June 15, 2022

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In today’s episode I got Joo2j back on the podcast and we have a conversation about the state of crypto. We go over how it important it is to stack cash/acquire capital to take advantage of the upcoming crash. Enjoy! 

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up? Everybody welcome back to the cryptologic podcast. As

you guys know my name is

john and you guys know that on this channel and on this podcast, I try to make crypto as logical as possible. This is episode


and for the third time we got J two, J. Am I saying it right? J two, J J two,

It's ju ju J

my name is, my name

is Yeah, you too. J My name's Davon. Um but listen, I always like coming on here man, it's great, Great combos.

Yeah, every time you're on here, the podcast does a little bit actually, I don't know what it is, but I think people like the down to earth conversation not saying that they don't the other ones don't do well anything, but I just always see like a little bit more of an engagement factor, comments and people saying this is fire fire. I think people just like hearing the conversation, which is why I feel like this week I needed to have you on here because like I said off air right now, the crypto space is in turmoil right now, a lot of people have left and I don't know if some people, a lot of people are gonna come back. Maybe they'll come back when, when that George coyne hype comes back around, right? That that

yeah, they'll come back, they'll come back at an all time high and I think they're they're gonna miss out on a great opportunity here. You know, I tell everyone around me like, you know, I've lost my crypto portfolios down big, I've lost. If I was to sell my current crypto, I would use quite a bit of money. But see my goal is I have a vision long term, like that amount of money that I'm using right now is going to, I'm probably gonna more than 10-50x. That type of money. All I have to do is stay patient, keep learning, doing my research at this time period and the rewards are gonna be there. You know, whether it's three years from now, seven years or not, it doesn't matter, it's coming, but you have to be patient during this time period.

Yeah. And that's what I was thinking too. I'm like, Don't let anyone fool you. Everyone. I think every single person has lost money unless they bought five years ago and they just never sold anything right there just back to where they're probably still profiting a little bit or but for the most part I could say comfortable 90%, of everyone that's gone into crypto is down bad right now. It's down pretty bad because we're way under a trillion dollars were already. I can't see exactly where it is. I think they took it off

last time I looked when I looked this morning. Yeah, it's definitely, it's shocking for me. It's shocking to see it under a trillion dollars. You know, I remember when I Last, I remember at 1.2.7 trillion,

Almost three trillion bro. They took it

off, took it

off right here where the total overall market cap is And it was like one trillion and then it hit 800 billion, 900 billion. It's gone, they took it off, they took it off, it's not here anymore. That's crazy. And that's what I'm saying everyone's down right now. Everyone either panic sold or they just Basically kind of protected their losses more so and like all right, well I'm still profiting 10% or whatever, 15%, take some profits. Some people even in the discord timed some pumps that happened before this crash


re bought back in on these dips and some people think that it's going to go even lower, right? We don't know.

And and that and that's cool right there. And I feel like there's a lot of people trying to do that and in a perfect world you would know exactly when to buy when to sell. But the thing is, and what's crazy is we don't live in a perfect world world. So you're trying to time the market, you're generally going to lose. So it is better to, you know, if you're investing in some good crypto projects to D. C. A. Into them, right then to try to time it sell here and you're gonna get you're gonna get s man, I see that that happens a lot of people, it's just not worth, especially if you know, you know what the price is quite right now. Was it 42 $48?


Okay. Let's say let's say it's 45. All right, I've even drop it even lower. Let's say it's $45 right now and what a month or two ago, it's over 100 100 20 130 $140 If you believe in and what the team is doing over there and you believe in the project, You don't the $40 doesn't scare you because you know long term this thing is going to be worth more than $1,000. So knowing that you see the price come down, you're not panicking you're looking at good opportunities to buy back in, right? don't throw all your money in at once and 5, 6, 7 years from now, you're going to be rewarded for that. Yeah, but if you keep sitting here trying to tie me like Oh it's 40 now is gonna drop 30 things gonna go back. You'll

never buy anything.


why I was, I'm also thinking, I've heard, I saw someone talking about crypto the other day or actually today and they're like the best investors don't buy the top, they don't sell at the top, they don't buy at the bottom, they don't sell at the bottom. They buy and sell in the middle. And I was like, I was like, okay what is he talking about? And he explained it more and he's like you make the most money when you just your D. C. A. But then you're just buying and selling at the middle right? Because the all stars averages off top is already going to make everything in the middle right? You're never going to buy too low. You're never going to buy too high in some cases you will, but at the end of the day it's going to end up in the middle because it's an average right? So he's like you have to get to do the same thing as when you're buying, you can look at the same way as if you're selling. So obviously you don't want to sell one is red, you primarily want to sell when you're up.

Like if you see a 15% increase in your average is like you brought up your average like $45 and there's a 15% increase. That means that like what it's like $50, And you can take some profits. You can take some healthy profits to $300 depending on how much you have for people who have thousands multiple tens of thousands can take out thousands at a time. Obviously some people investing 100 here, 202 100 here, you're probably going to be able to like 50 bucks, 40 bucks. But end of day those profits add up. If you take them out and leave them in a stable coin. Look at the ammunition that you have at these prices And that's one way of investing that's obviously more of a, like you got to be more hands on and wash the market. And obviously technical analysis would help. And if you don't do technical classes, if you see something up 30% in three days, Sometimes you might want to take privately. Hey, I've been averaging in these low prices for the past three weeks is up 30%. Let me take, you know, I made $4, let me take 200 of that.

Yeah, especially and everyone's gonna have their own strategy. Me protect me personally. If I'm up, You know, let's say I buy one crypto for $100, right? And then in two days it goes to from $100, I made a $50.50 profit. What is that? That is significant right as far as percentages go. But if I believe in this particular project let's say long term let's say I brought one point for 100 went to 150. That is the project that I want to hold onto for maybe seven or eight years, right? Maybe 10 years right? It's a long term investment for me. I'm not gonna sell that 50 trying to wait to go back then. That's me personally I'm not telling anyone else to do that right?

You should be taking profits also have kryptos where if it went up $50 I'm pulling profits, some of them up there's Kryptos and then I'm taking profits and then I'm probably gonna be using those profits to buy back into that coin. So because I want to accumulate more but everyone's gonna have their own strategy it's good to develop your own what works best for you and you only risk money that you're willing to lose.

And I heard I hear a lot of people right now are saying that the safest investments right now when we're in a bear market is Bitcoin ethereum. Obviously I like


I don't mind Bitcoin but I don't invest into Bitcoin Um obviously if it goes under like 20K. But like

yeah I'm in the same boat as you. So if it goes if Bitcoin goes down to 31,000 like I have I might actually cash the money out of my four oh one K. Me personally I don't want to do this, I'm going to buy it and hold that for myself. That is to me that's that's an opportunity that I can't let up. But personally I'm in the same boat as you. I don't I don't buy too much when I do have some I have it on a ledger but I I don't have a lot of it. I probably have like $1500 worth of very little bit and that's It's just so I have some on my legend but you can't beat. It's kind of hard to look at like 900 bucks. And

I know and the thing I want to say that's very interesting is that even though ethereum is 1000 there's some people out there that don't want don't feel comfortable buying whole ethereum upfront right? Let's say you don't You could put $250 or $500 into ethereum and ethereum going back to all time high. That's a three x. four

X. Pretty much

So that $500 just turning to $2,000 Or $1500 or whatever if the music goes back to all time high.

So you don't have a whole

ethereum you can just put in 304 100 100 bucks and you can still make money off of that and then you can sell that and then have capital to buy some more quant. And that's just off ethereum. If you don't feel comfortable buying these super low tokens that have dipped dramatically, right? If some people don't feel comfortable buying for some reason, right? Or H Bar or whatever, you can buy it in theory um for you put some capital into ethereum and just when the market goes back up, we all know ethereum will go back up with the market. There's no if it will, I think obviously everyone knows It will go back to 3,000 4000. And you turn your $500 investment into $2,025.00 potentially. And now you have more capital with

that being said though, right? This is this is where my challenge will come in, right? If you don't, if you don't feel comfortable buying a particular project right now, do you really believe in this project? Because


Be honest, right? If someone told me right now, Hey, in my mind, I'm like Yes, I'm still buying, I'm not buying all my money, I'm buying, I'm picking up something, just picking them up slowly, picking up slowly picking up slowly. I went to the casino the other day, I was like $300. I literally took almost half of that money went and put it into uh brought it on exchange and moved into my legend because I believe in this project, right? So I'm not scared. I don't care if it goes down to $10. I'm I'm okay. I'm not panicking. I'm not sweating. I'm good because I believe in this project long term, Same thing. If you believe in X. RP, whether it's Bitcoin, right?

You understand the value of Bitcoin and what it's going to do when you see a $20,000 Bitcoin, go to 11,000. You're

not crying.

You're not sweating. You're just gonna smile. Yes, 11,000 and buy me another one. And then long term if you believe in this project and you're doing your research, you know, this is the opportunity you cannot afford to, to miss. And I think for anyone listening to this podcast right now, if you're new to crypto, this is the perfect opportunity to be learning.

And I think by

watching this research, learning, learning about Bitcoin, halving cycles, learning about whatever crypto you're interested in and see that if this is something that you're interested in for a long term play, do as much homework as you can get out there, hustle, do some work, don't sit here and look at the charts all day and then take that hard earned money and put it into this market and I promise you your future self is going to thank you for this. You just can't let this opportunity passion because we're definitely in a recession,

right? I

guarantee you at the end of this month when we get those numbers, I'm pretty short. Yeah but they probably won't do it exactly on that day. Probably


Yeah they they pull off the numbers for the quarter and if we got negative GDP growth were, that's technically a recession that will be two quarters in a row. Yeah because we had in the first quarter of the year, it was pretty daggone bad. Could you imagine what it is now?

Yeah it


The gas and food bread, everything's gotten worse rent bro. I was looking at rent, I'm like man look at these are crazy, it's like it's like bro it's insane. It's insane. Especially in California, it's insane. It's insane. It's just unbelievable. You have to be rich to be comfortable to find a place that's comfortable with an area, the location that you want in the interior. Like you have to be rich borderline rich to be comfortable to have an apartment or something otherwise you gotta you gotta settle somewhere like you're going to settle for something, area, location and interior, you know what I'm saying? The room, whatever, you're not gonna, you can't remember just three years ago you were able to look, you have options, they had options, you like four options. Like I like this one, you're worrying about the parking and now it's like you're thankful that the parking has a garage even has a garage because it doesn't have a garage or something like that or your own private parking, You know, that's $1 $1000 right there and I don't even know it's just, it's just

a nickel and dime, you gotta pay for parking, you gotta do this, it's a mess man. And that's why I am so grateful. You know anyone that, yeah, if you look at gas prices, jobs like jobs are gonna start getting, people gonna start losing jobs, someone put out a report crypto dot com just laid off 20% of their people. There's layoffs coming right now, right? People businesses gotta flip a profit. You know, even companies like amazon they're, they're losing profits right, what do you think that's gonna do to the ground market?

And these are people that are highly skilled too, not just regular people. I mean not all of them, but a lot of people are pretty much, they're getting laid off. These are, this happened in a really high skilled people with degrees or good resumes are getting dumped into the market and guess what happens, all these big corporations, big companies that are able to stay afloat and get money from the government or whatever the case may be and they buy up all these smaller companies and all that stuff, thinking small companies are up and coming that I have to go out of business and they let all those amazing workers go, developers, whatever. These big corporations, they just click a vacuum and suck them all up and help build their empire even more so and that's why we need to have a recession every now and then to, to to wipe out all the the companies that the zombie companies, the companies that don't do anything for the productivity of our society and it just happened, it's just a cycle and we always see after recession there's always years of great growth economic growth afterwards. The Airbnb? S get created. Uber gets created since the last big crash, right? Those type of exist blew up and got created so what's going to come after this out of this? I think other Cryptocurrency companies are going to come out and networks and then other tech companies that we don't even know that are existing yet they're building right now and you know this, this is also a reason why like side hustles are also also big right now right? Like Lord Ashes the instant carts, those are going to do well because the people that ordering that type of stuff, they generally probably have money that the recession doesn't really affect rich people. They just live there like, oh it's more expensive, you know what I mean?

I think, I think it affects them, it's not affecting them. Like it's affecting

right? Yeah

there there. What if they cause a lot of white owned businesses right? There's no way they're gonna have that much wealth without some type of business, their businesses take a little bit

of, you know, negative

hits. But I used to work directly from Microsoft and I remember in one and one and one quarter, I think we generated like $50 billion right? Which, which, which was down three billion from the previous quarter. People were panicking. I'm like, wait, you see what I mean? This business is panicking from a $3 billion loss even though they made $50 billion in profit. So it's the same thing for these other wealthy. They may, let's say they run a garage, their garage is generating $100,000 a week, right, recession hits now their garage set up generating 100,000 week. They're generating 70,000 there sweating even though it's still a bit of money, right? So they're not, they're not affected like us, most of the people regular everyday people could, they have the potential to lose their job, can't pay their mortgage, right dash


Like you literally almost become homeless. These people, they just one less luxury they can't have, right? That's gonna be the difference between them and us.

And that's why these are the, some of the toughest times and the people that make it through these times always end up on the other side of history as legendary in my opinion because if this is where you become great when you buckle down and you weather the storm and you research and this is just us speaking about crypto and then maybe any other company that even if the stocks right, stocks are gonna be down during recession. So you don't have to only invest in crypto, right? You can invest in stocks, but but yes, learning a skill, acquiring some knowledge about something to prepare yourself for the workforce, etcetera. But I think getting better as a human being, right? But when it comes to crypto, this is the time that it's like a second, this is like a second chance for people that missed out During the bear market in 2018, roughly In 2020 and then it blew up in 2021. This is probably one of the last few times we're going to see a dead market like this. We don't know how long it's gonna last. But this is even crypto mason, other people have said it, there's only gonna be about one more bear market away from where there's no point point of no return regulation in full effect and everything like that.

That's why I keep telling people this this um this what's what's going on in the world. It really could be a slight blessing in disguise for regular people. You might, this might actually be your chance to actually be able to gain some. Well that you wouldn't have been able to do before, right. You would have never been able to obtain somebody's accent at these prices. So really this is what needs to happen, right for anyone that's listening to this and you feel stuck, you feel like you don't know what to do, right? I always tell people the first thing you need to do, it starts out with yourself. You need to find a way to make something, whether it's do your job aside house or whatever you gotta do, you gotta stack some money stack as much money as you can. It sounds hard. It's not as hard as you may think it is. You can work at me. You can literally go make it work at McDonald's $10, $11, $12 an hour.

That's fine. If there's ever an opportunity to put a little overtime in, that is the money you want to start using. Okay, I'm getting this overtime money is I'm going to start buying some of these good acid. So go ahead and get your money up right. That's the first thing. If you can do a little side work. Uber eats doordash, right? You can babysit, watch some kids. Don't take that money and go to the store and buy a new shirt address etcetera. Use that money to invest in yourself, get in the gym, drink some water, improve your mental and improve your mental and physical health, right? Because you're not going to be focusing if you're, you know, smoking cigarettes and drinking all the time, right? And gaining a bunch of weight.

It's not good for you, right? You're not gonna be healthy, You're not gonna have a sharp mind to get out there and actually do the work if you can. The third thing that I would mention here if you can and and this is what greatly benefit me. At the start of this year, I dramatically reduce my expenses. I live in a new place, moved into a new place. That's not the nicest place. It's it's run down. Um uh tell people this all the time. Most people would not want to live there. I'm sticking this thing out, right? I'm sticking it out for a year or two or three. I'm able to save quite a bit of money from doing this.

I'm not paying these extremely high rent prices, but I promise you it's not the most comfortable place. I'm getting uncomfortable because I know my future self is gonna thank me for it. So, I'm doing this, living in a rundown place right now is it's not the best. It's safe though. So I'm gonna stick it out. I reduce my expenses. I'm liking more money because I'm taking whatever extra work that I can find on top of my normal job. Right? And then the last thing is I'm improving my knowledge in this crypto space, right? I started the year out if I compare myself today in june to where I was in january. I know a significant amount more than I did about investing real estate, crypto interest rates, like the way money is transferred. Like I didn't know any of this stuff at the start of the year, right?

I took this year to say I'm going to improve. So that is the best investment you'll be doing yourself if you can follow these things. I promise you, I don't care what job you have. You can you can work a bare minimum job. If you can put this mind set this alpha mentality into your head and get out there and do the work. I promise you 23 years from now, your life is gonna be different. That's it. I'm not saying 2030 years. I'm saying 23 years. Your life is going to be different.


you gotta be, you gotta be willing to do the hard work today because it's gonna be hard. It sucks. It sucks.

You know, you might not be, you

might not be able to go out all the time, right? You don't have to stay home. You're gonna have to get noodles at the store, whatever you gotta do to survive. You do it. But if you can put the work in today, You know when we get to 2025, 26 2027, you're gonna be like, damn, I'm so happy. I invested in myself, not in your company, not in your job, right? You give your job all your time and your energy. And then when you get home, you don't do anything for you. Just lay down and sit on the couch and I'm speaking about myself. I come home I lay down, I was watching netflix right until I fall asleep, wait back up, go back to work, pay my bills, same thing. Guess what? Everyone who does that End up doing that for 30, 40 years retiring now you're seven years old and you're trying your best to live whatever life you have left at that point.

Even if you make it to live that way I'm saying we don't need to do that. We don't need to do that john don't need to do it. I don't need to do in the first anybody's watching. You don't need to do it either. But you have to take advantage of this market right now. This market is this market is a blessing. It's a blessing. It is not a curse. Don't get scared of it. It's a blessing in disguise. We just need to get out here, take advantage of it. Anyone that can do it right now

that's that's that's like the real estate that bro people take it for granted. Like like these times these times this is how you this is you come out on top when you're building during these times. This is the time where you research, you build yourself, build your portfolio, you know what I mean? Build your knowledge, build everything right, build muscle, whatever, whatever you want to whatever you want to build. This is the time to build while everyone else is freaking out and a lot of people are probably gonna go, oh man, that was fun. That was fun there and go back to their jobs or try to whatever they can to secure themselves because people don't, people need security. That is the problem that has taken over the society. We need security. We need to have our check every two weeks. We need to have, you know what I'm saying? I need to make sure my bills are paid on time. They put us in that mindset, being an entrepreneur or side hustles, that's extra work that's going outside of the norm rather than just waking up and knowing that hey, I show up at nine o'clock, I show up at nine o'clock, I leave at five, I'm getting paid this friday.

As long as I do this every day or the day that they tell me on the piece of paper, I show up, I do my work, okay, I get paid being starting your own business. It's not like that. It's every single day. You got to make sure that you gotta put fires out. You got to make sure that things are handled, you gotta bring in clients whatever it is that you do as your own business and then a side hustle. If you have a job, a side hustle is something that you choose to do. You have to choose to say, oh man at six o'clock, what am I doing right now? All right, well let me turn the doordash app, let me go get some orders done. You have to choose to do that. There's no door dash, doesn't tell you, Hey, you gotta do this. You do this at six o'clock. No, you gotta turn it on and put your shoes on.


also need to do research. You got to do research on when is the best time to get out there, right? Maybe, maybe friday nights when you're out of your main job, right? And you know, man, I got, this is gonna be driving.

I need

to get out now. So that's, that's it is work, man. And I think, I think if you sit here and try to play it safe, you're gonna run into the same track that everyone else runs into you're gonna work into for the next 30 40 50 years and then you're gonna die, right? I don't want to live that. I don't want to live that. I'd rather, You know, me personally, I'd rather die trying to get just to have somewhat of a good quality life than to work, just work a job being miserable 9-5 Monday through Friday. I try to do all my chores and errands on Saturday and I'm miserable every Sunday. I don't want to live that way and if you don't want to live that way too. You need to take a risk, take a chance if you fail, you know it's better to fail than to live a life full of misery. F that man, I don't want to curse. But that's that I don't want to live a life full of misery. I'd rather just not be here right, I'm I'm gonna go all in, I'm gonna go all in and just be miserable all the time.

And and another thing about investing in the crypto, you can't like kind of go into it saying oh well me investing in the crypto right? Obviously we were saying do your research now, this is the time, this is the best time to take your time and learn about Blockchain and learn about why these investments are such gems right now learn about what Quants plan is, what their mission is. X. R. P. X. L. M. Gala. L. C. X.

Learn about why these things are here. Chain link Katie a there's a lot of them that are actually fundamental and see what their vision is. You have the time to do that. And then you can feel comfortable investing your $25 a week, $100 a week, whatever it is that you have that you can deploy And invest into and don't have that mentality that oh well this crypto is going to make me $1 million dollars and retirement. That's not the way that's not the way you look at it, this is going to give you the boost that you need to do what you want.


If it's $25,000,

doesn't take

invest into something that you love to do Real estate by a whole, your first home rented out by a by a car, put on tour. 05,000. I don't know whatever it is, a business investment. There's so many things you can do in this day and age with capital.

I wish what you're saying right now. I think that's all the people that I get. I get a lot of they don't take talk from some trolls. They they always tell me that, oh, you think crypto is gonna make you rich? I'm not saying that. I'm saying that it's going to free me.

And it and it

can it it has made me, but that's not my my goal. That is not even my goal. Like I'm not looking to strike it rich. I'm just looking

at starting capital.

Yeah, exactly. 50,000. I would be so happy. Right? That's and people go, well, you can't retire on that. Yes, I

can, I

Can, I can I won't need to work my 9-5 anymore at that point because that's enough capital to take the risk to leave my current 9-5 to start his own business venture that I'm consistently doing research on right now right? I'm doing the work now because when the day finally gets here, I want to know what to do. I don't want to get the money and go, all right, I got this money, I got $50,000. Now I know I'm doing the work now. So whenever that day gets, I don't care if it's you know, four years from now, if I haven't, I'm going to take the leap right? And I'm going to start my own business, but I need to get that starting capital and you'll be shocked. 50,000 doesn't seem like a lot of people don't Not many people don't have $2,000 in the bank. $50,000 really is a lot of money. It's a lot, it's not enough to live on, It's enough, it's enough money to get you started. You

Can turn that into 100,000. You can turn it into 200, keep it going, make your first million.

You don't even need to be that. You can turn you can turn $50,000 in $2,000 every week of income. Right? What you can live on, okay, I'm making $1,000 a week from this this $50,000 I invested into whatever business opportunity and now you're your own entrepreneur. You gotta work for nobody. You work for yourself. Would that not sound nice to anyone that listen to this, would that or would you rather make $1000 going to X. Y. Z. Company and and dealing with, you know, crappy bosses and employers, right? Your kids are sick and they yell at you. You know, your parents are sick, you need to go take care of them, you can't get off of work.

You get one week vacation a year. Like screw that. They don't care about you as an individual. But if you run your own company, your own business, you're your own boss. So if you need to take care of family obligations, you can go ahead and do that and then get right back to work. So that's why you know this journey is not for everybody, everyone is not gonna be able to do this, but for the people that can do it, you you're gonna gain some freedom and that freedom is what I'm chasing.

That's that's like that's one of the things that people take for granted is your time slash freedom because you don't realize this job is paying you all this money is take away from your time time from your kids, time, from your mental health time from you, your own personal being with

the more money they give you the more freedom they take. So you don't think the six figure, You know, don't think the six figure check is I used to do the same thing. I don't know why we're so fascinated with the six figure thing in this country, but I was offered a six figure job to move out to Washington state. You know, and the problem with that job is they would have basically controlled me. I would have no time to do anything. I would have been basically, It's kind of been a heart. I thought it was bad. If I thought it was bad now, those are one of those jobs where you're always on call the volume every freaking day. Don't matter if you leave or not. It's stressful. And then you start to wonder, is that money? Even if they have to pay taxes and high rent costs, it's not worth your mental health.

It's gotta be worth more than that. That's


But imagine if you can make that money on your own passively then a machine, a Tm, a food truck that you hire people like that is kind of what you want to change. If you're making $100,000 from passive income where you literally don't even need to leave your house. It is so much better than having to get up everyday, grind and break your back every 10, 12, 15 hours a

day. You

know, I would take less money to not do that

mental outcomes first.

Yeah, It's just be miserable, man. And I don't want that to nobody. So I'm out here encouraging people, hey, listen, you know, let's let's look at, let's look at this differently. We were we were trained. We were programmed to do exactly what we're doing now, right, We gotta, we gotta rethink, we gotta reprogram ourselves and I think the way the crypto market is right now, this is an opportunity to start that, that lesson, that learning mode for yourself. You gotta learn about crypto, you gotta learn how to better yourself. There's a lot to be learned. I think that's why I love crypto because it almost forces, it forces you to do a lot of these things. You have to learn about financial systems. You can't you can't just skip that, right? You won't understand crypto, you don't understand how finances and our financial systems work, right? And then when you do, let's say you do become very successful, right?

You find the right coins or the right projects to invest in. What do you do when you get the money? You can't just go out and buy a new car, like you see what I'm saying, You lose out that way. You gotta know what to do when you get this money to keep it making money for you. So crypto really does force you to level up right? And I think everybody that watches this podcast wants to level up. So if you want to level up, make sure you hit that like and subscribe

button, right, make

sure you share this podcast with your friends because this is important. I think this podcast is good for the community shoutout to my boy chris and Daryl, we watch this podcast all the time. I wanted to give him a shout out on here. But we have every friday, we have a chart and what we do and everybody can do their own research on whatever coin they like. We like to take the top 100 crypto coins. We put them on a list and every week together friends we go through, hey, alright, let's talk about this. What did you learn this week about? Let's say X. R. P. Right? They come with their notes on their phone.

Okay. I found out that X. R. P. Is doing this in a lawsuit. Oh I watched the cryptologic johN podcast and he explained that you're doing this this okay, this is great. This is how you, you know, you get people around us all willing to level up and this is how you can learn and actually have fun at the same


So something to try out. You know, if anyone wants to try it out, if you got a friend relative anybody right? And they're interested in crypto, get together, order a piece of right?

You know, makes

this is the time to do it, relax, chill out, let's learn, let's level up together because it's fun. I think it's funny when you're leveling up, you've got you know, you got your friends trying to level up,


definitely doing alone. But if you have to do it alone, do it alone because if you got no friends around you that's trying to do that. It makes you think about something like all your friends around you, they just want to go to the club. They ain't trying to talk about nothing to better their lives. You might need to change your friend. You

gotta join a like minded community to that will help joining a community with people that are going through the same journey as you. That probably have the same questions as you do. And potentially with people that have answers for you, you know, and you can answer other people's questions and everyone's perspective is different. Everyone grew up different, Everyone was raised different. Everyone's seeing different things. You have different feelings for things and that, that applies to the crypto.

Everybody doesn't and

everyone doesn't

know everything. I think you have to make sure that you're aware of that. Hey, I don't know everything I say to me myself, you know everything. Every day I wake up, I'm trying to learn, I learn a lot from just your Tiktok. When you're a lot of information, someone will bring it up. Like you bring up something about the case of X. R. P. Take that information, then I'll go online and do some more research, right?

I'll look it up. Let

me find this information. But you sparked the idea in my head, Right? The idea was even there, someone just mentioned


and I take that information and I will go out and do some research on it. So I would definitely encourage, you don't have Tiktok that is powerful. It's more powerful than people give it credit for right now.

Um the two most powerful places tools, here's, here's, here's,

here's the difference between Tiktok and twitter, twitter has, you need to have a twitter attempt, twitter has so much information. It's hard for the information to get to you. Right?

The way that

the way that algorithm is that it's like, it just knows what you need to hear. I don't

know how it

just knows when to pop, it knows when to pop up information at the right time. Like it's, it's so random. It's just, it's just, it's like it can read your mind and it just knows what you need to see. It sparks the idea. And then you can go online, twitter your next source, then you can go online to other websites and get more information. But Tiktok definitely, you, if you don't have one, please download that app. Right? And you know, definitely, you can go ahead and start following people into space. You'll, you'll be shocked the information you can learn on, don't, don't sleep on it. It's not just, it's just not, it's not just a dance. I promise

you there's a lot of good information. There is a lot of good people on there and you could connect there. Everyone there is so um, I'd say helpful, They provide knowledge. And obviously there's trolls everywhere. There's going to be trolls and haters every everywhere you can't hide, you can't hide from it. Like you can't you


yeah it's just it's just you know and that's just something that they like they like that it's just a reflection of their reflecting how they feel internally on you. That's all it is. They're going, they think something that like they can't see as possible or they can't ever fathom that and you have the belief of something whatever it is, they just project their energy on you. Like no this is dumb. It's never because they don't believe it. So they make it seem like it's the reality but it's their reality. That's

why I try to combat it with just being positive.

Yeah that's the best thing is

going to be positive. It's the

best thing you do this time. I think it's like the the darkest times is the times where you have a light, you just gotta find, you gotta make your way through and you get through it and you make it to the other side of the oasis or whatever you wanna call it the other side


life that you probably never would have fathomed and never probably would have had an opportunity to even see that life think about it, criminal, never existed 20 years ago,

10 years ago. You would

have never had this opportunity,

I would have never had this opportunity I think I would be in a worse place right? You know, I'm 30 years old now and I'm getting older and it's not like I've been in the workforce for 40 years, right? I I got my first tech job. I work I work in technology, you know I have a have a degree in information technology management. Um And I do manage Microsoft service and systems. I got my first job at 20, right? So I've been doing this for 10 years now right? And after 10 years I'm so burnt out. I'm like, Yo I don't know how people are doing this for For 40, 50 years. Everyone that I work with that older like the older generation in their fifties, these guys are miserable, like I'm like why would I want this? They're mad, they're always on call, something's always breaking and they gotta fix it. People yell at them all the time when they're spending time with their families and I'm only speaking for I.

T. Obviously I'm pretty sure it's like this in a lot of other industries healthcare, right, nurses, they gotta work 12 14 15 hour shifts, 24 hour shifts. But in I. T. A lot of times we would work our normal 9 to 5 shift. Um And and yesterday this happened to me, I'm on call right now. I work from eight in the morning to five And around 7:30 uh in our data center we had They had water from the roof starts leaking. So I had to drive 45 minutes back to work. You know, put a garbage bag up on the ceiling and mop the floor. Then I had to pull some of the services like when I was working until like midnight and then guess what? After all that after all that happens right? I gotta go home, drop home again and then go to sleep and get right back up at four or five in the morning to get right back to work.

So you you you burn out. So let's say you have a date, let's say you have a lady friend or a wife or partner, whoever you wanted to hang out, that you lose that. So now you're giving up your personal life and your dedicated to work. It affects everything, your mental health, your spiritual health, everything

is very health, you

get bigger, you're angry,

You don't

Want to live to work. And like I said, these guys that I'm working with, they they have lost relationships, they drink a lot of alcohol just burned out, right? They drink to forget about their problems. And guess what at 30 years old, I'm doing the same thing I'm drinking because everything sucks man. And then I ran into and I discovered crypto and when I actually saw Right, when I actually saw that this thing could actually break this curse. Not right away. Not instant, right? Not instant, not instant gratification in six months. I'm really rich. No, I feel like I may not have to work until I'm 65 70. There's actually a chance. I mean, I could possibly retire in the next 10 years when I retire.

I mean, just not working on the fire. That's what I mean. Yes. Access to funding that I would have never got this on my terms. Yes. And that that gives me hope. And when I see that whole now I'm doing everything that I possibly can. I used to when I used to get out of work, you know what I used to do? I would get out of work and if I get work on myself, I would work with myself. Um That would help me with my job, right? I would do research on more technology. I'll be learning about new technology center.

And I'm not saying that's bad, but I didn't do anything to kind of get my own thing going. Now when I get out of work, I'm working on things to build myself up in my own personal brand, in my own business. Not working on things for my job. Still that I'm not being paid for. Like, screw that. Your job will never pay you what you're actually working. And I don't care what job you have. You could be a doctor, you can be a nurse, you can have the most noble profession, you can be a school teacher. Look what they're doing to our school teacher. We know our school teachers don't get paid enough money. So all the crap they got to deal with. And now their job is almost dangerous, right?

There's so much stuff going on in the world. So your job will never tell you what you're actually work. So you have to be able to say you know what You use your job, you need work. I'm not telling you need a job. Use your job as an anchor, right? You used the funding from that job. Cut some things back, use that funding. And if you do enough research in this crypto market, you could possibly not have to do that until for the next 30, 40 years. And that's how I see crypto as an opportunity. That's it Justin is just an opportunity. Opportunity doesn't guarantee success. But I at least want to have a chance.


a chance. Just a chance. Just just think of it this way, if you're on a ship, right? And you're surrounded in the middle of the ocean with water, right? And the ship is sinking. And they tell you, well, you can stay on this ship and there's there's a possible chance that you can survive if you jump and swim back to shore. What are you gonna do? Are you going to stay on the ship and slowly sink? Right? It's gonna slowly it takes 10 years or 20 years worth of sink. You know, you're gonna slowly let it sink or you're gonna jump in and just try your best to get back to shore, right. I'm gonna jump over.

I'm gonna take a chance. I might not make it right. I may lose every dollar I have. Right? And I'm okay with it. I've already come to terms with that. That's why I'm investing money that I'm willing to lose. So if I lose all of my money, I'm actually at peace with it. That's why I'm doing all the work that I can now. So that doesn't happen. I'm learning, I'm researching, I'm doing everything I possibly can to make sure that that does not happen. You can't just invest your money to do nothing.

You can't do that. That's your, you're setting yourself up for failure, right? You can't do that at all. But you also still need to get out there and make that money.


know, john, I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure you, you said to, you gotta stack your cash whatever you have to do over east door dash side houses. I'm actually this weekend I'm uh and I told everyone here I work in I. T. But this weekend I'm cutting grass where it's summertime and grass has grown quite a bit in the area that I'm in. And I found this local company that, you know, they're paying, you know, $300.02 days grass they provide the week. They pay, they have the weed whacker and everything. So, and I got to work on friday. I'm gonna be Going with them to cut, they have customers and they just they got a high demand and grass cut. I'm gonna get $300 within two days Right now. That's not a lot. It's not like oh that was $300. It's not a lot.

We don't understand this stuff starting to add up. I've made you know almost $5,000. And like just extra money since January doing small little tasks all over the

place. And I look for the yeah

all and by the way I almost invest all I have a separate account that I keep it in and I slowly slowly D. C. N. A. Into some crypto projects now with that extra money when I get this money, I'm gonna do the same thing. I'm gonna take about $60. Uh And I'm gonna you know buy a little some drinks in my house. I like to drink alcohol. All right, that's my entertainment right? $60 of that 300 going there the rest of the government, right? It's not it's not going into my normal bank account that I need to pay my bill, right? So that money is being put into an account that I'm going to invest in that money in.

So if the market continues to dip if we get these numbers in and then Bitcoin goes from 21,000 to 16,000. Guess what? I'm gonna be buying in right


I'm gonna keep doing that,

yep. That's that's like that's do you have a plan C. You have point A. To point B. To point C. Point D. You have it like you have a process of what you're doing that's all you need. You need to come up with a process you need to make, the main thing is make cash, make capital whatever you wanna call it, make capital and then have a place to multiply that capital. Whether that stocks crypto a business a side hustle or whatever it is that you want to invest in that will make you more capital. And then from there you just gotta keep diversifying and multiplying it and for this for cryptologic right for me I'm going to say well crypto is like the main thing that I want to put my capital into. Obviously shouldn't be the only thing. But as I get to my hit my numbers of investing for certain projects then I will be able to start.

Okay well now I want to dabble in and buy some amazon star, okay I want to buy some tests. I want to buy some

facebook you

know because once I hit my numbers and then I'm like all right well I don't need to I got to rush and get to L. C. X. This amount. Oh I got this amount of quality. Once I get those numbers I'm like all right well let me start lowering down what I'm putting into Kwan has already hit my number. Everything else is just checking the cake for me now and this is my opinion right? For potentially whatever numbers are. So then now if you're investing let's say an average of $1000 a month and you've been investing a thousandfold in the crypto now. Okay, well I'm going to 7 50 in the crypto and I'll do 2 50 in the stock market. Now. I'm gonna buy

the more, The more you get, like more capital you get, the easier it is to kind of start moving it over to things that are more stable. But when you don't have a lot, let's say you get started. Yeah, you're just getting started. You got 600 bucks, right? Does it make that much sense to all right. I'm gonna throw my $600 and Amazon stuff me personally. I say

no, but if I

Had if I had if I had $70,000 right, I had 600,000. Like you want to be a more you want to be a more stable asset. Maybe the s. p. 500 makes more sense, right? Um but if you're getting started, imagine we've seen it. Me and you both seen it. People take $600 and turn it into 6000 or 60,000. It's crazy. And just having that opportunity is enough to go, listen, I'm gonna try. Um And you're right, you do need a plan and I think people struggle with that, right? People don't know what to do and I don't know, I don't really have a solution for that.

Not knowing what to do. Sometimes can be very tricky. I'm just fortunate that I found the right people to plant ideas in my head and a lot of them I found on Tiktok top planting an idea in my head. And then I went out and I started talking to local uh credit millions in my area banks. I started asking them questions that I have. I heard someone talk about Tiktok and I literally walked up to them and say, hey, can you tell me about this particular high yield savings account? Like that's how you get started and you learn, but you gotta start somewhere and I'm, I'm telling you if you don't know where to go or what to do twitter tiktok, those are some good good places, man. As long as you're not following people that are gonna promise you that you're gonna get rich quick, you're gonna be okay,

yep. And people who are, you can, you can sense authenticity when you listen to somebody, right? You could sense it. If someone's wishy washy, if someone's saying one thing this week, the next thing the next week change their narrative or, or I don't know, there's like there's like certain type of creators, I just that I watch and it's something I just, you know, I don't, I really want to watch because you just tell some of them, don't you just feel that there's no identity I can name on my hand that people actually watch, right? And we had this discussion before. Like there's people out there that I'm like, I trust what you're saying. And then it motivates me. You actually make me feel like, man, I'm gonna learn this. I want to research this. Like you're teaching me something new, like, you know, and there's some people are just out there to make money off of people, right? Which is whatever, do whatever. You know, I'm not gonna hate anyone.

I'm not gonna knock anyone making their money whatever the case. If you're not you're scamming people,

whatever. I don't support

that. But yeah, do your own research. And I tell people don't don't ever invest because I say, so, take what I say, take what I say with salt and invest and do your own research and say all right, well, what I research adds up to what he's saying. Okay, makes sense. Oh, what he reads what he's saying doesn't really make sense or I don't agree with it. That's fine. Don't be like I love L. C. X. Don't buy because I like L. C. X.

If LCS loses, I lose too. So it's not like it's not like, you know what I'm saying? Like I'm saying is guaranteed to win. Like I know the risk that comes with it. I'm willing to take that risk that's just me documenting what I'm saying. You know what I mean? What I'm researching or quant

that's that's important I think. Mhm. State at all to my channel always say like this is what I'm doing. I'm not telling you to do anything. I'm not telling you research and this is what you get respect to people. How do you know if they're being honest with you or not? When they say something, okay now go research. Don't don't buy right away. You know I didn't buy else yet. Listen I didn't know a lot about else yet. You mentioned it and then I've just been watching it for at least like two or three months. I start doing some research on it.

I was like wow this actually like I actually I actually can see the vision right? And that's when you go okay now I'm gonna start trying to make it took me three months and I'm not saying that's the time here that everyone needs to do. But for me I spend multiple. I consumed so much crypto content. three months is a long time. I probably spend if there's 20 hours a day, half the day I'm looking at crypto stuff. Even at work when I'm driving it. Let's see 90 days over 90 plus hours of research that I've done on whatever I'm researching so do what do what works best for you as an individual. Um But when someone tells you something, just get it, use it as an idea, someone is giving you an idea. If you look at something, you it makes

you wonder, innovation makes you wonder why are they saying this? Okay, okay. So what they're saying, okay, do your own research and see for yourself. See if you come up with the same, the same thing that they're saying what their thoughts are and see if you have the same result. Oh, this makes me feel the same way of reading this. I feel the same way like me reading this, go, what the heck, This doesn't mean this, or this doesn't make me excited. You know what I'm saying? You get that when you do your own research, our job is concentrated just to throw ideas out there that the research that we did, and that's how we feel about it, and we're portraying what we feel about it, and you're supposed to consume it and then the audio listener, and then you can go, okay, let me see, let me go find out for myself. And then hopefully that inspires you to invest into it or make your own content on it. And now you become, you know what I'm saying? It's a domino effect. Now, you can create your own content about it and say this is what I think about it, and that's how the beautiful space about crypto is the new place to to document your journey to save your knowledge.

If you could consume information really well. If you're able to be motivational or whatever the case may be, you can impact the crypto space in so many different ways, in so many different ways, you can impact it.

You know, it's crazy. I think that's what wealthy when you go to, like the wealthy neighborhoods, I grew up in an area that's very, it's people who don't have a lot of people don't understand financial literacy. That's why, Right, as I got older, I started getting around people who had a little bit more and just being around them. When they say stuff, it sparks ideas and helps you get going. And wealthy neighborhoods, people grow who grew up there. They're around people who are always bringing up these ideas and this is why a lot of them are able to be successful because you're around a lot of successful people, their parents are successful around these people who know or have had experience with doing these people. And in crypto, if the people you're around in real life, your every day, no one's, you know, doing research and doing these things in crypto space, jumping on things like crypto, twitter, crypto tiktok, it's kind of like doing and being around these people every day every day when I open up Tiktok, I see cryptologic right there saying something, I see another creature that's saying something that's like my friends giving me ideas, then I take those ideas I do my own research and formulate my own opinion on it and then I can either go okay this is great, I'm going to do this or be no this is not for me right? There's plenty of projects that I think are solid but they're not for me, you know and Bitcoin has been one of them. I think Bitcoin is it's a great storage of wealth and I just don't own a lot right. It just doesn't work for me. I don't have a lot. But now with the prices coming out I might be interned, I might be entering into this space.

You know this is this is how it goes. That's why this this this market dip is is an opportunity that like you said it may not ever happen again, that may only happen one time again. But I can't speak for the future. I just, all I can do is speak for now right now I'm taking advantage of it. I'm locked in. I'm excited, I'm more motivated to work harder now right. You know I was buying a lot of these projects at a much higher prices when they're looking like this being

dollar cost averaging in buying bulk and I was buying a lot of these prices, Kwan I bought a lot initially at $77. That was my first ever Kwan ever bought. I buy I think two of them for $77 and I was like alright and I kept averaging $100. $100 like like like every week or every other week whatever man side house I was doing door dash and I was buying a few quant Within a month right? And then now it's like $40. I'm


but I'm not mad that it's down. I'm like man imagine

the guy that never

bought quant at all has the best opportunity to buy it right now and was like you know that's how it happens Now. I look at it. Well I could get to my target even faster now or I could lower my average I can get even more if I was buying at $77, why the heck would I not buy it at 40-44

and my

target faster.

This is another thing you need to pay attention to. When you look at crypto look at their market positions in their market caps, right? Every the whole market's going down. But if you notice that everything kind of stays in its current position for example. Bitcoin is still number one. As far as market cap ethereum is number two as far as market cap but It has lost $400 million. If you look at things like Quan, Quan is like 60, right? Even though the market is different, it's staining Now. This is a this is the flag that I look for. If you notice that the whole market's going down but it goes from like 63 to like 200, there could be something going on with this project. Right. Why is this project dropping significantly more than everything else?

It's not like falling down with the entire market. So I look at that. I pay attention to that if it's keeping its ranking, it's staying in his current position but it's losing value. I know that it's just a testament to the market. The market is bad. We're in a recession, inflation is high, right? War gas those things interest rate. All those things are the reason why it's going down. So in my opinion, this is still a good project. It's just a victim of circumstance I'm buying. It's not like okay the ceo got caught stealing, right? It's you know those types of events is where you might go, oh man, I don't know.

You know, you could change your opinion and I actually, personally, I had quite a bit of crypto dot com native token pro point and when they changed their staking rates in their car rewards and I don't I don't know if you personally use the platform but when they did that, I immediately sold my holdings in that because I now don't believe in their platform anymore. Right? That's the person they had to do an action. They changed the way they were optimized, no crypto dot com,

you don't believe in them anymore.

You know, as soon as that and I don't, I'm not saying that it's not a good project

for me, for

me personally, For me personally, I brought in crypto.com last November just before they blew, I think I brought in at 20 cents and they blew up to like 90 cents, right? I stayed, I stayed Micro for the Visa card. I liked the program that they had going on there like staking rewards. They took all that stuff away. They used to give you like free Spotify because they still, they still do that, but they're staking


cash back. They took that away and I'm like, you know, it's not for me, right? So that is something that makes me want to sell my bag. But let's say they kept all of those rewards, but their price just went down with the market. That doesn't make me want to sell. That just makes me want to reply back into that project. So I'm just like I said, I'm just sharing some of my logic when it comes to project and doing research. If I don't see something significantly changing with the organization that's running the project, I'm okay with continues to buy if the price is going down now if I see that the organization or the project, they're doing something shady or I don't like they're the way they're shifting focus or what they're doing for the future. That's when I would drop my back and I believe Kwan is still, it's just still a solid by. I hope it goes well. I'm being honest with you. I hope it goes to $25.

That would be a dream come


That's why are you still buying right now? Are you kind of holding off and waiting to see if we bought them out a little bit more? Are we gonna for 16,000?

I haven't purchased I haven't purchased any. I haven't well Bitcoin is a little bit different. I have I have a 401. I haven't purchased Bitcoin with my normal earnings from you know my salary and all the money I make extra. I've been buying Some of the same products but in the last 30 since the Carolina situation I haven't purchased anything right. I've been stacking up my cash and now I have a nice stack of cash.


yeah it's just sitting there. I'm just waiting and like I don't know when I'm gonna do it. I'm going to be dollar cost averaging is quite a bit of project. I'm kind of waiting for this quarter to be over. I want to see what the feds do right. And depending on that I'm gonna, if interest rates drop even they raise interest rates even more and things drop. I'm gonna be buying it right away. I'm just buying it then wait till I get paid again. Pay attention to certain projects. If they hit certain projects by it, I'm gonna keep buying it As far as Bitcoin is concerned though that is separate because if that goes down to 1516 $1000 I'd personally rather have Bitcoin than the little bit of money that I have in my four oh one K. I rather swap my four oh one K. Bitcoin.

That's me personally I'm not telling anyone to do this is not financial advice but I personally rather have Bitcoin getting a little bit of money that I have in my four oh one K. Because at the rate the rate that I'm going now I've been building this for one case for 10 years. So In 10 years the amount of money that's in there is I'm not gonna be a retirement it's not gonna do anything for me. And when I'm seven right that money ain't gonna do anything it's not in there. The value of money will be significantly lower. It's nuts. So I'd rather buy Bitcoin and hold I'd rather buy Bitcoin and hold it until I'm 70 than to keep the money that I have in there now. So that's my personal thing. I'm not telling anyone to do it. Everyone tells me that stupid I don't care right this is my personal finance, this is my personal finances that I worked hard for and I'm able to make this decision on my own and I encourage everyone to do that for themselves as well. But I mean that's that's only that's the only thing I'm saying about Bitcoin but I'm not really using my normal money for that. I'm just thinking about removing my for some at least half of my 41 game.

But it's a big, I think I'll be very excited to own 2 to 3 big


to three Bitcoin just hold it 20 years, right? That means if I sell, if I buy 2 to 3 Bitcoin right now and I sell it when I'm 50 I feel like when I'm 50, Bitcoin can be close to a million. That's me personally,


me personally right now and I'm not telling anyone else to do that. That's just what I think the value of big point is going to significantly increase, especially when uh you can't mind it anymore. It's just basically supply and demand situation. So look once again everyone, you gotta go out there, you gotta make your own plan, get a strategy together. But the main thing that you need to change the mentality the way you're thinking right? Stop being so scared, alright, You gotta stop being so scared. Think about where you want to be in the next 10 to 15 years. Do you want to still be working the same job, doing the same thing that you're doing now if you're doing that, you're you're a failure. I'm just be honest with you, you can't be doing the same thing you did 10 to 15 years ago, you have to level up in life, you have to level up male or female, you have to be leveling up. So why not take a chance at this opportunity? Right? Unless you got something better, if you got something better do that?

But if you don't, I would say, hey, listen, crypto is gonna be the way to go, take a chance, do the research, right, stack your money up, try to buy some of these good crypto assets and listen, if it works out, I'll just be happy for you, right? You know, somewhere in the world there's a guy out there, just happy that you made it. Someone made it out of the stroke. I don't, I'm not a hater. I'm not a hater. I like seeing regular people win. Regular people don't win most of the time. Regular people get taken advantage of. Regular people are the people that runs the world right? There's a wealthy elite that gets to sit up in this nice, beautiful company mansion and there's people out here digging wells, right? There's people slaving away to make our foods, you know, they're out there doing the hard work teaching our Children right? We're teaching our Children their ideologies to be slaves for them.

No, through that, I want to see the regular person actually have a decent chance of winning. So if you're out there, right? You hear what I'm saying right now, I believe in you right, I love you, I want you to succeed right? And by watching this podcast, you're already on the right step to get to that

point. I think that was beautifully sad. It's it's like one of those times were running out one of the last options in life right now. That's new this Blockchain technology, one of the last things in our lifetime that we're gonna have an opportunity opportunity to be on the early side of it and then the transition into the youth for use case of it, the whole world adopting it and you can invest into that technology. All you gotta do is is take, take advantage of this time and take actions. Make find a way to make capital and then research and then act accordingly from your research with the capital that you're making and you can, you'll be successful. I think it's happened before. It happened last year when people when the crypto market blew up from a bear market, just like we were

like man, I wish man, I wish I brought a third at $30. Right? Have you ever seen those people? Oh man, I wish I I wish I bought Bitcoin when it

was, it

was a dollar

Was a dollar. 2020.

Oh my God,



three bucks

dollar man B and B was like 50 cents a few years.

I don't think we'll get back to that. But

I know I know

a few 100 bucks it's the same

com step right? Imagine if something


even if you take you and because I think the market cap is going to increase anywhere between 5 to 7 trillion in the future. I don't think we're going to just sit at two trillion and that's it right we're gonna double that number next time and people understand how much a trillion dollars is

a trillion

dollars into this market. You know if you take a coin like v. XV next day, I if you take if you take that I think it has a $19 million jack. If that got to just one or two billion it would be like a freaking 900 X. Or something like that. It's crazy. So remember there's 1000 There's $1,000 billion dollars in a trillion. I hope I said that correct? It's a lot of freaking money. So you gotta understand that the market gets anywhere between $3456 trillion. A lot of people are going to become very wealthy off that

And people need to realize that when that happens, when we see a $67 trillion dollar market cap, There's more than likely not going to be 20,000 kryptos. A lot of these crypto wiped out, there's only gonna be a few 1000 in my opinion. A lot of crypto are going to get wiped off the face of the earth. How

Many are there right now? It's like what, 20,

20,000. Yeah a couple maybe to where now, where is that money going?


know what I'm saying? They're not it's not gonna be diversified between all these thousands and thousands of Kryptos.

Yeah. And and obviously there's still more, it won't be diversified anymore. Plus there will be additional what? +234 trillion more month million trillion dollars in there. So people are gonna really, I'm so happy. Like this is what keeps me, this is what keeps me motivated. I'm I'm just so I feel like I'm lucky, so lucky that I'm even here

in this space like

this is this is a this is a blessing, right? And that's why this just what's going on in the world. I'm not worried. I'm not scared. I'm hopeful. I know so many good things are on its way. We're going to remember this time period. We're gonna remember like, man, remember when everything crashed, Oh man, nobody wanted to buy. You know, there was like, oh, it's going to

zero and now they're gonna,

they're gonna be like, man, I wish, I wish I listened. Well, here's your opportunity, right? We're here now. Things are trash, make a plan, get your plan together right now and then, you know when it hits whatever price target you want start accumulating dollar cost averaging is just the best strategy to do right now. If it's got to be every week? Every two weeks? Whatever you got you can do it. You know, you just gotta believe in yourself, right do your research and uh I think good things are gonna come. I

agree with you. I just think there's, yeah bro there's so much, even the N. F. T. Market is down for anyone who's an N. F. T. S. There's some blue chip N. F. T. S.

That you can potentially buy.

Yeah so

there's there's opportunity out there if you have some capital. So that's all I'm saying. If you do research some people can fall in love and you can buy some blue chip ftse. Whereas it's still early. Like we said everything can go to zero and two just like crypto a lot of people are going to go to 00. But all I'm saying we're saying is just do your research, find your lane and find your people you want to ride with and and go with that journey with and if not do it alone. But I do say it is hard to go alone. But if you could find some like minded people I would highly suggest you do so because you're gonna need it because it's only gonna get worse right now. It's going to get worse before it gets better. That's one of the things I'm gonna say about this is because it's true we've seen it in historic times before in history. It's going to get worse. This is not the worst that we're seeing it's going to get significantly worse before it gets way better.

When it becomes better, it's gonna be something that we're like, wow, it's gonna be beautiful that transition of what we're seeing now and then go plunge into darkness and then we're going to see a beautiful light in the future. I don't know how long does it take? Two years, three years. Just gotta be

patient, Right?

But it's going to get nasty. We've already seen it now. People are freaking out over gas prices, people freaking out over food. There's food shortages, there's so much war, there's literally a war going on. Just wait, Just wait until then, obviously the gun laws are going on. Just wait until the politics come back into play. That's coming in two years already, that's going to be a whole

nother there's there's a midterm election now, so you're going to see something happen for that

and then the presidency,

it's gonna it's gonna jump again and then you're gonna see something happening. That's why you just got to stay focused. It's

gonna be, it's gonna be nasty. I think in the next couple of years. I mean, nasty. I think it's because we're gonna have so much divide. So much anger, so much hate going on in the world. The market is going to reflect off of that. People are going to go through a lot of tough times. People get laid off. People are gonna not be able to afford anything, They

won't be able to afford to stay in your current apartment. Like people are getting priced out of the place they live and that's that. You know that's a problem.

And you have to do your best to do your research, stay vigilant and it'll be worth it if you are able to find a way to build a side hustle, find a new skill, learning skill, do something, make extra cash and wait for that. Either dog cost averaging or waiting for these numbers to come in. There's dates that the federals rivers setting out. Just

pay attention.

You see a Bitcoin at 33,000. You'll see everything else will follow suit. You'll see if you can dip under 1000 you'll see coin go to 35 bucks. 30 bucks. There's some opportunity there. You know what I mean?

Listen, I'm looking I'm licking my chops. I don't I don't want obviously I don't like the fact that people are losing their jobs and things like that. Obviously I have no control that right? I can't control that. The one thing I can control though is listen, if I see these opportunities, I'm gonna take advantage of it. Just think of it. Forget crypto right? Take take any other asset in life. If if the housing market crashed and you saw a beautiful house that was $300,000 and it dropped to 50. Are you not gonna buy it right? You're gonna go it's gonna go to zero. No you're still gonna buy it, you know why you're gonna buy, you're gonna be either they want to live in it right?

You're gonna use it the utility that the house provides or b you're gonna hold on to because you know that some people always gonna have you know that You know the housing market is going to recover itself, you're gonna buy hold onto and you're gonna be able to sell the car. So you got to think of it the same way same thing of its car, you buy a car you know for $20,000 and then that car drops to $500. Do you sell it? No you keep your car man, it has utility, you know what this car can provide you know shoot I might possibly buy another one at that price

point. Yeah

that would be crazy though, right? Your house drops in price, you go oh no man the housing market price, sell your house. You don't see by the way you don't really see too many people doing that. Like even though I know the house, I don't think the housing market it's crashing but if it was crashing, people are not rushing

right now houses are overpriced right now.

Yeah but would you sell your home? No I'm holding onto my you hold through that,

you sell for a profit, you don't sell when it's going down, you sell for a profit

correct, correct?


don't losing, you don't lose until you sell it, man. So you just gotta have, you gotta, you just gotta keep doing your research. It's gonna be rough. Like what john says, it's hard. Um but I don't know what, I don't know what's different between me and you, john, but we're just not, me and john is not scared. We're not worried. We're just, we're optimistic. You know, we're careful, but we're optimistic. We know like hey this thing is probably gonna get worse. But as we see this, we know, hey, there's an opportunity that we can not afford to let go by because we know we believe so much in the projects that we're buying and we've done enough research in them that we know that hey, this technology is not going away, it's not going anywhere. This technology is gonna take over everywhere. So what we're going to do, we're just gonna be patient.

We're going to find the right opportunities were gonna keep buying in, We're gonna go out there, we're gonna get new skills, we're gonna make as much money as we can and we're gonna be dumping it here. We're not gonna dump our money into a new T. V. We're not going to dump our money into a brand new pair of jordans right now, right? Those things provide no value to your life, a new television, a new pair of shoes, other, other useless things. We're not buying. Those were buying assets

that potentially

change our lives. Well this is what people do, right. TVs are going

down, going out,

just wasted. Just just throwing it away or you're throwing that money away that you never be able to get back for anything. So why not throw it into something that could potentially, you know, 5, 10, 2050 x facts.

Yeah brother. Hey, I had to bring you honestly because this was like the perfect time. I just felt like this is the perfect time to have this type of conversation. I just didn't think it was the time to just talk about what to buy. You know, I had a real, real deep conversation about the state that we're in and address it because a lot of people want to hear this stuff and I don't think that many people out there are doing this right. Everyone's always just trying to make content for clicks and likes whatever and and trying to say, oh well I'm saving grace during this time. This token is gonna make you rich nah, we're talking about real stuff that you can get up and do and put yourself in position to put you where you do your own research and change your life and live life on your own terms. We're not telling you do anything. We're not telling you to go by.

This token

is doing this. This token is doing that, right. This type of podcast is designed to get you to motivate you to say, hey, there's two people here that are in the same boat as you were doing the

same, we're

researching stacking money, we're hustling, going out there trying to make whatever we can, every dollar we can and then waiting for these reports to come in and see what happens right. They could delay, they could make things, it could send us a little pump or they can say, yep, we're raising rates again and this is the reports were technically in a recession, officially in recession where everything's gonna go right down

and we we know we're charlie that we know that reports, there's a high possibility that my life was more than likely. Yeah. Oh shoot,

no, it's not good when you say yo so the zoom cut us off again, but I might have him give him his proper goodbye or, and everything like that because I know the zoom thing is so dumb that they cut us off every 40 minutes, so this, you know, so let them know where they can find you. I'm gonna link everything in the description on all the audio platforms services, they're gonna be a link to all of J two JJ 2 J

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Yes sir. I will be posting every of his links in the description on Youtube. All the Spotify Apple guys, please go follow this man guy, spits facts and I see you're growing your textile, hit two K, hit that two

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