104. Is Humanity Going to “Make It”? A Critical Deep Dive on Utopia, Dystopia, and the Role of Optimism - Transcripts

March 29, 2022

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I hope this episode leave you feeling a bit more...hopeful.
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Welcome to flow with Armand Asadi Alright, this one's gonna be, it's meant to be a little uplift, er I think we all need a little bit of


up because the world is really, really, really giving us every reason to just


up and say fuck it and sit down and not do anything and not give a funk about anything anymore, because it really just oftentimes


like it's all going to ship it, doesn't it? And I'm here to tell you

that it's not,

I'm here to tell you that regardless of

everything that

you are seeing in front of you, on the news, on social media, what your friends are saying, What's your mama's parents, anybody saying your your milkman is saying about how well we're all just gonna kill each other anyway, and the whole world is gonna end and we're gonna nuke each other and obliterate each other into nothingness.

I'm here to

say we're not and that not only should we have hope, but we should

actually be excited, optimistic, looking forward to

the future that is unfolding and I know

this is a bit of a crazy

proposition. So let me explain myself

everywhere. We

look, we are being told that the world is ending that things are worse than they've ever been

and this episode

is not one of these


on why the world is actually better than it's ever been, because there's plenty of ted talks for that and there's plenty of


comments and twitter threads of people arguing why that is not

the case so

On and so forth, there are books on this topic and um I lean towards the idea that for sure over the last 50 to 100 years in particular, over the last 10 years, the world is better than it has ever been. Progress is being

made every

single year,

quick, quick actual

example. I mean, life before the industrial revolution, if we were born during that time would be absolutely shit. We would, if we had Children, our Children, most of our Children would not

survive pregnancy

Or would not make it till even age 10. We ourselves would be lucky to make it to age 40. I mean the types of existential threats, we would probably die in a duel or war or something like that. If we were a man, if we were a woman would have some sort of like I said pregnancy issue and and and the whole thing was just you know, starvation,

famine, disease, plague all kinds

of stuff. The world has gotten a lot lot better,

I think we

all know that. So let's just establish

that fact first. But all that aside, there is this idea that is really being perpetuated over and over and over again. I keep noticing it come up all the time when I talk to people, whenever I talk to people about the future, the first thing that typically people like to

say is, but we're not going to

make it. So the purpose of this episode is to ask a very

simple question.

Are we going to make it? Are we

going to make it? It's funny and crypto culture, you may know this, but if you don't I'll explain it. There's two really funny popular phrases.

There's wag me W A G

M I it's an acronym, and N G M I N G M I stands for not going to make it, which is thrown around and people who just don't get it, don't get the space or so on and so forth. Like they're just behind and wag me, we're all going to make it, which is,

you know, obviously

thrown around in general on a macro level to just say generally we're going to make it as a space, we're going to make it as an industry.

But I

believe in general

we as a species as human

beings are going to

make it. So why do I believe that? Well, first and foremost, because I have to

there's not enough people that aren't

and I kind of say that jokingly, but I really do mean that seriously? I think that being an optimist

is one of the most important choices a person can make in

life. I believe that the future is built and

created and shaped by optimists,

not cynical

types or pessimists, but by optimists, the

people that create the world? Are those people that have to imagine it? It is so easy to believe to build to see a dystopian future that looks

like many of the movies that we've

all watched. It's easy

because we have

movies, we have the past to lean on, we have the the famine that we've seen. We have the wars

that we've seen, we have

the genocide that we've

seen and

now we have you know movies that have shaped what dystopian technological

dystopian worlds are gonna

look like when

all of a sudden ai and robotics goes to a whole new level and it's terminator.


I mean all the dystopian movies we've ever seen right?

We have

examples of that already.

How many movies have you seen?

And examples have you seen

of a beautiful future? Can you actually even think of a single

1? Let me actually ask myself can I think of a single

movie with a beautiful future? I don't think I can, I mean even Star Wars

for example is like

about this,

I mean literally like intergalactic wars between good and

evil now to a certain degree. I believe that that's true. I believe that we'll always have the polarity of two sides and two sides is so binary. So on

off so black and white so yin and yang

but it is a part of the universe? There is an aspect to life itself

that is very binary. That is very on off, that is

very good evil and I think that will always

exist to a certain

point and I don't believe in a utopia

by any stretch of the imagination.

I don't believe in a

world where everything is just perfect

because a world where everything is perfect has nothing to do. And if there's nothing to do, human beings

will create chaos

if things are too perfect, the the idea of

perfection is just stupid. It

it shouldn't

exist. It doesn't exist in nature. It doesn't exist anywhere else. And for

us to seek

toward perfection and ultimate Utopia

is a flawed idea. But to want a certain amount of harmony and to want what

Kevin kelly, the futurist and co founder of Wired magazine, who I've interviewed on the show

twice. Kevin

kelly is his name. If you just google kevin kelly and Armand Asadi

kevin kelly calls it proto pia. This is a utopia. This is not this is not your typical utopia. This is the idea of utopia, but progress progress

toward better

progress toward constant

iterative improvement on a daily, weekly, monthly, yearly basis.

A society that continues to simply evolve, which I believe we are so many people say,

we don't learn from history.

We're repeating

our cycles. I

don't agree with that. I believe that it might look like that in the micro, in the small, you know, when you look at life

Across a time horizon of 5 to 10 years, it looks like that. Same thing applies with investing by the way, when

you look you see

volatility. But if you look at the stock market over 100 years, what

do you see up into the right? Even if you look at crypto over, you

Know, the span of over 10 years, what do

you see up and way to the right? But if you look

at crypto over the span of a

year, what do you see absolute fucking chaos? Okay, What we are attempting to build here is a positive future where we are all

progressing and

what that takes is people on an individual basis who actually want believe and can envision a future of balance and

harmony and progress.

And therefore I feel compelled. I Armada Saudi feel compelled. I feel a responsibility as a human being, as a citizen of the world, to believe in a good future to believe that

we are progressing to

believe that we're all going to make it As you see, as I lay this out, There is no other choice because what do most people do? They look to society? They look to the external world. We look to the macro the geopolitics and we say, well fuck, I can't control this. I don't have any impact on this. I can't

stop this war from

happening. I can barely do anything. I feel hopeless, I feel useless. It feels futile to even try

and to that. I would

say, you're mostly right. You can't change the world, but you can change your view of the world very

important and

subtle nuance. What happens when you change your view of the world, is that one x 1

through a

grassroots network effect? You

change the world

i in this moment, not to take credit

for this, but to just give an

example of it i in this moment by sharing this idea with you, I am creating a positive effect on the people listening to this. That might change and shape the way they feel that would therefore then lead them to changing their beliefs

about the future, that we're not

going to nuke each

other to nothingness

to dust. And then we're actually going to get through all this and it's all part of the journey that this is all stuff we have to work out anyway, which is true,

isn't it?

Like did you just expect this stuff to not happen? I don't think anybody did. It's just that when it happens, it sucks. So again by somebody listening to this to my voice that has belief, even when it seems

like there's no reason

to believe anymore, even when it's starting to look like it's all going to shit by saying no, it's not and that we're actually moving

in the right direction and that we're going to be okay and then we're going to make

it and then we have to have hope always and stay optimistic. That

changes the game. That changes one person who changes another, who changes three, who changes seven and so on and so

forth. That is

why, and I know this this quote is often misinterpreted and there's and there's our anyway, I won't even mention that

stuff. That is why the quote

that if we want to change the world, we have to start with ourselves, right Gandhi first

said this. If you want to see change

in the world, you have to change

yourself. That is why quotes like this exists. That is why great leaders over the last few 1000 years have all said the same thing. They've all said the exact same thing that we cannot change the world by

trying to to

get involved with the political

situation and by brute

force trying to change how these things play out, and by the way that is somebody's role, somebody's

role, and the way that they can make best impact is to be the best version of themselves to play at their full potential and commit their life

to politics and

policy and making change

in some

arena, that ultimately is net positive for the world, and that's a beautiful thing.

But ultimately, they still did it by beginning with themselves by getting clear on their beliefs, by having an optimistic view of the world, of

the nature of reality,

of where the future is going. And then, and only then are they

able to step into the

arena and fight for what they believe

in, that's what I'm

doing, that's what you're doing. I know

you're doing that because there's no way you're listening to this podcast and you're with me, you know, over 100 episodes

in, depending on

where you got in with me,

there's no way you're listening to me, who doesn't suck

around with this stuff

if you don't already believe that, if you don't

already have this view of the

world and if you don't,


you are in a space where

you are feeling overwhelmed, depressed


it's just all too much and you don't have any


I'm here to say it's time to have some hope.

I'm here to say you have no choice,

I need you, the world needs you, you need

you, it's that


You want change. You want to see a better world, believe it, see it close your eyes, envision it. That's the only way, that's really, truly the only way thoughts create beliefs,

create language and create behavior.



a very simple

Zoroastrian sayings, Zoroastrianism, for those of you that don't know,

is the

first monotheistic religion, The first religion that went from and we were in a time back, you know, five plus 1000 years ago, uh, with the Egyptians and with many polytheistic religions where there was belief in many gods, the sun God, you know, the water god,


weather God, whatever it was a god for

everything. Then

Zara stir came around and essentially started

the framework

for what became

the model for all the

abrahamic religions you might think what a fucking tangent Armand but hey, I might as well share anyway,


model for all these abrahamic religions came from the idea that there's one God, let's just say this one

infinite power,

This one source, right? And so is Dorothy came around said there's a good and an evil heaven and hell a god and the devil and lo and behold all of a sudden there is this


in this

uh entity, this energy

of one

god, the first

Religion to believe in one

god. And again, this is thousands and thousands of years ago and there's not a lot of

text to not a lot of documents, not a lot of text to go back and look on when it comes to the religion of Zoroastrianism. But there is

one thing

and you know what it is. It's very simple, it's a saying and simple saying

how to live a good life, What is the 10ant of this religion?

What are the rules? Are very simple, good thoughts, good words, good deeds.

I believe that there is way more depth to this

statement than we

realize that you could argue that the beginnings of the idea of reality

and creation and

even being and becoming the best version

of yourself are

rooted reaching your potential are rooted in this phrase, good

thoughts, good words,

good deeds,


reality is created with the individual,

the self

you and I and it begins with our thoughts, so to control our thoughts. We have to be aware of what we focus on the information that we allow into

our minds. You've probably heard me talking about this on instagram and ranting about it like a

lunatic. Pay attention, have an information diet, go

on an information

diet. You

may have heard me mention my

second iphone the one with no apps on it that I used

during the weekends and that I

intend to use for them. And I'm working my way towards using the majority

of the time. You may have heard

me say that. Why? Because I have realized that my fucking brain and my ideas and my mind is getting hijacked by this abundance of

information that is on the

one hand, insanely useful.

I'm referring to the internet here in social media and the news

and the apps on my phone insanely useful. And on the other hand is sabotaging me is sabotaging my mind is changing my mind and making me changing my mindset and my thoughts making me scared, making me nervous, making me fearful. Which what does that do? What does that do? That makes me feel down That makes me lose hope. What does that do? Well, good thoughts, good words. What does that do? It changes my words, It changes my beliefs. If I start to believe that everything is going to shit. Guess what? It changes my behavior.

All it takes is a thought to change your entire behavior. I mean, you know this with anything that you've ever done. If you believe that you're a healthy person, what do you do? You

talk like a healthy person

and you eat like a healthy person. You exercise

like a healthy person.

If you say I'm going to live to be 150 200 years old, what if you if you believe that and you say that, what would you do? You would eat healthy, You would exercise, you would, you would research longevity and health span longevity. You would commit your life to that and you would have this belief. If you get ill that it's

temporary, you'd be like, oh man, I got ill. I got this. I got

that. I have some disease.

I have cancer. Well, okay,

this is temporary. I have to

get through this. This too

shall pass, Right? If you didn't have that belief. If you

were like, oh, I'm gonna die young and fuck it anyway. What

what happens? The first thing that happens to you? You your behavior, what would your behavior be? You kind of give up? You know, the doctor would be like, this is your, this is your diagnosis. This is it. Would you go

run to another state

and see another doctor who's well

recognized in helping

you with that? No, you'd accept it. Right? So your thoughts change your words

and they change your

reality. They change your

behavior. Why

do I say all this? Where is this going? It's everything. The root of what I'm talking about. It's all tied together your decision


be an optimist about reality, about the world, about the nature of human beings and where society is going is the most important


believing in a harmonious future,

an abundant

future. Where you get to do what you love, where you are, a global citizen, who gets to travel the world

with your

family, making money, you know, just beautiful life of experience

and joy

however you envision it, that's on you, that's on us. That

starts with

each and every

one of us and it starts

with what we believe, what we think,

which will shape our

words and

will shape our behavior which will shape our collective

reality. This has to be the

most important thing.

And we all

need to talk about it. We all

Need to support one each other in it. In these

really, really difficult times, is when we

really need to

double down on our beliefs. So

if you

aren't around people that think this way, get around them. And if you


well, that's what I'm here for. We have to create a community of people that think this way that support these ideas to support one another because there's not enough of this out there. I hope you enjoyed this, Let me know your thoughts, shoot me a DM I would love to know. And uh you know, you can always tweet at me as well. And

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