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Halftime Report is on the front lines of CNBC’s market coverage. CNBC’s Scott Wapner and the Street’s top investors get to the heart of the action as it’s happening and help set the agenda for the rest of the day. Halftime Report airs weekdays 12-1PM ET on CNBC TV. 


Halftime Report Positioning Ahead of the Fed 7/6/22 Positioning Ahead of the Fed 7/6/22
David Faber and the Investment Committee discuss how to position your portfolio ahead of the Fed minutes. Are 75-basis point hikes on the horizon? Plus, big banks reporting next week and Steve Weiss is shorting the XLF, he explains why. And later, Industrials are down almost 20% this year, the Committee take their positions on the sector. Plus, one member of the committee trimming a mega-cap tech name.


Halftime Report Recession Fears Rise: Portfolio Protection 7/5/22 Recession Fears Rise: Portfolio Protecti...
Stocks plunging as recession fears rise. Frank Holland and the Investment Committee debate what’s priced in this market and how can you protect your portfolio in the second half. Plus, Josh Brown is making two moves in this market. Also, what the rally in high-valuation growth stocks in today’s down day may be signaling. And later, Jon Najarian shares some Unusual Activity in 2 names.


Halftime Report Stocks in the Second Half 7/1/22 Stocks in the Second Half 7/1/22
Markets coming off their worst first half in 50 years. Brian Sullivan and the Investing Committee debate if you should stick with stocks in the second half of the year and where to invest you money now. Plus, the big banks getting a price cut, are they still investable? Also, is the hottest trade of the year starting to cool? And later, Pete Najarian shares some Unusual Activity he’s seeing in three names.