"Vitalik proposes privacy-focused stealth addresses." Jan 23, 2023 - Transcripts

January 23, 2023

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It's 8am Eastern January the 23rd and this is your daily crypto report. Bitcoin is up slightly at $22,936, Ethereum is down slightly at $1,636 and Binance Coin is down slightly at $305. Well Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin has taken to a research blog to propose stealth addresses to enhance Ethereum's privacy, writing that privacy is one of the largest remaining challenges in the Ethereum ecosystem. The stealth address idea is based on a system that would allow any wallet to generate cryptographically hidden public addresses to receive funds in a private manner. These addresses would be accessed using a special code called a spending key, giving users the same privacy properties as generating a fresh address for each transaction. He also suggested using ZK's snarks to boost the privacy of the system and make it difficult to link the stealth addresses. This added layer of privacy gets around Ethereum's all-public basis without the regulatory concerns of interacting with mixers like TornadoCash. Speaking of TornadoCash, coming the other way on privacy, Chainway has released a tool for TornadoCash that will let users maintain the privacy of their transactions through the mixer and still prove their deposited funds were not from a list of wallets containing stolen funds. A tool is called Proof of Innocence, it's designed for legitimate users who prioritize privacy, Chainway described itself as a Web3 venture builder. While the poll on Uniswap has showed 80% support for the decentralized exchanges moved to the B&B chain, over 20 million uni were staked by community members to cast their votes, that number is impressively the biggest number for the whole Uniswap governance history. The temperature check vote will probably lead to a real vote, the chain move could help the platform unlock over a million new users and unlock a billion in liquidity from the Binance ecosystem, with the proposer Plasma Labs saying deploying the B&B chain could help Uniswap tap into the growing popularity of DeFi in the Binance ecosystem, B&B chain offers unique features such as staking and cross-chain support that could enhance Uniswap V3's functionality. And finally, the Central African Republic has put together a committee to draft a crypto bill, the country adopted Bitcoin as legal tender last spring and now wants to lay the groundwork for wider crypto adoption.

The groups involved include the Ministry of Mines and Geology, Ministry of Water, Forests, Hunting and Fishing, and the Ministry of Agriculture, according to a press release. The president said the technology was a unique opportunity for economic and technological development. Well, that's all for us today, visit us at dailycryptoreport.io for sources and links

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