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The Brendan O'Neill Show Michael Shellenberger: In defence of the deplorables Michael Shellenberger: In defence of the...
Michael Shellenberger, author of San Fransicko and Apocalypse Never, talks to Brendan O’Neill about the fightback against the green elites.

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The Data Scientist Show The Daliana Special: how did I got into data science, 5 things only experienced data scientists know, and why I started "The Data Sicentist Show" - Daliana Liu #057 The Daliana Special: how did I got into...
Who is Daliana? This is a conversation I had in 2021 with Harpreet Sahota. I talked about my unexpected journey to data science all the way back in high school, things I wish I could know earlier about my career, the projects I worked on, what is like to be a quote-and-unquote influencer on Linkedin, and more. If you want more content from me, I write about data science and career nerdy jokes, on my Linkedin and you can subscribe to my very infrequent newsletter at I’m curious what you think about this episode, leave a comment on YouTube or send a DM on Linkedin. Hope you enjoy the Daliana special!  Daliana's Newsletter: Daliana's Twitter: Daliana's LinkedIn: Harpreet's LinkedIn: The artist of the data science podcast: (00:00:00) Introduction (00:02:52) Where did Daliana grow up (00:05:19) Daliana in highschool (00:07:11) How did she got into data science (00:11:36) Why is writing important for data scientist (00:15:51) How to write better (00:20:56) Career lessons you didn't learn in school (00:27:40) Imposter syndrome (00:31:29) Day-to-day work as a data scientist (00:36:16) Most common mistakes data scientists make (00:39:41) Data Analyst vs. Data Scientist (00:42:30) What is the science in data science? (00:44:51) Can everyone be a data scientist (00:49:21) Linkedin profile tips for job search (00:52:59) How she creates content (00:54:11) Being a data scientist "influencer" (00:56:04) Why she started "the data scientist show" (01:01:16) Women in data science (01:06:39) What's her legacy (01:09:43) What is she reading (01:14:21) Connect with Daliana


a16z Podcast Rearchitecting the Supply Chain Rearchitecting the Supply Chain
In today’s episode, we have a special treat. Flexport’s CEO and Founder, Ryan Peterson, chats with a16z Growth Editor Das Rush. They start with the question of why Ryan has chosen – of all the problem spaces to work on – improving the resiliency of the supply chain. They cover just how complex the supply chain is in the era of ecommerce, evolving customer expectations, and ultimately how we can rearchitect our supply chain to meet them. Given the holiday shopping coming up, you won’t want to miss this.