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Armstrong & Getty On Demand Plucky and Surly Plucky and Surly
Hour 1 of Tuesday's A&G: A listener is mad at Jack for stepping on his favorite show open. A stumble from the new Press Secretary. How the media is seizing the narrative in the wake of the Buffalo shooting.  See for privacy information.


CNN 5 Things 9 AM ET: FDA's formula plan, House investigates UFOs, Lyft racist video & more 9 AM ET: FDA's formula plan, House inves...
The FDA says it’s reached a deal to get a troubled Michigan baby formula plant back up and running, and the American Academy for Pediatrics changes some advice on cow’s milk. As news emerges that the deadly Buffalo shooting was planned, one manager says she saw the suspect the day before. A deadly cholera outbreak in Pakistan has infected thousands amid record temperatures. A House panel today is looking into UFOs - we’ll tell you the details. And we’ll also tell you why one Lyft driver wouldn’t accept a ride. To learn more about how CNN protects listener privacy, visit