The Perils of Crypto Day Trading. Long Term Crypto Strategy (Twitter Space) - Transcripts

September 20, 2022

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Twitter Space: edited for brevity


bullish Richard what I'll focus yeah well go ahead Richard sorry so basically you know

that's another panel where if you listen to **** does vice you gonna lose all your money the most risky stupidest thing you can possibly do in crypto currency

it's the

absolute way that everyone loses all of their money even if you don't lose all your money magically you sell too early and you don't ride up to ten thousand acts or the million acts

it's it's it's it's

let's face it this way you sit behind a screen and trying to take money from another guy sitting behind a screen and they exchange in the middle is laughing at both of you idiots because neither of you knows anything about anything except for making the exchange ridge a wire making makes dangerous they're laughing even harder because sometimes I just exit scam to take both of your money on both sides I don't care who won or lost that is straight exit scam you entirely so instead of all you guys ruining your house ruining relationships waking up to price alerts while wondering why your orders didn't execute wondering why your stop losses or head wondering why you got scam worked out wondering why you sold too early getting chopped up getting whipsawed instead of all of that nightmare all that horror in reaching middle men engaging counterparty risk just all that disgusting trash why don't you just do the thing that has the tax advantage which is never sell the thing that has the most successful track record never sell the thing it doesn't get you shake it out the thing that doesn't get you fight the thing that doesn't make you have to wake up to price calls I woke up today took to see whether the merge worked or not it sucked down tired I'm irritable I don't want to wake up for the stupid March so like it it trading is the stupidest thing you can possibly do the will cost your health will cost your relationships and if you win all you did was screw other some guy was money congrats you screwed another dude out of his money you wish you didn't have it he wish he would hide your money instead it's it's horrible for everyone it's absolutely the worst thing if your destroy someone else's culture you would pick the people that are in that society to trading it's I I don't and all you do is lose money the reason that you don't see like like I make fun of tone days all the time just turned a sales training courses and I'm like tone even though I savage you regularly to the point where you will not even face me publicly you just run away is because your students are so wracked that not a single one of them even bothers to post today my threads and go I actually made money with town nobody never if history is any tone V. student ever done that in even if magically they did it would be like taking advice from a guy that plays Russian roulette this I came in I put one both the chamber I spun the cylinder I didn't die I pulled the trigger six time still here man winning no it's retarded even if you win doing something terribly risky you still lost you just need to play to play the game for Walker so you know how many people got rich in decline and made the one penny to sixty nine thousand X. six hundred that move sixty nine thousand X. price moves and they thought they were smart selling and they got left behind and so if you and and by the way unless it depending it look about a tax adviser but depending on where you live every time you sell that might be taxed and now your trade with a smaller second smaller stack smaller stag smaller stacks marceca in the bid ask spread paying the fees Eaton counterparty risk stupidest thing you could possibly do you might as well just be up here advertising degenerate gambling is a very similar and I actually had a guy crap talk me who advertises a sports book picking service for degenerate gamblers so you didn't lose your money fast enough on your own you needed help to lose a little quicker by it by having some extra overhead take this guy teaches me how to lose faster so it like stock picking very similar to a television reading course how do I lose money faster please show me rex club right

yes I can and I think that's great the pre inspection Richard okay the American version but the same same about it same thing yes this is every every panelist has made the point that trading just doesn't work and and and I stayed away from training for you all my life for that reason the thing what I do is to to prove what I've done is I I timestamp my I've been time stamping my my track record for years so you know I'm not the type that would be like yeah you know I've done well you know I've I've actually done well but it like it's taken me a long time yeah I'm saying like it also takes people a long time to go from the janitor to the CEO if they're on that that path right it took me a long time to get to where I was able to do it yes Richard I agree with him in the beginning you will be glued to a computer screen and some people most will will destroy their lives trying to figure that **** out but some people you know like any other aspects of life those those few couple percentage that you know can get away and learning and and get good at it they don't spend that amount of time and they they they do on the front of the hours today and it is a very actually comfortable easy living life if you can learn how to do it successfully like anything else in life

thank you thought live default that you buy a crap going you don't get out it goes to zero you get the right point product market fit you forget about it for ten years you're rich attack the big difference all these meme coins I consider for the most part default debt that's why I don't like a lot of points of kind of a Richard R. maximalist seconds yeah I got to work hard to make yields you can make your for free now once again I'm not a financial adviser I'm not a professional get your own advice but I'm told that when you make money staking that money is not taxable in the United States until you sell that's awesome because apparently mine it doesn't work like that apparently your minor you pay income tax on that money will god isn't that cool and so staking like my coin is people average thirty nine percent a year but yeah you're down ninety five percent of you about the top but you're still a thousand extra two and a half years ago so you know I'm saying before my connection drops default live first you thought that huge difference being able to make yoga center trying to grind it out and have taxes and trading fees about Aspray chewing you up and just everyone loses all their money anyway so like risk management I use risk management now you just lose lower risk management doesn't make your traits profitable useless lower and then I call the top of the day by the way so I did it for free at that top cosmetic profit every single day except one for the last almost two years now and I'll probably get around to call the bottom two and I'll wait till I see that grayscale discount go away right so I see a nice congratulations I keep in that we've done bump and run kind of Adam and eve bottoms last cycle and at thirty eight hundred as well so get out not really I'm not I don't need to capitulation where I wouldn't mind to see the **** quite solved the

Zacks relations do you traded up to use right

now I don't I mean it's I don't but if you call the top of the day you know I mean like if if bitcoin cycles of three and four year blowoff top frequency and I have two cycles in a row call the top yeah I never talk about my clients but it it it sure would be stupid to not yeah

learn from any you do you do you sell at the top and try and buy a boat you try and do that

I never talk about my claim the


I can't tell you

understand you sounds like you're right I think

I think that I think that when everyone starts buying million dollar Jay pegs and everyone opens up the crypto funds and every meme client goes to the men you can feel comfortable selling because yes it's the top since trading you might be off by two acts you might be off by three acts yeah you get like that but you're within that range so like you you can call tops a lot easier than calling bottoms it might get

the sense that you trade any big

well but it's such a long time frame right so if you're a three and three and four year

you're looking at the fully lined up straight

trick yeah but a man


it's a long trade I mean you wouldn't even

believe me I don't I don't I

don't across diverse I didn't consider myself a trader yeah but the dollar cost average you gotta have income and you have to not already be all in and if everything goes up into the right almost forever the correct mathematical thing to do is not to DCA it's Stalin

yeah but you know like but that's pushing trade trade yeah dollar doesn't have enough money you're putting into that into and then I'm like you you're talking about like date day trading I need to talk about day trading on does that mean other income eight years

if you don't have and if you don't if you don't have another income other than crypto you can't just yet you have to sell something else to buy something else like if you've been in crypto for a long time you can't DCA because you're not working a day job to buy with like this not I got it you know what what what is rich like it's sad I was

very surprised because I say yeah

right sure yeah so that's the things I want to say for my connection drops this rolls Royce each connections it's like literally gets off on it it's terrible so yeah I call the top of the day you can earn yields without getting chopped up everyone gets destroyed loses other money it's a risky thing you could possibly just crept up there's a big difference twenty fault that defied alive holding for longer works when you have a product market fit walled garden innovative products but it doesn't work when you hold a scam your skin all skin for longer

well worth by now that makes sense now with you I mean like right **** now like and I agree with you on that stance because right now if I log into my ledger on my phone I can let it has now up it says recommended earner wards by sticking your east like it's already want me to speak in a case for percent so like yeah in that

the rest because someone else around with your keys there so be careful with that counterparty risk is whoever you're giving your case too if you don't have thirty to either run your own server you are engaging counterparty risk if you want I have no counterparty risk and just have the rest of your server goes down you gotta have thirty two is to do it and the yields are crap in my opinion you know the other thing is what does air drop words are worth a lot you know swapped for one inch you know there's there's air drops out the Ying Yang you only get them if you use do you fight for your hold the coin you're not going to get those air drops for the most part sitting in an exchange account you know bit Max got exactly one air drop they got the big quite Kasher drop they don't get their clients bitmex did in the service of just dumping them on the market and they didn't get anything else and so the vast majority is exchanges are not going to give you any of your air drop points at all none of it so it's smart to hold your own wallet it's smart not to have counterparty risk learn from the poor things that happen in the south since you know don't be Celsius part to ignore those advertisements in your ledger doctor you pitiful four percent and then they just run away with the keys you lose your whole stack for pitiful four percent four percent crip does nothing you get an hour so like it's never to accept counterparty risk four percent ever

yeah exactly and that makes a point of how how easy it is to now stake at the area so like you said you know do the do the node does the is my I I'm I was either going to snag some more aids or get some these nodes and I that was my decision was definitely hot



I tried to show my stuff to heart but I literally invented the you'll generate product real junkies set perfect follows operation for a thousand days the price is still up a thousand fold after ninety percent done it's a very good intentions you know and it's basically it's basically if you think about it there are people that got to like the Tezos founders wife who's part of the founding team of test what I. television and call the Syrian staking basically acts without the time watching you take your coins you put him on the chain you generate yields just get more coins is sort of the same account you take your clients you stick a much change in the server and you get yelled it's the same exact thing but without time marketing so ours has a time I think about it there's doesn't there's also maintains a consensus network ours doesn't we piggyback on top either so it's like if you haven't looked at hacks it's cool you really might like it it's it's very cool anyway that's that's it for now I hope my scratches there's a bit of China later here's a funny there's a funny thing about trading is the worst thing that ever happened to you as you make money on your first trade because then you think you're good and then you get racked you double down and you get wrecked I mean a lot of crypto basically looks like the life of a Turkey Hey they're feeding me this is awesome I'm getting older I'm getting bigger they keep feeding me order a bigger day again we see much food they give me next year and your head chopped off and this is how trading goes you find something that works right you're scalping you're you're you're using bots whatever stupid thing as and then reality changes and get wiped out because you had capital arrested me like that'll never happen to me because I use risk management and then you just die with a whimper because your risk management just keep chopping out to have nothing left you have a stack anymore so the thing about trading as it's not just that reality doesn't want you to win and that no one ever has one except this dude on the phone and then like it's it's also that the world changes and that there's an adversary that wants to screw you up and he's got better friends in the industry that you got better execution he's got better programming skills gets better knowledge he has more experience and so not only is everything against you if you magically find a way to win people notice they notice you're winning and they figure out a way to stop you from winning they figure it like I know people


that had made money for awhile and then someone just targeted them and did the exact thing that will blow their strategy out their strategy got blown out my got it knocked out of the game that's it and then you're baking people to try to raise money to get your stack back together like blowing out your account waking up to liquidation emails like the plug standard get out traders life it's in and if you get good at it you ruined your life you're getting good at taking someone else's money from them you're not that useful for society you're a loser being good at trading is the worst thing you could ever do for yourself go learn to create a good or a service that someone will give you their money for voluntarily stop dreaming that you're helping price discovery having

apple the apple

iPhone tops is not helping price discovery

I have to be honest it defines they were generated through training have actually enables us to present our presentation of of services and products to the market so perhaps I am in line with what you suggest is the proper strategy

what if the products or services are rolling more people into the meat grinder that's worse not better

you know

like all these guys that run successful scams get money like tone days they go and use that money to buy ads to get more people it's like a negative reinforcement circle and by the way you talked about not being able to hold for a long time imagine how many people be rich a bit quite right now if they didn't sell it to X. or ten X. if they held for the ten thousand acts my product that I invented literally forces you to have diamond hands because you're locking up your coins you lock up your coins at the choice of time that you should I think I never really talk about look you can choose how you want to one day to fifteen years you choose and then they're locked the log you log the more you make sure you lock the less you make you don't have to lock the majority the gains against USD anyway like it went up ten thousand experts the dollar in two years you need to lock at all if you locked you get twenty thousand extra dollars depending on how long you're locked for and so if you're worried about weekends it's solved latex solves that right like if you're worried about Matt Gaetz excels at your word about kind of party respects all that if you're about volatility taxes not saw that photo should rightly be quite drop seventy five air dropped eighty five extradited so like did you know that because of the game but I just thought it uniquely addressed the idea that people wouldn't be able to find long term success because we literally purports you with inflation to be long term minded and and these guys are destroying the lives of trading we see the opposite Max because you have something to look forward to in the future now you have an end state date and a lot of people have a bunch of them you know they make one per year so a certain day for the next ex number years your life you're getting paid and you're making mad interest and that interest cancels out a lot of depth my time so I like it I think I think that hacks is the cure to people getting destroyed


generating on all types of gambling whether because you know gambling sports but gambling or you know ticker symbol gambling order try to time the market guess which way the price is gonna go gambling

Hey guys North America dockyards wanted to give my two cents I I'm pretty much in the camp of Richard I I've been in the space in twenty seventeen and my my strategies basically been increased cash flow and DC eight mainly the big point I started you seeing if the if you're you're more in twenty eighteen but I've seen a lot of and this is my own anecdotal experience I've seen a lot of traders a lot of traders very loud very sure of themselves you know they they come into the market fresh they start to get big wins and most of them aren't around anymore it typically their followers and the getting cracked and typically the courses don't end up helping anyone willing

workers find literally went bankrupt like a year ago literally went bankrupt

holy ****

yeah will you will have to find their

**** bankrupt there you have it so I I just I don't really yeah I I don't trade so I'm I'm just a you know as that I I having come I invest a set amount the same way every single month I'm I have a species that bitcoin is digital hard sound money each can outperform it in a bull market on the performing and about market and I buy shares in companies and then I I create scenarios for around what happens if central bank digital currencies I was really used to be able to buy two thousand Ethereum for one decline now you can buy like the fifteen fifteen that's here in Columbia court yeah out of the crowd so now you get fifteen it's up like I don't know hundreds of acts or something I still I still go no I haven't meet my Ethereum I see eight seconds or so but I don't I just don't want anyone to think that they're going to better planetarium this bike especially now that if there is like super hard money unit not to me is is risk adjusted so you and everyone has to pick that base right can I what I want to say forget what he is it's it's fascinating because the people that work on the Golden less than like the VC's everyone respects they're like one of the market's hits all meals are off as some legal all the biggest guys no longer giving a **** three hours capital was in the top tier we had a guy I see I'll give you top your list of top VC's like ten or fifteen of them three hours capital was in the top top of that list okay and will he do remember those days I want to get into ally again into three hours and look what happened to them now so I'm sure that into a base and I think they did out of necessity but then a lot of research during the bear market they built a reputation again I don't want to mention the name I wish I could but I want them they built a massive reputation to never dumped Wade you know who I'm talking about but it would be cool it wouldn't be cool someone invented something that made it so you couldn't dump you had to live by your words you could call the truth engine you know and it would penalize you if you dump early but then if you didn't dump early you got rewarded by the other people's penalties that would be like so cool

you could call it

X. we have vesting contracts our contract who who east because smart contracts at least on particular schedules during the bull market everyone was giving unlocking schedules Ellie shitty products good projects they gave very limited on books on no on looks so I best investments I looked for at least a year so when you do I mean there is Mike Lee even crappy you can't do anything with a bit coin has all around the clock and click check time mark verify exists rather check lock time verify it's a feature in a I had a question for Richard king with your with your whole heads thinking you can you hold and if he's for a prolonged amount of time or is it just the other things no let only thing that you can lock in Texas Texas office it helps tax go up we don't want to dilute our primary feature to help pump other things that aren't the thing we care about you know all right well I'm cool I'm putting a patent on that idea so I'm not taking it I think I think prior art would make it not possible that you could try it you can't patent things there have prior art like even if no one ever registered to the saying it's once it's in the public you can't patent you say that now but once the tables are turned Richard respect where respect Richard any final words before we get to the confessor

yes everyone please enjoy your free airdrop from Paul Sandler com remember this is there emerges awesome but it's not gonna make fees lower and it's not gonna give us higher throughput it's not going to have quicker transactions so it's going to burn less electricity it's going to help the price go up because it's gonna fight less but for the more supply in the from the world's largest rare drop copy of all your coins on a new chain that's Paul Shane dot com X. dot com

so he wants to promote what is a proof of stake blockchain full full on us if you're ready to open isn't it for pulse

note also is a full copy of the

yes yes and every area state everything ends up proof of stake

yes and also hex dot com dipped real good seven thousand days a perfect flawless operation press one of a million percent dip ninety five percent it's up off of the ninety five percent dip now I believe and there's an across the street well we're gonna let me go also we got Paul sextet comments of forgiveness what does V. burning and stuff where it's like you know so I took it has no relationship to the exchange itself ours really does so and all these tokens like ball chain only deflates is no solution all sexually deflates there's no solution pasta con or rather text icon has an inflation rate of a maximum three point six nine percent the average declines actually seven years so it's miraculous like for normal retail investors to delay gratification on average seven years I mean you gotta have a lot of fifteen your stakes to cancel out a lot of one your sticks I mean that's rather Nobel Prize worthy to get people to delay gratification that much in between you and me the only thing any price chart in the whole world cares about is buying and holding and everything else is a meme in the story in a narrative as to why you should buy and hold to bitcoin used to be peer to peer digital cash it gave up on it that it was gonna be program of money gave up on it then it's digital gold maybe that one last but it went up you know sixty nine thousand X. six hundred ninety million percent

I don't know she could question before we move to the next segment as one of

just about saying we monetize the only thing that rice trick cares about which is by holding the thing else is bullshit you hear about people like you know we're gonna green at the top you can do this you know that we're we're gonna buy for the merger by for this that it's all bullshit why not just give the information to the people that have the longest time horizons what do you think happens with me you have something that people locked up for fifteen years and they buy it I mean that's the most real commitment that you can possibly ever make the cut

which is the question I have and that's a selfish question so I remember the early days in crypto when you were just in your studio and I know you made a lot of money being early bitcoin and and three between as well I am and I remember you just free I think for my real pretty humble sitting in your studio at the end and they didn't have all that flash that you have now and then you started buying I mean I didn't follow you for a while and and then I saw you with the Lambo with the rolls Royce will close and I think you mentioned I'm gonna you know people like it I'm doing it to get attention and I know tai Lopez love people hate him he's like Mario I just get you know it works and if the end value of what I'm providing is good one one of my doing just trying to get attention through all that running now helps you get a lot of hate from all the flashing this as well among other things my question is does it work when you're building a personal brand like I'm doing a lot of videos and stuff my team started tell me by branded clothes I can never get even close to your level of freshness but how well does it work it grabs attention the the attention you get versus the height is the attention the R. Y. outweighs the hate

I mean if you're on the internet you're going to get a the talent I mean tax went up ten thousand X. is built on Ethereum Syphax Afaria right excuse got tons of free air drops because of it thanks to everybody that has a bog standard ERC twenty never got a fifty one percent attack like every other altcoin got thanks and everyone still it's without any rights free open source software he finds anti aging medicine he finds anti a other like health things like the guys out there right now free open source software yes he did make the top and saw the top of the day yes he has done that more than one cycle like he's not all golden but you know he's not flashy and yet people still item because if people know you exist they're gonna hate you and so the difference is can you get the other side if you're gonna get hated anyway can you get people like you to and so you know human beings have this thing built into them where they care about proof of work how do I know a girl has enough fat resources to supply the kid with nutrients after we have a baby big old **** extra resources serve no extra purpose at all signalling so you can go wikipedia search up social sexual signalling very and how do you know that a bird has enough resources to take care of your little baby bird well look it built the school masses because extra stupid feathers that provide no other utility so I just bought today ten thousand dollars louisvuitton kite flying kites bro but I got a ten thousand are Luton trait demigod make fun of people with I got a see through bags I got the stupidest things I got ping pong paddles live topping puck battles I spent like a hundred fifty thousand dollars in the last couple days of fashion stuff just a flex people haven't seen it yet now why am I doing that because no one cares but I raced twice a month charity nobody cares nobody cares I Kerr a cryptocurrency they went up in price a million percent two years with flawless perfect operation no one cares they care more than on the world's largest diamond they care more than at least ten thousand dollars a stupid trade now do I wish I lived in a better world but we had a real meritocracy if you did better things you got more viewers more lakes and more power more influence in the world I wish I lived in that world never in free self help books if you follow the advice of him you land where I landed right now constant orgasm but people don't read the books and the free that that for years before I ever said a thing about that going so you know it I live in a world where you can either cry like a **** about how the game set up or you could go in the game I chose to win the game my people chose to win the game by and large we're winning so you know that if you say you're rich show me your Lambo you say rich show me ten thousand okay it's proof of work it's hard to fake that crap it was very hard to fake car easy to fake some of that crap hard to fix a car and so when people see that you got that look man if I see you got a call last car hi I'm gonna walk over de SA I because I want to meet you because I think that's cool if you were of cool **** outfit I'm gonna walk over you say hi I came and I got to call us out what do you do tell me about you and and I'm you know I'm gonna type of game and I will do that I'm gonna come up approach you if you got a cool car you got security whatever it was I was Terry gross up but you thank the synergy here somewhere and so like it's it's a way to short cut the human beings search your favorites by proof of work

so I want to see if it's gonna work now when a wee crystal **** with people avoid me more because I'm way too flashy when I get all the artists you know talking **** about me or I have a bigger line of girls lining up to dance with me as an artist so the experiment will go tomorrow

I can already answer the questions for it it's totally a function of how comfortable the girls are with themselves the girls that think that their high value and are comfortable being looked at don't mind walking up to the most interesting going to place a meeting him but the girls that are shy and don't have high opinions of themselves and are afraid that they'll be looked at because they're talking to the spicy guy in the room the little boy you so it's really what kind of girl you want to attract if you want to correct it tractor girl that sits at home and reads books is wearing glasses I shouldn't sit on the wall that crystal **** will turn off but if you're talking to the girls you know got her **** hanging out the Chris is going to play hard and traditionally if you're actually being judged on your movements it's a lot easier to see movement well we've got sequence that were flecked light and we can see the intersection of your limbs to your body which is why ballet dancers wear tights so the intersection other limbs of the body is as tight as it can be so shows the most motion so there's you know there's like the strong tradition in the arts and dance in particular to wear tight fitting sparkly clothing because it helps you see the movement better I think it's gonna work out well for it

but I feel I feel like I'm back even talking about this Bolivian without hating on me man any final words welcome to the show we don't usually talk about this at all as usually high level conversations but I'm gonna potentially make it do shot of myself tomorrow but I'll give you the micro before Charlie goes on with the confessions yeah and I L. I. sake yeah of course but if you go ahead and kept going I wasn't even sorry so yeah I've been loving this note on the speaker because it is like and I know for me hello I'm not grateful for yeah I'm glad I'm glad to welcome to the show thank you and RIP and Bolivian any anything to add the I never really fit anything high value as wide as Richard what color was the kite and the ping pong

right I really try to buy mostly monogram stuff because if I don't buy monogram I am relying on your knowledge of other manufacturers catalogs to be able to identify what what I'm wearing is expensive as well if I wear something with a known monogram like for instance I just bought a Balenciaga black crystal jacket on denim therefore Shelley had a girl's bottom that was the same material denim with black crystal but I don't wear skirts and I wouldn't set it up I did so you know I only have the top right but now unless you're familiar with this year's bless you have a catalog you don't know whether I did that at home with my Dazzler machine dazzled it or whether ice paid six thousand dollars for which I did I could probably nine thousand I basics as yours actually the parity now but anyway maybe it's like seventy five hundred eighty five hundred US news

welcome welcome to the franchisee table everyone really

right this monogram might try it is brown Louis Vuitton monogram and my ping pong paddles are brown Louis Vuitton monogram the ping pong paddles were seventeen fifty and kite was seven thousand euros that's ten thousand yes


for the K. yeah yes if you

by god hello LA finish at whatever

it was a good deal I wouldn't buy it it has to be a bad deal to serve my purpose it has to I have played back for fifty thousand I got on the dark bags for thirty forty thousand each like I just I I am wasting money on purpose because the only utility it has expensive it is probably not a good guy because I'd probably sucks but because it was expensive now it has notoriety you know it's like most cars most cars get you from a to B. but the ones is the most expensive is cooler for the record my belly's record of my roles roles the Belize house murder

yeah I can hang on he might my ID profile picture cost a few hundred thousand so so it's not it's not about the quality but but the owner I wanted someone to Charlie anybody that has that knows someone that does that on chain analysis and follows wallets that the house that they now have a good success rate with the trades again if you know how to do this or know someone that does please hit me up that's something I want to learn more about them just

I mean I guess night inside Iran Erlich

like may simply

one of the but one of the coolest features about axes that it's primarily traded on chain and I mean really really really primarily traded on Jan and so you can see when people steaks and whether they usually respect whether they sell the interest whether they stop everything what other coins they hold whether they got made money on those coins so if you go to hack statism you can literally look up like the chart of all the stakes that are expiring in the future and see what whales are going to you know have their clients coming out of of lock and then you can also if you're starting to see where you're going to slide your and steak and if you choose to put your estate where there's not a lot of other people and staking you might have left some pressure on that day you also see things like because people are able to sell their estates right after the day takes over at midnight UTC time that's when usually you'll get cells more often than not because that's


day's steaks and so there's a lot of really useful art chain timing analysis and behavior analysis that exists and acts that really doesn't exist a lot of other places you know if you try and if you get is a bitcoin cats out any any other coins they own because there are no other clients of the client and it's very hard to do this with other cars that are traded primarily on exchange because you have iceberg orders dark pools and all this fake shells spoofing garbage it was a lot of noise but when it's when everything's on Eunice what an on chain there's the minimum amount of notes it's it's clean honest wholesome most transparent trading in the world I don't know of any anything in the world is treated more transparently