcast tour. Now it's like, well Mondays and Fridays will be john's youtube videos where I talk about whatever the hell I want. Talk about coins.

Obviously. Now I'm L. C. X. Focused because I've seen a lot of comments. People saying that L. C. I'm one of the only L. C. X. Video creators or creators, content creators talk about S. E.

X. And I want to be labeled as that When L. C. X. Takes off. I want to be one of the ones that people would look, oh cryptologic john put me on top of tokenizer and craig Co and Rule Black and everyone else L. C. X. King and everyone else that listens to the great content about L. C. X. I just wanna be one of the ones that are mentioned.

That's it right? I don't want to be the guy of L. C. X. I just wanna be one of the people mentioned. That's all I want to be one of the people mentioned and remember for, right. So the podcast was designed to just kind of like have a guest on every week um and talk about crypto, have a conversation, a new gas, sometimes recurring gas and just kind of keep it going and then you know, and that was something I wanted every Wednesday have a podcast. Hey, you guys wanna talk about crypto here at comic conversation and that's something that we've been doing for the past five months have been going really well and and then Mondays and Fridays would be Youtube videos about the market news, breaking news, L. C. X. Breakdowns, different tokens, specific tokens, et cetera, things like that. Um And then my Tiktok is primarily focused on X.

R. P. Basic crypto news under 60 seconds. And yeah, twitter is just my thoughts, you know, Schilling LZ X, you know what I mean? But yeah, so I'm very excited for what's to come because I'm gonna keep that rolling for a while. I'm hoping to get more brand recognition for the cryptologic podcast. Hopefully get featured on some articles and that's my goal. I manifest that start talking about what's going to happen with the cryptologic podcast moving forward is that I really want to bring on N. F. T guests, which I think that will take it to the next level because I am going to create my own M. T. Projects.

I'm working on that right now. We're gonna have to N. F. T. Launches coming soon. Hopefully by the end of summer or in summer in the next six months or so, I'll have N. F. T. S launching Saul will be well versed in the empty space as a creator on top of being an investor. So I want to have other like minded individuals in the empty space on the podcast talking about N. F. T.

S, right? So that's something I'm looking forward to. Yeah, so personally I have, I'm applying for this company, this crypto company that I'm waiting on for them to get back to me if I had three interviews with them. Um if I get that, that crypto job, that job is gonna change my life, it's good pay benefits and everything like that. I'll be able to do so much more and invest into myself and to the podcast and take it to the next level. So I don't want to get, I don't want to give too much information on it because it's obviously I'm still waiting on the announcement. I'm waiting on them to, you know, give me the offer. They're working on things on their behind the scenes to on strategic things to get me um in. So I'll see how that goes. I'm waiting it out. But yeah, so as for now I'm doing brand sponsorships, um Youtube. Um I have my side business where I have marketing business for a couple of clients.

So that's how I'm bringing in money and I do Instacart dash on the side for fun, just like, not for fun, but for investment investing and making extra money to make sure I always have capital in my pocket, but on top of like, because I'm on my side house and my bills and stuff like that and you know what I mean? So yeah, that's kind of how I am, where I am right now. I'm in a good place. Um very happy with my investments so far the community that I'm building that we're building together. Um but yeah, so moving forward, the cryptologic podcast has a lot of big things coming. I'm excited. I'm gonna continue to reinvest into myself into this podcast into you guys and hopefully take it to the next level, I want to shout out to everyone that supports me. Um if you are in the discord, join the discord. If you're not following me on tiktok or twitter, follow me there, fall the instagram. But yeah, like I said, you guys, I wanna thank you guys all for listening to this brand. I feel like I need to just get this out of my head and it has been in my head for so long, feels good. Hey, if you guys want to hear more like type of conversation like this, let me know if not this will be the last one.

You don't have to worry about it. We'll just keep it crypto right? Am I saying this, you know? But yeah, it was, it was great to get this off of my chest. Just finally like tell somebody, you know, like all you listeners and thousands of people just like but um very excited. Uh can't wait to watch store for, you know, can't wait to watch Jurassic world, Like I love movies. So one day I wanna start a channel where I talk about movies and review them, you know, that's something I want to do one day. But hopefully my honest, like cryptologic artist gets big enough to where like some of you guys want to hear that and you guys bridge over and listen to that stuff too. So it's like a secondary thing for me that I do one day, right? I think one day I continue to go to the audience and everything like that. But yeah man, I'm truly, truly, truly grateful for every single one of you. Um I can't thank you enough.

You guys saved my life in a sense of like given me purpose always wanted to create content. I love it. I love doing this every single day researching and putting in what I've learned what I found into a video for you guys bringing up, meeting new people every week, putting them on the podcast, talking to them, getting their insight, it's amazing. But yeah, I will be on tokenizer podcast. I did a video with him on monday. So he'll be releasing that soon whenever that's released. I'll let you guys know. But yeah, this has been pushing 15 minutes now. I want to shout out to everybody, shout out to the discourse, shoutout Silver strangers, stroh lesion de Rhodes everybody in there. I can't think of the names, Clerk Leo, Cold cereal. All you guys shout out to everyone in the discord. That helps keep that thing going.

We're gonna keep pushing, we're gonna take it to the next level. Do way more giveaways. Oh man, I'm extending this goodbye way too long. But yeah, I'll see you guys in next video Peace.