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The Charlie Kirk Show Could Your Family be Next on the FBI’s Hit List? With Doug Mastriano and Alex Marlow Could Your Family be Next on the FBI’s H...

On this episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, Charlie and guest Alex Marlow, editor-in-chief of Breitbart News detail some bombshell new reporting live on The Charlie Kirk Show regarding the unbelievable, and illegal tactics of Soros funded "Good Info Project" soliciting TikTok influencers to creat content to help sway the midterm elections. Next, Charlie has Pennsylvania gubernatorial candidate Doug Mastriano on to talk about the horrifying story that happened in his state of Pennsylvania over the weekend, where a pro-life dad, Mark Houck, was raided by 30 armed FBI agents in front of his wife and 7 kids. Could you be next as Biden's FBI and DOJ ratchets up their attacks on conservatives?

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Anderson Cooper 360 Hurricane Ian forecast called “near worst-case scenario” for Tampa area Hurricane Ian forecast called “near wors...

Hurricane Ian has strengthened to a Category 2 storm as it barrels toward Florida with a meteorologist at the National Weather Service saying it could be “something we haven’t seen in our lifetime.” The current forecast track has Ian heading toward the Tampa Bay region and officials are saying the area could see 10 to 15 inches of rain. CNN Meteorologist Tom Sater joins AC360 to give the latest on the storm’s track and how dangerous the storm surge could be.

Plus, a NASA spacecraft has successfully slammed into an asteroid called Dimorphos in hopes of changing the asteroid’s speed and path in space, a first test of a way of literally saving planet earth from extinction. Astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson tells AC360 what NASA will do to determine if they successfully changed the asteroid’s direction.

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CNN 5 Things 10 PM ET: Student loan relief costs, DART asteroid space mission, Braves visit White House & more 10 PM ET: Student loan relief costs, DAR...

Hurricane Ian is now a Category 2 storm as it heads for Cuba and prompts evacuations in Florida. The Congressional Budget Office gave its estimate of how much cancelling some student loan debt in the US will cost. More than a dozen people are dead and many more injured in a shooting at a school in Russia. A NASA spacecraft crashed into an asteroid in a mission to prove its potential capability to protect Earth. Lastly, President Joe Biden welcomed the Atlanta Braves at the White House to celebrate their 2021 World Series win. 

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