0533 The Mindset To Recruit #BOSSLEE - Transcripts

June 23, 2022

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Hello. Hello everybody. What's going on? It's jesse lee and call me hashtag boss, you're the people's mentor and this is episode 533 of the show. This is all about the mindset that you have to have if you want to be able to recruit, I know a lot of you are trying to figure out recruiting and I hope you understand it really starts in your mind as does quite frankly everything. So with that said, I hope you love this episode of the show. I'm pretty sure you will and if you do make sure you screenshot and put in your story, tag me and I'm bosley, I do respond to all of them and I try to share a whole bunch of them. So it's a great way to start a conversation with me on instagram by tagging me and I'm bosley and make sure you share it with a friend, you can actually take the exact link from here and just copy and paste it into a text message to them etcetera. Today's review of the show is, I don't know, it says your user name is a must here every single day. I'm guessing you're amazing and you made a freak and I tunes account in order to leave this review. So thank you. The headline is you are amazing.

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Just check out the link in my bios on everywhere if you want to kind of see some information on what I do and where you might be able to fit in and get some value. So I love you guys appreciate you guys this episode again, 533 of the show on recruiting mindset.

Well, hello, hello everybody, how are you? I feel like my voice is like 25%. I just had a humongous team event this past weekend

and so I'm really excited to be on here. I told santa, I was like,

I'm so excited. Like I love your energy and I was talking to fraser and fraser of course was like, oh no, santa is like, she loves you so much. Her people are gonna go nuts for you. So I will respond to your energy, which I definitely need because it has been in the last five days have been nuts. So where is everybody? Where is everybody from? Our we all UK?

Is that where everybody's from? For the most part we're actually

quite everywhere. We've got some Norway, we've got islands, we've got italy we've got a few places. Well, I love that for us because that's a perfect conversation starter because today we're gonna talk, I'm having

technology issues by the

way. Um, today we're gonna talk about a recruiting

mindset. So if that

sounds good to you, just let me know in the chat because

I gotta promise

you some, I

can't do this on my own. If somebody can help me, I can't multitask that. Well,

um, I will promise you that. The one thing you have to do in all

of network marketing, no

matter what level you are,

you might want to write this down.

You have to continue

to recruit and I know you know this, but a lot of people, they forget it

and maybe you are guilty

of this or you've been guilty of this before. But something I've seen so many times people hit a rank, maybe it's diamond, maybe it's crown, maybe it's

10. Maybe it's whatever your top rank is and people get so caught up in the, oh, I've made it that they forget that they have to continue to build in

order to have actually made it. Does that make sense?

Like I see this all the time. It's like, oh, well, you know, I'm top rank, I'm this, I'm that and constantly then you see in our space, people drop, right? You see people who no longer are that rank. You see people who no longer

have the same pay.

You see people who no

longer have the same lifestyle. They no longer

have the same title. They no longer have whatever and then they ride the situation, They ride the conversation. No, I'm this, I'm that I'm this and that and this and that. And it's like, you know, you're not so you can lie to everybody else. But the one thing you really can't

do, you can't lie to

Wip. And so one of the things that has kept me at the top of my game now for 11 years is that I've continued to bring people

in the business and I

talked about this really

openly at our event.

I continue to I continue

to recruit

and not a little bit.


I continue to

Recruit, I continue to recruit, I continue to recruit, I recruit on a, on a low end somewhere around 100 new recruits a month on the high end. Sometimes it's around 300. That's when I get like a viral Tiktok video or something like that.

When I go viral and I'm talking about business, it's like the whole entire world is like, oh my God, I gotta join jesse lee, okay, they're like, who is this girl? I love her. So it doesn't really matter. I'm just constantly doing that now. The the acronym for this. I don't know if you've heard me train

on this before. Not

the acronym for this

is Rita r I ta go ahead, write that

down? You

can put it in the chat because I don't want you to

forget some, you're just staring at me.

Like lisa just

staring at me. It was just staring at me. Gemma's just staring. You can take notes to Westley. Okay. Like I see your hands up here. I'm kidding. All right. All right. But look, R I. T. A recruiting is the answer.

That's what that stands for. Recruiting is the answer. Recruiting is the answer. Recruiting is the answer. And I'm not joking about that because it solves all the issues. Like watch this. Okay, so since this is going to be a partial

mindset training

right in the chat for me. What is your biggest issue in your business? I'm gonna throw some

random ones out that I hear all the time.

Right? Um, my team doesn't listen to me. Okay. Or there's a lot of drama on our team or I hear I have no one. I have no one. The business is all me or? Okay, discipline is

an issue on our team.

Okay, People say that. Um, there's not enough culture.


um, what's another issue? Oh, what's another

issue? Just go ahead and write down the issues right down your issues.

No drive.

Okay, can't recruit. Okay, what else you got for me? They're scared. Okay, terrified. Not

believing in the business.

Okay, Okay,

okay, closing

is an issue. Okay,

what about, like you need more money. What about you need more? You need to put gas in your car

because now petrol costs what? Over there? My God, Okay, can they not talk? Thank you. Right,

not confident enough, love all these things,

recruiting is the answer. Recruiting is the answer. It literally takes one person to change your entire organization. Do you believe that? I can promise you that. Okay,

so someone's not

disciplined, You can recruit somebody who's disciplined. Uh,

you've got people who have low energy,

recruit people with high

energy. I don't like

low energy teams. Like

I don't understand how you, how you how do you plan on building a business with

bad energy would really be my question.

You're in a bad mood all the time and you want to build a business. Good luck. Okay, You're in personable. You, you you're terrible building relationships. Good luck. I don't want to do business with you. I doubt anybody else wants to do business with you. Right? You have bad engagement on stuff, recruit more people, right, recruit recruit recruit recruit recruit. It just

is what it is, right?

You have people with low confidence,

recruit, people with high confidence, all of these different things. Everything recruiting is always the answer,

but you have to get in the

mindset. Somebody once said in the chat very recently in the last couple of minutes, they said that they didn't have, they don't have any recruits? Okay, how do you think that starts? How do you think that starts? Such with you? Right. How many of you have sold product before? You're in one of the biggest legacy companies of all time of all time. I know you're selling products out there, talking about this many salads and

that many of this. All right. I love it. Okay. You cannot possibly eat enough vegetables. I love it. Okay, I don't even eat vegetables. So I'm with you. All right, look, so you're selling all this product? What if I told you that it is the exact same thing to recruit as it is to sell? What would you think about that? What is your mindset

right now telling you don't have to lie to me? We're friends.


mindset, I swear because I know you, I think, I don't know you, I know that right now your head is going, no, it's not true. It's not true. It's different. It's different. I know you are, you're sitting there down on yourself saying no, no, no, no. It's definitely harder than selling product. It's absolutely a different conversation. Oh my gosh, no, no, no. I can sell all of the vitamins on planet Earth, But, but recruiting is different. What

if I told you that?

It's not any different?

What if I promised

you it's all your mindset.

What if I told you? It's

literally just a conversation. You're just selling something different?

It's still


How many of you right now are having like a

moment. You're like, oh my God, I think she might be right,

right, Like, oh my God, she might be right. Hold on a second. Okay, ill was laughing. She gets it right. Like it's the same. It's just what are you spending all of your time talking about? I promise if I go to your social media, I'm gonna, it'll take me no time at all to find out that you sell products. It'll take me no time at all to find out that I need to eat more vegetables. It'll take me no time at all to find out about exactly what you sell in regards to products is nothing wrong with that. Our organization has 1.4 million

customers. Okay, so

don't misunderstand what I'm saying. What I'm trying to say though, is that yes. There are people who are going to buy your products and love your products and use your product and become addicted to your product and the product. Product. Product. Product product. Yes, But how many times are you talking about the business which you're also selling? You're selling the opportunity, Right? I mean, think about it. I mean, I haven't been to the UK now in two years. I have been in Norway

in two years. I haven't been

I haven't been any of those places. All y'all live. I've been to all of them so far that you listed, but none of them in two years because I've been in purgatory here in America. Okay. Like the world really said jesse lee, we're quarantining you. Okay. So this over here, I'm just telling you every time I've been to any major city, so we'll call it

London for right now.

Okay. I go to London and in London, there's billboards, Right? And I don't really

remember if there were that many billboards in Norway though, y'all are all clean and beautiful and like, I don't know all

I was looking at was the damn trees and birds and flowers and statues and oh my God, I went to my family farm in Norway was amazing. Okay. But anyways, look at strawberry fields and whatever. So maybe Norway is a bad example, but everywhere else, everywhere else y'all live, There's billboards, places, there's advertisements everywhere, right? And when you look at them, you're constantly being told about whatever it is, whether it's a job, whether it's a product, whether it's a service, whether it's whatever you're being advertised to. So now I want you to look at your own social media, which is your personal billboard, right? Like how many, how do you think? I know who santa is, what the hell? I know who you are because your social media, I'm like, look at her. She's so cute. Right? I know she's in business.

I know she's building an organization. I knew what her company was. I know she has

an opportunity. I

knew all of this stuff because she, she used her storefront of instagram to advertise to me. Do you understand


many of you, you talk a lot about the products, but your mindset around building a business opportunity has never really been there. A lot of you do this thing. I see this constantly network marketing, you post a bunch of product

or a bunch of service stuff

and then you post a bunch of lifestyle stuff and there's nothing about business. It's like, you know, somebody just got called out. I saw the, oh I saw it. I love zoom because I can see you get blown back. Okay. I love it right? Like you, you think people are gonna figure out or be able to instantly know that there's a business opportunity. You didn't tell him you just showed yourself in a pizza and assumed that they would know that there's a business opportunity. You just showed yourself on a weekend, taking your family out on holiday and you assumed they knew, you know, you just assumed they would know because you can fill up your, your petrol right now and the rest of the world can't that they know that it's because you have a network

marketing opportunity, they don't know.

So I'm like, I'm constantly talking about it before. I was on here. I was just doing my makeup on my video and I mentioned three times I counted just because I knew I was gonna talk to you all about recruiting. I mentioned three times. They could go to the link in my bio and they could join as

a promoter

Three times three times in one live video and the live video is 20 minutes long, Right? Like I'm constantly letting people know whether it's live video, whether it's showing things our team is doing, whether it's showing my friendships, whether it's showing, hey, I rented a lake house because of my business opportunity that you can also join whatever


me. This is the, this is the flow

that I go in. Okay.

I love selling products. Okay, I am, I don't know anyone in network marketing

That retails as much as I do personally. Okay, I'm a little machine. I personally sell over $400,000 a month and product. So I'm just like, I

mean, so don't get, don't get me wrong. Can you imagine how many vitamins would that be? Actually? You know what? You know what if I were you, I would sell those damn gummies because you know, people eat too many gummies. So if you sell them the gummies, they're gonna have to buy more. That would be my sales tactic. Probably see y'all

are nodding your like, she's

on to us like a kid will accidentally get the gummies and eat all the gummies and then the parent has to buy them all again. You know, like I'd

be selling the gummies. Like the kids are going to take the capsules. But anyway,

so I retail like crazy. But my flow, that's not the flow of my business for me. I actually start

with the opportunity you might want to write that down

because I have the I have the mindset that people, no matter what are gonna be able to get the product, but I need to make sure they know there's

an opportunity. Does that make sense?

I need them to know there's an opportunity whether it's for them or not. That's okay. But my mindset is

let's start here

and then we can build

back down.

So I start with the opportunity, I start with the

packs. How many packs do you guys have in your in your how many kits packs, whatever you call them. How many opportunities do you have? Or like how many do you talk about? I don't know the answer to that. 1 to 10. 735. Three

to six. What the hell. Okay. First of all, you as the leader didn't make the decision

of how many packs you guys gonna talk about

because there's technically

Three in our company. I don't talk about, talk about one or 2. Talk about two.

Okay, so I start up at the top,

So there's three. Okay.

Start at the top offer the opportunity, let them know there's

an opportunity to let them know there's a business,

find out and let them know

if they need to know the pricing of the packs

and then

move from there

and if they're not ready for the business, that's okay.

You might wanna write this

down, don't shove people into the business. There's some people who like to

recruit people all pushy and annoying and like, have any of you ever experienced that before? It's like, they shove

you, they shove you, they shove you

and you're like,

or your or you've

personally done that maybe on accident sees the reason I don't do this is because

how you do anything

is how you do everything. If you have to push and shove somebody into the business, you're gonna push and shove them into taking the product. You're gonna push and shove them to get on the zoom call. Like,

how many of you, you went over to little search bar,

you went to the search bar and you typed in and you look for some team members, names who did it. I always, I used to this all the time, right.

There you go. You're like, God, this person needs this training. She could be so good. I need to get her on this call. He's gotta be here. He's amazing. He has all this potential. Do not fall in love with people's potential. It's why recruiting is the answer. It keeps you mentally sane because you're falling in love with the idea that that Madara is going to be unbelievable. She might be

unbelievable. She probably is unbelievable. She's on the call and she got on early because she's up here at the top. Right? So she's bad example. She's clearly amazing.

Alright. But you fall in love with the idea that these people are going to be incredible and then you are pushing them into business, your hand holding them into business. Some of you I know you did this, you literally went to the website for these people and filled out the form for these people and got them in business. Oh for God's sake. Okay and then you expect that to what then be independent business owners then you expect them to find their way to a zoom. No they didn't find their way to the zoom because you didn't hand hold them, you didn't remind them 17 times in the last 12 hours about the zoom call. That's why they're not on here. I know you went in that chat and you type their name, they're not here, you're a little disappointed. You might have even texted and be like oh it's so good. Like really you gotta get on that call. She's like 15 minutes and it's so good like get on before she's done. No you can't build a team like that.

You literally can't build a team like that. So you have to keep in the mindset of who are the people you want, who is your best recruit and what I mean by that is I want you to actually here's an assignment right down the characteristics of your

perfect recruits.

Do you even know what that is? Do you even know what that is?

Because see I know do you

put in the chat some

characteristics of a, like the perfect recruit for you?

Like somebody would love to

have on your team. Who hungry? That's my favorite. Yeah. Coachable. Oh gosh, somebody knows eric worry

leasable, teachable. Coachable, hungry, willing driven should be like you. Okay, energy positivity, enthusiasm. I like this. Be a leader, excited. Yeah, here we go. We got our energy up. Y'all, vitamins must have kicked in, determined. Here we go. Okay, okay, okay, consistent. I love that word. Yes, consistent, yes, yes, yes.

Okay now what I need you to do, you don't have to do it right now, but I need you

to ask yourself and be honest with yourself

are all of those

things things that you exemplify

because those of you who

said, I don't have a team, that's my problem. You don't have a team because you're not being those things. Do you understand? I know that one hurt a little bit and I'm like really actually a very sweet girl, but I just had to tell you that, okay, someone as excited as

me. Like I say that from such a place of love. It's the same in relationships that are your personal

romantic relationships.

If you want somebody who

is present,

you need to be present. If you want, somebody who is energetic, you're probably going to need to be energetic if you want, somebody who is successful, you're probably going to need to up your game

and be more successful.

If you want to attract somebody that has a positive energy, there's no way a negative person is going to want to be around someone who's who's a positive person is gonna want to be around somebody who's negative, you're gonna have to be more positive. If you want somebody who's enthusiastic on your team who's excited about the business, you're going to need to be enthusiastic

and excited about the

business. If you want somebody who's consistent, you are screwing yourself over. If you think you're going to recruit a consistent person, if you are not


How do you think people choose leaders in 2020

two? Put it in the chat because otherwise we'll all talk to each other, we'll be here till Tuesday. Oh, you like my jumper, Thank you, I'll tell you how they choose consistent leaders in 2022, they

go to your social media,

they literally go to your social media and they go, okay, so I'm considering joining, I'm gonna try to say your name. Yaro, Slava. I want, I go to her page and She hasn't posted in like three weeks. Oh maybe she's not building the business anymore. Let me let me go try to find someone else. Okay who's this plasma girl, okay,

Okay, okay, she posts like three times a day. She posts like three times they got like 17 stories, this girl is working her business and then they watch like how long did you

watch before you joined the



long did it take from the first

exposure in juice Plus two? You actually purchasing a pack a year and a half, six months, one month, one year, one year, 56 months, five months a year, a year or maybe more

five minutes. I

love it.

He saw it. He knew

one year,

2-3 months, two years, 2 years of watching. So you, I know some of you think your business is not growing or your business isn't gonna grow or you know when you're not going to

recruit anyone,

how long have you been in business

is my next question for you. How

long have you been building

the business? If you

Watched for two years? You

Watch for 2, 3 months, you watched for a year, you watched for a year or

more couple months, you've been in

Business for six months, 7 months, two months, 2

years, two years,

one month, two

years, two years,

one year, 7 months, 11

days. Hey, 11 days. Hell yeah, we got like a little embryo on the line. She's gonna crush all you, 1.5 years. I love this. Okay, look, and you're sitting here thinking you're not gonna recruit people, don't you think your prospects are probably watching you, If it took you two years and you're three months in and you're wondering why you haven't recruited 150 people yet. It's because they're watching you. They want to see how consistent

you are. They

want to see if you're actually going to do this, they want to watch and say, hey, are they actually gonna build this thing or is this gonna be one of those little things that

they try, Is

this gonna be one of those little at home things where they just, you know, they kind of dip their toe in and then they quit and then they jump around and they find another company and they're just


just because you think nobody's watching. I promise you, you hear crickets right now, just because you hear crickets right now

does not mean that nobody is watching. They're

All watching just like you, did you watch for 10 months? You watch for seven months? You watch for two


you did all these

things, Why

would anybody be any


But you have to show them that there's

this opportunity and

you have to be consistent

in your social media,

it to be consistent

with the calls. You do have

to be consistent with the

content. You put out to

be consistent and I know it's not fun. I'm well aware, it's

not fun to be consistent.

I'm well aware. Making content is not like the the most fun you're ever going to have on a, on a friday night.

I know batch in content creating pods of content is not ideal.

I know doing opportunity zooms is not like the epitome of fun, But I am telling you after being after doing this now for 11 years the fund will


but the fun is gonna come from showing your excitement, your enthusiasm, your positivity, your consistency. All the words you

guys used

and getting in the mindset that what you're doing is you are genuinely because you are

helping people.

I didn't and I'm gonna say one more

thing and then I gotta go jump to another call cause that's like my life is what I do calls, calls, calls, I want to say something to those of you that are newer or just people that aren't actually building your business right now and you're just like kind of hanging out, There's nothing wrong with that by the way. I think there's a lot of reasons to build the business and it's not always for money or big success or whatever. I think community is one of the best parts of network marketing. I did not want to recruit anybody. I don't know if any of you even know the story about me, I had zero desire to recruit. I actually told my sponsor, I'm not recruiting, I have a full time job. I have no desire to turn this into any kind of career. Actually, I didn't say a full time job. I said I have a real job?

I was one of those a holes, right? Like I have a real job. You network marketers a lot. Okay. Like tell me you think you're better than everybody, without telling me

you think you're better than everybody, right? And I

said, no, I don't wanna do that, That's like a whole other

full time job. I'm not, I'm literally not interested in doing that. And um she said to me, Jessie lee, how has this opportunity changed your life? And so here's another assignment when you're writing down things you need to be, I want you to write down all the things this opportunity has done for you that are not monetary, that did not make you any money. What is that? What are those things like? Is anyone more confident? Is anybody happier? Does it even have more self belief? Does anybody, is

anybody healthier?

Does anybody feel like they found their people? Yeah. And she said to me, Jessie lee, do

you not know anybody

who also needs that? And I said what? And she said, don't you think you're being a little bit selfish if you're not sharing this opportunity with people? And then I realized it wasn't about the money? And it wasn't about all the extra work that I was gonna have to put in, It was getting in the mindset. My recruiting mindset is not about building the empire of millions and millions of people around the world, which is happening. My recruiting mindset is more like how many people can I help? My recruiting mindset is, how many more people can I help find joy and happiness and strength and freedom and healthy becoming healthier and confident in community. All these things. All of you said because the greatest reward in what we do, it's not gonna be the money and it's not gonna be the trips and it's not gonna be the designer stuff and it's not going to be the fancy shoes and it's not going to be the big stages. All that stuff is cool. I have all that and more.

I drive only supercars. I'm very annoying. Okay, my cars are very loud and very rambunctious and

very extra my shoe game is

strong. Okay, very strong, strong shoe game I've traveled. I don't even know how many countries I've seen so much of the world and I can't wait to see more of it. But when you start to realize that when you switched your mindset into a recruiting mindset where then you were able to help maybe the mom on the park bench who had no confidence and is watching somebody else raise her kids and you were able to help the person who had no confidence and couldn't leave an abusive relationship where you were the person who was able to get somebody's health back and now they're able to be stronger and happier and whatever everything shifts. So find out your purpose in this business, find out your purpose for recruiting and I'm telling you everything will change. But I want you to get out of the mindset that this is that sales when it comes to product or sales, when it comes to recruiting is any different. If you're that confident that your product is changing people's lives, I want you to understand that this opportunity is changing way more and so share it and don't feel bad about sharing it and continue to share it. And if you do nothing else, you don't have to be anything like me, by the way, just be louder about who you are, be louder online, be louder about your opportunity, tell people what you have because if you believe that you have the opportunity of a lifetime, then it is your responsibility to share it. I love you guys and I appreciate you.