PulseChain Updates. Market Theory Crafting. Richard Reacting to Mr. Beast Videos. With Hexologist - Transcripts

October 10, 2022

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Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kXvvtEMXrkQ


there he goes

there, rap sucks.

Yeah it's a new one, it's a new

one. That is bad. Why

you look so good. You look it looks good on here. Yeah just in time for Halloween Richard. Hart light

background bro. If I turn off these other lights it's fucking hilarious looking actually let me show you this is so Halloween right now watch this.

Count Richard, you will count richard. Yeah Count richard here at the house.

I do come.

Oh man I'm gonna

try and make it less bright. What's up dude? How are you? A little bit less bright

sparkled up bro

sparkle dude


I'm turning into a ho now I just get ho purses constantly like my gym bro

you know

What I've discovered like so I bought $10 million Okay what are girls like purses?

Dude I

got a lot of

purses. Your purse man are you? You're just straight up into the purse is now like you went from bags, purses, is it gonna be into like you're going to get like pockets or something? Next

hot pockets bro, I'm ready like whatever it takes,

monkey bags

so what's new guys? I even looked at the markets today?

Well heck



you think hacks bottomed or what? Because she's been gone sideways for

a little birdie told me I would hope so I would hope so. I'm you know we all pray every day to the picture on our wall. Haven't been

looking at your ship like I've been fighting

your choice of

software. Show me the picture. Show it

Alright. The north Korea Korea dictator. It's the north Korea dictator. I

saw a picture of that like how it was going and then like how it's going now

like you

know he's wearing a purse now and he's like hat sideways.


let me

sideways my


yeah yeah nice nice kid from the block.

This is my financial future is this man hands me from metallic fame

like um so Richard, what have you been up to man?

Some chick told me my hair was going great today bro. I was like hey I think we have the same hair color and then like

there was a picture

and it didn't look the same, it was like

gray in

this thing man like

looks alright

grand hair,

I got bald spot so don't worry don't worry about

it, I don't want gray hair man.

Girls like

it. Yeah you know what dude? Whatever I got it's working so

there you go.


wait let's see what so everybody wants to know about but how is

it you do?

Wait How is Richard Hart? How is Nobody 1st? So

I'm going to suck your viewership up real quick.

Okay I don't know if that's possible. First

of all. One time I gave a date estimate that someone else gave me and then I got slaughtered for it And right after you guys slaughtered not you guys specifically right after the community busted my ass for telling you what I was told. I ain't doing that again, john getting the ship, It is done when it's done. You want updates. You ain't getting updates because I'm not gonna eat ship because software is hard. And by the way, you wonder how hard software was, BSC got hacked for half a billion dollars yesterday and then they stopped the chain and then maybe recovered like a couple 100 million but still got busted for like 1 50 or whatever. So you ain't getting updates. It's done when it's done. Software is hard. The dev's are working hard on it. That's all there is to it. You gotta wait just long time waiting.

They said, don't cry and moan while I wait. I try and market and do ship that, you know, makes everyone's lives better while I wait instead of like yell at Richard Richard, stop marketing because software is hard. Do you do a bad job too? Because software is hard. No, I'm gonna keep doing my good job. Like I'm promoting shit I care about right? Like I'm promoting my brand and promoting things. I like, I'm talking about longevity research, I'm doing live streams and talking to other communities and talking to people I've never streamed with before. I'm doing my job. What are you guys doing out there? Right? People on this call, They're doing their job.

Everybody else in the community. You're doing your job, do your job, promote, this is one dude. Dave James, that dude's been banging out flyers everywhere and like, you know, stickers and like everything, cars, mailboxes, gas stations, like just everywhere, sign sign posted, this highway stops and he's killing it. I love to see that if all you guys would do that man, how many people, like all these 90% dips in 68 70 and like whatever, all these other dips we've had, don't you wish that you could have got your best friends into those, Like, you know what I mean? Like a lot of those amazing opportunities and how are people supposed to know about this stuff if you don't tell them there's no building, there's no office, there's no company, there's nobody promoting it, but you, right? So like if you want hex to be great, you've got to make it great. If you want people to be ready for paul's chain, you've got to get them on a test and get them tested it, you know, like this thing is as good as you guys make it. So, and I gotta tell you, man, a lot of people are gonna cry, they're gonna miss the bottom, They're gonna buy higher and it's like, imagine that you had something that went up in price higher than anything else and every, once in a while you could buy this sick deal, You went twice. Congrats like it's awesome. Like I'm a big fan. Well

then everybody's in love with you again as usual, once everything's, you know, back on the ball and

yeah, it's like, oh by the way, hey guys, you know, if you're ever tired of red candles, maybe stop selling hey, you know, because it, it ain't me. So you know like it's hilarious to me bro.

So for the rest of the question, how are you doing richard? I'm doing good. How are you?

You know, like just like sparkly sparkling,

sparkling. I was too excited for the show. Look

at this bro, right, if the bear market lasts any longer start paddling

myself. I

got no table man. I don't even have no one to play with

man, that's a huge thing. Let's see, I do like I am a big fan.



piece of ship thing, just talk to me, everyone's pausing like show us the rest of the room what's in there for

real? It's sparkly. Yeah, like

I mean, so the stuff that's probably most fun to talk about is this price stuff I guess because that's always like lively and recent ain't no one gonna mess with my price calls because they're perfect. They

have been pretty good. We're waiting to get bottom call. You

guys want you guys want some good news.

Yeah, we'd love it. Yeah,

above and beyond my fashion. You want good news

on your birthday.

I didn't tell no one about my birthday. Like just the internet and this, but

I don't know

like, so I have a boring birthday is what I'm gonna have. Everybody else can have a cooler birthday to me bro. Being Mcdonald's


um So like last bear market 364 days. It's like real close to that now. We're like maybe three weeks or four weeks away from being 365 days away from the top I think. Let's go check.

The truck stopped earlier too. So heck stop September 18. Yeah.

We just don't have as many years of track record for like how long a taxpayer last because they lasted like 20 minutes. Like, you know, so let's take a look at the straight here.

Let's see. Thank you guys for all the donations. Let me get these.

You get donations coming and kick a man.

There's a lot of our age. Consider other coins with time locking staking competitors to

kill yourself.

K Hey

hey guys, everybody listen up. Do you know how many times people have tried to copy hacks 67 times. Do you know how many did well zero? They all got wrecked and terribly wrecked. 202 rug pulled more than once to like just complete and total failures. Every single time you can just like you can copy a coin, you can't copy a community. The community is what makes the price goes up. The community is what makes the price go down to communities with on ramps and the users. The community is super important. So like security is number one, you don't have anything without security, but number two is community. So like it's how many people have gotten wrecked and all these stupid things and they just keep getting wrecked over and over again. It's like they're degenerate gamblers that just do the opposite of what hex was invented.

Hector's invented to monetize delayed gratification. So idiots foam. Oh retard fomo Whatever other new thing comes out and then they get wrecked and your default position on the stupid coins is it goes to zero. That's your default position, Your default position in taxes. It has product market fit, it's under emptying new users, it's getting stronger, it's getting better. The stock market dropped 25%. Bitcoin dropped 75 ethereum dropped 85 Hex dropped 95 totally reasonable, totally expected, totally a function of, you know, like liquidity basically. So why are you going to risk your stack and go get rug pulled or by something that goes to zero because your fomo retard it just I hate it. You guys are so stupid. Like you don't, I guess you're too dumb to remember the last eight rug polls and failed X clones. Like because I made sure not to publicly shame them or crap talk them because some portion of you idiots that are watching fomo bad things because I'm smart and they use the retard diet to protect you from yourselves, I don't tell you the specific names and your hours of ways for you to get your ass wrecked because you're so stupid, you'll do it. But unfortunately people punk the community, they come in here, they build goodwill and then they shift you into their ship coin and then the ship goes to zero and you never see those suckers again.

Like for instance, there was a dude named Hex joker, sexologist on ramp him, then he promotes a ship coin that goes to zero and then I guess he like disappears or something for a while, then he comes back and then he starts promoting Bitcoin again and you're like bro, did you just learn from the last one that you got everyone fucking destroyed on? Like, like do you not remember that? You just got everyone fucking wrecked

the community afterwards, You

got everyone wrecked you promoted dogshit scam and then like now you're, you don't learn from it like fucking learn right? Or like, like I just dude it's crazy to me like

it's interesting to see how I think. Yeah, it's wild to see it and it's like it's like people just don't learn or they're just newbies or something. You see some guys that have been here since day one and they just keep falling for these new coins that kind of just keep going.

I think I think some part of these people are just degenerate gambler idiots like where they're happy to scam other people if you're participating in a coin that's default and state is zero. You're just jacking other people for their money. If the default and state for your coin is it keeps going up. If you if you forget that your wallet was even yours like. Bitcoin. Oh god like mine. Bitcoin at 50 cents. I bought it at 30 bucks. It went down to two. But guess what now it's 19 K. So I minded it 50 cents now it's 19,000. If I fell asleep I woke up and did a 20,000 X.

No more 40,000 X. In that case. So like coins that are default. Alive. I feel are more respectable. More honorable. I would suggest them to my best friend's ship coins. That default state is zero but Richard. How do we know the difference bro? Most ship does not do that. Well most shit sucks like that's most things in crypto suck. That's why I don't promote many things.

So uh

So what do you think on that subject? The E. W. And E. F. Forks. W.

And if it has like the problem with low like when I designed hex I had the opportunity to just go and make my own fork and launch it on my own fork. But the problem with having your own fork is you have low hash rate. If you have low hash rate anyone can come a 51% attack you at will and they could roll back the chain a whole shipload of box. So like they could make their own side parallel chain with the transactions that they wanted to submit into it and not the transactions that they didn't and then one day surprise you with it and go oh look the longest chain is now this one and although everyone's nodes will be like oh we're on the longest chain now and it creates this giant roll back and you're like bro rollbacks and block chains aren't okay that's the opposite of why Blockchain exist. And so having a low hash rate chain particularly one that has the same hash rate function as other larger coins means that like people at will can just go 51 you. And so like it's just I don't know how to quantify the risk of someone 51% attacking that chain and how far they could roll it back and is someone stealth lining their own side copy. I don't know how to quantify that risk. That's why minority hash rate smaller, lower hash rate chains are dangerous and that's why proof of stake is cool. I mean so like with proof of stake it's you don't have to worry about someone renting hash rate on nice hash and nuking you with a 51% attack because the steak isn't for sale there, you know and it's like hacks was the right choice. And so like paul's chain versus f w you're just like, I don't know how secure it is and I don't know that you can know. So like feel free to do your research on it. I just like how many how many people are mining ethereum Classic.

They could just at will 51% attack F. W. with the same mining algorithm because I think they all use et hash so it seems I don't know how to quantify the risk. I

mean it happened to a classic like three times a month. Yeah. Yeah.

Yeah and it's the same hash algorithm. So like if you wanted to try and figure that chain out, you need to see how much hash rate they had, how much hash rate existed before the fork where it went And then like how much, how much profit would there be in a 51%. And like there might even be other forms of attack that aren't 51% attacks that I'm just I haven't looked at proof of work attacks in so long that I may have just forgot. But I think that's the main one. There's other stuff called like eclipse attacks that are just not exactly clear, you know, I don't have that memorized anymore.

There's the so on that the proof of stake proof of work. There was the guy that made the proof of work. I forgot what his name is now, but he said that when BNB rolled back their chain, he said this is why we should have proof of work because after you said that now, it's like all

right. It's like dude, anyone could roll your chain back depending on how much hash rate they have and then also okay, so let's look at the BMB hack, right. Would you prefer that the hacker keep half a billion or 150 million? It's your call. So like, it's like these are socially enforced networks always regardless of proof of work or proof of stake their socially enforced networks every time. And and it's like, you know like the rollback that they did with the carbon vote and ethereum with the DAO hacker back in 20


I don't even remember how far back that


probably. And so like, you know, would it have been better had the DAO hacker just got more money and you're like, I don't know, you know, I don't know. And then how did the theory um do after that? Really good. It went really good,

right? Like so

like you look at hindsight and you're like, yeah, that, that seemed like that decision worked out really well. It outperformed Bitcoin by a ton. It served as a great home and it's still currently serving as a great home for hex and it's serving as a great thing to work for paul's chain and like yeah, it seemed to work out really well, you know.

Yeah, yeah, I think that so really? There's time we'll see I guess we're gonna just have to see what happens, right? Yeah

like I wish everyone. I mean in general like if there's a safe kind of airdrop I'd like to tell everyone like yo go dump this free money by stuff you like. Or not financial advice but if you want to go dump your free money and buy something you like there's an opportunity to do so and I just don't know how to quantify the safety on that other chain. But like I mean if you move your coins to a new wallet and you're not worried about replay attacks and you've looked into it and they've set the chain I. D. To prevent replay attacks. And like if you're just dumping and you're using a real depth that's not stealing your keys.


like maybe like maybe you can dump but then how do you get your money out? I guess you have to dock yourself to an exchange that list post because I don't think they have a working like I don't want to take the goes wrong for somebody like I don't wanna I don't wanna take the risk. You know I

mean I by

the way I prefer paul's chain just kick ass anyway so like

exactly that's what I've been I've been waiting. You know like that's what I've been telling people. It's like I don't know enough about it. I don't want like it's not that I like I'm just not the coding guys. So why am I getting these

are all technical questions like these are

yeah, I

do my research and I'm the expert so you need to do your research.

Yeah. Right. Well we are always like how big of a bummer would it be for some reason somebody missed out on their pulse copy just got all their millions of dollars stolen from them and


100 people,

you just lose everything like


Yeah. I think


really proud of Mexicans never getting rug or hacked or downtime or like I love having a better product than everyone else. Hey, BSC just got hacked for half a bill hacks. Perfect. And flawless operation hey, like constant and never ending hacks and problems like everywhere all the time and you're just like taxes perfect. It does exactly what it was designed to do every single day. Everyone makes interest and that's another thing. People look at you like, hey hex dipped 85 or 95 but guess what? People are making interest that whole time and you don't see that on the chart. So like I love hex amazing. We

agree. We agree.


You got any questions coffee. Um Yeah, I had a question. So it's kind of about your social approach. Right? I noticed a couple weeks ago you tweeted some kind of like old school richard, like inspiring kind of self help type of tweets that got, I think a lot more likes than like basically are you finding like diminishing returns on the flashy outfits and all that stuff on social media

depends on the venue. So like if you follow me on twitter, it's because you care about crypto and you don't care about all this other fashion crap. If you follow me on youtube probably for crypto if you follow me on insta, you might be there for the fashion crap and the car


like yeah and then you know when I meet people I. R. L. And they see my insta and it's like oh you've got a quarter million followers and you don't follow anyone and you just dripping and like the most insane expensive crap to follow and the message, you know what I mean? And that's really useful man, so you have to look at this from my perspective, I designed the world's best performing asset with flawless operation and no one gave a fuck at all, no one cared like okay, I raised 27 million for charity, no one gave a fuck and you're like, but like if I roll up in the rolls Royce, people give a fuck and it costs so much less and so like there's just like with girls man when I roll out in the $3000 purse and they know what that ship costs and they want it and I have it and they don't and they're like what do you do? You know you're like, yeah, so I'm just, I'm rotating my tactics for what is effective and pray God, like if there's some fucking better way I'm ready, like I don't look forward to putting, I was wearing two persons today actually I can show it to

you. I

was, I was wearing purses in a holster formation so you could

like Gavin

like left and

right. The trick

was to like, anyway, you gotta cross them in the back. It's a lot of geometry you gotta do to get it right to get your duel crystal purses that it was like murdering people loved. It was fucking, it's like, dude, what is this, what do you, the matching product? Crystal shoes had dual wheeled bags. Like the only thing that was missing was the codpiece because I don't have a crystal codpiece, I'll work on it. And like you, you gotta, you gotta find your way to break through the noise. Some dudes get jacked as fuck, It works for them. They break through, you know, some girls get fake boobs. Some guys just get really rich, do the exotic car stuff. Some dudes do the hippie crap like the touchy feely hippie crystals residence, that's all I meant to

be, man, I

do, you want to come over to my,

I could

do that, I could talk like that. I didn't fucking retard, I had to write it was rewarded enough. I'm like, hey guys, like because if you, if you get blown enough and the chicks reward you enough for talking like that you're gonna talk like that for. That's


It's a reset button. This is how you reset a dude's life.


then like now his


forever. It's

like God has

laid a certain shirt dude, that's his go to shirt. He's like damn it lucky shirt.


she just, she was just horny, it's not about your shirt.



gonna be fun to watch people get so upset. I feel like right now it

depends, it depends on whether I've got security with me. Like sometimes it sometimes people get spicy, they ask you like are you here alone? You're like why you want to know what's

up? You mad?

Like you don't like what I'm wearing. It's, it really depends on where you are man. Like some people hate, it depends like so if a guy just got rejected a bunch of times and then he sees me doing well, he's going to hate

something. Yeah

and I understand that I would be the same way. Like if I just blew out like five times and some other dude slang like asshole, I hate you. Like I'm a human.

That's the Bitcoin maxi voice. Oh my gosh,

it must be so mad, we're still up. Like I don't know what 70 80 100 X versus their stuff


and look it up but it's just like okay, imagine being a Bitcoin maxi ethereum launches. you can you can trade one Bitcoin for 2000 ethereum and now you can trade it for 12 ethereum and you're like hey dude you used to be able to get 2000 ethereum for Bitcoin now you can get 12. How stupid are you guys and how much cope and seethe. Do you guys have to try and make up that difference

anymore? Haven't you heard now? It's just about


I like it when

pomp removed all reference to Bitcoin


anywhere and still acts like it didn't happen like bro you suck and you still suck and it seems like you're gonna suck forever. Dude here's another thing why are assholes that all they do is fucking just talk sh it never invented anything. Never had a big company never hired anyone, never innovated, never did a fucking useful thing with their life. But they just like they either interview people sorry not to be mean guys or they fucking like you know like


I put on the same like it's like why are these guys getting listened to their fucking losers? Like they've never like

some goddamn

Bitcoin pizza that you couldn't even pay for pizza with Bitcoin, why are

we listening to the pizza

guy? Like

you guys suck. I why

am I as a god among men having to deal with retards like I hate it,

you go on tv and you're like

hey what's this guy's famous for? No one knows right?


okay, I'll give you an example, right? The community is going to be hate irish about this. You know what maybe tactical, there's no reason to blow it out. Um Like if all you have done is like talk to people or interview people like okay, like what is pop done, what is, what is McCormick done

what all

these fucking retarded fuckers have done? Like you're like guys, you haven't done anything, you're losers and what you have sponsors is that like you punk companies to get you money so that you can feed their fucking your listeners to their meat grinder of forex scams, advertising on your Youtube channel or fucking binary options scams advertising on Youtube channel or all coins are going to zero or of luna, which went to zero or Celsius, which everyone fucking has got all their money locked into or like these dudes are scumbags and you're just like, why am I? The person that retired? 20 years ago gave 27 million for charity owns the world's largest diamond has a red bull sized penis. Fuck you guys listening home. I'm bringing it back just for this

show. Ok, sorry,

if your parents are listening.

Its Anatomy, its natural Anatomy.


yeah, I'm the opposite by the way. I've got like a little tiny





woodpecker it sideways, maybe that works dude,

just team up with a

friend. Team up with a friend sharing is caring fraud. Ege

anyway don't google

that. Um


know a lot of ship don't google docking or fraud. Ege definitely.

Yeah I scream at the birthday

or never mind.


it so what I'm doing is one I hate when people yell at me for doing stuff that's like working right? Like my my numbers are going up. You know what? My numbers went down one day because I like the hex postcards. So there's there's a telegram called hex postcards where those guys, they like send postcards for hex everywhere and they might even do pulse chain too. I haven't looked, I love that right like cool guys like you're making the world a better place, like that's great. But then somebody in there like did some fundraising thing the wrong way and I'm just like oh god and then it just pissed everyone off and then like I dropped two K followers over. I'm like dude fuck like I lost followers because you funked up like you know like one don't suck up but it's I don't have time to inspect everything I retweet or everything that I like, you know? And so the community gives me a heads up like you know I rotate and make things better and it's just like I I have I don't know what I could be doing better. Like it's working one day Palestine is gonna come out and everyone's gonna be happy and we just need to wait for it and this is the same ship that happened when attacks launched Man, it's the same thing literally we just

have to wait. I have one idea for you. Richard. I have one idea and it's when you go by all this outrageous stuff, you should do a vlog about it and then like people get to go on the journey with you and see where you get to go because people like

seeing people I

know but I'm not saying life, I'm saying vlogs like you post it after like if you go to France or you know when you went to England you have somebody following you around with a camera, you get it edited, you're already home, you're not in that place. And then they said

you'd be surprised like they don't let you use cameras in these places bro these high fashion places like they don't use cameras so I shoot video after I leave. So like I've got I've got a lot of stuff here you guys haven't seen because

I would watch Richard vlog, I would watch Richard vlog on.

Yeah it would be pretty cool and I've got I've got all this stuff in boxes that I want to do unboxing video but like I also there's okay so there are some things I could do better one. Where's the posts on Richard Hart's Youtube channel. Like bro like you just did so I just did so many interviews but they didn't make it to my channel? Well there's a lot of people that may just follow me on Youtube may not follow me on other channels. That would probably love to see that content. Hey, heck, so don't, hey, why don't you fix that bro? Go fix that man.

You want me to rip their videos and then post it on yours.

I would ask for permission and

maybe color shifted

or edit it to make sure that it doesn't trigger like a dupe. I'll go problem or whatever. But

yeah, I

mean you could like

probably alright with it now.

I think, I think worst case scenario if you get hit with a filter, you're just going to be demonetized. And since I don't use monetization anyway, it is, you know, like whatever. Yeah.

Somebody recently copyright strike somebody with that. So

sure we'll be careful man. You know, don't pull out my channel

a lot of responsibility man. Don't

put a lot of work into that dude,

I know that's what I'm saying. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

But at least at least measure it. At least like a link to it in the comments section. So there's like a community tab at least like to the streams in the community tab that the latest Michael that dude like watched eight hours of my videos to prep for the stream? Like


he was smart. He was like, damn, like cool man.

That's probably uh, when do you, do you know when the highest stakes movies coming

out Should be the end of the year. So the last update on that was that the movie is totally done and the only things that are changeable and are being changed are the graphics in between scenes. If there's like text, you know that gets prettied up and then the 40 piece orchestra score thing and then that's it. Like they're the movie's done right. It's just a little bit of sound stuff, a little bit graphic stuff, the film and all that. It's done totally. So they're working to sell it to the places you

know, are you happy?


you happy?

Very happy with the film?


man, it's made a lot of my time and like it's a lot of it's actually work, you know like

I can imagine

and then everything you shoot never gets used so you shoot 30 hours and you use one and I'm like, and like there's a lot of not me in the movie, you know like I'm not even sure how much screen time I have in the movie about me but it's not, I mean my gut feels it feels like 20% is me, but I'm probably wild lively wrong and the director is probably gonna if he hears this yell at me and be

like, like you

know you're in here a lot and like whatever.


Without a stopwatch, it's like very emotional and subjective like trying to, you know what it is actually so like already already lived it. And even if I didn't live it, I know the content of the stuff I'm saying so well that my brain just shortcuts it and just like deletes it and it's like you know that like zones out. But then the stuff I hear from all the other people I'd never heard before. I think it just weights heavier on my timer. So I think my brain like issues it more merit and then I think it I think my brain issues the people that aren't me more attention because they're more notable because I don't already know what they're going to say. I know what I'm going to say because I said it and I've probably said it a bunch of times before so I'm probably not the best guy to measure how much of my own movie. But you guys were their stopwatches at home. I'm sure you will.

You talked about a new exchange recently, You still looking for a new exchange?

Yeah. It's like I want one but people hit me with weird like responses are like yeah man I got a platform. I'm like do you have money transmitter license? No. Well then how do people send money or they can't they're like well that doesn't that doesn't help what I'm trying to do, you know? So

have you heard about the team that's making the kind of a similar thing to T. U. S. D. But I'm bolstering.

Yeah I gotta I'm gonna talk to them. It's like a, it's just a lot of obfuscation. You know like why am I gonna pump your guy's stable so that you can make all the interest on everyone's deposits and then like why did I do that for you? Exactly. Well we could just bridge, I mean, I mean yes, it's nice but like why wouldn't I just like I showed us DC on Tron and a bunch of other chains so why not just ask those guys and then why would I send someone to you guys instead of them? Like what's why why would I do that? Tell me, you know? And so, and then I'm like, do you have, it's so I'm gonna have a chat with those dudes, but I hate when someone hits me with like buzzword salad pdf like obfuscated like dude this is really not hard. You take the money and you give them the stuff and you have a license that says you can and I don't need to hear about your new innovative like that. No, just take their money and give them stuff like thanks. You know, just a lot of people just try and inject complexity and it leads to attack surface and edge cases and just like the stuff I build tends to work really well because I don't, I'm not a slave to the fancy shiny new thing. Right?

I like stuff that I know works Oh wait, by the way, not a slave to the fancy shiny

things contract or no


It might be

slightly enslaved to shiny,

but I think you said like, like you said before, it's a fraction of your net worth all that stuff. You know, I think that if you're, because a lot of people trying to compete with you, I've seen in the hex community and you kind of,

Can you imagine if we don't do that, you weren't retired 20 years and then you could have bought a 95% dip and instead you bought anything else really. Like if you how you don't crypto tends to go up three and down one. We're in a down one. Oh, and here's your good news guys. That down one at the timer is basically like basically run out. So let's measure it. Now look, is this set in stone? No, Is it really useful to know why? Yes it is. Is the one that told you the richard hart God among

bunch of other dudes. Why


got a quick question for you and a lot of people have been hitting me up about it about the sacrifices on the pulse chain and pull sex. They say that the websites are still up and that we should take him down like what? Like

what? Okay, let's have a little reminder here everyone. Okay, When people sacrifice their money, what are they sacrificing it for to prove? they believe in freedom of speech, prove they believe in freedom movement. Okay now what does that have to do with anything

else? You

know what I'm saying? Like

laughing because I heard you say it maybe 1000 times in the past,


made fun of people


people for still sacrificing because they're just not in the people are hating on me because they're like, well if the sacrifice address wasn't still up for the sacrifice website, it's like it's like saying like someone stabs himself like it was the knives fault.

Like they didn't do

enough research and sell knives.

It's like, I have to believe that that is an extremely small number of people with extremely small values. Is my gut feeling that um Yeah, if you don't want to just give your money away to support free speech, don't just don't like I don't it would be like take down your donation address xo because people are accidentally sending money Like no one can post

address. You guys, you

guys cracked the code and there's no more crypto because you just proved crypto by randomly sending your money places like All

right, I want to know, I got a question about what do you

think is

going to happen in terms of price parity on paul's chain with hex.


know you can't make forward looking statements, what do you think

about I mean like it's it's as simple as like what are people gonna buy, what are people gonna sell? So like it's if they start like in a hypothetical world, if they started with the same liquidity, it would solely be a function of people's buying and selling. Except for if these are more expensive and one and cheaper on another, then you would expect there to be slightly inferior performance on the more expensive chain unless people really cared and that there would be a lot of price difference, it's really up to people buying and selling and you know with hacks like anyone can move the price up a lot and anyone can get the price down a lot, luckily historically it's been massively up but you know that's the feature set. Like it's the fact that if you don't want dips then there has to be a bunch of bids and if there's a bunch of bids, Well those are guys that didn't just make new all time high prices by pushing up the ask by eating liquidity on the ask. And so like if you want things that do maximum possible upside performance, it requires market buys, market buys move the price higher limit buys do not unless you're using a limit as a market which you know for this example is silly but you can set a limit higher than market and it will execute up there and you guys need to be super careful with that because if you fat finger and set your limit wrong, it will just jack you for your money and it will execute and like if you're using a platform that doesn't warn you you'll just lose a lot of money. So you gotta be careful those limiters, some platforms will warn you some won't and I think some will warn you intermittently. So good luck with that. So like it I don't know what people are going to do. I don't know, I don't know whether they dump the ethereum one and pump the pulse one. I don't think they're gonna dump the pulse 12 pump the ethereum one. But how do I know you know what I mean? Like there's so many people in crypto that speak with such great certainty when they don't know anything about anything and I let the market teach me right.

Like I don't know. Let's see. Right. So I don't know why people are so certain and then they're always wrong and you're like just one stop being wrong all the time. Like maybe

Speaking of that? I've got another question uncertainties. So you're sticking to your 11K and pray. Bitcoin call. But what about inflation, does

that mean? Is the

purchasing power is now down right? Is 11 K now like 15 14 K



lower? Not

higher. 668 K. Somewhere in there. 6 to 8. Is that true?



do you what do you think pray meant like


I didn't I didn't slap it in there for a laugh. You know what I


It's because if

that it does.

Yes, you could go deeper than the normal traditional cyclical, 85% dumping Bitcoin for the same reason that everything else is dumping. But what you have to remember is that if everything else is dumping and what you have dumps, it actually cancels. So if you have your crypto dumps in half in the house, you wanna buy dumps in half in house terms, you broke even now if you were sitting in fiat and houses dumped in half, You just doubled up on houses and crypto crypto dumped in half. And so it's really the reason I point this out is like we've had cyclical, 85% drops multiple times multiple cycles in Bitcoin during periods where rates were nearly always going down. And so there is a chance that now that money is becoming more expensive, which almost never happens. It almost never happens. It's happening now, watches are going down, houses are going down every other currency except the dollar is going down, crypto is going down, the stock market's going might have already said that one, you know, you you could exceed the 85% downside target. But even if you did like I would still be comfortable longing. Not financial advice, not financial


Okay, you're listening.


would still feel comfortable longing cyclical known good targets instead of being like this time is different and then it just does exactly what you thought and you're like damn missed the box. You know what I mean? Because like if you miss the like so let's say you do a 90 like Okay let's do some theory crafting here. And by the way, all you guys that are like tuned out because uh which is not going to tell us about Paul strain. You're missing out on this madness that I'm sharing with you that I don't have to that I can sell for millions and millions and millions of dollars that I'm giving to you for free.

This will be on my toes. Only channel my feet and then richards calls right next to it.

So like if you, if you, If you don't buy the 85 and you wait for the 95% which may never come then instead of getting for your 100 bucks. So in 80. So if you buy an 80 let's be specific with numbers. So let's say you buy Bitcoin at 10-K. Because it's a nice round number and you deploy 100 grand. How many Bitcoin does it get? You get you 1000 Bitcoin. Know someone do this math 100 grand divided by 10 grand. You get 10 Bitcoin. Cool.


So you got your 10 grand, you got your 10 Bitcoin with your 100 grand because you bought it 10-K. This is just napkin math right? It's 11 can pray. It's not 10-K. So now let's say instead you try to like time it and you wait for a 90% dip instead of an 80% dip. So now Bitcoin is 800.9 X. It's uh let's call it 70 K. Top or 700.1 exit 70 K. Top. So now it's seven K. So now you buy your Bitcoin at seven K. Instead of 10-K.

So what's uh 100 K. In the seven K. Yes 13


0.28. Okay now you're getting 14 Bitcoin instead of 10 Bitcoin. So the difference between buying and by the way don't buy Bitcoins trash so just don't buy it, it's garbage but we're using it for example sake. Just to talk about the difference between buying an 85% and 9% dip. So buying a 90% dip, you're getting 40% more coins now. What if you miss the dip? So like how much do you wanna how much do you want to try and play this time? It's different and try and buy 95 or 90% dip. And let's for fun let's do the 95 2. So now you're buying it you know point oh five of 70 K. And everybody at 3500 and now you're going to get like three times the coins. So you get 30 Bitcoin instead of 10.

This would have been so much easier by the way to just be like There was an easier way to do this math. So like basically the way the trick to use to do this math really easily without having to bust out the calculator is you know if you put in 100 grand and you lost 85 at least 15. if you put 100 grand your last 90 it leaves you with 10, you put 100 grand, you lost 95 leaves you with five and that's your ratio 15 10 5 and that gets you from 85 90 95 dips the tricks to invert it. So you know if you, if you can get a 95% dip in 75% dip, you have three times the coins. But if you never, you never get it then like you know because like ethereum is 85 like ethereum did an 85% dip and I just still don't believe it's the bottom, so like you can get three times the coins on a 95% dip and I just do you want to buy the fake bottom of the real bottom? And like I see, I mean if you look at the gray scale discount, it's making new all time highs regularly, it's like, so it's last I looked, it was like 36 37% down and we still haven't seen any of those, we still haven't seen Celsius get wrapped up, we still haven't seen gox coins come out, we still haven't seen phoenix coins come out. We still haven't seen ross Ulbricht coins come out. We still haven't even done one year bear market from the top yet. Like I don't think it's the bottom guys like that, you know, and they're still raising interest rates and they're predicted to raise interest rates to twice what they are now. So like why is this the bottom right now? It's not in my opinion. So like X.

Might have bought them just go sideways because look we were d correlated.

Yeah, we let the market might still be

correlated. And this is bad timing coincidence. Well

Like you said earlier, if your steak than you're doing actually way better than. Yeah. I wonder what's the math like on a 95% drop with 38% interest. I mean what's the right? I don't know. I'm not so

Like grayscale right now is like 36, it's an all time high. Again it's a grayscale discount 36%.


like I just don't see Wall Street that used to buy a 20% premium all the time being like oh look there's like a free 50% profit over here with the counter party that we usually prefer. I don't see that just being left on the table now. There may be some other like there may be some other red herring kind of corporate insider crap that we don't know about. That may make this less attractive and I don't know whether it's other competing E. T. F. S. Or but even in that case like they're trying to turn this into an E. T. F. Like they really are trying. So like I'm not saying that this is the only indicator but I've given you so many confluences.

You haven't been in a bear year yet. They are raising rates. This grayscale premium is here. None of those other coins came out yet. I do not think this is the bottom and people are still like FTS haven't gone to real zero yet. There's still a little bit of money

left. I want

to see them go to real




like you have to like you're using advanced techniques to suck out the last energy of the last electron of that stupid like you know

like uh so I mean this is the first time we've seen a recession in crypto so I mean it is kind of uncharted territory especially now and with the qualitative tightening first

time. You know what dude?

Really? Right,

It's a cool story bro. I like that story.

Oh I

am not falling for this time is different shit, I don't care.

Okay like like

it's, it's just like if if it does extra dip back up the trucks, you'll be selling some to be like, hey y'all wanna buy Rolex, you know what I


So we went past pray, I pray these Rolex is so good, you know I

mean he wants

to buy richard Hart Rolex because it's looking good dip right



where would you see that in Bitcoin? A good dip like that's where

you'd be like

Okay well I know what we're, you know we're just throwing it out there because we know the Bitcoin sucks but so 95%, I think I got what you're saying, 95% dips are really good bye

Bro. Like historically like what coin with product market fit dips more than 95 right? I mean let's go look let's go look at God's here, that's been around a long time.


didn't pull these numbers out of my ask like these are known, it's been so long since I've gone like done first primary research again but like let's go check



I guess the cool thing about if you're wrong about the bottom, nobody really cares because prices go up and everyone's happy,

everyone cares about everything I say dude like like dictators like really want me to be wrong about something for once. They're

they're super super matte,

they're superman, right? Like they're really upset that I'm right and they're wrecked,

you were like two days off and people are like no it wasn't, it was two days I'm

like this is the part where I was right and then


this the part you're talking about right here dog, see this here this is your argument right here,


people man. Stupid. Alright so I'm pulling up dudes like man give me a better chart bro,

let's see

I think tracks has had the longest. Dude, I got 2014 dogs back here so that seems like a long time, I hope that's long enough.


2014 Dedge is pretty brutal dips Oh my god um Just measuring it for y'all looking like a Halloween ghost with the white screen a bit. Is that why we're here to see you know how long it took me to move the camera around to hide my neck fat

so long like

he's God so the camera's like up in the sky now

bringing it back for thanksgiving

fat girl selfies right now man,

I'm like a fat girl

tender selfies

right? That's

how it is bro.

It was crazy seeing you with the intro, I was like oh man look at that beard,

I needed to drop the age man, I used to get called fat all the time and I get called old, I'm like fine I can shave like that's easy and I weigh like one ounce less. Um So check this out. 2014 to 2015 does drop 96.31% over 470 days. That's real damn close to 95 in my book bro. So let's measure the next one. Next dip. Peroni, I'm on the weekly chart here by the way because we're talking pretty long time frames the double top really low 43053 I guess it's a little bit taller. Got that one, 84% over 112 days in 2017. Now look, there's an example for you. Okay, did you get a 95% dip in dog? I'm looking at the tracks chart weekly because it goes way back. Um Did you get a 90% dip tube?

I know you got left behind and then what did it do? Okay, let me show you what it did If you didn't buy the dog 2017 and look, I'm not saying bye. Okay, it's just an all clean and researching.

All right. I

don't suggest it,


stupid people listening. Okay, so now I'm gonna tell you what happens if you don't buy the dip and then it goes up and leave your past behind. So 2017 dodge dipped 83.8% over 112 days. I'm on the weekly chart, it was like a little three day rounding maybe one way or the other and then it went up 28 X. In the next 112 days. So since you didn't get to buy the 90 you didn't get to buy the 95 you didn't even really get to buy the 85. This is 83.88. You missed the 28 X. Now you're sad and guess what? It never dipped back there again. Your limit order to buy would never have ever gotten filled. Ever, never ever ever, ever ever and you would have been left behind forever.

You'd be like the guy that sold $1300. Bitcoin like okay there was this like theory that you would always retest the old the old high and so like Bitcoin topped at 13 what's called 13 77 In 2014 maybe. And then uh it went up 2 20 K. Never came back to 13 77 they only went to three K. Those people never got filled and never retested it. They never got to re buy the retest. There was never a retest and ethereum like wade did that like even more like it never even came close to its old like you know 2014 stuff so if you if you get left behind you get left behind hard hard so this is a look at the depth chart, the Bitcoin chart, the ethereum chart. You know imagine look oh you sold you sold the top in 2014 on Bitcoin. I'll go check that date. Let me check it real quick

by the

way you know you can use adblock to stop trading view from keeping advertising to all the time. Just keep blocking every little block to pop up then block the thing that doesn't let you click the screen then block the next thing that doesn't click you screen then block the next thing that

doesn't and

then you're clean, you're clean


blocks. Richard, aren't you remember to be a billionaire bro? I'm cheap man. You

mean you haven't bought it yet? Hey? Richard, thank you for helping to save my life. The only Juanito is throwing that out there. My

pleasure. My pleasure. Alright so like why am I looking at Bitcoin again? Was it 2014? It was December of 2013 so 2014. Um It's like you know uh one week off whatever. So good brain Richard, we

got another question. Hey Rh what did the dev's learn from the east proof of stake consensus? Are we working either proof of stake consensus? We're staying with the B. O. B. S. C. Proof of stake. Will new work emerged to public testament this year? Public



Do I want to say anything? No I don't, y'all burnt me man. Like last time I told y'all something y'all burnt me up. You burn me up. I don't like it. I don't like getting burnt up because like I just told you the best I could tell you like you know



forgot how you released hex. But you know I was I was there beforehand but I just don't remember if you came out like a week before. Like was it wasn't it was two weeks? It was because it was like the two week notice thing you wanted people to get have enough time to get out of exchanges

the Bitcoin the free claim?

Yeah. Oh, that's right. Okay

corners, y'all ain't getting no free


Y'all acted real nasty, didn't

you? That was one of the big things with, you know, we asked Kyle about that and he said that there was a lot of time with hex that you guys spent on doing that and it really didn't have the what? You guys

don't know. You never know man. Well I know we ain't getting a listing and I know like, you know, I mean,


happy, I'm happy not talking about like, sorry, We're hooking up with the therm dudes with the biggest drop in history. They were nice. Not the nicest but nicer, you know? So, so if you didn't get this 2020 17 play here dropped 84% over 112 days pumped. 28 X dropped after this. So it was weird to like dump for 1 12 pump for 1 12 same amount of days interesting. So now if we look at this drop here, this dipped, this did bear market for 805 days. That's a long time bro. That's a long time. That's 2.5 years. Right? Two years call it.

So, so it did to really in the real world. Two years ain't nothing but in crypto, tears feel like


So this dropped 92% over two years and then guess what? It did wait no, no, it dropped more. I didn't grab this candle 92.84. So did you get a 95% drop? No, but you did get a 90. Okay. And we didn't rip up after that. I mean, man, this is like a good pump right here. I'm gonna measure this one out and this looks like a good pump to Richard. Let's see it.


you know it, y'all okay. Past okay. You're not in the past you in the present now just so you're clear already showed


Okay. It did a okay. I mean it's not as good as I thought but like it did 550 x. bad.

Yeah. I mean I could live with that with hex now

right? Like Yeah. Yeah 50 X. It's not bad. And it did that over 400. Oh here's what's funny. Y'all think this is funny. It did it in 420 days

we're 20

blaze at the line. Well played. Yeah. So like you know if you put your limit at 1995 and you missed it, you missed your 5 50 X. It's like, you know what I mean? And now this dip that we have now still didn't come down to 2014. Low or high. The 2014 high is still like four or five X. Or no like well okay. I'll give you a specific measurement here.

The 20

14 2018. Hi, sorry to where we are at the lowest of the dip was still a three X. It's still three X. Higher. You would still take a 66% drop to get there. And I'll give you more specific drop since I rounded a little bit mm to get to drop from the lowest point that has been to so far it would need to drop. No it can't be what,


No 60 it need to drop 62%. I said 66. Good brain.

I think you meant like the starting price. Okay. No


dropped all the way down to the

this is the thing is like this has no developers basically no tech basically it's just a jpeg change like they forked light coin forked. Bitcoin doge coin fork. Light coin. It's a fork of a fork and it's basically a logo change. And what did you get with your logo change? Well you got a 5 50 X over a year and a half. It's not bad. It's not the 10,000 that texted but you know whatever. And uh so so this is me analyzing and all coin

to try

and guess like you know how much dip can you expect them at all? And what happens if you miss it? You know? And so in this particular case if you set your bid at 95 dip and you only got 93 you missed a 550 X. And you're super sad now. so and it never came back to the 2018 price. It would need to drop 66% from its lowest point which is not even at right now it's about 50% higher. 20% higher. Um Yeah so like for all coins it seems like they just, this didn't even drop, it never dropped 95 but one time it dropped one time from 2014 to 2015, it did 96 instead of 95 and it never did it again, it never did another 95 could never drop 95 again. And this is on the weekly chart on on tracks because that was I think that was like the oldest one that was easy for me to

remember. I don't feel

like for saying to see what the oldest dog chart is.

Yeah so we got a question


text us dc pairs all got robbed on w by people using W. Two pile by piles of usd for pennies. Well harvested us dc on poles used to prevent

that bro. You don't understand what the hell you just said, why don't you tell me my head wasn't in the frame starts like


Hey Richard

hair. Please continue with the Halloween episode.

You guys


my torso is here to talk

to you

like my foundation.

Very nice by the way. Hex con digging for $100. Hey bro. Richard just want to let you know that every single hater interviewer's question about where does the yield come from? Just means the inflation interest from the

contract correct? It comes from the same place yield at your bank gets theirs, they come from the same place. Bitcoin miners comes from the same place that theory of miners come from. It comes from the same place that their mistake comes from. It comes to like the same place.

Thank you for the 100 heck so please give this to hex nurse from me. She needs a spa day. Okay thank you guys like I

like how the computer just keeps changing my face is tone with this green behind


thing like changes color.

Yeah it's really white

right now now it's really

red getting ready. We gotta we gotta

now it's

a little warm.

So funny.

Happy early birthday Richard, thanks for everything. I hope you had a chance to see a post I did that has almost 1000 folks liked and over 200 retweets I'm I have from mostly folks outside the community. They want to hear you on spaces. He's talking about the uh you know there's lots of people that


in different communities that you know and I think you're killing it with the spaces because you do you know vampire attack, other people's communities with that. I mean there's lots of guys that they see tone base get up and go yeah I mean you're Richard hart you're like a little, you're like a vampire. You live in the house. That would make the most sense. You know, you live in a castle and everything

goes back to the yeah.

Yeah, it's funny tone. Vays leaves the spaces, the twitter spaces every time he sees him he

runs like a bit because he is a bit much.

I thought you meant in real

life actually human.


I met him in person and in Singapore. He's a midget of dog.


was like, yeah, I can't wait to arm wrestle him. And then I met him. I'm like, he's not your arm wrestling.

Absolutely go away. His

arm wrestling me bro, he

had his legs together. I was like, oh God, he looks like

he weighs like, he literally looks like he weighed maybe 65 kg. I wait like maybe 1 12. I don't, maybe I hope I'm not 1 12. 1 10. No

way I'm

wearing a shirt. Like


feeling to

50 right? I'm

Feeling to 50 to 50

five right now.

Like I'm looking at my titties in the mirror and I'm like, my

problem is I blow out pants when I get real out of control, I start blowing pants out.

Well that's helpful. I wish I wish my parents would do that because it would save me having to buy bigger shirts. Uh

the tone base,


tone base comment brought me to my question. I'm very curious because heck. So got me this is the first and only one and only coin I've ever participated in done research on Hex has shown me the the the the horror that I've escaped, you know what I mean? But one way you really won me over is just listening to you talk to the other supposed big dogs, heavy hitters and other coins or other just

dropping them bro, dropping them left and right there


run away now.

Like tone

literally just runs.


funny to me bro, there's

just multiple because

I don't like hearing his voice too.

It's never even close, it's never even close, no matter who it really is or which demographic they're kind of coming from. Do you have like your favorite slaying


ever taken place

where I just lay into him with no holds barred and he sneaks on my podcast with a link that he wasn't given


one was pretty good actually. Like when I screwed up the raccoon dude

was great and then he had to come online and he said he said that you were messing with his connection, remember he was like you're messing



me it's not


Um And then like the one that they deleted, they all like after I slay them bro. Like they delete these things so we've never had one last, the longest one that lasted. The Bitcoin magazine kept this up for like a week or two until they were like oh I gotta take it down. We got slaughtered so bad.

We had to take it

Down. Um, the Savitsky one. He got absolutely marked. He was like capitalism and socialism are the same thing. Like


absolutely retarded. You're like, you should let people get wrecked. Like, oh God this is a real bad beating. You're getting right here dude.

Like I

don't even care if I make money like,


No one believes you. Dude

banana believes



friends and he taps in everyone else. He's like, yo I need backup taps in the moderator taps in another dude and it was on the call. Like who are you


new guy? Like who did you just tap in here? I'll take all covers. Let's go. You're all gonna gang bang in reverse. I'm gangbanging y'all, there's three of you, you get noted on,

they all refer to a personal attack and that's what it's just



at me and I'm like damn dude shamed


I'm making fun of tones, midget ask. But like you know

like all

the other ways too

right, What was the guy's name of the annan summit thing? The dude that was wearing sunglasses.

Oh he deleted that from the internet to

yeah, turns out he's like a scammer. He's like, I am on the oven and you will tell me your address wearing whatever it is that you're wearing idiot. It's

like, what is your job? You review all coins that go to zero and pretend they don't like good job dude, you're scumbags scumbags

that they

tricked me. They said that that was gonna be a friendly fireside chat and then busted out the we're here to savage you and I'm like okay I'm used to this actually. I know you guys thought this would be exciting

but welcome

to what I've spent my last several years doing. I see you're new here. You're not gonna like this. You'll be deleting this very soon.

You're welcome back. Here you go. So there's a question will there be an additional snapshot? I've been accumulating RC 20's I believe will thrive on



what is this word? Additional makes no sense.

There's a

fork. It also kind of acts like a snapshot for reasons that don't matter and I'm not gonna explain but new coin becoming that's all you need to know and there's no additional there's just one and it's in the future and there ain't none in the past so I don't know what you mean by additional bro. Like there's gonna be a main net and that main net will have the properties like that. The existing main net has but forked with inflated supply Just for the pulse chain supply not the RC 20s.

I don't know anything

about? Additional? I

think I think these things that there's already been a snapshot has happened?

Do you have any plans to get pulse chain listening can welcome to the party, let me remind you, I don't work for you, I don't do anything for you. If you want to call up either scan and ask them to do stuff, you should go do that. I eagerly await your responses. I've heard they charged two million a year, but you can find out if that's true. What

do you what

do you okay?

You go ahead, go ahead.

999. You cheap bro. 999

from PVM

Crypto Richard, What do you think about influencers to plaster the hex paul's politics all over the channel, then proceed to show other ship coins damaging the brand consistent basis to be used. So like all of this, it's a function of where the users are coming from. If you're selling trash to my audience then it's super suck. If you're selling my stuff to other audiences, it's cool if you're selling my stuff to other audiences. So it's like where's if I do an interview with Donald trump,


wins and who loses? We probably both win. If I do an interview with Barack Obama probably gonna lose on the win if I do like it's, I don't know he might win too, but his audience is so much bigger. I mean like whoever has a bigger audience is the more important measurement. And so like if a dude has a big audience and talks trash, I win because some portion of people will look and be like, oh it's not trash, but if he's just silent, I don't win. So like, but it's back to your question. I hate when people show stuff that sucks and yes, I hate when people, I mean I answered this already earlier. Like we've had mexicans that were good. Mexicans just be like, yeah, you know what? I want more money. Let's punk the community and cash out on them and like harm the community to get more money that bothers me man. Like why don't you just wait, you know, just chill.

Wait, hey, why don't you put some flyers up? You know, and like promote the thing that you hold like, and probably

for 15


I think the only way to get rich is to make a ship coin and like really they could just promote the thing that's going to be great

if people were making shit coins selling them to the public and then taking the profits of said behavior and dumping them into hex, it would help the hex price. But I don't think that's what people are doing and I don't think it's ethical. So making like, what do you, what do you want out of crypto I want and anybody, high throughput, low fees, time deposit yield on chain exchange. I'm good. Okay, well you know, stuff that I've founded does the majority of that doesn't do it on, um, it does a lot of the other stuff and then, so like why should I promote something that doesn't do those things right? Why should I promote like Failed copy nine effects or other stupid coin that like I just, oh, there's a new logo, a new jpeg cool. Why? You know? And that's what a lot of these things are. You know, they're just, they're not healthy, wholesome, they're not good. And so I don't, I don't feel the need to just slaughter people. Like you guys understand there's a reality where I could just shut out shit coins all day long, real easy.

Like real easy. I know, I know how to copy paste logos. So, but I don't want to do that. I want to make a little better place man at some point. The same thing I'll do is the hex diamond entity that's probably the closest to lame I'm going to get, but it might not even be lame because I got some innovative kind of like artsy ideas.

We got another one. Richard. If you decide to time the launch, you have my full support Jerry Oakes Smith. A lot of people think you're trying to time it. It's also begging heck. So for I

wish I had that option bro.

Okay, alright

already they


not ready either.

Let's see. Ask Richard what he thinks about SPF SPF alleged bill involving bit license and supposedly making all decks is

illegal if he did that, he's a real piece of ship, but I don't think he probably did that, I don't see him making such a terrible, horrible, disgusting move, but he could, I don't know maybe if anyone's doing that, if you're trying to take freedom away from people, your piece of sh it usually some freedom. I understand like no, people shouldn't smoke, crack period.

All right, we'll test version three. Be a full rehearsal first

Of all. He presupposes there's ABAB 3?

I can't say

that that's a bad position, but okay. Why would you, why would you launch without doing as much testing as you could? I really don't


Yeah, I really don't see a reason skip getting a real tight, real close test. So you beat it out of me. You suckers. You beat it out of me. Fine.

Looks like falcon is a great answer on the ether scan question I asked because I'm developing a post a block explorer and I plan to be better than what's out

there. Perfect. Good job, man, looking at something called Otters can I think that's what it's called? Yeah, they use the index of the systems. They use a lot of these block explorers create their own indexes redundantly for no reason when the Blockchain itself is an index and like we have blocked numbers. So there's no reason to double index. So it's, I think Otter scan was kind of innovative.


don't remember what the debs are even working on? I've got Dibs working on block explorer stuff too. Oh

speaking of which the wallet, wallet is still being


is there going to be a sacrifice phase you think?

I mean, I haven't thought about it, but it would be stupid not to probably, I like to make the world a better place, but I haven't focused on it. Just recent. I want I want my damn main net, you know, boss chain main net please.


not mission critical, you know, it's kind of like, it would be awesome until meta mass starts sucking a lot and then maybe trust isn't that bad maybe, but like if meta mask and trust sucked, it would be an emergency. So

yeah, I mean with the tornado dot cash stuff and then didn't didn't meta mask like start blocking people from Iran to use their

ancient but

still I'm saying it's still something to consider that you know, that we have, they can just start blocking people at any time and just be like, yeah, you can't, you're not able to transact over here on our Blockchain because we have

just remember at any moment you can spool up your own ethereum node and uh you know, take the risk you want to take. But it's like governments ain't fair sometimes bro, you know, so you try to take your calculated risks, you try and


get max gain with men risk if poss

well anybody else got any you guys got any questions for Richard, I think I'm all out of line. No man. Honestly list honestly, it's it's hard because I wanted to say thank you. But then it's like how do you think Richard Hart? How do you even think Richard Hart preferably with the lights out? If you know what I mean?

Change my personality for me.

Oh man, you made me spit. But seriously,

it's just

waiting for that.

It's gone outside of


He had it coffee. Let me in there.

He had it.

He was like, Richard's got



Man, I mean, it's just crazy how far it's come. I mean, I got in got me in like in the day 70s ish time frame. But like isn't

it weird that will

change the only

community that numbers are days like we do. There's

no no

other community measures time the way that we do. So like what day is it of? Bitcoin? Nobody knows what day is it ethereum, nobody knows what day is in the hex. Everybody listening knows you'll be looking like, you know, I wonder, I think it's awesome, but I don't know why. I think it's awesome. Makes bragging a lot easier.

The whole comedian general is



I'm a fan, man, I'm a big fan. It really is the best part effects the software is really amazing. But like the software did what I wanted it to do and maybe exceeded my expectations by twofold max, but the community has exceeded my expectations by tenfold. So like, I'm more impressed by the community than the flow of software,

The community's grown

like you guys.

Thanks man. We

like these people

when I go out

like that happens, you know, you're like

really we're gonna, I was gonna ask you if people actually recognize you, I just don't

know. Yeah man, they do not

do anything like wear masks and stuff. You probably don't want to tell you.

I'm shaped like a

guy like,

hey, it's a michelin tires with a mask on.


that? Maybe it's fat Albert, I don't know

like rolls Royce and

yeah, there's a guy dressed like a crystal ball



the crystals.

I think I'm gonna wrap the cars with Richard Hart dot com, 85% sure on that Simon flex man, it's time to hurt him because if I have to eat all the Opsec horror after the movie comes out anyway. And by the way, I don't know if netflix is buying or not. I don't know who's going to get it. It's not up to me. Like it's not my project and I don't know their budgets and whatever. So like I don't know what netflix is spending on stuff like I just, if I'm gonna eat the offset horror operate Opsec means operational security, which means just like not getting screwed up in person, we're like, you know, not getting screwed up, I might as well flex harder because like if I can't exist in reality without tons of people noticing me, then my location is declared. If my location is declared, then I might as well derive the benefits of that declaration. And so I should flex in the physical world with maximum branding for the things I care about. And if I'm cock blocked for fear of having freedom to promote things like hacks and paul's chain because I have fear of promoting because I'm like the only person in the world that there's evil people in the world, they're like, did you promote your invention? Did

you then

you were bad? And you're like, really, really is that what's bad? Because I see a lot of things that are bad and that doesn't, you know, like, you know,

you've already had to deal with a lot of that stuff with people breaking into your house and stuff like that with, you

know? Yeah,

So you probably have a little bit of, you know, traumatic post traumatic stress. You know, you don't want the

only thing stopping me from live sharing a ton more and like doing a lot of more promotion, I guess Richard Hart dot com, I can I hope I'm allowed to promote myself. I pray can I promote myself please? Um, is just like the Opsec and if the Opsec has to be like max anyway, then you might as well wrap everything and go hard and just like if you're, if you're gonna want to solve these. Anyway, come to Disney World, my name is Richard Disney, you know, like that's a theory, like there's a dude named walt. Disney is just like, you know what, I want to build a castle and like water slides and stuff. So yeah, just let's go do that, he did it, you


And so I could just build a theme park if I wanted to, welcome to Richard Hart World,

here's the

personality changing area. When you're done.

You know how many memes they're going to be about Richard Hart Park, Welcome to Crystal


Camp. I'm trying to think about like where to take my channel, you know how to reach more people. I think I might just kind of lean into the controversy a little more.

Yeah, and it's like other, so these crossovers where we bring on other communities, like actually used to do raids on twitch and then bring on gaming communities and then I did, I guess a cycle with the male empowerment movement guys


to be specific, see man, I don't want to use that word, that word, Like you gotta be tactical with your language because people will just take the easy route. So remember when someone put up a heck scam dot com and made a parody of it and then all anyone ever did was just

think that it was anti

hacks and you're just like its pro hex and I hate,


know, but then when I go to make fun of other people, I just google and just copy paste whatever the sub thing is you know like I don't have time to go do the real dude illness to properly make fun of people because usually you don't hit an edge case usually you know, so like parody doesn't work, it harms right? So we have to ask them to be like yo make it more obvious that you're like say thanks Tex is awesome you know please because stupid people don't get it. They don't understand the nuance of sarcasm and so you have to slam them in the face repeatedly with very clear language like you know like I did with or whatever, hey dumb idiots that are listening not telling you to buy the stupid thing I was talking about several years ago like 10 You know when was 2014, 8 years ago you know and like so bridging into these other communities is huge because then when it hooks they just go off on their own and it keeps spreading you know

Like the waters above Guy was a good one. A lot of his guys came over is the geometry and numerology people

brother I have no idea what you're talking about and that means

it's awesome because

that means that those are guys I wouldn't have reached you know and like what does that tell me and by the way,

what was that dude that's


dude that like he's into like numerology, astrology, all that crap and like you know somehow relates crypto to that and so a lot of his guys kind of crossed over the house. No everywhere,

that's not where they came from.

Somebody wants to know if you're hanging upside down like a bat richard I

would but my dick keeps hitting my face




thanks for the lab bro.



I was talking to people about like like MR B style videos, I don't know if you've ever watched him but he gives away hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars now, I'm not saying you have to, I'm saying like you know something's not right now and there's a 95% and when we are you know via Mexico we're over here trying to get the word out even more by doing something like

you know it's I love when stuff works but some stuff doesn't work right? So like it's like trying to help homeless people by giving them money, you find out like this is a mental illness thing, it's not a money thing and then like I'll just give away lots of money and then I'll be Mr beast like no like I know instances of people that just give you a lot of money and similar to me raising 27 charity no one knew about or cared and now they just have less money actually, they got their legs broken too but for different reasons. Um


so like there was a different guy. I might have mixed up two dudes but it's it's giving away money is not like a breakthrough that no one's ever thought of before. Like hey you can give this stuff away. I had no idea. Crazy. I thought we just bought bags with us. Um So like it feels dirty and gross to me but if it worked I would do the hell out of it and then it would probably feel great. It's kind of like having kids. I'm

not. Yeah

like they just totally make horrible sound all the time

like. Yeah

and then right but then it changes you and then you're like oh it's awesome, it changes you right? So like being tactical and be like I'll give away money for greedy purposes. It sounds gross until you do it and you're like I give away money and everyone loves me and we're all happy and amplifies and even make more money and then make more money and so it

Would be pretty hex and I just talk about stuff like this one. Mr

Beast was prettier. It would be so much easier to want to be like him but he's so damn ugly. Like his face is like

that's where you come in. Something about his face. Yeah come in, can't really crystal crystal. That helicopter crystals giving away today. I don't have

much going for me but I look

better than Mr Beast.


we got

another hey



my understanding L one was secure but a bridge wasn't wasn't a pulse bridge heck. Still be in the cards this eve. Unfixable currently.

Was was them turning the network off part of their secure part or was that they turned the network off? Right. It's like I don't think black chains should be able to just get turned off personally

agree so that you don't think that that would ever happen to pull chain just shut down. Revert the transactions you

guys with your fucking hard

question. Sorry I'm throwing it out there waiting for them to give

you an answer. I have. How do I phrase this? I feel that the security considerations for pulse chains consensus Are very very very very similar to ethereum 2.0s if that makes sense to you were working a theory, not a theory of one point. So you beat it out of me. You you wore me down. Okay so the the logic was do we have more faith in the BSC consensus which we found flaws in or rotating to several other options of not very well audited consensus or the extremely well audited ethereum two point of consensus. And my logic is that if you're going to make things right. Doing them during a bear is a beautiful time to do it. And I think it would be quicker to use ethereum two point oh's consensus than to properly audit and secure Perelli a, which is a version of click, which is what has a lot of problems. And so it was maximum secure and minimum time to market because we didn't know like you didn't know whether the merger was gonna work right? Could have not worked right and you didn't know if they'd ever get to doing it because the delays were nearly endless, but after they did it and after it worked right, it was the obvious choice.

And so paul's chain will have upgrades but be primarily, um, the same consensus mechanism that ethereum 2.8 uses but is now called a theory one, right? Like, no, it's not three M 2 is now a theory one since the merger worked. So it's, it's, it's safer. It's faster. And any upgrades that come in the future for ethereum such as chard ng, we will get on arching and we wouldn't have got, had, we stayed with ethereum one because the forks would have diverged and so it's just better. So we're doing what's better and it didn't take us any extra time to do it. So it's actually good news, but I got savaged so hard for giving you guys an update last time that like I'm super not into it. Like I feel, I feel like someone's going to make me eat ship for giving the good news basically. Now I bet someone will, someone will bother to make me feel bad, Someone will make you feel bad about

you got you got so many followers though and I'm starting to feel many followers and that there's just so like you get that they're

all over the place

Toby wanna

come out with

$50. Thank you, generating the kind of income. Mr beast does with his videos, buying hex for 50% of it to build staking letters to give away and the 50% for philanthropic efforts. It's literally the narrative of making the world a better place

with. I mean look dude, if you can give away money

and just more money comes

in like ramp that up until it don't work no more, you know like um

Yeah the trick is you gotta make money with it like you can just give it all away. Mr Beast can do that.

Are you running the money? Yeah.


reason you can do that is because youtube just shoves all their users of them quite simply. Look, I've never watched his content but every once in awhile I've clicked and it sucked balls

so I

don't know why

people watch

that trash or like like

I just

watched only bad clips


most of the people that you click on Youtube suck balls and then if you if you do a brand new installation Pewdiepie after watching

he sucks so

bad, I can't even think of something funny to say like you're just like you're just a Swedish dude that plays video games, I couldn't give a less.


I truly could not care less. But he'll be like, I raised a million zillion dollars for charity and I'm like, well okay, I'm sorry I didn't um I'm not trying to single him out because I don't know nothing about him other than the couple of times I watched it sucked. But when you look at who they send their traffic to, it's always something horrible if you install from scratch a new phone or new browser and you go to the native youtube screen, which just go incognito control shift and go to youtube dot com and let's see what I get here.


Spider man with a Kermit mud.

Whoa, give me that Mr Beast

versus the music company versus vlad and Niki subscriber history. Who are these people don't know who any of these people are like um tom and jerry, Best buddies cartoon classic compilation. I'd watch that. I guess

I'm on a weird proxy

because I'm getting all types of other weird languages here that I don't recognize um Sour candy in the world. 11 million views. My boobs. 16 million views. Now

I'm gonna have to

do some

research on

why this has

16 that you find out. It's a man. Hold

on, let me

let you know we're gonna,

this is terrible.

Live. You see, you can do reaction videos, live reactions with Richard Hart like, nope, Those dudes are terrible. Next.