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Lean With Plants Mantra’s and mindsets Mantra’s and mindsets

This week we're talking about mindset, particularly challenging your thoughts by using positive affirmations and mantras. I'll dive deep in to how our default thought patterns and internal dialogue can sometimes be very negative. I hope this episode will give you some hope to believe change is possible, because even though we may not have control over the thoughts our brains are telling us, we can have 100%  control and influence on how we respond them.

7 Habits of highly effective people by Stephen R Covey
Man’s search for meaning by Victor E Frankl
Atomic Habits by James Clear 

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Weight Loss For Women: eat more, train less, get results #154 - Recovery, HRV and Cardio with Libby Wescombe #154 - Recovery, HRV and Cardio with Lib...

Libby has been on the podcast a few times before. I would definitely recommend going back and listening to those episodes (and go follow her on Instagram!). She’s smart, hot as Fk 🤣 and a perfect example of how you can look great naked and be healthy. Plus she's super knowledgeable on all things muscle, recovery, and HRV...just love her.

In this episode, Libby and I discuss:
➡️Why thinking of things as an end game isn’t helpful
➡️Having data points in lifestyle to check on health and wellness
➡️Energy availability for recovery
➡️How you don’t actually build muscle in the gym
➡️Part of building muscle is recovery
➡️How the nervous system facilitates or hinders recovery
➡️The advantages of getting into the recovery state after you train
➡️What you can do to improve your recovery
➡️The benefits of breathwork (and how to do it)
➡️How stress impacts recovery
➡️What HRV is
➡️Finding a balance between training and recovery
➡️How to track HRV (and why)
➡️HRV and inflammation
➡️Zone 2 cardio training and why its helpful for recovery
➡️How much aerobic activity to do per week
➡️Correct technique and recovery

And more!

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Kitty Blomfield @kittyblomfield
Libby Wescombe @libbywescombe

06:25 - Proactive tracking instead of reactive tracking
07:07 - How stability helps with recovery 
08:02 - Why focusing on the basics is so important 
11:18 - The importance of having a routine and being consistent
13:30 - Developing tracking skills
17:59 - Stress, alcohol, and binge eating
19:18 - The energy game
19:40 - How you can look good and feel great 
21:24 - Why having more muscle is important 
23:26 - Recovery and having enough energy for it
24:17 - When do you build muscle?
26:04 - What are sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems 
28:11 - Recovery after training
32:06 - Other things to improve your recovery so you can build more muscle
33:53 - How breath work helps you with recovery
37:20 - Simple things to do after training
37:49 - How stress impacts recovery
47:07 - Asking for help
48:31 - Why you should stop focusing on things you can't control
49:06 - How journaling helped Libby 
54:59 - Being present and in the moment
56:38 - The best way to track HRV
01:01:49 - What HRV is and its connection with inflamation
01:03:49 - Cardio
01:06:27 - How much aerobic activity to do per week
 01:07:10 - Window of tolerance
01:08:00 - Correct technique to improve recovery
01:12:28 - Sprinting and HIIT
01:16:58 - Determine your stressors and what fills your cup
01:18:05 - The connection between Inflamation and recovery
01:19:25 - Building resilience


Delicious Ways to Feel Better Manifesting, creating your dream life and apoptogenic mushrooms with Roxie Nafousi Manifesting, creating your dream life an...
I’m joined by self-development coach, manifesting expert, and author, Roxie Nafousi. Roxie turned her life around by practising manifestation and shifting her mindset. She is deeply committed to helping others see the infinite power that lies within them so that they can create the lives they desire. We discuss: What manifesting is and why it can change your life The importance of being clear on your priorities The myth of willpower and discipline from a place of self-compassion How sitting in discomfort is the way forward Why letting go and stepping into the unknown is a power move How to cultivate self-trust and self-love Each week I unpack a wellness trend with GP Gemma Newman. This week on Fact or Fad we’re looking at apoptogenic mushrooms – are they healthful or overhyped? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit