Live At Las Vegas PulseCon - Transcripts

September 08, 2022

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So am I just talking or

what am I live? I guess I'm just live, Hey everybody, I hope the weather is nice and cool out there, I hear it's like 100 and six F and I have been talking to deV's a lot recently and uh, I guess the next thing you're gonna see released on pulse acts is going to be the limit. Orders works fine in the private test net, they're just going to push it to the main branch and like be able to test that soon. And the big thing that we're waiting on is consensus improvements. So because my dogs are geniuses, they find bugs, other people don't know about. So they know about bugs and BSC that nobody else knows about. They know about bugs and the click consensus mechanism, which Perelli is based on that nobody knows about. And so, you know, before we launch Main net, we want everything to be right and right now we have a pretty cool opportunity because the ethereum guys finally got to market with something or are close to getting to market with something, which is their ethereum two point oh, which will now, once it happens, just be called ethereum, they won't be called ethereum too and it doesn't release uh new coins, you're not going to get a copy of your coins on ethereum two, it doesn't improve costs, there's no extra throughput, there's no extra gas limit, there's no extra throughput per second. All it does is reduce. Issuance rate for ethereum which is bullish for all of crypto, you know, ethereum got half the market cap of Bitcoin and if you don't have ethereum miners dumping the price constantly and enriching power companies and hardware manufacturers at the cost of the environment and the price chart. Well that's great. That's great for all of crypto and it's also great for pulse chain in my mind.

The two most important course concepts for pulse chain are are the ethereum fees still high? Yes, they are. You know, um, I was looking earlier today, it's still three bucks to send normal ethereum, it's still, you know, 10 or 12 bucks to do a swap transfer etcetera. And that's during a bear market where you know, ethereum already dropped 85%. Bear markets tend to come to an end. So the last bear market only lasted 365 days. This one is going to last a little bit longer because people decided to destroy their balance sheets and buy a second. They didn't want to do the normal blow off top bubble chart. They wanted to do an extra double bubble and this double bubble. Well, it didn't work three arrows, capital liquidated block, you know, Celsius, bankrupt, Michael, Saylor net negative, El Salvador net negative, everybody, you know, all those guys losing money left and right. All the people that listen to me well they seem to have done much better call the top of the day, you might have heard that before. So basically with this merge that's coming up assuming it goes well.

I hope that it does. They've got a lot of audits, they've done a lot of testing on it. I hope it goes well. It doesn't, it doesn't do anything but help pulse chain. These are still high. Gas limits are still low. No one's building out extra capacity for ethereum, no one's trying to reduce the therapies except us. And I guess maybe these two developers that someday in the future will eventually get around to charting, which has been a dream of theirs for like as long as the theory has existed, I don't know, six years, it's great. So it also helps us with our consensus stuff because a lot of stuff that guys didn't need to for consensus is useful for us and pulse chain and that's the only thing we're really waiting on. So you know, if you, if you use the test net, which I consider to be the best game on the Blockchain. Hey, you like Blockchain games, Guess what guys? You get copies all your coins and the pulse chain dot com, Test net, go try them out right now.

You can trade them back and forth. You can do, you know, it's the same code. So you can do a lot of the same things and everything else has been really good. Like uh, paul sex done tons of trades, tons of people doing buying Burns, you know, um, I've heard nothing but good things about the uh, the testament. So we're basically because things have taken as long as they have, we're more secure, we're able to improve other projects that we want. Not sure we will. Um You know, it's just funny. So my, in my, in my mind, the two things people care about the most impulse chain are more coins, more throughput, lower fees, that's the primary value statement and 2.0 with this merge doesn't give you new coins, doesn't give you lower fees, doesn't give you higher throughput. And so our value proposition is totally clean. I like it. Everything's good. And then the less negative self pressure on crypto as a whole from removing the miners having to get paid all the time is good for everything now.

Am I bullish on crypto? Not yet remember Hex ran up 60 X versus Bitcoin the first time it dumps from 65 K down 55%. So I can totally de correlate from Bitcoin. I think it was kind of bad timing that it looks correlated now because there was, we had our own cycles right? There were sacrificed phases. There was other things going on in our own cycles. And so I wouldn't be surprised at some point. Hex started doing the same things that used to do, which is just over performing like crazy. We'll see, I don't have a crystal ball, this is not financial advice, I'm not a financial advisor dear and research etcetera. But I mean even recently when you saw Bitcoin like break 120 K. Which people are really hoping for. They don't want to see, they don't like seeing Bitcoin under 20 K.

And then if you're a technical analyst, there's some things that say like support becomes resistance and so you know what used to be resistance to support in theory old 20 K. Top now 20 K quote bottom but actually didn't hold a 20 K. Bottom at all. Didn't didn't respect that at all. You know, went down to 17 5 is now sitting at uh, it was interesting. I saw, I saw the euro and Bitcoin and the S&P. I'll pump today was like, I wonder if they're correlated. So yeah, I think as long as grayscale bitcoins at a 33% discount, which it is and they hold 1% of all Bitcoin And you know, the theory emerged might be a buy the rumor, sell the news event. I mean we see lending people that are borrowing ethereum for the merge, they're paying like 15% and I think traditionally in crypto buy the rumor sell the new stuff is pretty common, you know, And so with the risk that Bitcoin dumps due to either just not doing, it's 85% dump yet, which would put it, you know, a little bit under 11 K and the 33% discount on Grayscale Btc, which has been consistent. I mean it's been there for months and the MT Gox coins being released at some point. Those guys suck so bad. Just give us a date guys, just give us a date.

Let's go stop screwing around. You know, the Comedy, that whole thing. And then we've got the bit Fenix coins are trying to sell, which I think is like 94,000 coins or 83, coins or something. And then we've got raw Solberg coins, which I think is like 70,000 coins somewhere between 54 and 74,000. I can't remember the exact number. I tweeted all these, so you can look these up. So we've got discounted Grayscale Bitcoin, which is 1% of all Bitcoin. We've got MT Gox, bit finex and the federal marshals probably selling ross Ulbricht coins because he signed off to let them do it to pay his restitution and then normal cycle dump right? And then maybe buy the rumor, sell the news for merge. So in my mind it's the dream bottom would be the grayscale discount goes away. Some of those free coins that are gonna get released by law, like the Japanese ones at MT Gox or gonna get dumped as a matter of law, which would be the old brick ones of Silk road fame and then it's up in the air whether the next ones will really get sold or not. You know they might get refunded or they might get sold who knows?

And there's Like there was 94,000 coins there you can look it up so the dream would be those coins get dumped. Bitcoins deficit to net asset value in grayscale disappears and then it does its traditional 11 K. And pray 85% dump. That's been a nice bottom. And then if they raised interest rates boy that would be nice too. Because as long as they keep doing quantitative tightening Q. T. It pushes down the stock market, stock market pushes down Bitcoin. Bitcoin pushes down theory that's how it goes. And then I like this next cycle is gonna be hilarious because with paul's chain you know like look at look at the situation. Bitcoins in. Is there defying Bitcoin comedically now uh is there high throughput is their low fees?

Is there a road map, nope, is there good anonymity, nope. I was just talking to a lawyer today about the tornado cast situation and this I'm not a lawyer, this is not legal advice but he says that you know the sanction just addressed us D. C. Which means it could be the case that you can still use tornado cash using the address and as long as you're using I PFS to access the contract, you know it seems like it should be okay but if you mess this up, it's devastating. Don't mess it up. Be very careful, get your own legal advice. You know of the many things in this world that you want to toy with sanctions are not one of them. The government takes them very, very seriously. So I would I would get legal advice from a lawyer before I did anything related to sanctions. So yeah, markets don't last forever. Right? So if the if this was if our top was, let's check the chat here chart, check the chat.

If we call the most recent local top on the daily here in Bitcoin, if we call that November of 2021 and a year out would be this November 11 of 20, well November 10 of 2021 you know, that's two months from now. So if the bear market is only gonna last 365 days, that's only two months and four days from now could happen, right? We could do, we could dump make that firm bottom. Everyone else is thinking about this bear market. I'm thinking about the next bull market as soon as we've got this consensus figured out and I think we've got a good plan. Uh as soon as this consensus is like executed and fixed on pulse chain, it's gonna be glorious. Imagine launching. Imagine all these new people that get to buy a massive dip. So when I got into crypto, I didn't get to buy a massive dip, I got to buy the top. So I bought Bitcoin at 30 and went down to two. I was down 93 a half percent to start. I was like oh well this sucks And then you just hold then it goes up to 1200 and then it goes down to 200 and then it goes up to 20,000, then it goes down to three and then it goes up to 14, then it goes to four and then it goes to 69 and then it goes to 17.

That's the history. So being able to have so many people like perhaps the people at this conference buying at rates that are you know 10 times cheaper. Like for instance you know hacks dip, 95% golly that's a good dip. I mean you can get if you buy 95% dip you're getting 20 times the stuff for the same economic energy that a person did it by previously did. So in theory that greatly reduce your risk because you're getting so much more stuff. I don't know why. Encrypt everyone loves to buy tops and bottoms but if you have the opportunity to buy bottoms like some people bought the big payday dip. Well that was glorious. They did very well on that. Um You know some people bought that $2 dip I didn't, I just held but it had been a lot smarter buying a 90% dip and something that went up another 20,000 fold. Yeah. Actually went up another 34 a half 1000 fold from $2.

So it's a lot, it's a lot of extra movement 34 a half 1000 X from the bottom of the dip. That was my introduction to Bitcoin. What else do we got going? I mean some of you guys may notice there was a a U. S. Credit card on ramp available um, for hex, which would be by dot com. What else? Hmm. Yeah. Really we're kind of waiting for consensus. That's the majority of uh, of what we care about right now. And we also, you know, the documentaries done.

So the highest of stakes documentary is complete and they're just slapping the soundtrack down there now. So it's a, I hear a 40 piece orchestra, not an expert in orchestras and that, you know, I don't listen to too much orchestra music. I guess we all do if we watch movies because it's very common in movies and apparently everyone that's seen it likes it. So I think it's gonna be awesome when that comes out. So let's see what next year might look like pulse chain paul sax Hex on the ethereum network. Hex on the pulse network documentary out in santa taken out. Tell us more about the incentive token. I don't know, people probably provide liquidity to it and that will be its claim to fame. What's, what's dog coins claim to fame as a jpeg still seems to be a mechanic that works in crypto. Um, what else racking my head here? Yeah, the wall, it's coming along mr wallet, developers still building out the wallet. So that's coming along.

Anything else? Hmm, I think that's all I can think about now. I'm supposed to sit up here and talk for an hour and I think I'm in 25 minutes, we're gonna need some questions from the audience. Is there anything else I have to talk about? Let me go check my twitter. I'm gonna go check my twitter and see if anybody wants, uh, wants some questions answered on twitter dot com slash richard hart win. Richard hart win. I'm too, I'm too energy dense and I fly too fast to hit an hour timeframe. Any questions I'm on live stream,

Richard, if you can hear it's big Philly steaks from Toronto again, I think I last talked to you in March, you told me I got raped by the thing, I had to get a shot in to get out of the country of Canada and it was Richard. It's been six months since I talked to you. Anything happened in those six months?

Well, I mean the prices of everything died. Does that count is happening? Crypto crypto got shot in the head and fell over. Are you talking about paul's chain and paul sex development?

A lot of people in this room have come to know of you in the last six months. The people I've talked to here, there's some 40 cent mexicans in this room and uh look at what you have done in the last six months, your your name recognition. Um everything that we see in the newspaper, I opened a sunday London Times and there was garish, Richard Hart founder, defense chain and uh and the Cryptocurrency called hex right in a London english newspaper. I couldn't believe it. And so your message is getting out there. People


products are are are so thankful for the last six months a lot of people have come to you. Um I volunteered at the ethereum conference in Toronto I met and his mom and uh I was talking to Natalie um saying I'm actually a follower of another billionaire. Cryptocurrency founder. And she looked at me a little quizzically and I said, yeah, that guy by the name of Richard Hart. And she and her best Russian spy, Countess, Natasha Rocky and bullwinkle voice said, oh we know of mr Richard. And she she ended the conversation there. But Richard and uh and boy, it was just great putting out these little little hex cards, I think I would put out to us at the las Vegas conference, I've been through hundreds of them, putting them on V. I. P table shaking hands and know that as much as you're doing with all your you call it outrage marketing? Some people agree. Some people disagree. But the fact that you are now is fantastic.

Anyways. Richard, I just want to thank you for the last six months to see it. Another six. Can't wait for the

launch. Yeah. So you know the outrage marketing, it's sad that so few people have I guess the attention span to pay attention to my live streams or read my books because I've covered this 100 times. So for instance I got a new rose a voice calling in $700,000 1 and uh it's only utility. It's only utility to me is that I can brag about it. I mean I've got like six cars. I don't drive them. They're just they just flex value right? So I mean occasionally like I'll beat on one at the track or something but by and large I don't drive them. So you know I I send a tweet that says I like getting driven. I like getting driven in my rolls Royce by the people that think they're better than me on foot. And then for some reason the people that I like that don't think they're better than me include themselves in the insult and get angry and you're like, hey guys are you on foot being driven by like I'm driving by you on foot a fan of mine and then are you judging me and saying you hate me and stuff?

No that's not the case. Well then you don't qualify for the insult because I assure you in my day to day life, I meet tons of people that hate me, dislike me without knowing anything about me and just hate money in general and my job is to free people and to be free you need money period, which is why invent monies, which is why I give out free coins. So you know, I do very good outrage marketing. It gets good engagement, particularly engagement from people that don't already know me and I know that that's what works for these newspapers because that's the only reason they cover me now. How many other founders could they cover? How many cryptocurrencies are there tons, but I get the coverage because I'm more interesting period now, being interesting is nice that gets me some coverage, predicting prices gets me even more kind of even coverage now I guess. And then they would purposely still hide hacks and pulse chain and I think it's hilarious people that hate hacks and they call me a scammer and they call texas scam. You're like, hey, well is pulse chain a scam. You forgot that one guys are my free self help books that have been out for longer than I've been in crypto or there's a scam are you know, they just so silly, like the haters I run into are so silly and so like on the one hand I feel bad for fans of mine who may not have as much money as they wish. That feel insulted about me doing good outrage marketing, Good flex marketing. The same marketing that has worked for Conor McGregor, Jake paul, the Kardashians and every of the other richest famous ist most popular wrist people, everyone does this who is famous that doesn't do outrage marketing the Dalai Lama, maybe the pope maybe, but he's rolling in a really nice Mercedes. So you know, uh, like I'm doing what works.

The metrics show that it works. I'm getting traction in with news agencies and newspaper reporters that I wasn't previously. And just today, business Insider published a bunch of, you know, my price commentary and for the first time talked about Hex and for the first time talked about pulse chain, that's progress. The previous articles didn't include those words whatsoever. It's a big deal. And so when people write favorably about me or Hex or paul's chain or descends, foundation or medical research, stuff like that. I like to reward them with likes and retweets and you know, if their reach grows good for them, they deserve it and then maybe they come back and talk to me about more interesting stuff. So Yeah, this, this and the other, the other magic to outrage marketing is if someone already follows you and is already 100% on board and down with the stuff that you care about. It isn't useful to trigger them. It isn't useful to be outrageous towards them unless they just need to be aware of it so they can use it as fuel to go trigger other people. So I don't, I don't, other than to just respond to the occasional guy that's crying in my thread like, you know, oh, you lost a follower. I don't know why you became so materialistic.

Hey guys, I'm still streaming from the same place that I've been streaming in for five years. You know what I'm saying? Like, like this, it's very hard as a self help author that gives away free self help books to be told about as materialism. I'm only as materialistic as it helps me help other people. That's it. So I mean like if I didn't have a social media following, I wouldn't spend all this money and I think for most people, it doesn't work right. Like there are a lot of other people shopping in the same stores that I'm at and they're not getting any flex value for their stuff. So in summary and by the way, you guys that are out there, you know, putting stickers on your car's, putting stickers and bathrooms. On the one hand, I'm all for property rights and on the other hand, I want to change the world for the better and a gas pump that has a legitimate thing that may help you change your life, That language is messed up. They could help you. I don't know, hey, I'm trying to be artful with this if you don't get the word out, a lot of people aren't going to have the opportunity to participate and participate at prices that are 20 fold better than people that participated previously. The boom and bust cycle of crypto is well known and well popularized by me.

I'm the one that tells you everything drops hard. So it's I think it's a wonderful opportunity for a lot of people and if they don't find out about it and look, you guys do all the advertising, I gotta tell you the truth guys, I haven't put a sticker on anything. Maybe once. I think one time I put a sticker on something but in general I haven't done it. But you guys are doing it. That's amazing. You guys are sending out mail. I haven't seen any mail. You guys are sending out mail. I love it. I think it's slash hex. Let me check it.

Let me check it real quick. And I feel so sorry for twitter because they're gonna be on my channel and this isn't on my channel, yep slash hex postcards. I love what those guys are doing because one of the few, you know, Cryptocurrency was invented for censorship resistance and what what is one of the very few censorship resistant methods of communication that we have left to us. The physical mail, the physical mail, they can't ban you from the physical mail. Thank God, thank God because everywhere else they just beat the heck out of you know, like it's hilarious to me and I also know that the physical mail works because you know, I see a new york Washington, what is it Wall Street Journal, Some guy on twitter works for the Wall Street Journal, complains about this mail that he got and you're like, hey maybe learn instead of crybaby, you know, this stuff that we're doing is awesome and has been awesome, 1000 days of perfect flawless operation while everything else around us got wrecked a million percent price performance before staking and it luckily dips once in a while and some people get to participate at the dips. So yeah, let me check twitter to see what they've got to say. So I, I appreciate the marketing that you guys are doing and I don't know if you're taking what's up, how's it going Gary, it's good to see you again, I really appreciate you taking the time to with the audience. You're also streaming right now out on twitter space. There's quite a few people that are listening to a twitter space. All this content is obviously on KsB dot right now, you can utilize that content to basically distribute the message. I think that a be wise and things like that. Getting the message out is very important, but we do have people that will be asking questions in a couple of minutes.

I just wanted to do that introduction and then the emcee for the event from yesterday and today, all day has been matt, I just wanted to show appreciation and maybe he can field a few of the questions as I rotate out. Hello, Richard greetings again. Good to see you so good to see you. I'm good man. It's it's great to see you. Um, so I wanted to ask you a couple questions. I've been talking to folks throughout the conference. Um one of the things that we see right now in the world is that our freedoms are under attack. You talk about freedom of speech, You talk about freedom of movement, you seem to be very attuned to what's going on politically in the world. Geopolitically one of the things that I always get excited about when I listen to you is to hear your vision for a vertically aligned ecosystem. Do you mind sharing that with us to, to tell us really is this potentially going to be a sovereign alternative to the C B D C s? Is this is this ecosystem potentially going to be the place of freedom and sovereignty?

It's possible it takes effort and it takes time. So I give an example, you know, when when did email basically kill normal male took a long time. And when did the digital camera kill the analog camera took a while And when did mp three s kill C. D. S? That was probably pretty quick, but maybe it was still 10 years. You know we are very close in that the technology has gotten better and better and better. You know when I first got into crypto if you sent over 100 cents, it invalidated all your backups because your backups would only cover the 1st 100 addresses because it didn't use HD wallets where one seed word generated everything or one seed phrase generated everything. Uh it was just it manually generated public private key pairs that then generated addresses. And then you know you would just lose all your stuff and you know back then there were so fewer users and they use this a little probably not that many guys ran into that particular problem hopefully or maybe that's where all those unmoved coins are. You always look at all those unmoved coins, you're like, I wonder why those people never spent any of that money. It's always interesting.

So When you when you want to replace everything it helps to be 10 times better than what you're replacing. And the more harshly the government's crackdown on their people, the more welcoming and more of a competitive advantage, what we have has to offer. So in the Netherlands they're destroying the farmers. I find that to be disgusting and you know when you in Canada when they squashed political protest by seizing the bank accounts of people that even sent money for other people to buy sandwiches so you're guilty of a crime of funding sandwich purchases, nope not okay. Um, as you said, freedom movement destroyed. Freedom of speech destroyed. And it really is, I mean, all these, all the liberty, this is what I've always found. So funny, libertarian guys would always say government bad. You're like, okay, they're private companies, uh huh go start your own facebook and you're like, you know, you know, you can't actually do that. It doesn't work like they tried, I think parlor tried that and then they got shut down. They lost their hosting, they got banned everywhere, you know, And so there's an entrenched media conglomerate that controls the narrative about everything like I heard, I heard Zuckerberg on Rogan and I read the comments which should never do comments are we're happy people go to die. Um, particularly on, you know, channels in our mind.

And somebody in the channel was like, hey, ask you know about Zuckerberg checking like $400 million in influencing the election and so why he, you know, acts fair and balanced in public when he talks about the decisions facebook's made and then you look at what he's doing privately. Apparently he's funding the crap out of, you know, left things now. It's like you want to be a political because you wanna onramp every kind of user, but on the other hand, you want to live in a better place and there's a very obvious difference between the guys that wouldn't let you travel, wouldn't let you see your family wouldn't let you still won't let you travel and and and just treat you like a guinea pig and you know there's a particular type of politics that those people tend to like and that disgust me and and like this idea of like hey let's hire 80,000 agents for the I. R. S. And you're and you're like you want you want the government doesn't produce anything, they don't make anything, they just take your money and give it to other people. That's all they do. They don't farm, they don't they don't build cars, they don't build planes, they don't build sodas, they don't make paint, all they do is take your money and give it to other people. And so the more human beings in the society, they get sucked into the machine of redistributing other people's wealth, the less people that are left to bear the load of actually doing the work of making the world a better place. Give an example Germany 20 apparently 24%. The price of gas in Germany is actually the price of gas and the rest is all tax and crap. And so they tax it to death.

So here's what they do. I mean this is one of my, one of the tweets I made recently that I liked more than others was You know 2023 electric cars and blackouts and that's really what it is. So they raised the tax on gas hoping that the market decides to make electric more viable and then they consequently make it so that electric doesn't work anymore because you don't have any gas because batteries do not generate electricity, batteries store energy. And where does the energy come from that they store? Well a lot of these countries from burning gas and oil. And so batteries are not a solution for power generation period and they never will be, you still have to generate the power. And so you know you've got gas prices up two X. Three X. In the U. K. Of 50 60% in other countries like Italy and uh it's it's wild to me that governments think that they can print their way into prosperity. Running the money printer doesn't make you a prosperous nation building stuff makes you a prosperous nation.

So Cryptocurrency is a more efficient medium of exchange. A more efficient story value. A more durable good. A more recognizable good. Nearly impossible to counterfeit. Traditionally these other currencies are not. It has other properties such as, you know, if you get paid and you wait enough confirmations, you really got paid. There's no chargebacks. But if in the United States you accept an A. C. H. Transfer.

They can charge that back up to six months, maybe even a year later. You never really have the money. It's a joke. They can always claw back and wire transfers are different from a ch and that's different than a merchant processing account and that's different from Papal law. So you know, Cryptocurrency is one of the only technologies that exists that can return the power back to the people and make you rich at the same time. There's a lot of things you do to improve the world that cost you personally and you don't end up profiting, you just end up losing. So you know, hey this guy's poor, you give him all your money now. You're broke. He's rich, okay. And he'll probably become broke again because that's how I got broke in the first place. That's why trust exists. You trickle money at people so they don't just go blow it all and then they're like we'll give you all the money, that's why trust exists.

So that you can trickle the money at them. So uh same thing with improving the world through crypto is that you can get rich doing it and then you become stronger while you're making the world a better place. You know, when you put your financial energy into peer to peer open source distributed censorship resistant known future issuance, something gets more rare instead of more common. Yeah, that's good for everybody that's involved obviously. What what price you get in that makes a difference and the rate at which you're acquiring new users and things like that. But the it's a growth market. I mean right now the dollars its all time low versus stuff and other national currencies are at 20 year lows versus the dollar. So imagine if you held a currency that wasn't the dollar, another fiat currency, like say the euro, you know, the dollar's down massive and then the euro is down an extra third. It lost a third of its purchasing power over the last 15 years versus the dollar. And Cryptocurrency would solve that. You know, if you bought, if you bought Bitcoin or ethereum or dodge coin or hacks or anything much earlier. Anything but any of the things that has good product market, fit and durability, good security.

Well, you'd be up massive right now, you'd have life life changing wealth. You know, people talk about, oh, it's too late to buy actually, like really, it's too late before it's listed on any big exchanges before. There's only documentaries before, there's uh, a copy on another chain while there's a 90% dip. And then also while there's only 100 and 7000 acres, that's when it's too late because it sounds early to me, that sounds really early to me. I don't think 100 and 7000 acres is the end. I think it's the beginning and you guys are proof of that. You know, um we put on like four or 5000 of those in just the last couple months? There are sites that publish like how many new users per day and things like that. So hex dot vision, I think that might have something, there's a couple other hex like stats sites, so maybe you go to dot com slash links, you can find some more. It's actually hard for me to keep track of all these new cool sites like this one side haven't figured out yet. All the stuff it does. Yeah, So Cryptocurrency hex.

Well, you know, the original question was freedom and vertical integration and I covered the freedom a bit. I didn't cover the vertical integration. Hex is made better by paul's chain, paul's chain, especially in the beginning is made better by ethereum. You're not gonna, you're gonna probably most of the activity is gonna be through bridges in the beginning until it gets direct listings, right? Because you have to touch the fiat world, you have to touch the economic energy that people get paid in. So the more secure that that is better for everybody, not to mention guys hexes on ethereum as well. So a more secure ethereum is a nice one. And then the wallet, you know, I'm not extremely happy with the wallet ecosystem in in the theory, I'd like to see my divorce more diversity. I'd like to see there'll be more options, I'm having one built, it's in progress. Um, so in theory, vertical integration would be, you've got the trading on pulse ax, you've got the consensus network on pulse chain, you've got value storage and hacks, but really all of these probably serve value storage pretty good. But time deposit, there's nothing that's gonna do that better than hacks. And we've got all these derivatives built on top of hacks now.

So you may have heard of them like hey johnny cosa maxi, um, we've also got the incentive token that right there is almost the whole stack. So you've got coins trading consensus network wallet only thing left is fiat on ramp and off ramp and then you're pretty much vertically integrated in that ecosystem. And it's weird to use the term vertical integration and things that are distributed, but they're more cultural, you know, so probably feel like salsa, you're more likely to like meringue. You know, I feel like one kind of latin music, you're probably more likely likely to like another kind of latin music. You're like one kind of video game, you're probably more likely to like another kind of video game. And so if you like one richard hart invention, you're probably more likely to like other Richard hart inventions. Does that cover it? I think that covers vertical integration and and freedom. Yeah, let me ask you a question. Let me ask you one last question. You know, obviously what we have seen a tornado cash, you've talked about, you know, this idea of having privacy, Can you speak to that that topic a bit, you have to have a system that you, you have to have privacy you have to have it. First of all, it's a protected human right?

So the fourth amendment to the United States constitution states that there should be no reason. Unreasonable search and seizure. Well, why? Because the guys that wrote that were being unreasonably searched and seized and they got tired of it. It sucked to just have anybody come in your house and search all your stuff all the time sucked. And then we had a digital right against that. We had an analog right against that. So if you broke into someone else's mailbox and read their mail, that's a federal crime. Big. No, no, but now everybody reads your mail sp reads your mail, email provider, read your mail admitted their network reads the mail to joke. And so you lost your analog rights in the digital world. And that's not the only place that's happened.

You also lost. So there was laws about utilities and you having to have access to utilities. The telephone was a utility and it had to be affordable to access. And so they broke up the monopoly. They broke up ma bell into little regional things and split it up. So you could get better deals. But now our utilities, our social media, but they haven't been burning up, even though they're more useful to us than the original utility the telephone was. And so now you are this close to getting banned at all times. This close, it could be random, could be bought. I've had my youtube channel banned four times I believe luckily it keeps coming back but maybe one day it won't you know my instagram got banned didn't come back now I got another one, luckily the other one was dead song. I got the same name. But basically if you want to live in a world where your rights are protected you gotta fight for it and to fight for it politically makes sense.

It's technology can't solve politics. Unfortunately. You've got to do the hard work of winning hearts and minds. There's a lot of stupid people out there so you got to speak truth to stupid. That's it. It's that simple and there's a lot of powerful people that have got evil ideas in their head that they think are the ones that should win which is unfortunate. So you got to combat those guys too. It's uh this whole breed of people that thinks the right way to run the world is to remove other people's speech them. It's like don't you didn't go to school and learn about the constitution. Why do you think free speech is a protected right the First Amendment the First Why is it the First? Because without it the other ones don't really matter much. And the freedom to transact Underpants all that oh you get freedom of speech only if you can afford an internet connection.

Are you going to go to a rally or a a demonstration only if you can afford a ticket? Well if you can't buy tickets because the C. B. D. C. Doesn't allow your ticket purchase? You know, so the freedom to transact underlies all other rights without the freedom to transact. You do not have any other rights like America. You know, how much freedom can you afford? How good your lawyer? So, you know, justice is blind except for the better lawyer usually wins that kind of thing. Right?

So with tornado cash, you cannot run an effective business without privacy. You can't have your customers knowing what you're paying your suppliers. You can't have one supplier, know what you're paying another supplier. You can't have a list of all your customers public. You can't have a list of all the employees public. Your employees can't know what other employees are getting paid. You need anonymity in capitalism period. You need privacy is a human being to function period. I'm not the inventor of this idea. These ideas have been around for a very long time and that's why it's illegal to get binoculars and people in other people's with this. That's why it's illegal to break into people's houses and and read all their documents or steal their trade secrets or you know, there's a long list of the courts deciding that your privacy is special. So you know, and then what happens while the government decides to just make it harder for everybody.

So they hurt everybody? So to try and stop one criminal, they heard everybody. Well, why are you trying to stop the criminal to prevent them from doing harm? So you do harm instead of them doesn't make sense. That's like killing the patient to stop the disease. Congrats, you stop the disease, but you killed the patient. That the idea of stopping the disease was to help the patient have a higher quality of life. The idea of stopping financial criminals is to help everyone else, that's honest. Go about their business and live a better life. And so there needs to be anonymity for capitalism on the Blockchain. And it's not okay that whenever you pay someone, they see history of everyone you've ever done business with, how much money you make, when you make it, Who like that's not okay. It's not even, it's not even in the realm of okay.

But, uh, the governments are out of date on it. They don't understand how important it is. Probably because they've never run a business on the Blockchain before. Maybe once some legislators have actually operated a business on the Blockchain, they'll understand how important privacy is, particularly geared regimes where they just take you out of your house and shoot you if you fund the wrong thing. Really important for those guys. Hey, Richard, can you hear us? Okay? Yeah, here terrific. So I'm gonna step out of the camera and I think that matt can basically, uh be a great emcee for the people that want to be a 32nd conversation. They're really just gonna ask a question and step off stage and then you can engage the next person and maybe ask a Q. And A. I appreciate these wonderful questions because I had blew my load at 20 minutes.

I was like dang covered. It turns out stuff. Alright, alright crypto crypto fitness is coming on in man. Alright man, What's up rich? How are you? How are you lot of fit guys and doing well in the community. Hey, well I got to promote good things, right? I got two things for you. Number one, bring your no no, no no this has nothing do with that. But I'm the guy who's going to bring your products to the dental space, run a small dental company in Austin. So I want to extend if you not if you need anything done with your teeth. But hey, if you ever in the Austin area and you want some whining or something, you come to me.

Thank you. Alright, number two. So you've talked about in the past um creating like a leverage trading platform in post chain. My question is uh is that still in the plans and what would you different than all the scam exchanges out there that are scamming people. I mean in theory leverage trading itself is a scam. Most people lose money. So I hate the duality of but I mean, I guess pulse chain is going to be similarly do do duopoly stick, I'm sure that's the right way to say that, but I think it is the right way to say that you know how many scams are going to launch on pulse endless, but that's what freedom looks like and that's what helping the majority honest things looks like and that's what saving hexagons from gas fees looks like. So it's the question is with margin trading, does it provide the same net utility as consensus network? Probably not. But if people are gonna get wrecked margin trading probably better they get wrecked someplace that wrecks them less than more, you know, So I mean like I think scaled, I'm not gonna name names, but there was one very popular platform that when you would get liquidated it would sell everything even if it only had to sell a little bit. And so it caused extra volatility and then you'd have trailing stops but not trailing entries, which amplifies volatility instead of decreases volatility because they get they get paid in volatility and so they want to amplify it, which by the way is the opposite of what people are trying to do with quote claiming that they're helping price discovery. So you discover the price earlier and more effectively and then it reduces volatility.

And so it's weird to have a platform that amplifies volatility for its own profit through the two things I just said and so you know one other platform minimum where I've used like a scaled liquidation where if you only needed to sell a portion of someone's collateral, that's what you did instead of like nuking the market by selling all of it, that kind of thing. Like we want improvement um you know, if you really want to get fruity with it, so here's the thing like do I want to give my amazing ideas for you to make something that people are gonna get wrecked on? I don't know, I might keep a lot of my secret sauce to myself, like you know, I don't want to tell you the things that I might put in the wallet and I want to tell you the things I might put in a leverage thing, but I can tell you for now, I don't have anyone working on the leverage thing at all. Nobody, so there's somebody not, somebody working on my pleasure man, thank you. Alright yeah, crypto is coming in Yeah, with the mustache. There he goes, he's got the porn stash, I'd like to see you flexing your ladies out there. Well actually I stopped taking testosterone lately because I didn't feel like doing that anymore because now I'm gonna be rich and I don't care anymore, it's like, you know what I mean? If I have learned different, I've learned different

dude being jacked is

hard dude, that's a full time gig brother like oh my God I did it for so long, I just don't wanna, you know, I feel so relaxed Now I found this community, all these people, it's cool. But anyway, that's not the point. I want to just say thank you for being there. When guys like me were looking for information. This is what I actually want to say. Thank you for There was information on the Internet that I could find me if I looked hard and I was there for hours and I was waking up early extra early and before I went to work. But I was doing it because something was inspiring me to like keep looking and you made it possible. There was, I was watching an old video, 18,000 views yesterday on you and it was, it was gold, it was life changing and I was like 18,000 views. This is Bullshit, this is fun. I'm gonna change this myself myself. I'll make people find it. I'll do it cause you're changing the world and you're telling people the truth like me.

Thank you. Thank you. I appreciate you guys get there. How's it going? This is pulse Academy as well. Hey, how's it going? Richard? It's a pleasure first. I just want real quick. Thank you. I love your content. I love making content value.

I actually been putting content about you on Tiktok for the last six months and I quickly got to the number one pulse quick talk. But unfortunately it got banned yesterday we get cake kept again. So I made another one pulse chain Academy official and I would really appreciate it. One support on that. But my question is two part number one. Yeah, it's it's crazy, it's crazy. Um and it's happened as soon as I started promoting pulse conto, I just threw some out, I'm here having a great time and then bam got the message, I tried to appeal it and they were like no, screw you man. So I really hope people, you know, support, I'm not gonna stop. So I really hope people just go onto Tiktok pulse chain Academy official gonna keep doing it. Um My question for you uh to part number one, have you considered launching an app for your wallet? I think it'd be a really good onboarding tool. Yeah, it's it's built, it's built with cross platform as a primary feature to the best of my knowledge, I mean well you know, I mean, you know that there's a breed of software that helps you make things cross platform.

So for instance, you know, Bitcoin used Q. T. Which is one way to do it and then what's the one that discord uses, can remember that and went off the top of my head, there's a bunch of them, you know, there's no reason to write the code twice if you can just write it once. It's not like it's a very high throughput kind of thing, you know, wallets are not, they're not gonna be maxing out your CPU unless they're really poorly designed, which some of them are. Um Part to my question was have you considered tying the incentive token to the wallet anyway, perhaps giving special benefits? No, Of the many tokens, I care the least about that one. I like I look at everyone's rube Goldberg ideas, but like I don't care that much. Do you know what I mean? I wanted to do. Well it probably will do well if, if its primary trading partner does well, I mean like someone's gonna have to give me, so I'll put it this way. Okay, you've got great mechanic, game theory. Why not apply that to one of the other coins, paul, sax paul's chain hacks.

Well I guess hacks is done but like you're not, you're not gonna be able to edit the hex code, it's immutable. You can still build on top of a lot of people are, you know in Mexico so those things, but like I just I care the least about that coin. I just don't care as much as the other coins. My pleasure. Thank you. Thanks for getting the word out. Well, Richard on the wallet um you know, there's a number of people speculating about how incredible fees could be in, in the way that they speculate you may create the wallet. Um Is that excitement that people have about potentially fees. You know, we look at things like meta mask and the kind of revenue it generates that, that could be something that would be a huge incentive for people participating in the wallet and a part of this, uh, this project when it exists, I'm sure I'll have some cool game theory behind why you'd want to use it. But we're ways out, let's focus on getting the main net, you know, it's like I wouldn't having a wallet that, you know, isn't like eyeballing you to death I think is the like core feature, is it secure? Yes. Do you know, it's not eyeballing you to death.

Right. Is it sending copies of your transactions to people that are there to analyze them because I don't like that idea that a wallet could be doing that. So that's, I think the primary use case for the wallet secure and private. Everything else is bonus awesome. We got jonno escobar here asking the question as well. Hey Richard, how you doing? I think, I think this will be the last one. I think unless you've got a queue of guys a little bit background. I basically just do door to door sales and I a big is having to read people and so are you selling bibles encyclopedias best control. But I used to do the steak knives anyway. I think you have a lot of off skills two part question is one. How would you recommend people other than reading your books to become better people have the soft skills to become more confident to be more powerful to demand more attention other than outrage marketing.

And then to um if you were to be broke, if you were broke and start from zero, obviously investing in crypto as much as you can. But what would you do to gain the capital in order to invest into these amazing assets? If you don't have any capital, you've got two options, you can borrow it. Which is risky. Maybe who borrowed from breaks your legs? Maybe you buy the wrong thing, You can't pay it back. But in America you do have bankruptcy law. And so there are some people that do borrow stuff and then go bankrupt if it doesn't work out. Now, I've never suggested that to anybody because it's risky because some portion of people is going to lose on that. And so even very careful to even talk about it now because it's very very risky. What's a lot less risky is you work a job and what's the best paying job sales and who's the most likely to start their own business sales people. And so why not?

And do you need seven years of school to go into sales? No. So it's the best paid job with the least schooling. Okay, well if you can do that do that, that's what I did. But you know even if if the idea is to put money in your own business, usually crypto is gonna outdo you. So if you bought ethereum it's so easy to quote, you know, hex going up 10,000 X. But let's say we quoted something that went up a lot less, let's say we quoted ethereum which went up say a 50 X. What's 88 to 5000? It's like a little bit more than a 50 X. So even if you just caught something that had far less gains that hacks, even if it's just a theory, um you know, would your own business have given you 50 fold your money? No probably not. Now let's say you can't catch the bottom and catch the tops.

Now maybe you get like 10 X. Or 15 X. Would your own business of 10 or 15 extra money? Usually not depends right? It really depends on how capital intensive your business is and how easy you can grow it and how many competitors you have. And is it durable? You know if you're selling scooters on the streets, okay for christmas but once everyone's got one it's not okay anymore. You know if you're selling pumpkins for Halloween. So you know there's seasonality, there's trends, the thing that was popular last time might not be popular this time. So you know you should read my books T. Dot me slash C. Five S.

C. I. V. I. V. You should listen to the audio books if you don't want to read them, just google it or go on youtube search it a nice lady read them and then uh I think that buying the dip in crypto for something that has product market fit has more financial opportunity than nearly anything else you could possibly do. And so to work a job, I mean like how did I get so rich? Well I kept investing. I invested in myself. I kept learning, I built my own businesses and then I bought a lot of crypto and I mined crypto too. That sucks. By the way, I wish I didn't do that.

I wish I bought it. Just bought instead of mining. Um So that these things haven't changed the same things that I got rich with are the same things that you could get rich with now. So I like in summary too long didn't listen work or be insanely careful borrowing like you could lose everything. Some guy could come break your legs. I don't know you're barred from. Um but on the other hand you do have bankruptcy law which is like if you win, you get to keep your winnings but if you lose, you get to call it even. So taking advantage of that, some people have done it, there's, there's no other higher ry investment that I'm aware of in the world than Cryptocurrency. So saving up and buying the dip. I mean look I saved for a very long time. I've always lived below my means. I live below my means now.

If you only saw what it would look like for me to deploy my capital would be like what he's building his own death star. What you know like it's uh, so I, I I see people buy a lot of stuff. I won't buy, you know, people make fun of me, A guy made fun of me for not owning like a bunch of cars over a million bucks and I'm just like, dude, they're like old. I know they're gonna have reliability problems and I know they're not as good as the one I already got. I know the Sf 90 is better than the Laferrari. It is. That's what happens when you wait 10 years and try again. Same company. You know, I know my Sf 90 beat on the 9 18 spider. I kind of want to buy one for the brand affinity. But it's just so ugly. It's like, do I really want to pay 1.5 million bucks for this car, which I don't even like the way it looks.

It's got an old Laghi screen and it's from 2015 and you're like, well, you know, 2022 now technology has come a long way. So you know, maybe I'll get one. But like a lot of I, I know other mexicans that have like 3500 horsepower Lambo. You know, like I don't have a 3500 horsepower Lambo, but there's a mexican that does. So mexicans are they spend, they spend larger percentage of their net worth than I do. I am very frugal compared to most other people. People don't realize that like, oh, I bought a 700 grand colony and hey, Richard, I'm gonna, I'm gonna break it just quickly. I know that you were gonna trade, We've got two more, we're gonna wrap up. The next question is a quick one. And then we're gonna have fashion code will be the last question of the session and then we'll close close the event.

Awesome. Richard, thank you very much for everything really appreciated. The question is there's been a number of people that have wondered or questioned if paul's chain and paul sex, it might have a more difficult time of having hex like returns because the initial capital infusion is so much greater than Hex was. Um, you know, 680 million put into pulse chain close to a billion pulse X. Is that a consideration or is it more of the initial equity pool that said in the beginning that has more of a bearing on the ability to grow and

compound. So a lot of, a lot of blocks? Well, a lot of businesses experiments, you can't know with certainty what things are going to do. So I always run into people speaking with great certainty about things that there's just no way to know. So my best guess is to the opportunity of a speculative investment is the ratio of the people that know about it now to the ratio of people that will know about it. And this applies for honest, amazing things and for straight up trash things. So do you think that hex stops on ramping users at 100 and 7000 acres? Well I look at the chart and doesn't look like that's what it's doing, looks like it's doing just fine. Do you think more people like what, let me put it this way, what percentage of ethereum users have even heard of pulse chain? 5%, said no mentions in any article anywhere, all the all the Crypto News, people are totally silent about it. So, you know, I I think that the ratio of people that have heard about paul's chain and paul sacks to the ratio of people that will hear about the world's largest free airdrop, I think it's gonna be a big difference, I think, I think it's gonna be a lot of people that will be happy to participate that have never heard of it before. So that for me is the largest indicator of the potential of a thing.

And so by the way, like hex to 10,000 X 100,000 acres, How many more people do you think will participate in paul's chain? I mean straight up sucky stuff that is trash like Celsius had millions of users, millions of users, Hex doesn't have millions of users, Hex doesn't have millions of sacrifice ear's but Celsius had millions of users and ethereum probably has tens of millions of users, etcetera. And so I think, and here's the other thing, why is the pulse chain chat room 50% larger than the hex chat room? Even though it's 10 times less old, only it's not 10 fold less old anymore, but it's massively less old because it's an easier to understand product. It's I mean there's not, there's not as a definite answer as to why, but in my experience, people understand it a lot easier. They're like cheaper, faster ethereum deflates only by the way, uh ethereum is still in that inflationary, I believe, even after the merge, So you have to check it, but I think, I think it's still that even after the last question from fashion over and then we'll do a closing because I know the audience wants to engage the community. I think we've done really well with Network girl. Oh my God, there's a girl. How did she sneak in, How's it going?

Good to see you? Okay, so my question tonight is is the oracle, that pulse chain is going to use

the oracle? Well, I really don't know because I don't know if any projects that I care about that are launching when paul's chain launches. So I mean like all an oracle is is some guy's computer quoting a price for something can be your computer, you can launch your own oracle. So if the, if the chain link guys want to come up well, I mean, okay, you know what I have a better answer for you. You know, swap has price article functionality built into it. So you can make pulse ax your price oracle for anything that's on chain that's traded on pulse ox which is probably any PRC 20 you want to put on there or you could even use bridged in things as well. Your other option is if you want to bridge in data, that's off chain, which by the way, I see very little use of this. Um you know what is the off chain thing that people need oracles for like trading commodities like corn futures? I don't see that happening on the Blockchain. So the number of things that really need off chain data for price oracle use, I'm not familiar with volume or popularity in those things. Um I guess the Bitcoin price would be one of those things would be nice to have a Bitcoin price feed But you could kind of just like yeah, it depends on how much bridged and wrapped Bitcoin there is. I mean if the bridge didn't wrapped Bitcoin has a relatively stable chart, you could kind of guess that that's your price oracle for what the value of Bitcoin prices.

So if you want, if you want more like weird use case weird bridged and stuff. I don't know, go ask one of the existing oracle guys 2.1 of their nodes over to the pulse chain or just if it's open source, do it yourself. That's the beautiful thing about open sources. You're supposed to do it yourself. So hope that answers your question. I think I think knowing that politics can act as a price. Oracle is pretty neat. Even has time weighted average price if you want to get it. It's a great question. Sounds like you're going to develop something. You're developing something Girl with the last name coder asked me about price Oracle guys. Sounds like she's trying to do something good talking to you.

She makes nice videos. Pleasure. Yes, very nice. Well, you know, I want to say my appreciation before I hand over the mic to, to matt to finish up the conference and I think he has a question as well. But again, the relationship has developed over the past three or four years. I remember I had posted maybe in 2018 and telegram and I was immediately banned from the telegram. Bayou, luckily I was embraced again when I came to my senses. So people all the time, the relationship, a lot of people have been banned and unbanned. You know, thank you for setting up all those interviews and thank you for all the stuff you've done. I really appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you Richard.

Well, the thing is if we come with a good question, if we're an intelligent audience, then you engage us very well and I appreciate your calibration when you do. So I think in the early days we enjoyed the gladiator fight and we enjoyed the dead bodies floating by that just said foolish things. But as a community, I think even at this conference we've had a lot of engagement that has matured quite a bit with your products and your ideas. But let me pass the mic to matt to wrap up and again, I appreciate your time and calibration. Richard thank you very much for um I feel like unlocking abundance for us as a community. I mean I see it is um you know absolutely revolutionary, I appreciate all that you do, you know one of the boldest things I've ever heard you say was that you wanted to start your own country, will you share as we finish up about that and what that looks like to you. And I mean I look at crypto and then I look at countries and I see that what does that mean to you? So I want people to have more freedom and it seems like everything sucks everywhere. Everything is getting worse everywhere except for maybe electric cars, maybe rockets that land themselves in crypto but everything else sucks. It is getting worse. I don't know maybe maybe CPS are doing okay GPS so you want to make the world better. Who's gonna do it Well if you've got the resources and abilities, you should do it yourself.

As long as you're not killing something else, you would have better at right. Like it's its highest and best use, it's not just highest use its highest and best. So there's a possibility. So my, my idea of country is that you don't want to be an island because then if you're an island, you've got a lot of extra overhead and lag and latency for materials acquisition. So let's, let's get, let's buy refrigerator. Well, it's gonna have to go on the boat. How long it takes for the boat to get here. You know, let's have a sandwich. Well, whereas we could have ordered just across the border from the sandwich place. Now it's got to go on the boat or the plane. So islands have a lot of friction. So a lot of islands like the Bahamas, I brought an island time, nothing is getting done on time.

Everybody's lazy. Richard. I can't believe you just said everyone in Bahamas is lazy. Hey man, go ask them about it. All right. Ask them what island time means. They'll tell you it's so, you know, if you can get a special economic zone carved out of someplace near a good country, touching a good country. Well, that'd be great. So now we can get tax incentives and commerce incentives and get your foot hold in there and if you get your tax and your commerce incentives. Now you've got sustainability. now, it's like, you're not burning money there, you're making money there and then you can start to influence that local culture, local law enforcement, you know, etcetera with your own kind of theme of freedom. And so I haven't had the time to really go through the ones that have been most successful, but I know that setting up special economic zones is a thing they do exist.

I've been to them about stuff from them and I think it's the most low overhead, highest likely to profit mechanism by which you might be able to carve out some freedom. Now, the hard part there would be, how much will you be allowed to isolate from the local control structure and you might be able to isolate a lot if they're getting paid, even if they're not getting paid. I'm not sure how much freedom they'll let you buy. So it's a six or seven year out thing. I've got to do medical research funding. I've got to do, got a couple of Blockchain things in the pipeline here, gotta get those going, you know, and hey, I've got these free books that why don't I just publish them? I can afford to publish them. Why not do that? And I would probably get more press and more interviews from doing that than I've done from the crypto stuff, which is hilarious to me. So I got a few things in the pipeline before Nation state. Yeah, well Nation State is definitely a bold statement. Well, I hope that, you know, one of the things that we're working on and we would love to welcome you into the republic of texas when it becomes independent again and have a doubt area that's called text.

That would be, you know, the other option is that you could just focus enough energy. Like that new Hampshire tried this right. Like new Hampshire really tried to be the libertarian go to zone and I'm not sure whether they won. Like, I'm not sure if their dreams came true or not, but if you want to see something really interesting, there's a netflix documentary about a religious dude that tried to carve out a spot in the northwest United States somewhere and it went all kinds of wrong. They tried to influence the voting by bringing a bunch of homeless people to vote and then they didn't realize that the reason homeless people are homeless isn't because of a lack of opportunity, usually it's because of mental illness makes them hard to utilize the opportunity when they find it in a durable way. And so then they had a bunch of crazy people running around and then they just basically tried to mass drug them by spiking the water with, with the mood stabilizers and other things that are prescription level stuff. Yeah, man. And then I think there was a murder plot as well. It was very interesting. I wish I could remember the name of the show off the top of my head but it was wild. And so that was an example of a guy that you know gave the whole be a standalone community thing like ago and it went terribly and I think and I think the main reason it went terribly is that their neighbors sucked their neighbors just hated them now. They might have been.

Yeah I think I think that's the main reason it sucked and then they had to fight the neighbors and trying to out vote them by importing a bunch of people that they didn't realize how bad they could be. I'm sure there's some other internal bad structure stuff but like and also I mean in that same vein apparently bellagio or novel or one of those dudes, I think it's biology, this kind of a Bitcoin maxi I believe. Plebe um you know he says he's interested in longevity. Well that's funny because I raised 27 million for longevity research and uh I didn't see you tweet about it scumbag. Why not? Why don't you tweet about it? You douche. Really irritates me when people say they're for longevity and I raise more than anyone else for it in history and then it's like a secret you know it's like coin based bro is talking about longevity, Hodgkin's skin. The ada bro is talking about longevity and say hey guys didn't hear a peep out of any of your mouse when we were straight up handing out free coins to people that would donate to a 50. C. Three registered medical research charity, primarily focused on longevity. So I have a grudge.

I hold a chip on my shoulder to all those people because had they said something that could have been $100 million race instead of a $30 million dollar race. So very upset at that, those group of people that say they're for longevity. But if you were, why wouldn't you guys take the free coins and donate to the charity? Wild to me? Well, Richard, thank you so much for joining and sharing with us all of this great Alpha on paul's chain and paul sax and thank you for all that you do. You know, you know our whole community, we do believe you're not only the best guy in crypto but the best guy around and we thank you for all you do for us. So thank you so much for joining us. Thank you. Thank you you guys guys