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Blocked and Reported Episode 149: The NYT Restarts Trans Kids Discourse And A Dimes Square Movie Gets Canceled For Transphobia And Matt Gaetz Is G** Episode 149: The NYT Restarts Trans Kids...

In this week’s record-shattering episode of Blocked & Reported:

* The epidemic of white women transforming into Native Americans continues

* Katie: “I love Chris Rufo. I want to hug and kiss him”

* Recurring COVID whistleblower/serial fabulist tries to make Matt Gaetz into Matt G**tz

* Chuck Tingle, inexplicably, comes up somehow???

* NYT (re)starts the discourse on trans children in school

* Drama at The Music Box when an indie film gets canceled

* The rat king of circlejerks takes place in Dimes Square

The NYT’s “When Students Change Gender Identity, and Parents Don’t Know”

The Road to Terfdom

A representative tweet from close personal friend of the podcast Jeet Heer

NYT Opinion: “Trans Kids Deserve Private Lives, Too”

An Instagram post from Chase Strangio

What is Dimes Square?

Peter Thiel’s “anti-woke” film festival

A privated twitter account says something about the movie, IDK

Air Mail’s Downtown Set

*I never bothered to check if this true but it sounds convincing, and that’s what matters.

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The 11th Hour with Stephanie Ruhle DAY 758: Videos released in fatal beating of Tyre Nichols DAY 758: Videos released in fatal beatin...
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