106. Is the World Collapsing? How to Create Financial Security, Sanity, & Peace of Mind in a Scary, Unpredictable World - Transcripts

June 14, 2022

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Welcome to flow

with Armand Asadi. Welcome, Welcome my beautiful people. It's good to be with you, it's been a minute, I missed you and I'm excited to dive into


conversation with you and explore um something that I have been


with um

that is really a

present theme right now and

in many ways

that is what this podcast has

become. It's become a platform and

an opportunity for us to have a conversation

and for me to explore

these problems that I think are quite common. The types of things that a lot of us

deal with and think about and to work together

um to

examine these things and selfishly for me and probably

even for you to tap into a bit of

a flow state

as we

explore these ideas

and get into these conversations and

in particular a lot of the themes

that we've obviously been exploring come down to to fulfillment to freedom under the umbrellas of philosophy and psychology and today is no different because

this episode finds

us at an incredible juncture at an incredible time

in the

world. In particular. The macro landscape has been

very bleak, very

heavy and depending on how old you are, this may be uh the first time you've been in a position

where you have a real piggy bank

and you're being

faced with some

very difficult decisions, watching your portfolio shrink, if you're in crypto like I am Looking at it down 70 80% depending on when you got in the game

and that's not easy.

In addition to the

fact that

Inflation is at the highest, it's been, I think 40 years and

things are not looking to swell

around the world, not to mention the war, not to mention all these other things that you got going on. A problem with your sister, a problem with your

brother, got to take your dog to the vet.

Everything is getting more

expensive, you're afraid to fill up your gas

tank, afraid you're gonna lose your job, afraid your business is going to

stop making money. And even personally, for myself in such a period of uncertainty,

you know, we're

always in a

period of uncertainty and as I've

said before, change is the only constant

in life and

it's such


human characteristic to


to cling to hold onto something, to create a

sense of

security, consistency and grounded

nous and

often we look to the external world

for that.

That's what I want to explore

today. I

want to explore this idea. First of all, there are some basic things that a

person can

do to just generally tangibly literally


solve certain

problems, things that are within their control,

to create

a sense of security for themselves. And the first

and most important piece

of all of this is security.

A person who

does not

feel secure


going to be in a

terrible state of mind.

I remember back

when I left my job at google for the first time and uh you know, became became a solo preneurs as I called


such an incredible sense of euphoria to know that I was out on my own living my quote freedom lifestyle, I was in that stage of


optimism that every new solo preneurs are entrepreneur goes through,

I did it,

I'm free, I'm living my four

hour work week,

I'm going to take over the world, I'm going to travel the world, all my dreams are possible,

and then they

are and they still,

many of them came true and they took a lot

longer than I than I thought, and I

had all these ideas of what life would look like and then of course,

time goes on and you go through the different stages of entrepreneurship and you learned that actually your naive optimism was an incredible asset, an incredible

tool because

the reality of entrepreneurship is absolutely fucking brutal.

You learn that it is akin to

staring into the

abyss into the abyss and chewing

glass as Elon musk famously likes to


I think it's a very accurate statement,

but that naive

optimism helps you and you overcome so many obstacles as a result of that, because you just don't know

a whole lot

and you don't have a lot of experience

at the same time, I remember

making a lot of poor decisions, I was living in san Francisco and I thought, oh just

keep my lifestyle,

I had just met my

girlfriend at the

time was in a serious relationship, I'm now married to, by the way,

Yeah, and you know, I was fronting like I wanted to put on a bit of a bit of a show, like I'm

okay, like it's gonna be fine, you know, I'm gonna make a ton of money and I'm an entrepreneur now,

unlimited ceiling of, of money that I can make. I'm not limited

to a salary anymore.

And of course with the cost of living

and being accustomed to

making, you

Know, a year,

I didn't

really change my lifestyle much

and considered,

By the way that was in 2011, Making $200,000 a year or so, you know,

25 years old,

it's pretty,

pretty damn good. And so having to adjust my lifestyle, you know, I was

in my like, let's go out, let's party,

let's see the world,

let's go to Coachella,

let's do it all stage

kind of still am, but I've, you know, I've experienced a lot of things now

and as a result of wanting

to experience them, experience them at that time and

as a result,


got into debt,


got into debt and I kept



on my future,

was placing a bet on myself, you know,

I was like, it'll work

out, it's worth

it, I'm investing in myself, I'm investing in my business, every entrepreneur goes through this,

but what I


looking back is, first of all, everybody has a

different tolerance to pressure and uncertainty.

I learned that being in debt for me

was really psychologically challenging. It was

a huge, heavy weight

on my shoulders,

massive. It was like carrying a

ton of bricks around every single day.

I was in a lot of fear


what that does to a person is that you then cannot


creatively, your best ideas, your best thoughts,

your best writing, your


drawing, your best, whatever your outlet is, whatever your art is, maybe it's numbers, maybe it's


it is, maybe it's just a sense of

work ethic and focus, it cannot


in that state of

mind the way that it used to. So you'll find and I found that

getting into that state of flow

became extremely difficult and then

so it became more and more fleeting than ever before. And then when you, your default mode

becomes one of survival,

so your decision making

breaks down,

you make

poorer and poorer decisions and

you dig a deeper hole. That's what I learned and looking back at that young guy going through that

challenge for the first time,

I learned a lot about what it takes to get secure

and feel


and I developed a set

of protocols,

a set of frameworks I read, I read the books man, you know, I read the books on entrepreneurship,

I attended the

seminars, I hired the coaches, but more importantly, what I'm referring to is I read the books on money, Not to mention one that I read just last year, I think called the psychology of money and

continue to

learn about

how to really create that sense of security,

knowing that I never want to as far as I can control to the best of my ability, I want to make sure that I have that feeling

that I've checked

off the boxes I can check and that I am in a secure position to the best of my ability. Now

that kind of covers, there's so

much we could talk about there,

but that kind of covers the

bucket of

well what can I control and so I would

in this moment in this day and age, in this time that you find yourself

as a friend,

I would tell you make sure that

you are doing

what you need to do to create that sense of security

to the best of your

ability, to the, to

the, to the highest level and degree



yourself, secure your housing, secure your assets, secure your income um to the best of your ability

and if things go wrong and get into a bad situation

or you get

liquidated because

you borrowed too much against your stocks and margin call or


hard and terrible happens, you know,

make sure to view it the

right way and there's

probably an infinite number of ways to view it,

but I think that there's one objective right way that is the most

productive to

a healthy mind and a healthy

life and

that is what did I learn from this, and what is the pattern?

What was the mistake?

And write it down and what have I learned? That I can add into my framework, my decision making framework around investing or wealth management,

that I won't make


mistake next


because then that 100

$1000 500,000 dollars, million dollars, or even $1000 that you



as a reward on the other side of it, it was like a cost of admission to learning the


That is the


That has to be

the perspective,

because if you view it as I'm stupid, I made a mistake, I can't believe what I did,

blah blah blah blah

blah. And you beat yourself up and you don't get to that stage of

what did I learn

that? Not only did you lose the money, but you gained nothing and you destroyed your sense of worth, and you put yourself in a negative state of mind and you will likely repeat the mistake


So don't do that.

I think

now getting secure

was that 1st piece. And so

the second piece becomes how to manage the volatility, how to manage the


I've spent a lot of

time reading books and exposing myself through my own inner work too, ah

ideas that you

know, some people call uh

let me, let me

rephrase this, There's

there's a transcendental solution

to the problem. Right? So whenever

a problem comes up, what a lot of people like to

do is to transcend it and by

transcendent, they remove themselves from their ego and they dis identify with the


that is at conflict with life. And and and I've talked about this a lot

on the podcast

and they become the


And I've actually talked about this is something that I do that I've always done, that I believe

is a path to fulfillment might have a bit of a different take on it today is what I feel coming out

and so they observe

and by observing

and dis identifying

with the problem, the problem just becomes a problem. It becomes its

own entity. It

no longer has

control over you

and your emotions,

you can observe it

for what it is, this

passing momentary thing and you can be at peace with all


chaos that is

happening in life. This is a

very eastern, very buddhist way


approaching the problems, trials and tribulations of life, You know, catastrophe

happens. It's not good. It's not bad. You know, you've probably heard the story of the chinese farmer, I won't recite it right now, but look it up, I particularly like when Alan Watts um does the uh kind of rehearses, it plays it out story of the chinese farmer, Alan Watts on Youtube.

And it's this process

of, no matter

what happens,

it's not good, it's not

bad. And by the way to take that just a little bit deeper, not the

episode for it, but just

just to scratch it, that might actually be a fundamental truth of nature.

And one of the areas that I've been spending a lot of time is exploring, going

deep down the rabbit

hole of the ideas of Baruch Spinoza, one of the greatest philosophers of all time, the role model of Albert Einstein, the crater of the idea of Pan Theism, which then led me down many, many more rabbit holes and um digging even deeper into alternative forms of Pan Theism like Pan Am Theism. Uh and yes, I'm not joking, there's actually a great Youtube channel called closer to Truth that um does a good job of comparing and contrasting these and uh for those of you wonder junkies out there.

So specifically

what I'm actually saying there is that within the

world view of

Pan Theism and espinosa's philosophy which of course depends on interpretation

these ideas of good and bad

are that everything is just an event and there's just nothing but substance in the universe and


are the ones giving meaning to things are good or bad.

I agree with that. So no matter the lens we look at it through buddhism

or Pan Theism or Eastern philosophy or

just some Western guru telling you to accept, accept,

accept like, you know,

even like an Eckhart Tolle

would probably say something like this like a

new age spiritualism

kind of person would say something like this,

accept life, do not be in

conflict with life, make the present moment your friend, If you don't

accept life in the present moment, then

you're in conflict with it and if you're in conflict with the present

moment then

you're actually in conflict

with life itself.

Again, I,

I really agree with


but I'm also, I'm also a human being, I am a human being and it's really difficult to do that and


definitely no such thing as just hitting a switch and from that moment on you're just able to do that, the only person in the world who's able to that I don't think there is

any person in the world that is able to do

that and even monks

don't claim to be able to

do that. And yet monks have to spend so much of their lives just in deep meditation and observation and being in silence. I don't want that life, I don't want to sit by a river or under a bodhi

tree for the rest of my

life, Just two, avoid or to be aware of the true

inherent nature of suffering for what suffering is in the world and you know again, well we won't go there now, but I

don't want that life, I want to be human, I want to be a man in America who is striving for success and building companies and now building this incredible podcast and now another podcast and I want to make an impact and I want to make things happen and I want to have fun and I want to have moments of bliss of course, but I want life, I don't want to be a passive observer of it, I want to get on the ride, I want to be a part of the ride. And so there's a conflict there that I don't quite know how to grapple with because I think that as this chaos ensues in the world,

there is only so much

that we can do. So as the ancient saying goes, control


you can control change, what you can change and let go of the rest.

Um don't

they say this in a a as well even,

and even in some religious groups like

let go and let God,


okay, fine, trust the world, let it all flow, let it all happen. Let it all

unfold around you.

Another great book that I've,

you know, talked about The untethered Soul, the surrender experiment. It's a sister book as well. Companion book phenomenal,



you to do this. It's literally a book about

letting go

surrendering, watching, becoming the


and that true peace and happiness


from that place. I do buy it, don't get me wrong, I think that my happiest most blissful moments or periods

even in life you could say not just

moments like periods in life have come when I really do that

to the best of my

ability and I remind

myself to

be the watcher. But again,

there's a conflict there because

the moment you have that reaction to life, you kind of feel bad about it and you go, man,

I should have known better. And

yes, it's a

constant process of just awareness. Right, okay, I'm going to be more aware, I'm going to be more aware, I'm going to be more aware, I am the watcher, I'm the watcher, I'm the watcher of this, I don't

have to react to it,

you know,

imode of non reaction. So I think it's very healthy to be

that way I really do.

But I also think it's okay to

acknowledge being human

and maybe to not be that

way. Sometimes I guess is what I'm getting at.

Maybe it's okay to sometimes understands that in order to get a certain, I'm I'm really

grappling with this.

I think sometimes in order to get a

certain type of result,

you've got to step into that human element.

And again, I think the

author of the Untethered Soul might argue with me and


you should show up, you should fully reach and strive

for your potential,

but you should surrender the


Like so much

suffering comes from,

we want life to be

a certain way and we want certain things

to happen and when they don't happen

that way, then we suffer. And

that's basically what the

author says, which again, I I

agree with,


I think that there are really

challenging things going on right now for a lot of people and that if

you have moments

and periods where you need

to really roll up

your sleeves and get in there, then by

all means get in there, and that doesn't mean to suffer, that doesn't mean to react to the things you

can't control.

But I think that ultimately,

in this environment

in action could be very detrimental. Let me give an

example, just to illustrate something

I and I'm

we're in such a level of nuance and details here. So those of you that are flowing right with


like I love you, thank



and I'm sure you can even see

the uh the discrepancies

in my thinking

and the conflicts in my own thinking as I'm exploring this, but thank you for accepting

that. Um Let me give you

an example,

one of the things

that I've always done is the framework that I developed for my investment investment methodology and thesis was basically, you know, in crypto we have this phrase like Hotaling holding, but the d before the l it's just just a funny meme concept. Um

but a lot of that comes

from the idea of traditional

finance and

traditional investing,

which is all about buying

assets that you have conviction

in and you believe

in for the long run

buying them accumulating

them and holding

them and withstanding the volatility

regardless of what happens in the environment in the world and in the market, the bull runs and the bear, you know, cycles just watch


and don't panic sell and don't panic buy.

It's like, okay, cool. But we've gotten to such an unprecedented, unique




whole macro world that I don't know


if that's gonna work because watching and waiting and


actually seems like it could be

a recipe for disaster. And

I'm a person of decent


and I understand a fair amount of stuff about

macro and

the economy, but I'm also surrounded by a ton of people that are way

smarter than I am

and I love

it. And by the way, a lot of that is happening through Alfalfa, my crypto,

you know,

politics podcast

and in

our discord, I'm surrounded

by all these brilliant people

and I

love it. And part of the things

that I'm

realizing lately


this style of watching and waiting may no longer serve

and may

no longer actually be applicable in the new world that we are moving toward. And again, nobody knows what's going to


Nobody has that crystal ball if they did,

you know, well that just be a freaking would be the richest person in the world. Um,

so we're all figuring it out together,

but there

are so many

examples of

things happening that being passive is just

not working uh for a lot of people right now.

So you know, the overall thing that I really

came here to explore was

how to stay

sane, what to

do in

this environment.

And I think that an information diet

is very important. It can be

very, it's very easy to get overwhelmed

right now

by everything

that's happening. So

only consuming

so much

knowing that you can't know everything. Making sure to limit the drug, the dopamine of

constant information and your phone and the apps and

all the

things that are happening is so important and surrendering to what's happening is so important,

but also really making the best decision you possibly can

is also really important

because on the other side of all the fear and all the anxiety that

people are feeling

is I still believe possibly one of the greatest generational wealth

accumulation opportunities

will ever see. I have no idea how long

this bear market is going to

last, but I do

know that

a handful of assets, maybe more will provide 1000

X return over the next whatever

10 years and timing that right



that right.

And I'm not talking about

just some blind gambling here or you know, covering your eyes and choosing. I'm talking

about really

investing in these assets that are going to

shape the future,


even crypto is looking, there's a lot of question

marks around crypto for

sure, nothing

is a for sure thing. But for me

personally, I'm betting on technology,

I'm betting on the better system, winning




better model of the

internet, winning the

better structure, the infrastructure software

layer of the internet winning,

which is ethereum possibly the better

store of value, digital store of value winning, which is Bitcoin and many other things

that may come as a result of that.

And how you place those bets

is incredibly important and you can't just sit back there are things you got to do.

So I think above all, it's just making sure you feel good,

you feel

good, you feel secure, you

have your head on straight

exercising, which is so important for

me, important for

most people. But everybody

has a big domino for some people


it's um meditation for some people. It's journaling. Um for a lot of people it's exercise. And for me it's definitely exercise. Having your head on straight, feeling good, feeling confident.

So that when

the chaos

happens or

when the opportunity presents itself, you can make the best decision possible all while tapping into a lot of those truths about the true nature of life


we explored. So

I think this was really a way to reach out and say,

I hope you're doing well if you're not, it's okay.

Yeah. You know, just

accept it. It's okay. This too shall pass, it will get better. It always does. It always, always, always, always, always does. And if you're doing great when fucking a well done,

keep crushing.

If you're just


take this as an opportunity to get back into the fundamentals, get the mind right, get the body right and hit these opportunities because there's going to be so many of them, so many of them.

And when it comes to fulfillment, look for me, I really do believe money and

wealth is a very important pillar of life.

I love money feels so

weird to say that it almost felt taboo. I kind of call myself hesitating, but it wanted to come

out. I love money. I love what money provides.

It's a

powerful, incredible tool


allow you to take

care of yourself and

the people you love

and to create experiences and

safety and security

and prosperity

and health



It's an

amazing thing. Like, you don't need it


to be happy, but you know,


think it's a beautiful

thing and I like to position myself to accumulate as much of it as possible

because then and only then do

I really believe that a person can continue to ascend and

think about the deeper

things. I mean, that's why Maslow's hierarchy of needs exists, right? It's fundamentally true. We need security and as we ascend we move up the ladder and we have significance and then we can think about things like meaning. Um so

that's it.

I hope you enjoyed hope you're doing well. Um

a little invitation for

you by the way. So, like I mentioned my Alfalfa podcast,


doing really, really well. I was actually interviewed on

the number

one crypto podcast in the world two weeks ago called Bank Lys with the other Alfalfa Boys. And

it's a, it's a pretty

different style podcast,

But actually we have three

segments in every episode. We go money then policy. So, you know, culture and politics and things that are happening around the world.

And then life

and life is usually something um you know, it could

be health, it could

be philosophy, psychology. Um you talked

about, you know, porn

even in one episode, The Tinder effect in another episode, and then another episode, it was like, you know, meaning of life type stuff um and you know more around fulfillment and things like

that, which is kind of what we're doing here.


the life

segment in particular

and the money

segment, because, you know, a lot of what I've done here has been very uh in the past, especially was very business and entrepreneurship focused. I think many of you would find very interesting and one of the things that I should have done from the very beginning from the very beginning with Flow was

created discord creating a

discord for the Alfalfa community has been

so, so

amazing, the value of community, just



I would love to have you in

there actually. Um even though you're coming from flow, you know, that's okay. Check out alfalfa and I think you'll find the life channel in the discord super awesome. Today there was conversation around all kinds of things, psychedelics, um fulfillment, mental health, all kinds of stuff. So, and someone, even through some simulation theory stuff in there as well, so


fitting. Um,

check that out. The link is at alfalfa


dot com. That's a L F A L F A alfalfa.

Like the, the sprout, the wheat, um alfalfa pod

p O D dot com.

And you'll see a link to the discord there. And yeah, say hi, let me know you listen to this episode. Just poppin or shoot me a DM on instagram if you enjoyed this one and I'll see you next time. Much. Love to you. Take care of yourself. Stay safe, stay strong. Strong like bull piece