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October 15, 2022

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check check we should live Richards welcome


what's going on it said we have a we have a really good morning we will have a nice traditionally strips I think this may be the fourth one and the people still ask me to ask you about the old stuff from the first one when we did in two thousand seventeen

finance are


talk about it

yeah we're gonna we're gonna discuss many things Polish chain the altcoins bitcoin the questions from the child but the let let's catch up from the last time I mean last time was maybe in the twenty twenty one Hakeswill said knew it was released I remember Hey Hicks of course has performed very well and now you have Paul Shingo young yeah let let's summarize what has happened during the past one one half years for our audience

yeah I like gave away hacks for free to bitcoin holders you know and that was worth like half a billion dollars to some point now this is deb so technically it's worth less and then the the price of hacks one up ten thousand axe if you didn't stick if you just take a lot of a lot more so there's like a big payday we got at least a third more coins just from stick one day and then it's had over a thousand days of perfect follows operation while everything around everything else around it has failed so you know Luna went zero all the coins one zero Celsius went bankrupt I've been a big everyone to take their coins office sauces you know I wanna take the slide offs like flickering I invented a product that was designed to remove counterparty risk you can just generate yields with your own keys and wallet with no middlemen and then instead of using that everyone goes in his middle men their keys and gets robbed it's a violated and so you see a bunch of so basically like I am the world's largest diamonds and ten million dollars watches nine dollars Wilbur jury three million dollars a cars I designed a perfectly follows performing ten thousand X. coin more he staked with two ties aren't coming along I raised twenty seven million for charity during the world's largest free airdrop I call the big white top of the day

I got

a cell phone instead of Celsius it's like what else can I do for you guys like I'm doing all the things you know

and then I watched your once it's called it's called the not not my bank is when you eat before school when you when you show what you bought it's a hi I'm boxing but his whole hand right I I I I I wish I was roles as well so if you have a very nice good news I I got to say about that mean it do people have been taking me all the time about headaches and falls into the stream again and press on the successes with hex M. as not certainly

I think it's early for axis not list of the biggest changes everyone still thinks it's a scam because they're idiots it's just become a performer change etcetera fighting to blow up the environment was shot to five six mining inflate to rewards stickers to hold the price of a sprinkling with river change as more secure immigrants had multiple facial bugs is likely to have more because the spaghetti code whereas ours are consensus goes locked in isolated we keep saying inflation bugs everywhere a VAX had one Exelon had one point had to buy clean had one man there had one it's it's the most pervasive flaw in blockchain software and hacks specific results but having a consensus could lock them isolated a place we can't accidentally screwed up when you upgrade the network that's like they upgraded the affair network they went from proof of work to proof of stake and extorts flawlessly yeah Hey so we got upgrades to the throughput or not when you get a prison throughput but we got upgrades to the negative externalities like put it in a factor code because our kids locked in isolated so we get improve right we don't get the risk of the improvements when I try to prove the bitcoin network stack one time to make it quicker oops anyone committed as many free can pick one as they want this is three years ago

how much is takes down sees the peak if you count

with ninety five acres so

is taking lives ninety five us without


thank you

so if you get a look in the hex dot com there's a chart of like echoing access area and some of the things built on top acts like a drum and maximus so they're like one of them you can combine a internet giant steak American trade at and then another one you can make you can capsule is steaks and then they generate enough to use in the country this entities which also are the stakes themselves so I guess those are two innovative products built on top of acts


if you look at those charts lake you know we're still a massive versus everything we're still up you know hundred X. respect going probably like where we go from when you go from point oh oh oh oh oh five six five five two point five six the ten thousand X. you'd like if you go up ten thousand acts and you dropped ninety five percent you're still up five hundred acts so even without staking restored five hundred X. for Y.

and now the community is very excited for the opossum and what was your idea without twin Hakes was launched and performed and as you say you did a good job with all dissing it so it was the issues since since large yup why did you decide to do a policy change and how do you ensure that ball shape is the same in terms of quality and that in terms of uptime in terms of consensus because it's a way more complex projects with and less complexity because the it's it can execute code that can do it everything that you thought you've come to


well hacks is very very simple so how do you manage this with it way more complex project

well it's like security is a function of ratios how much attack surfaces there how much effort have you gone into securing that service and how much value is there in people cracking it and you can make things that are relatively perfectly secure so you know like Diffie Hellman exchange and a lot of electrical Kerr photography that cryptography that we all use hasn't had any problems you know we haven't had like factoring attacks or anything like that and so the attacks that quantum computing would bring decades in the future and we have you know counters that you can release before they become a problem so you know you can have actual security it does exist which is nice and so how do you get your tax service to be minimized well you know when you're writing code you make sure you don't use magic numbers use variables instead you use well known audited frameworks to start from so for instance most people watch your C. twenty is leasing opens up on boiler plate near C. twenty contract the vast majority of all your C. twenty issues that you know most people choose to use solidity instead of so viper just because it's a more well we already know where the bugs are in it because so much more money has been lost on it so you just try to make choices that everyone else is already lost money on and then therefore become more secure so for instance let's talk about BSE the BSE is a fork of Ethereum started with the state that's one of many forks of Ethereum there's other ones like a fax and kalian cetera and I guess it's just a backs to see change but anyway Iraq's enough and some of them have big problems select polygons having trouble getting rid of still validators because they don't they didn't think that game three through like how do we get rid of a bad validator in a timely manner it just slows down their block production because every time really great taste on these dead guys just sucks for a while and there would be a C. they just like she does they just heads there they hid the fact that it was centralized by forcing the validator rotation a lot of other validated account ex to another chain which they control which is the binance chain B. C. Chen and so you know when we created our fork of basically binance chain we didn't want a lot of and also this problem so that we found with the pearly a consensus that they use that like we can exploit if we want to but we choose not to this is funny like all these guys get hacked for billions of dollars like the ACSI infinity bridge got hacked for I don't know six hundred million dollars finances bridge just **** for five got back for five hundred million dollars then they shut the chain down and I'm like I do just you guys to shut off the chain yes first bill do that Selanne's chain goes down all the time I get really prefer not to have these pitiful failures like that's if you can turn your chain office on a blockchain the first bill off

but do we have any examples of EVM chains which are fast about don't have since relation because in poly gone I know there's a whole debate about multi seat and the in by the same is this a debate about validators and the fact that the connection deposit very quickly at symbol you just have

you just have a fear and but I mean even if you look in this area if you look at the validator set up in the air right now it's just like for guys like all the all the boxes on Billy for guys because socks feature for so

and so what you wanna do with Boston is a faster growth no boy yeah

I mean so the important part your developer I'm a senior developer so we care a lot about the shiny things and we feel stronger if we understand this anything so you know we want we want understand the toolbox is better but in the end and users only give a **** about cost and net gains that's all they care about they should care about security but they don't so I care about security but they're stupid that I care about security but they do care about costs and mad gains and so the the fork the upgrade of Ethereum from proof of work proof of stake is probably our alarm for




the upgrade of hearing from proof of work proof of stake it did not include some things that people thought it would include so they thought it would include cheaper fees wrong do not get cheaper fees the thought of include higher throughput wrong did you not get higher throughput you just get minors getting paid less another called validators they get paid a lot less they don't blow that the environment I like that it's awesome I think it's great the set like the court recorder claim to fame for policy change is that you want cheaper fees we can give you that you are higher throughput we can give you that you want free new coins you might get rich on we can give you that and that's what people want and that's a polishing gives and and the the upgrade with Aaron from proof of work proof of stake it just removes negative externalities from critical system makes it easier for the price to go up which is good for everybody you know


and I and I also believe in just in time security like if people start kicking doors down and being Dicks about the number of validators then there will be more about yours no defects just inside

so how do you fix that because like that with Paula gone and binance yeah many issues and they also want to have more through more throughput and lower fees and the mad game I don't know and they want more through it like

it's like


the throughputs enough the fees are cheap enough lake

willing her to ease does their claim to fame to be cheaper and faster and also have different coins dot to perform well like you said with that getting at it sitting at the the client is that mom that's I mean that's how partition became big because many of this going to turn the lock mean chorus when I'm buying the St and falling on the same as it was cheaper

it was a stripper yeah I want you to call in if you want to pay a thirty dollar penalty on every transaction on the fear was really busy now that sucks like yeah you can you can honor if users tunica system but there's a thirty dollar penalty for every single one of them

that so how do you achieve a similar result but in the sunshine and would like to say with just in time security is is that your different approach from bison for example what was your well

originally R. if you look at our test it now that's a Perrelli a consensus binance chain fork with system state from Ethereum it's been working fine for a very long time but we know where the bugs are and so it's not fine enough for us and so with that we didn't really know whether the Ethereum guys whatever actually get the merged up because they delay as hard as anybody you know software is a world of delays there's no such thing as like SOFR lots of time never seen it I never seen accurate estimates as well as offer we completed either and I've never issued any and I've never been a shooting so you you couldn't rely on when the merger actually happened once the merge actually did happen then it made a lot of things useful invalid that were not valid and useful previously so now you've got a lot of audits a lot of artists on the Ethereum merge staking consensus code stuff much more so than you have on the Perrelli stuff the service is superior consensus and it supports more validators now because people are stupid and they don't care about their own security no care about holding their own keys give the keys to other people to like stick on their behalf which is tragic it could be the case because the ecosystem people that participate in things that I talk about have been educated about the importance of holding room keys that we may just have a more broad validator pool or it may be the case that because our unit prices so much cheaper per coin there is so much more affordable to get thirty to ease or in this case Paul else and so we changed our consensus network so once the once the merge went through it changed the game theory to us from let's like secure this consensus system that we have which is the probably based on which socks and switch it to the new if two point oh one which is better and got more audits ends when they upgrade if your network we get those upgrades but if we're stuck on the prelude one when if you're into get sharding say we would get started because we have different consensus about that so like it's it was smarter for us to rotate and switch to the east two point oh birch consensus and so right now the devs are massaging in the twenty five percent fee burn and so you don't you don't want to change the good math that the Ethereum guys have done which we see is working in the real world now you want to keep as much as as you possibly can but I want more burnt because right now they're not burning deck they're they're really just basically flat flats okay it's better than the queen of flooding at one point eight nine you know one point two seven or whatever it's at now I guess everyone will point six so like basically the data server just we're gonna massage up the through put a little bit and we're gonna size of the gas a little bit and that should be fine because I've got lower like load anyway and then we're going to burn twenty five percent of the fees net so that you have much more burn them if their in house and then I'll feel very happy everyone gets a new coins are throughput cheaper fees you know valid and secure consensus network is audited as exists in the world you know and that's were at the good thing is our code like you know because the merge didn't it only change because it's the merge offloaded certain parts of what Jeff used to do to another E. X. E. so like now when your east minor your validator you're into axe's urine Gassner on this other one and so because it's isolated in that way all of our code for like handling injecting system state is still valid so that's great and so this you would even think that it would like make it longer to market because you're switching these two point oh but actually it's a shorter market consists of those audits are died and that consensus network is working live and listen the

testament which is live live now that's still that's using you'll be on the street

that's still

yes correct right

it's not that you're gonna see come up is going to be a fork of the the real mainnet Ethereum

yeah and and there you will massage the throughput your gun they dress to burn off each

feet exactly so we're going to burn the twenty so whatever that you would have received is valid there we're gonna burn twenty five percent of that now I need to make sure there's no little edge cases because it's it's a little bit complicated all the stuff right with slashing and everything so I just had to make sure there's no edge cases but like the general theme of we're just gonna burn twenty five percent of whatever you receive that yeah that's going to reduce supply it's it's pretty valid and I hope we don't run it edge cases with it

and what kind of for improvement do you think this will be in comparison to east when the concert I would I would just start

I would start out really minimalist with it I mean I would even be okay with not even I think you should be able to do a ten percent bond you really should because this level networks less loaded anyway because there's less users on it you should be able to pump the gas ten percent and lower the transaction block time ten percent and those two compounds like an eleven percent gain or no like more than that I think it's like a twenty one percent gain and so you have a twenty one percent like higher throughput but you'll have like infinitely lower costs because the majority of the lower cost comes from just having less users to start with so you know this this idea that you need to increase throughput lower box on a singular crosses and silly when like ninety nine percent of your lower costs from just having less users if you have the same number of users than those would matter a lot but if you have like ten acts are hundred access users those numbers don't matter as much

yeah but users come quickly it was it was always with the headline a show for example they come very quickly LDL all sold the us of people search there's no info at the mount of arbitrage and if it's lower lower fees than you can do to more efficiently and then after more objects so the fees us as long as there is some activity on some treasure thing is like

I think that it's I think it almost might be so because of those things that you just said it kind of defeats the idea that higher throughput equals lower fees because those are bots will just suck up the extra space run making their arms a little bit more efficient so like like this idea that you're gonna get lower fees with more space you like yeah the little but they are bots fight it like they they suck that space up with like stupid other stuff like right now someone try to knock off our community with like a copy cat attacks and they made it stupid that just made open to civil tax really get as many frequencies you want just ask the ask them ask for them and the people just set up bots and ask for trolling coins and dump them all the time and you're like cool you got proof of bias good job now you made the network more expensive for everyone and I am rich the minors and if the miners are my if the miners are mining and they want to roll and pay themselves the block reward they can just mind as much as they want for free because they can just fill the transactions the the unused space with their own transactions it's a stupid like proof of de dos D. Dawson is that work stupid fad for everybody

yeah and it's and that's why it seems that the consensus now is that sharding or later twos is the way to scaling where you can suck I relished market

still suck balls like to someone is anyone really doing much earlier to fifty years we were actually the first actual air to air drop we're the first people actually use their too friendly and

which one

is is he Z. casing if you look at the Z. casing contract I think like the majority of core engine is still hacks except for ease and stable nobody else uses

and they are coming out with an EVM chain I know over so so that's will

be fit we failed on simple send so maybe we can make it up on more complicated stuff I just I've never seen L. teas work out just what just approved yesterday to launch municipal up arms on matter matter port or whatever it's called matter something G. K. so like I don't know other users over there I don't know

what I mean but there's no choice right because like we just concluded on L. one block space is gonna get eaten up quickly also showing

portions of choice you have two options

because it's going to get the same into the same issue right if you're going to have our boats eating up all the block space so if these are not going to be things that I have this

yeah but by that second having little to do with it I've just never seen they'll just take off with female ones take off like hell every single alone is pumped herself

all of them

every one

indeed there either slow and expensive like east or there're a centralized and they shut down like salon and banishing

yeah but everyone about the seconds got rich as **** and that's whatever yeah yeah anyway so like I meant

what did you

say you sent them all the time but the good people the guy no get rich but you know

but did you say that you want to fix that it's a it's centralized that's why I live by faith morals

well sure but I believe postion fixes that the best possible way we're using the most secure software with the most users with the most deployed projects with the most audits with the most up time this never had inflation bug it's like it's awesome like so many so many people get this idea that like you have to do only fancy shiny stuff like McDonald's doesn't do fancy shiny stuff they open a copy and paste of a good **** delicious thing in new places copy paste copy paste Congress is one McConnell's better themselves now maybe once got a ball pit cool but like it's it's just horizontal scaling is amazing a red shirts go by nature another question owner Hey your car's not big enough like by another car bye bye bigger car whatever like it's just you don't need to like I think people totally miss miss underestimate well I I think people underestimate the power of just straight retarded copy paste scaling and this is basically straight retarded copy paste killing with extra fee burn because we care about price and it's awesome and it's the least like screw ups on the sublease like looks up something socks and we didn't know about it now like we're it's it's genius simple keep it simple stupid is genius and and when you make things complex you just increase the attack surface when experiment increased tax service you run into problems and why why so you have incompatibility with whatever else is using so for instance a good example this is a perfect beautiful example you're gonna love this where have we seen the most money lost recently

regional Blue Note bridges such as lensing

bridges bridges by far six hundred million ACSI five hundred million on binance I think there was like there was like a billion and a half Paglia but they caught it before it was used and I think there's some other bridges had fillers I remember of top my head so we got a billion plus in bridge failures wire people bridging a coins because their coins are here and they want to get them to their okay postion comes along guess what homie your coins are already over here you don't have to bridge over the already here the bridge overview what you'll have to use your other coins are already here it's genius you need if you completely lake you don't ever have to bridge unless you like really want to but on these other networks you have to bridge because you don't already have coins on the other side and then it opens you to the family but it's not it's like saying

that your bits going is on bitcoin cash it is the same I mean the same points but it's not the same right to connect how do how do you know I would

I would say it's different because we have a history of bridges and high usage on other networks that you did not have a B. C. H. people use Paglia they use minus margin they use all these forks and and they and they come with the same value propositions like Yanni's yes well there's you know swap we have Paul sex right you wanna use and there's gonna be instructive comes over all the contracts in over four

it sold for diesels that produce souls the problem but if I want to experiment with the same coins but on policy seven a trade I want to stake I wanted I want to basically have dot asset a copy of that asset on piles then yes it makes I don't have to bridge but it's not like I'm bridging value I I'm


I'm well that's the thing is the three lo dice with points that are discussed from the beginning you can think that there is for zero but then yeah maybe they're gonna trade up in the markets

well the big the big point calling doesn't have any utility it's just a rock that sits there and hope the price goes up but EVM coins they have a lot more telly there's on chain trading there's options this time deposits there's all this other stuff you can do with them and so forth of a fork in Ethereum chain instantly has recently been a fork of the question is you bring your dumb rock over and you're like oh this tomorrow because Leicester crudity bad tomorrow but that if you bridges like like taking game that's priced out by gas on and if they're in network now it's not priced out on gas anymore on the postion network instantly well that's awesome well you can play where you can play before you know it's just I don't want people to think the force of dumb networks or similar forces of smart hours the really different and we have a history of everyone kicking **** yeah this is this is the world's largest or drop it like it's it's going to be a no brainer

I mean the difference is that you can use all your things instantly but it now you have double the amount of them so


it says how do you really it's also raising you look with the sea

well I think in the beginning until there's like tier one listings you're going to do most of your like real value to the bank kind of stuff bridging with Erin and then once as a stable coin on it or direct listings with exchanges which pretty sure will happen because you know one giant exchange says they want to then you you just you can do it just like you dear therm traits right so like for his views if you like wire and metamask like you can buy directly all young you don't need to go to bat you know like you don't need to use a theremin all really just buying kalian director right and then like it's there's other forks that have been listed you know a large exchanges so the beginning it will be bridges but then once people like it I think I'll be direct listings

what kind of projects do you think will launch on polls show him to be as always if

there's already a hundred and thirty of them apparently this chat room if you do not realize this like I'm still Richard Hart maximalist so I invented hacks I've got a policy and Ivan Paul sacks those things have ticker symbols if you buy this ticker symbols the prices go up and then there's all these projects at lunch on those things that I didn't invent thank you bye this decker symbols while the other ticker symbols don't go up it's just like the topic so like hexes on ramps hundreds of thousands of users today if their network attacks never said a nice thing why because he's got big bags of beef he wants you to buy ease beyond these it makes money it dumps the top he sold the top is so is that fifty million dollars worth the coin base and sold the top on your heads it is a song for a long time and so has the foundation they dump in your head all the time so they prefer the fair price go up so they can dump on you so like they don't talk about other projects they mostly talk about what they own they will jump on you and so like I'm in a similar position although I'm not you know I I'm not known to dump anything that I've created the if people launch projects are posted usually they're nowhere near as good as the ones I have and it's sometimes they get people act and yeah go ahead and have fun or whatever like lousy fair and all that but I don't promote other people's points because they get people racked they don't have as many games and they don't like the price of things that I like so like yeah I know you know this whole chat room of coins being launched a policy change and people are just sticking an impulse and stuff that has nothing to do with Boston just because it's the tends to be successful they just shove the repulse and anything they watch NBC and it was a **** white what is the what is this have to do with my project what is this crap and then select it's crazy to me like it like of some some portion of community fell for this like vampire tech crap really some of the go you know somewhere to hacks the price starts just like straight down and down and down and only down there like look guys when you can just meant something for free forever it just goes down forever because supply and demand so stupid like right and I just I can't protect them right because I already don't promote the stuff I don't follow the dumb dumb to do for the most part and the lake the people still get themselves racks so if you guys were supposed to

yeah but you you need projects to launch from high in the polls in order for that to be yeah they are

they are I just don't promote them so if you want to go and find that if you're going telegram we go find that channel postion projects you know like some guy read article that it was like apparently a hundred thirty and then like once people see it works and it's awesome you probably see a lot more because like we don't mean it was permission but so all anyone cares about is ticker symbols in prices and trading that's all it really gives a **** about well guess what guys we got your ticker symbols we got your trading and we got bridges the good prices so we don't care at lake

yeah thank you whether you want it to happen or not your ticker symbols getting traded on Paul's went went went I don't care if you like me I don't care if it's a policy change whatever your ticker symbol is on this at their end unless you gotta admit you know validate all the coins it's getting traded a posture as people be able to trade faster cheaper with probably higher volatility is probably lower liquidity and therefore lake a lot of people gonna want that but I mean that's what leverage is right the like leverage trading okay why because the prices move around more local well that's what policy changes policy changes basically like a giant leverage trading with their with the world's largest fair job with the same code with the same takers alike

I can't wait what's the difference between between that and what happened with if you don't prefer work where it is also the same right to get all your coins similarly OP is similar

I think the thing the problem they had is that they didn't work on the training part so there was like it just like we had a theory we had posting test not working for like a year and a lot of trades a lot of people use it and they didn't have that year of like pre work done and so when they watch just like a lot of stuff is broken and like I've never used it so not an expert on it but like if you don't have the training working it's a big deal this if you don't have a bridge it's a big deal because you don't have a bridging of trading you just have to suck middlemen D. as essential as exchange to get him out of it which sucks nobody likes that only good docs myself and then you you still my coins for me cool thanks thanks for stealing my privacy and my coins so like I think that would have been there their only problem was also look there's the risk that they just get fifty one percent attack it well and that's the reason I haven't told anyone about it because like what is the chance that they just get fifty one percent attacks and that all the trend they get rolled back and all the transactions all the money that you thought you got you to get just got reversed some it could be stealth mining apparel chain and then dump it and roll you back like a couple days transactions and you're like oh I forgot about low hashrate proof of work change that this is the thing has been living in glorious experiment but it is a fact so you know because I can't stick a number as to the likelihood of someone rolling back some large number transactions on the preferred network I'm not I don't feel safe with it

what do you mean when you say that you you work on tracing the thief proof words into you mentioned the bridge that you can reach us well if you don't

if you don't have a bridge and you don't have a unit for up with liquidity that and it makes all these ticker symbols pretty useless three of the room but if you do have a bridging Delacorte either makes ticker symbols fun to play with because then you can like cash out there in the ghetto dot made free coins or whatever but if but if you can't if you can't trade or bridge it's pretty useless because all anyone cares about the trading bridging

yeah that's right that's very important that you can't see it so when the potion launches all the liquidity pools from east will be the same because of this the state of the same and the

but then you need a new liquidity pool


is the bridge between the Ethereum and whatever the popular coins are impulse

yes and so who will how will that work

yes I am running FBI M. F. B. I. everyone will have I mean everyone will want to cash out to use the T. U. is the C. two C. S. I. N.

tho there's a there's an incentive token that if you want to be one of those people that you know Texas trades more than incentivized to do so so it this is one of those like securities and exchange commissions I can't answer questions


you know expectation of profit from the work of others can't help you

yeah yeah but I thought it was generally delivers

if you ever seen a successful L. to not have a bridge and not have liquidity now they have it like it happens so it's very happens happen here yeah

and that's good because that's the well has been on my mind because let's say we had ours we have all of the old the prices on the changing trading on policy how do you get to fiats but yeah there's probably gonna be a bridge bridge

the bridge with Germany dump on your local exchange them

yes well you bridge to assume and what talking do you like what do anyone you want

so you let's say let's say you got your chain like copy so you got your your link on the policy network you dump it for let's say hacks and then you you dump your hacks for bridged in Ethereum and then you Bridget back your doctor there is probably gonna be a ton of liquidity and like the Ethereum Austrian pair probably

but bridge normally is if you take something from one side and then it turns up on the bus you have liked to copy all right so you're gonna trade

you're going to trade for the Ethereum it's been bridged up I'll get you going on bridges

so there is going to be yeah because these copies are pulse

so yep

you did that or did their pulse and then east will be the bridged Edith

yes which

is the

region of Florida called Jane and because he it

emits a comes like

I think it becomes east but we're really just dropping the ease and just make it easy because that's kind of like the standard naming convention across all of these EVM forks is that that there is call easy so like seventy BTC on what network semi east on what network that's the thing that we live in crypto now because you have the phone seven hours yeah BTC and seven hours that's a politician's gonna be another one of those networks is is gonna be called ease like like I call centers can be called like but it's a little bit different because you've got your native fork you got it for free link and then you've got your bridged in regional like British Airways you need maybe some letter and so I I think the bridged in link is gonna be called he link the bridge in east is going to call the E. S. and then the native stuff you got for free it's just can be called like just gonna be called then yeah

yes and the bridges will also incentivize liquidity and trading on the on pulse because of arbitrage because I know I can always if B. E. through either is not the same price as a youth I it's over she said

I fell in a hole leverage thing like having the same clients with the same code with the same takers with the same software with lower fees and higher throughput and you got them for free hello value case it's a hell of I say about minutes to drink so it's a great measures got a free car a copy of your cardio cool drives kick **** new car free


is great you know like awesome

I don't know if I like the compare but almost yes it you get the free bicycle you get a free fight I mean the only yeah maybe if you you you had the car and then you get the bicycle that I like that more because it yeah that feels more accurate you yeah and maybe get to skateboard yeah and but it's better than zero especially for the liquidity is a is there and there is a I mean I've I've always people like this concept and they wanna trade and someone things that the it makes sense to the outlook with the CM yeah I mean it is

your right with this question that like if the code is the same in the ticket is the same and the consensus says the same security


then really it's just surprised and it's like would you which one do you think will go up more the one that's fifteen hundred dollars the one that's a lot less and you're like


maybe the one that's a lot less because at some point like like what it like literally what is the difference between postion in Afaria once they've got some users we have more burn and otherwise it's the exact same coach and so now you can choose to pay more or you can choose to pay less its exact same code exact that the networks will diverge and so that may have some effect right but like I just I don't this is because of bridges because you can't you can't maintain any upside really like but I guess they're in can run away from bitcoin cash right because it's just the liquidity game but like if you get the same code the same takers and you have bridges and Ethereum like upgrades and gets better well because the bridges we kind of a better his bridge you know and we get those upgrades as well because it's the same code it's it's it's really neat I think it's the the most viable form of horizontal scaling I can think of is desperately need is people getting murdered by fees every day and the only thing coming to save them any time soon as this is charting you're not gonna see for a long time if ever

and we mentioned that the bridges are the number one issue if I win the coasts six so how is the housing they're just different

we're just using the same bridge that a lot of people other people are using that hasn't been hacked has got its so it's like I don't know everyone else to choose everyone else just use bridges that weren't well audited and the stupid

to which ones are

I believe the seller doesn't bridge I mean I don't have the rep opened but I believe this is called second bridge I think X. days a billion check it's got a ton about aids


fits if you go on the postion rappers who can I read about it but like we're not we're not none of the stuff that we're doing is like surprise here some unaudited crap that's going to get the heck you know packed out of it like and people choose to do that all the time like this insane to me I get it we have a lot of software that hasn't been hacked users that are using this other stupid stuff don't know sometimes

when the call to I mean there's got to be a lot of interest from socialization Jess is is that something

like okay acts once listed and I'm sure other exchanges one listen to this one to see it in the world and especially the bear market you know during the bear market these guys are laying off staff left and right yes doing anything they can to generate volume because they're they're losing money every day but I'm making money they're losing money that's another thing people understand about hacks there's no building there's no counterparty there's no marketing department there's no overhead and so it's just more efficient you don't have these negative externalities much mouths to feed Blake this building full does like see cash in a building full eighty does every day they don't the price everyday like great does it you know the building of guys it's off the price every day that sucks they never buy they just sell so it's you know when the bear market you really see like like you said with interest taxes actually doing better than other things still up five hundred X. you know that in any other funny thing is like a lot a lot of people don't understand the math of this okay so here's how you give every person in the crypto market a heart attack just by a billion dollars of the stuff and sell it the next candle don't give anyone a chance to harvest it and then I was gonna have a heart attack in the gonna point to the chart they're gonna go to Joe ninety nine percent right and you're like yeah because someone whipped up and whipped it back down who cares it's a relevant it's doesn't matter what matters is where did you buy at work did you sell out it is the most the majority people up how much space is there down there back in the past that way lower prices it's in it's like this the people that just measure top Democrats are so stupid because you've nor the vast majority of the chart which is up like big points down seventy five percent yeah but it's also up a hundred million percent so you're only looking at like one half of the equation which is why it's so important look at the chart on a log scale you have to look at logs if you don't look at log scale the entire past gets compressed into a single line which is useless and just like a panic chart but if you lose log scales realistic chart it means that like every doubling takes the same space we doubled here took that much space we doubled back there it took that much space same space smart look every double takes some space

but on

a non log it's always a vertical line and then a flat line Justin L. O. great all the charts or else now

useless fat

and I have to try to train people in the world to click log that even now that even though you have to do it like you have to click a lot for your you have no ability to visually reason about this math so I just I want people to know that top down measurements will get you to ignore massive gains those kinds of massively lobbying down massively has a massively well being now Nestle big points up massively if there's a massively while being down and sees it it's the by the top so bottom that don't get to participate in the next move because of so much higher you know like imagine you can get something that goes up the time right like ten thousand acts and then you can buy it at a ninety percent discount sometimes you win twice you're getting the best performing asset for a ninety percent discount that's way better than having to pay full price you never gonna get a role you never get a rolls Royce a ninety percent off or like ten roles for the price of one but you can get you know hacks at ninety percent off for maybe three minutes off I would be surprised if there is ninety percent by the way like I wouldn't be surprised with five thousand

five hundred dollars five hundred so would you Fresno how do you think the hex has changed in terms of perception because beginning most people in the industry said it's gone but then also the fight did basically because I think what made people underestimated is the simple idea of you know you look up talking to get more tokens it's so simple but then the whole defy did the same it'll scald your farming and suddenly it was edgy it went exited in the beginning and the end but now people I mean I I've seen a lot of people backtrack four warm up so how do you feel

share this funny thing is is like big pointed in the beginning you by mining hardware you get yield it's the same **** it and then becoming just copy lock ups in the stocks you have a vesting period a Starks and then the stocks just copy time deposits in the bank I like it just monetizing time makes sense so it's intelligent just people are too stupid to say it's just a performer change of weight instead of proof of blocked environment so like I just I just I still so shocked that people call a scam I'm just like dude it's Brooklyn of proof or change that's it it's all this and and people like and the funny thing is Afaria because now they're in does the very the same thing right lock up your theremin you get more thorough X. okay

but this

suck balls

but it's the same thing

except you interest rate sucks

and so in the beginning you said that it hates it's still early because no because changes have it that and that is also part of RTA's cap but properly yeah he's not turning around now that the case is still here while a lot of the fuel to harvest things

are not here and I don't think it is I don't think it is starting around I mean we keep getting more users we keep getting longer lock up periods are aren't everything that makes text great is getting better but the stupid centralized scumbags that are bad at their jobs they're not getting better so quaint coin Khan market crap still does not list tax properly because they're bad at their job and they should just cry at night every night they're horrible they promoted tons of rock pools of scams on their homepage while depriving people the thing could save them sticking up page three so all those guys should smash their balls at night with a hammer


contrition scumbags and all the socializing changes the same thing are you scumbags list of Luna that went to zero you listen sauces that is now bankrupt what kind of scum bags are you people you could a list of the things that could to save these people horror like the just scumbags I hate all the socialist gone so like we're actually doing great actions are doing great now there's even a movie been made about meets completes finished they're doing a forty piece orchestra now as we speak today that's the last part paying forty piece orchestra that's coming out soon the end of the year finished like it could be more done so like it we're doing great our team is doing great decentralized geyser soccer balls so as the queen IPO going never even popped only went down straight down forever no pump only down ninety five percent so are you guys about that idiots I just and I called the top of the day like anyone has racked after I called top of the day you're just like can I do for you I guess wait for a call to call the bottom which Hey the stop raising interest rates could be anytime soon you know there's a stop raising interest rates for government

that is

an issue like a real stop like a pause

yeah let's get back to that we have a entrances in the chat saying him is there any plans to show the new version of polls by the end of the years of music and right talks on the technicals for on board asking Richard about timing

you can forget about timing questions bro so forget about it is that was done

is downright was ready

yeah I gave one to a gate I forwarded to the community one time with the does only about timing and I will never do it again because I got savaged because I just truthfully Ford with the best old man like up okay so I'm getting Saban's now they'll be last time I do that it's done was done via

that's it that's what the defense says sky idea also to you Richard Hart is the goat do you

want to set that guy said your his idol you missed it

it's gonna be on that can I give you a shout out


he's got a gun he's in the sea in the C. youtuber go check him out then we have yes some super secret but don't let let let's go

I will not add to my users to JPEG photos for money no so I turn the hex inside her next I com diamond the world's largest diamond into an NFC I'm not forty days and I hope they get is so sorry I guess I would be very markedly over I wanna see relaxes on store shelves I was in a season zero our system is companies go bankrupt and then let's go back up but I'll get to get washed out sorry you bye skills

yeah but in the season polls are still gonna be net positive for Paul so I take a

nap if you're valuable enough to use I'm Paul sorry they're awesome world changing innovation enjoy your free entities across

yeah I think that it is game sort of thing if if people excited or excited it's it is gonna be not positive anyway

yeah nobody wants to pay a trillion dollars to mature enough to do it sucks this is negative externalities nobody wants to do it sucks

if Richard wasn't going to launch the ball chain he wouldn't be here right now

Hey all the changing world that want pasta lunch this guy wants it I want it

in Seattle let's talk about the interest rates because I think lately we've seen some interesting developments with bank of England kind of thing to step

they just had better

yeah let that guy

they just fired their head of the exchequer did though this fire is like the black two cameras and a cane his name fired to do today apparently this apparently the UK's run by comedians this letter is to me that posted


like Fifth Amendment reduced

decreased corporate isolate the interests again but so they had to change later

we got installation tax cuts what

yeah and now tax reasons

what they give the rich a tax break if they give for anything I you guys retired what's wrong with you people you're the worst government ever what's the poor people need breaks man the rich people are still okay god dang but now there's so many stabbings you can't even go there apparently is a video somebody breaking a dues but got a window was driving it with a hammer just try to get as watch others in holy crap you Google that see if that's true

see you don't sends the signal from the central bank of that they're not getting it interest rates

are Asian over yet no you're not getting a pivot you getting higher interest rates means number go down for everything I called the wrist watch top of the day to Google is providing yep wow hammer wielding mopeds writers masses four million dollar Bugatti share on an attempt to steal Rolex August twenty second twenty twenty two keep it I'm not going there sorry guys

you said that you moved to the east to Europe from Florida because of crime and now you know your batch two young

Florida though I did I went for a while installed some toilets for my mom

I selected some

yep thirty took thirty minutes to install day for my mom it's still too early tape one of them and yeah I'm not going back I got pulled over by the police for shopping inside Best Buy that I bought so much stuff I thought I was doing credit card fraud Best Buy call the police on me police came and started targeted me keep it **** you guys I'm out Sayonara I'm not for that bro I'm not getting pulled over shopping though never had that once in my life my whole life never had it I'm out keep it you see the band you see videos like I put a like a video today this guy's videos have been Cobb's other cops like go rest him the guys like for what constructing the road the guys like a million miles from the road yeah they fired that cop but not until they beat this dude down pepper sprayed his face to go to jail you know like there's just so many videos of cops savaging people in the states some guy was like eating a cheeseburger in his car cop just opens the door the cars like get out and the guy goes a put in parking like rolls a little bit so kat takes his gun out to start firing in the car

I think I saw

on there like bro you just you just basically got the death sentence for eating Wendy's wrecked so like I I don't have any interest in any of that **** you guys can keep all that man I'm not playing a wild west to I had enough wild west of my time bro like I'm good and if I were an investor also I carried a piece like I mean it's like basically this this documentary is probably gonna make it so I got a real five deep security anyway but my security doesn't have to get some so better

you have become more public during the past two years you were very I'm not known in the past

no yep I sometimes I think I should go back sometimes I think you know what I don't know I don't need to do all the **** I can just like chill on island but I hate islands of super social so like I don't the chill options not available to me but sometimes you're sitting with fans are like up in your grill like forcing videos on you and you're like okay man you know like trying to be cool but damn it's too many guys like one enjoy life a bit I don't have the same conversation eighty eighty five times today you know it's gonna get my wasn't accurate comes out not a good bill would be a public pretty much like my gas measure your the tiger King James Walker St brook I'm

sorry to hear that you

have I mean tiger king I'm a bother him today yeah I mean that I'm doing to anybody so

what is it going to the commensurate because

Wallace who buys it right like they were you got them done filming company the streaming company's gonna pay for it so like it's not the guys that made it to put money into it so they want to make money to whoever likes going by it's gonna pay so they got a sales agent in there you know hatching around the stuff was good sales agent you know they sold stuff of similar content to big companies so I just wanna do it right like I'm isolated from all that

I hope I hope it's not flicks and not Amazon I mean I always open that's the yeah a lot of like low quality but now I just

I want people to see it I think I think I think it's whatever platforms gonna promoted the most but you know if it's a Netflix original cool but if long as against musical mess out of my control the guys can't lay them out these guys are smart in their Emmy Award winning so like it isn't a previous are really good amassing over phone it's good man and I got high standards and me having made a movie socks because I suck but like the movie still isn't so like these guys did a great job Hey look fat old guy spends his money now that would make a good film so these guys did a great job not making that movie

yeah and and how is your weight loss I remember you you pull out like god that's

kind of strange because we're just not

that I mean are I have the same problem I have the same problem we I thought you were we we we could share some strategies so I

I cut out caffeine yesterday

I wasn't using it St

yeah I was like yeah I because I I used to tweet about like yeah I'm so glad I cut out caffeine east of existential dread I would always feel like I'm not doing enough nothing because enough of just being a world time and then like some high surgery caffeine again is never noticed and one day like wait a second you son of a **** I cut you out once already what are you doing back in here and and it's like you you if you did not get I. caffeine you need it to be alive but if you get off that you just default to alive you just you wake up good the jets feeling great you know you don't need that **** you only need it because you can take it

so like

I got rid of that and I guess I will be sleeping lately well the headaches and what the **** is having a drink and cut out all the world golf though that ****


if it's a girl makes me do it if I if I have to do it to get laid we'll do it for now I'm doing everything I can okay let me check is going to mess around me if I do drink okay addicts more important my liver fine

I'll drink like it

what I am doing everything like I enjoyed nothing last night like a just almost drink nothing all the time forever and no energy drinks the coca colas you know I look a little bit of coke coke so we have a stupid headaches at like half of the little ones also trying to healthy thing and I'm working out again not hang outs deserve real Jack C. projected since so like they're working all time like they're always like you know did you go to work I got court welcome

yeah yeah yeah

so like I mean I don't have the results yet but I've kicked the stuff before and when I kick it at last year's so like you know I've kicked caffeine on call before and they were gone for years not exactly sure how they came back and is it in write it down like a act screwed up cool and then it the working out yeah and I guess another lake I got some cool in real life stuff that'll talk about once like more contractor side but I'm gonna I'm gonna flex higher L. like I'm gonna have like something cool in the real world but yeah that's my real world cool thing was up

what is easy like I say

I mentioned you were like a ten year old and you could like just do a rich ten year olds you know like I want to build the S. like something like that I'm gonna build some like I was gonna be rich art museum and so I don't know whether stick in the world's largest diamond in there at the time in a row axes or purse collection because girls like purses and I like persistent


we phrase that girls like purses

and I like girls

so many of you ladies out there are interested in seeing Richard Hart's personal action this right here is the most sparkly purse ever see I can literally see the colors kicking off of the camera there come see Richard Hart I know you love these things and I have many many what is **** up life did yeah I made it time to show some ladies


like doing what works man it's not pretty bro no one wants to see how the sausage is made the taste good

sausage Offa community

sausage like real sausages nobody wants another mate is gross

yeah I know

best and fill it with like


who the **** knows what goes on there yeah so I I'm gonna have a in real in real life hard flax lake oh you're that guy

but do you like flexing or it's it's a strategy because he I know you just got to try to get them

to send an isolated bro strangulated that's it like I'm fat I'm old okay so we're shinier crab and I. tried flex are socially build my social life well some of them are stopping a blob I guess that would help the like you know working on it takes time superhard by such a lot easier than working out every time we consistently if you're used to most like auto pilot oh most truthful person her to


you know why this started in a white so the bear may look old in this white maybe look even older the site people just make fun in the club they're fat not a phone for the old my I can fix that old thing and


minus ten years thank you good I'm thirty if it some chick said that is issue some do not the ones do not they do not care a look at the old man's dressed well next the care

so you have some someone you're pursuing or your yeah

like run up the high schooler you know I'm gonna watch my streams it's like now I mean there's one guy like she's cool but like it's once a month like this this is not so they got me down for the team player just tolerate

yeah what's your role Matthew what's your old man for that do you do I have kids who on

I mean it wouldn't I think practicing they have kids but actually having an the noise either stinky they lacking once five lake until you get changed and have them they suck once you have them and they're yours then you change and you think they're awesome and they are just as weird thing where like they change you then you like them you know it's like it's like no one ever thought they'd like golf until then they do like often like I guess you changed into I don't like off open every day but it happens to some people should be like a hotline to call golf three AM at it's it's like kind of a deal I must write like if I want to do it if I'm going to have kids and like when I just have like a hundred

for one thing the population publisher for performance

you like you like rich genius come from to me

I have it

a lot of it we can work together synergy you know like but I just basically it's just like asset management but I probably would have a ton of kids if I wasn't worried about just losing all of my wealth over it so I think if you live in another country like if you go African warlord with it use as many as you want but if you live in like the west you just nuked a kid's bike annihilated like the amount of money to raise the kid has no relationship to the the amount of money they bill you has no relationship to the amount of money it cost to take care of the kids

who bills

this government so like if you they can hit you for child support like they can I hear stories related to will get hit for child support and then lose his job they don't care that you lost your job they want you to pay the same anyways though it never happened instead

of them

the misfortune of having

to reporters that's that's that's American I think you have a very large yeah and I mean in within this also told th I think I mean I write more signals were were some some some really go the extra right it is I read this winter there was too much like American television and they thought it would work like this is with them but now if here it's the up and up Borman or mandates individuals and the it's not our fault there is no charge for coming to see you next office we have enchanted again asking about consensus and if I want to be invited that there can I can I delegate or I I need to it's different now so

it's it's you're not the delegation stuff well awesome it has some upsides because removes that having to have thirty TV thing and like having to give some keys to somebody also like having a run a server and all that stuff we're not gonna have that now always some guys that like we're set up servers and and ready to do that


just they're gonna find some else do that hard right now because we're gonna use the same consensus method that if their enterprises currently so if


it's just better

yeah and and even if you have a you have a I don't remember school but you have this contract that can pull together you found that young


stay there

wait if people are smart they can buy down the the central counterparty risk using this method you're talking about the look I'm not an expert on so I don't know whether they really fake decentralized real decentralized you know I hope the really decentralized but I've seen so much fake garbage in crypto that I have to look specifically into it I want to get to market right again I want to take around with like changing parameters are adding features I want to get to market like even if we get to market without massaging the gas in the third and the bar timing that they're so easy I think we can just do that but if they weren't easy I would just go straight copy a fix it later three copy fix later let's go in the market let's get three points three points cheaper

let's get

frequent shapers enough faster great if you have it but it's not mandatory like

in this aggression is trying to both live extension because there isn't it this guide that the the did the foundation defense foundation I did if you got removed is he still working on the a

list showing off my watch tear on it

I see

I see the quarter million dollar watch their home is even after the dip yeah

but so are people looked at me people are expected to will what how does that work so you should watch people are pumped they wanna follow they wanna how how does that work maybe I should get to watch

why the hell isn't zooming zooming the stuff in the background you stupid camera doing anyway I like you know the what step is going to happen as long as the crypto and stock dips are happening like interest rate goes up money is more expensive everything price the money goes higher or lower rather sorry this far as a says foundation goes yeah he got me too movement even though I think it's a scam I think they only did the stuff that they say that and even even if he did the stuff they say he did I don't think it's a problem we're supposed to get married the case was to find a wife I never ever talking to anybody that you work with this makes sense doesn't seem to make any sense to me like should people work together also end up banging making kids like that seems reasonable that's how it's been for the entire history of mankind so like this idea that like yeah you can like try to hook up with people absolutely anywhere except where you work they should seems weird to me is it seems actually gross to me like now I also don't have any girl please so it's the less of a threat and my organization I don't have a recession you get that so yet like he got he got yanked but as long as the same people get the same money and they do some research on call that I have to go and actually see what they did with the money I've done it raised twice a month charity don't know the name of money hopefully it's been a good and then the Senate movie fest but in look yeah so it also comes out late after posting it comes out to get some a glory items done you know my flex like the cocoa lamb whose of sex and stuff then I'm gonna switch into the the longevity stuff or die because my options right like I can either fix aging stuff or just die and a lot of people like I was gonna go through my rolodex only call some people used to work with there's dad the dam is survive you know crazy

writes your book straight pride

was suddenly like side by side I was driving yeah you can watch it for free like I never I like never printed it and publish it which I really should considering that I'm I probably have the resources to make that happen yeah there's like RT audio books of it you just go on YouTube and like search I've I've S. C. IBA be like listen the audio books the good it's really good books really good info change your life server life is that good

yeah I mean I read that I thought was very good everything from shelves big things to swallow things how to use the twelve zero okay great

and yet these but

and how to use it efficiently it

really will help you get better get latest paid the gate has all the things

but let's let's go back to that the bottom say interest rates keep going up but he's got a I mean they they will they're committed they say on all fronts the bank of the guys fired who wanted to ease and I think

it was crying and his last name is cope wearing

right but at some point things are gonna start breaking already all of these other currencies are breaking because US dollar is too strong U. N. is begging them to stop not that they gonna listen probably but at some point things are gonna start breaking even within the U. S. economy right so when do you think they will have to stop even if inflation it lets the flesh is going up in five years or three years at some point some condition for stopping even when inflation going up

so the day's name is Kwasi quarter Tang and he was the finance minister he's fired he wasn't the exchequer


federal reserve board has two mandates they call it the dual mandate one try make sure everybody's got a job to try to make inflation to percent that's it they screwed up the inflation one badly but they describe the job one that bad so they're gonna do is scrap the job one little bit to buy down the inflation one and so they're going to raise interest rates wreck all the markets get everyone employed that should pull down inflation a bit but then that's going to screw up the jobs and then they're probably gonna turn the money printer back on to fix the jobs and then rent inflation again and then just oscillate breaking one of them the other that's my prediction so you know they'll they'll probably raise rates to double what they are now if you believe what the survey of people on board thank what happened and then the stop it'll turn America back on a devalue the dollar into oblivion as it is destined to go near zero as off the occurrences of dog so I mean it's either hires a living outside America having the dog up in value massively is awesome I love it everything's on sale for me sorry people that live where I live haha racked

yeah my biggest gainers used to T. I open my Oklahoma for follow use the TV plus twenty five percent everything else


that the look stable coins for the best but I mean that's why for me when they raise a lot it's almost bullish because it means that the end is closer the printer is Elser eve they raise the rate zero point twenty five or zero point five it's not as good as the one or zero point seventy five like last time because there is going to be some limits and

last year the band aid off him there have been enough I agree I was a bear market to get over quicker like I want to get back in a bull market constant orgasm and I prefer that so

when did you launch checks what will two thousand nine Seymour I am yeah

the end of twenty nineteen

M. as in syncing


so like it's

like a thousand and forty days old now so it's very rapidly coming up on three years

yeah and it's already

half as old as if they're in taxes more than half of those if they're in a

right impulse is following the same trajectory this is going to launch in the middle of the buyer and

nice try a timing estimate giver it says you know nobody

and all dining no time is down with them we got a

stylist do you like it like I have the camera way up there so I don't seem like have back fat now and actually I look like let's see if I can make you what I really look like hello I'm the tender selfie for a land well

before I had it I have the same thing I have another camera that's what that looks worried this water using

what's your blur blurring stuff using that R. T. exploring stuff for a reason

non IBM is just in the stream your words a customer assistance mmhm okay guys more questions about hair

loss is going to come to an end and the bull market's gonna come and then you have to decide what you're going to get along are you gonna get long limp Dick no gains garbage the coin they couldn't even three axis all time high could even for exit like its all time I was twenty eight and sixty nine it could have a four axis also mine in five years you can along that trash or Yulong Therion okay money prince lasts because there's less inflation because you don't have the you know miners making so much anymore but it is kind of tied to bitcoin unfortunate and if the coins limp Dick can experiment there so it is a look and look at them and only went from its all time high fifteen K. after the five K. basically it's just a like a four X. as well not even all that sucks so leg then you got hacks but it's not out well

now you have a lot of things you can also view

them yep

so how does that work with your theory but I don't get it cannibalizing

well if you get hacked to get on to change or get pulse you get a luncheon that's kind of interesting because I'm a school is that right and then I don't have a crystal ball you know a lot of people crypto speak with great certainty about stuff they don't know anything about I keep a real man I'm not certain about stuff I'm not certain about I don't make fake certainly I'll do that again so I don't know what's gonna perform this action be pulses policy can be hacks are the two axes on both chains going to be false it you know is false acts going to be false I don't know I know there's a buy and burn function Paul sex it's pretty awesome that actually market buys one side of the the order book you know so it's like an arm burn where there's no by pressure just burnt but a Brian Byrne is like a different kind of movement it's like a like a bigger deal you know I can't predict these things I don't know and I don't think the noble was gonna see how they go but I'm a believer like every L. once taken off hard so the best one me happy

exact aunt in the charts asked about the stable coin value on policies and


if they are discouraged

yes the seniors to kick in USTC NUST T. can invalidate all of the stable coins on any fork because that would have been K. they didn't choose to do that on each W. fork so cool I think that the most commonly used able coin is going to be a bridge and stable coin and so they want and need a version of the chain so you can get native USTC on tron you get on the Ethereum you can get in on a fax I think so like there's other chains that have native issued stable coins they just care that there's a working consensus network and users I thank so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a need a stable issued on calls from the same guys that have issued them another chance

yeah they should control on the shift on all kinds of things so it would make sense that they also expand as Boston gets yes traction but what we will see from the beginning our old the cop copied once getting

Charlie operational change I know you ladies watching all one if you love this very expensive Chanel chain if you like Chanel can I interest you in a National Book purse that looks like a book but it's actually a purse

was the game's going to be you think with with a stable coins

I really don't know I don't know I think I think that'll have lower much lower value than the ones that are redeemable for real money I think probably people empty them for things that have more community traction to probably see people have elected my guess is you see people dump a lot of stables for copy stables on the posture and I think you seem dumb for stuff that has probably traction like Paul's all sex and tax because like my gas is that those three points in the beginning will have the largest communities just because I invented it and I also invented packs and so like all of those dudes that are you kind of know me and my stuff or they would probably rather be in the stuff they like them in the stuff that they don't care about so like that's my guess my my guess is that you see people dump coins that don't have great adoption for coins that do and then maybe if there's like great priced opportunities from like things just being underpriced is like at some point like my my god feeling is that same code same ticker symbol price of Lakers up on the exchange probably price of like goes up on the postion my guess chain code center after maybe they flop around while they they start to move together but some ratio you know just like look why it why is it there and moving around because they do why is bitcoin moving around the stocks they do insist after us like move around with other stuff that's like similar so I would be surprised if you saw takers on postion move around with more volatility than there as a leverage position as the checkers on there except for like straight failures like if you have an admin key point it's just like user advocate a new kitchen and then you should be participating in that anyway should you like should you be participating points of absentees that's not the greatest idea you know like a name this one guy can come and take my money when everyone's socks I would avoid that if at all possible

so someone was asking about the snapshot of the state at the he's not going to be at some date in the future when there's yeah plus the on the take

it or

you have some dates

to real fork it's gonna be real fork so there's a delay the some lag because it takes time to write to the database but we'll probably announce a block K. within a you know couple they went up probably discussing just like he was gonna make sure no one can game anything I like knowing the timing so people don't even know what exact time I don't think a range of time should be fine really in the fine if we did it last time at all I thank but you know I think for some people that like you know times are probably given like in this range we're trial lots kind of thing in a

sense this

is maybe they want more of this one thing copied and you know because like look if you have a quintessential as exchange you're not getting the copies they are I hate socialists and is so like it be better if you put the coins your wallet got copies yourself instead of giving advice for free way to exchange the boxes you makes you back for your own money etcetera they don't

how much will I need in order to



thirty two Sam I don't see a reason to change that

doesn't have to because they were trying to change his view

we're trying to change a few parameters possible they're known working good I don't want to change anything I don't have to

well it doesn't have to be connected to the dollar value that it's or it doesn't matter if it's one dollars thirty cents or

we can then can never tie it to a dollar value or you have oracle problem central point of failure scumbag area so it has to be native currency only thirty two years they can never and and and no blockchain can you advertise something to real dollar amount or you are slaves to whoever runs a server that tells you one dollar's worth forever unlike those

yeah that's the

most reliable

that's if you need real time but do you think they but if it's a P. thirty to wife her sister they probably look at how much one leaf is worse that it should be not the million dollars about them but also not like five cents you or is it fully disconnected

well I hope that's not how they did it because if that is how they did it then I should change that number I can go back and look at the eye peas and see like the logic on it we could go and discover what their logic was on that but I'd really rather just copy known good working things because like you would actually prefer it to be cheaper and it supports millions of validators out of the box so like I'll give it a night a fight is but like what are the check and we're not going to have a million dollars off the bat we're gonna be million users off the bat that will take a while you know like you guys fix it later to let me know works now let's run with it let's go we know it works now and we start to get hick ups or any kind of weirdness we'll fix it

Franklin says Richard I used to work at circle that went out to the sea to politician unless they're able to get with you heavily all the chains with exceptional youth are senseless heavily if you want to

change their ways enabling the **** you think I've never K. Y. C. before come get my docs bro I don't care okay we see before you think about the **** world's largest diamond that K. wasting bro I didn't I'm a guy traveling the maximum number of borders at the least like you know the concern about the

do you have the best about that with Eric wall yeah

somebody's like Richard will never go to America I'm like hi Richard from America with some thunderstorms because you're stupid this is like a story my life like people but heads of man they're just wrong all the time it's crazy I think they learn like I call the top of their wheels called top of the just me okay but there are those like hurricane decline in my note ten K. because stupid so you take a breath NASA Levin Kamprad discuss easier at eleven to but it's really ten five so like this whatever eighty five percent off of sixteen inches I think it's ten six fifty let's do the math point nine five times six nine zero zero zero this what it was a stupid point one five times six and K. and three fifty was really centered fifty was it easier to eleven case I said allowing to impress but like you really should hit ten three fifty

really really call is asking Nicole is asking if we're gonna do a thousand acts in the first three hundred and sixty five days

how do I know the crystal ball I don't know I don't know it's gonna do nobody does it's not knowable they could do something crazy sure but nobody knows what the probability of it is actually happening

what about

launching a bear makes it more likely right like launching a bear makes it easier to go out more

some of us about Paul's ex and if there are any changes to like we did see in sensitization inset let's see if are there any updates on the Konami for the incentive tokens for LP


on politics

nope no updates you gonna you know the beer words if you like them cool you dont whatever that's the black the black sheep taken that's the token I care the least about I care is are we shall fall several call sex the incentive tokens

in our second

that has not a name I'm **** name that's how much you care about it so like you know it'll get a name we'll probably won it maybe they'll have a dog picture who knows people like dog pictures I care the least


can well

frankly thing to get in touch with Jeremy Allaire about you as you see the listing okay


frankly maybe you can connect the connect Richards on Twitter

at we have a Jeremy at circle dot com I get it

probably should ensure small updates

hello guys

I'm sorry yeah yeah basically small up that that's what she says most of this would be really appreciated even if it's a tweet saying that still working can't wait for death

god did okay doing that it man I just got I guess so burnt out about it when you guys that was me from that one time S. was given unlike I got punished for that I deserve you punish a bunch of really jaded now like I don't tell you guys nothing now because you like were so mean about that damn okay well this will tell you the only nothing I don't work for you it was done was done that's up late the set this company I work for you

the stuff that's on

but I do I if I like if I understand your feels bro like yes this being worked on when the net will V. three testing comes out like art

yeah and shipping software updates without being able to cut scope is very difficult if you can't if you can scout scope you can dislike apple is never autumn there's an iPhone but in this case you can alter the cats cope so you gotta get it down and

try to go we've worked a whole different code base how's that for cuttings go full here's our scope cut and I were looking over this but it's faster it's just it's just more secure around as more audits I I believe in that consensus method way more without too many problems the pearly and we're just like okay you know there was it was it was hard these are hard these are like there's a reason that you took so long to get proof of stake it is actually hard it's not easy so like building an alternate secure proof of stake out of parole it was just like oh man this is a nightmare bro lake


I know this is so broken I was a real school with us and so like I mean this is chance a lot of this crypto stuff is security by obscurity but like I don't really believe in them and the unit's problems sixty problems the sort of problems are like computer science where the breakers so I was gonna copy what I know works and what I know as most audits and that has some upsides went when each two point oh gets upgrades are starting we get it to same code base that's a lot of upside you know and we we couldn't use all of the hockey stuff that the probably gonna be a C. guys to just not it's not cool so I guess we could like they lived along like we could just we could a washer a copy in the DC chain too but like it's just easier to do it or do it now western easier and safer

final question

from what's

that what are some of your favorite conscious after Charles

however guys aren't looking for me like you buddy

we want my watch well my court

R. why China is that what you want don't take my arm off I mean I like to go to places were safe so I I did my time in the states and

the third world

I'm just like yo I had enough do so that's a role like deep but have security now but like even deeper more security unlike the cyst I don't feel like it's getting shot at right server not gonna get shot at I'm cool with mission in Europe you know I like Europe so it's nice to see I've been in real life we'll get fat together


when I got a smorgasbord

bro well run you last time you were here you you entry in some simple are you debate at the described minister Russian diminish as a result at the financial better than now

there I was fatter then then and now I look like the real aspect and it like I was even fatter was crazy like better than than that video press contact me ma'am I hope that I can give you a bunch of free points to get you get rich on I hope and I'm glad that you were one of the first people to realize like Hey hacks did this already you guys are just doing what access we want to first people recognize that yeah you guys are just to access yep yeah they'll copy this yeah sure there's a lot of other projects that like I mean I should name them but like there's other projects like any any project as like vesting or like let's just say if you lock up for longer you get more votes I know couple defy projects like that you know like you get a larger portion of information if you walk up longer I know some guys like that that are very popular they just copy tax whether they realize it or not like like for instance I think compound has Ave has like insurance fund that has tokens that you walk and then so it is curve curve as a gauge system the contrast copier **** okay voice we were the first to say you know funny right but those are considered like you know better than us not only better than us not at all

Hexcel is just is asking to be left out from the basement

so continue to make Jay pegs you'll continue to make family also causes is awesome affects a

part excellent is asking about the changes in field on and off ramps something more than we discussed there

I mean okay axis once the listed and they've just been waiting forever but you know and then the I bet a bunch of other people listen to we'll see I mean okay so a large sections of the world so that they list probably Russell is my guess

just a guess

I'm not a centralized exchange runner I'm a promoter of decentralized technologies I'm not a guy that runs a centralized thing so I'm not a coin listing site or an exchange in a I'm just a lowly software guy the rates mostly free and open source software is it mostly not sure partially free and open source software taxes that open source open view of an inspector but I did not open the copy

on that note Richard argument good talking to fantastic time together guys messed alike tweeted tile to spread the world their work it will and

the bear market will and

lance do with Richard Hart went on Twitter

world's largest diamond called the Beckley top of the day told even if their top it up into twenty six days later because did last cycle told you it was likely seminars wristwatches million dollars Bogor jury world's largest free airdrop the only one really trying to get you cheaper therapies now as opposed to infinity later when starting might ever happen follow me check me out you would hate if you missed my bottle call when you turn our com slash reaching her win Instagram dot com slash Richard Hart official tictoc slash Richard hard divers I don't know if they use a slight whatever's

you do dancing lip sync

I should I really I didn't dancing

on the lips I was thinking don't pull tricks

I have led you to a publisher hard on you too

it is hard to beat you know this because I mean when I was growing up Instagram came you gotta and that everyone was taking selfie some filters trying to look nice and now kids are gonna dance the got to dance and lip sync is like a whole level of the the level of performance a lot of

the race

the original ready

for vogue all right okay let everybody

see you soon bye bye yes


like ice see if