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Big Brains From Green Burials To DIY Funerals, How Death In America Is Changing With Shannon Lee Dawdy From Green Burials To DIY Funerals, How...
What does our relationship with the dead tell us about the living? Anthropologists learn about ancient cultures by studying their burial sites, but could we do the same with contemporary America? Those are the questions that University of Chicago anthropologist and historian Shannon Lee Dawdy set out to answer in her new book, American Afterlives: Reinventing Death In The Twenty-first Century. What she uncovered was a discreet revolution happening around American death rituals and practices, especially the rise in cremation after the tragedies of Sept. 11. According to one funeral director, there have been more changes in the death industry in the last ten years than the last hundred. And those changes reveal all sorts of societal and cultural shifts in response to climate change, COVID-19 and the personalization of everything, including DIY funerals and green burials.


The Psychology Podcast Todd Rose (Part II) || Collective Illusions Todd Rose (Part II) || Collective Illus...

Today we welcome Todd Rose, the co-founder and president of Populace, a nonprofit think tank that works to find solutions to redistribute opportunity, so all people have the chance to live fulfilling lives in a thriving society. Prior to Populace, he was a faculty member at Harvard University where he founded the Laboratory for the Science of Individuality and directed the Mind, Brain, and Education program. Todd is the best-selling author of Dark Horse and The End of Average. and his most recent book is called Collective Illusions.

For part two of our interview, I talk to Todd Rose about collective illusions. Humans are a tribal species, prone to conformity. In a lot of instances, we will act according to what our in-group wants rather than what we want as individuals. Ironically, Todd's research shows that we make poor inferences about the majority consensus. Failing to recognize collective illusions can have negative consequences on our identities, relationships, values, and society. To avoid falling into conformity traps, Todd encourages us to live congruent private and public lives that adhere to our personal convictions.


Twitter: @ltoddrose



03:10 What is a collective illusion?

06:16 Social media and perceived consensus

13:38 Self-fulfilling political polarization

19:10 Socializing the concept of collective illusions

20:49 Gender bias in politics

22:59 Conformity traps in groups and relationships

28:15 Do republicans think the 2020 elections were rigged?

31:32 Preference falsification and manipulation

36:22 The need for belonging and self-expression

38:26 False expectations distort relationships

39:48 Congruence, positive deviance, and authentic responsibility

46:54 Norms as checking mechanisms


Stuff To Blow Your Mind The Facsimile, Part 2 The Facsimile, Part 2
It’s easy to take document duplication for granted in our modern age, but our digital ease follows centuries of mechanical innovation and millennia of human specialization in the form of the scribe. In this Stuff to Blow Your Mind two-parter, Robert and Joe explore the history and invention of the facsimile. See for privacy information.