Experts Warn Against "Healthy Coke" TikTok Trend - Transcripts

June 23, 2022

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Oh, it's a nice day today. What, what is happening?

Somebody record this for

you, wow, just amazing! Shout out to the community a

mood here.


feel like you're gonna have to say some names here. Well, because you can get some, you gotta put some respect on it, you know, who's

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laying down really a timeless track because when you started playing it, I was like, there's some old folk tunes going here.


no, not old at all. In fact, very new. Very discord. Shout out to the community as always, with the constantly inspiring and surprising.

It's very

nice. Yeah, go, go check them out on discord, if you haven't yet. How about this for a trend. Ladies and gentlemen, the viral trend called healthy coke experts have now issued a warning around consuming this drink known as healthy

coke. What makes it healthy?



guess somebody on Tiktok uh, was looking for a way around the downsides of drinking coke and still want to participate in a way. And so they came up with the idea of mixing carbonated beverage, carbonated water drink mo is pointing at a can with ice and balsamic vinegar. Go ahead


And apparently this is all the rage. Apparently this actually tastes good. Now balsamic is a bit interesting. It's got a little bite to it. It is sweet, but obviously it's a vinegar as well, So, but it's the sugar content is not on the level of uh, coca cola.

No, so all you need is carbonated water and balsamic vinegar.

That's right, we're going to be trying it out here on the show very soon, balsamic vinaigrette and sparkling water will give you healthy coke. But now the experts have come out and said, there ain't nothing healthy about it


The experts have come out and said, uh quick tip here, you're drinking vinegar.


teeth are very upset about that and you're going to need to come see a dentist now because you're drinking vinegar.


I was sitting there thinking, well, yeah, of course,


Look at this. Look at these reactions.


at these. Well, they want, they want the healthy

coke and

look at the look, just look at the expert. Here comes the expert here, you can see the teeth healthy coke.


drank the healthy coke and now they're paying the price with dental implants. Having both balsamic vinegar, which is highly acidic and having soda water, which is also acidic. A lot of people don't know that uh two very acidic things together. Not great for your teeth, particularly in drink form. You know, mo you might eat a balsamic vinaigrette. Got a couple leafy greens in there, You chew the saliva goes, you don't swish around. It's not on the enamels and such.

It's not staying

the healthy coke. On the other hand, you're drinking. It's sitting, what does this teach us in general. Uh, maybe uh be skeptical of the latest Tiktok trends maybe take a moment. Step back and think to yourself, might be some downside. Maybe I'll wait and see how the chips fall lay on the table or just give it a crack. I

don't know. It's up

to you. They're your teeth and it's your coke at the end of the day. But it is kind of to call to say it's healthy


You see, that could be the problem there. And that's probably why dentists have gotten even more irate because they say, well, the implication here is that you found some magical drink that you should, it's healthy. So you should be having it every, I'm sure if you had a limited amount of it, you'll be just fine.


if you, if you turn healthy coke into your daily beverage, If you skip your, your other ones because you think that you, your gold in here, you can have an unlimited amount, you're dead. Go ahead. Next one will, what do you got? Oh, Nike is the latest brand to leave Russia permanently. And I'm reading these headlines now and I'm like, wait a


like he's still there. We, what took Nike so long to have a


Everybody else was right away and Mcdonald's was kind of Mcdonald's was, do we have to, and then they're paying the employees and it was all a bit squirrely. And then they said, you know what, we're out and Nike has taken a little bit longer. Nike has announced plans to leave Russia becoming the latest western brand to quit the country since the invasion of Ukraine in february, halted online orders and closed the stores it owned in the country in March. Oh, I see. So he did back in March. To be clear, let's be clear. However, in the resale market retailers are going to have stock, they're gonna still be able to order things from warehouses, they're not completely out of the country, shops run by local partners continue to operate. But now the firm is winding down those agreements, leaving them hanging them out to dry


a pair of Nike track pants networking giant Cisco also said it would start to fully wind down operations in Russia and Belarus, We talked about Mcdonald's, we talked about Starbucks. Nike has made the decision to leave the Russian marketplace, the company said in a statement, our priority is to ensure that we are fully supporting our employees while we responsibly scale down our operations over the coming months, Russia has grown increasingly economically isolated since the invasion as the Western allies imposed sanctions and international companies head for the exits. You can add Nike to it officially and completely. Now, Russian Media reported that the company was ending its agreement with the largest franchisee in Russia, which had 37 stores. So there you go,


Not a big deal for Nike on the other hand, if you're one of these investor types because it only represents about 1% of their Revenue, which is actually kind of surprising disclosed that Russia and Ukraine together accounted for less than 1% of the company's revenue. That means they got a lot of revenue and it means that most of it ain't coming from there so they're not too worried about

it. Their stocks up to

Mark Cuban stuff a little bit more detail here on that low cost prescription drug company. This is one of those ones where and we talked about here in the show in the past but it's one of those ones where you're not sure how to feel about it right at first like Mark Cuban billionaires, when's the last time a billionaire

did something nice

knocked on your door was the last time a billionaire knocked on your door most like actually yesterday I was having tea with Ellen like


should have done it here on the

show, we're discussing twitter by

but here's the thing, it seems completely legit. This cost plus company came with this transparent concept of just 15%, That's all we want. Uh huh It's like a partnership type thing like it's like a commission. It's like here's how much we want to make and everything comes down from there. We're gonna negotiate our deals, we're gonna negotiate based on bulk, we got deep pockets so we can do it, we got leverage so we can do it. And this is when you start to look at the marketplace and save yourself.


the hell did this happen sooner?

What did anybody else think of this?

Where the hell were you? Because people are suffering with this stuff. And you see these bizarre models where


watching Tiktok over here, which is already a problem.

But I'm

just clicking on. No, I'm not really watching. I'm clicking on these links because people are saying I was paying this for this. $50, it goes down to $9. And you start to look at the way the markups work and you go to you and you say, if the person who has insurance was to go through insurance, they would pay this other fee. It's cheaper than for them to just ignore their insurance and let the marketplace take care of them.


But that seems, wait, what are you talking about? Well, how does that all work? Well, it's because it's because once you have no, Once you have a model in place and the two parties are aligned. In other words, the insurance company needs the high price in order to charge the high premiums, they need a price to which you would be scared of. So that you would then obviously, uh pay for the insurance. If you don't have high drug costs, who cares? It's $9 for your prescription. You just, I can't afford that. It's the fear of uh landing yourself into um some kind of ailment that requires long term prescription that's gonna bury

you that has been marked up at such a high rate. So

the insurance companies must hate this guy. Mhm.

I'm sure they do

got a target on his back. But he also you opened Pandora's box and everybody's like, oh this can be done. And there's all kinds of examples in this article. Basic structure of Cubans companies that they buy high demand drugs and it's not all drugs yet, by the way they want to expand. But they need these bulk deals to get those prices down, Then they're able to sell them at only 15% markup, which can save patients anywhere from a couple of bucks to several $1000 from their prescription medications. Every here's a quote from Cuban, every product we sell is priced exactly the same way our cost plus 15% plus the pharmacy fee. If there is any, when you get your medicine from cost plus drug code, you'll always know exactly how we arrived at the price. They show it's completely transparent how they got


And so I'm going through and all over social media, people like it's completely legit, They're showing their packages, they're showing their prices, they're saying now I'm getting my life saving seizure medication and I can actually afford it,

which is amazing,

90 count for 30 bucks, 90 tablets for 30 bucks. These things could have been 300 or it's it's it's a I mean if you're a person who in the US who's taking a medication long term is a popular medication. I mean you have to kind of check this out. Here's a person says I just found a three month supply of the antidepressants I take for 28 20 saving me $930 over the same

span. I

mean like it's just like orders of magnitude, it's orders of magnitude. My medication is $90 for a bottle of 30 pills. Without insurance with insurance. It is 21 49 that's 287 88. I'd spend if I don't meet my high deductible. I just went to Mark Cuban's website to check out of curiosity and get 90 pills for $7 and 50

cents. I mean, what is? This

totally disrupts

everything. This is a massive game changer.

It's always disrupts everything. And so it seems completely legit at the moment. I mean obviously I haven't, I don't take any long term medications. I and I, and I don't think we can get shipped to Canada anyway, even if I did. But

um, clips of like, birth control as well.

This here's a leukemia medication, Retail price was marked up 17,700%. Look at the retail price versus what Cubans able to get it for. It's just, it's a nutty, it's crazy. It's a margin, like no other and it's and it's a recurring cost. That's the other thing. It's not a one time deal that you pay some tremendous margin.

It's actually kind of like really gross to see behind behind that number what the real number is.

Yeah. And you know, the other thing too is if you don't have the market do it. And let's say you get the government like here we have uh,

health care,

health care. But if you get the government to do, who's doing these negotiations, what leverage do they have? Like they go, the drug company charges them what they want to charge. And the government goes, oh, I guess that's the

price. Because

the consumer is not making the deal. You just show up and get the bottle and move on with your


Like what Cubans doing is driving prices down across the board, through this, this particular business.


we gotta wait and see. Obviously, I don't, like I said, have personal experience with it. But there's plenty of examples in this particular article of people who have like, it's like, like life changing for them

dot com.

It's daily dot dot com. I don't know. It's like a sub huh site, a sub site of some kind,


think. Is it like good news or something, I think. Is it an acronym since you've now pointed that out? Well,


God pod, I mean, I don't think it's religious because of the headlines.

Oh, they do have a podcast.

There's probably like an a belt at the bottom of what it actually is. I don't I don't know what

it is, nope. Infinite scroll right?

Probably under the yeah. Yes please


FDA orders. Speaking of health related topics, the FDA has ordered julie cigarettes and vaping products to be taken off the U. S. Market At one time. Their share of the vaping market was 75%.

It was huge.

Holy moly imagine owning 75% of any market any any any market. The flea market. I own 70


there. Like that's impressive. That's quite a market 75%. I remember when the controversy first started round up methods of advertising different claims and things like this targeting of the youth and so forth. You know what's interesting. I mean they they kind of became the name and took the brunt of the criticism. But this stuff you can, there's so many generic versions and stores that popped up and so forth and they just bore the brunt of the backlash because they had this name and these colorful ads and young people and people were smelling cigarettes all over again when you see you can't have happy young people smoking anything.


don't know if you knew that you do that and you're going to get some attention down at congress or wherever not FDA but it looks like it's official. Now I think there were different, it went from like criticism to restrictions to see you later sayonara, U. S. Food and drug administration announced thursday, it's taking Juul labs, e. Cigarettes and other products off the market comes out. The federal health agency completed a nearly two year review of the manufacturer's application to sell its vaping device and tobacco and menthol flavored pods. Today's action is for the progress on the F. D. A. Commitment to ensuring that all E. Cigarette and electronic nicotine delivery system products currently being marketed to consumers meet our public health standards. The agency has dedicated significant resources to review product from the companies that account for most of the U.

S. Market. We recognize that these make up a significant part of available products and many have played a disproportionate role in the rise in youth vaping. Now this company was evaluated like a billion dollars at one time it was just a ballooning because of its success is because of the vaping takeover


That's right. It's kind of like the drug companies. We were just talking about talking about recurring payments but it doesn't matter at this point everybody's bailing out everybody's running for the, I'm sure they're gonna fight it a little bit. But


I mean as you can see there's, whoa go back to that,


at that, look at that banner, look at the banner,

this is the Canadian website

still. Yeah doesn't matter.

I don't think you can get all flavors here in Canada anymore. They have limited it a long time.

Like Hey that one taste too good.

Yeah, no, seriously, that's

that mango that you can have that mango,

mango passion fruit,

you can't, that mango.


and I used to

duel, I was really bummed about that

and I don't know man, I don't know you want people to make their own choices, but obviously young people, it's a different


and uh, you can see even their site, like everything kind of shut down color and You know, it went from 0 to 100 real quick.

Look at

you right. And I'm starting to feel that way about gambling too and I'm not gonna go into it right now, but I'm starting to feel that way about gambling too because I'm seeing so much content promoting gambling at this point and I'm like, man, I feel like something's gonna happen. I don't know what, but one of these regulatory bodies and, and, and the youth audiences and things that are potentially going to struggle with this and I'm not one of these people, I'm not trying to ban things. I just think it's curious when something is disproportionately taking off and just like taking over.


next netflix is getting backlash because Emma Thompson is going to wear a fat suit for her role as miss Trustable in the upcoming movie. So you have some controversy. The original Matilda movie is like a classic.

Okay, I haven't seen it. You

don't see these Matilda movies.

No, I know who you're talking about, but I haven't seen it.

Well it's like I don't know when you're a kid. No no no no they're not. No it's like

a she's an orphan right? It's

kinda kinda dark actually for a kids movie.

I had no idea. It's

kind of dark for a kids movie. The original one

imdb you can

pull up an imdb if you

like but

they're going to do a remake I guess. And Emma Thompson, world famous uh actress here is going to that's who she's going to be. That's who in the original movie was

the mean lady

MS Turnbull who runs the school who runs the

school and she's strict with it.

What do you think? Take a look what you think is gonna

happen here. I'll

tell you what and the girl, the girl Matilda girl is so nice and and and uh and everybody's so mean. Anyway, no spoilers here but but people are pissed on social media,

that's what she looks like. The new

I suppose these are the images of what the new one would look like and people are upset on social media and if Will can just go back he can I can read for you some of the criticisms of the idea of anybody wearing a fat suit anymore scroll down. So we have the actual tweets here uh has been really disappointing to see Emma Thompson put on a fat suit for this role. I've always loved her work but this it's just so gross, we're gonna have more keeps keep scrolling, keep scrolling. Oh there was like a whole list. What's wrong with your browser here? With your browser? Oh God, what are we doing here? Kind of show? Is this? There we go. Yeah. And I want to see the actual beautiful, this is what I'm trying to do.

I'm trying to break it down for people, what's going on in the world? Here's another one. I can't believe someone would agree to put a thin person into a costume for Matilda the musical. The original was already fat phobic enough. But now they put Emma Thompson in a fat suit keep going well, stop this. Another actor in a fat suit coming to a movie near you. There are fat people who can act cast them if the role is for a fat character. Ugg Ugg Ugg me when someone says it's completely fine for an actor to wear a fat suit. When the characters shape has no direct link to the story being told. Not today. And then we have the alternative which is oh do shut

up. It's

perfectly fine and funny for male actors to wear fat suits like chris Hemsworth is fat thor Eddie Murphy and the nutty professor or norbit. But as soon as a female actress puts on a fat suit is problematic and dehumanizing. Get


So that sums up the conversation on twitter. It seemed like there was, I don't know what the ratio was of criticism versus oh, shut up. But I didn't know that. You know, I find these things out like first of all, I didn't know there was a Matilda reboot going on,

which is cool.

2ndly, I suppose the fatness of MS Turnbull I guess is open to interpret like, I don't know was this a book before, but like they're saying, hey, it's not imperative that the mean Turnbull has to be fat like or if you want them to be fat then it should be a fat actress, no fat suit. So it's a no fat suit thing and then I hadn't given it much thought that no fat suit because I feel like I don't really see them that much. I'm trying to remember the other one. You had the fat suit in uh

christian bale in hustler.

Well you had fat suits, haven't


You've had

batman penguin,

you've had fat suits when you say you've had fat suits when you

say, what

about the guy mike, Myers.


powers must have been fat suits over there.

However, we just named guys right now,

but you see what I'm saying, is there no female fat suit that's ever been attempted. I'm

sure there is. We just, it's not coming to mind or maybe there isn't, I don't know.

So uh fat suit or is it fine or not? Fine. I think

it's fine, like their job is to act like to pretend as if they are fat and if they're really good at it, then entertain me and do the thing also, I think it's fine that she's fat like as far as her character because this is a remake. The whole point of a remake is to have the nostalgic feeling again. And if you're having the nostalgic feeling again, you want it to be as close as the original. I'm a little heated about this one. I


agree with mo I think uh a fat suit is considered um prosthetics that you would put in potentially like this character. Maybe she's just the person to play this part. And if they need to do some sort of prosthetics, I don't really see a problem with it. But

I mean they show up to the audition, She just knocked out the park there. Like that's Turnbull

right there. They're

like you nailed it right there, we're going to take you regardless. But then how important is it that that character is fat in the first place? Why can't she play at her regular self? That's the only thing I'm wondering.

Maybe it's not important. But again, as far as the way I see remakes is that you've got

to match what the original was.

Not fully perfectly. But give me the nostalgic feeling, which is why I'm watching it again. Is she that fat in this photo

well. She had to wear a suit to get to that level for her.


like there's a suit under there. So all right. Next up. Next up speaking of netflix, maybe there Maybe this is the reason why they're having trouble right now. I don't know. But it's probably not. There's other reasons. But they just fired or laid off 300 more employees. That's not nothing. 300 a big number. There's been declining subscriber figures, there's been increasing costs and they just come out straight up and say like this is a consequence of The changing market. The layoffs which represent roughly 3% of Netflix's staff mostly affected the firm's US and Canada staff, But it also hit teams elsewhere.

Today we sadly let go of around 300 employees. A Netflix spokesperson said in a statement while we continue to invest significantly in the business. We made these adjustments so that our costs are growing in line with our slower revenue growth. It's funny, isn't it? It's not, we're losing money. It's slower revenue growth, which in the market you might as well be losing money because it's like wait a second. Why is your revenue slowing

down? The

Company May 450 full time employees across a variety of units. Shortly after reporting the loss of 200,000 subscribers in the most recent quarter. In addition Netflix let go of dozens of contractors, some of whom worked on social media accounts to promote the company's diverse programming now they got people pissed that they're Matilda remake. So look at that. You have to fire another now. All joking aside, uh, netflix, The netflix struggle struggle has been covered here on this channel and elsewhere. And for me it's mostly about bigger picture stuff. Competitive market plays particularly for content limited amount of time. The end of covid just changing habits. I don't know my habits are changing. My habits have changed. I'm not booting up.

You guys are not booting up as much. I don't even know what I'm watching anymore. I don't know what's going on anymore. I, I look at my screens and I don't know what I'm doing

still youtube though. Right. Well

youtube here and there, but an all time low I would say, I mean youtube here and there. But I'm, I told you this will, I've told mo this time in the world. I'm out there, man, I just, I don't know what it is. Maybe maybe it's covid, maybe I just had to get out in the world. Uh, spare time. I'm not working. I'm out there. I just, it's not like hours on end of content. For me.


not hours of content on end for me specifically. I know it still is obviously for people, you still see views and things like this and I know that there are some things that are, that I will still interact with that are important to me. But it's just maybe it's fewer things than it has been in the past where you can really zero in on the things that are reliable to you.

So with that being said, do you think that netflix with all these options, there should be a few mergers and acquisitions, like if you don't have time to check all these places. Yeah, but

I don't think I'm even necessarily seeing it in that way where it's annoying for me to have for all the streaming services. I know that argument like it is real too, but it's more just my availability to interact with all with any of these content products. It's

you have limited time,

limited time opportunity. I don't particularly for long form, I don't know and you're you're right, it is a fragmentation effect where I think netflix in the past has benefited greatly from like it shows that everybody you know has seen


whatever I brought up making a murderer the other day and I just bring that up to people like assuming that everyone has seen it. But that keeps going down and down shared experiences and I know obviously fragmentation and multiple streaming services as part of it. But the other big part of it is just the sheer amount of content across platforms, the number of uploads across


and the the likelihood of us bumping into similar things goes down, the greater the amount goes up and more often than not now I'm trying to uncover something that that that for sure I shouldn't be looking for. Do you know what I'm saying, like for sure is not a shared a potential shared experience where I can go to somebody and say, have you seen that? They're gonna be like, no, what the hell are you watching?

But I know the stuff that you send me, I appreciate even more because it's such Fringe content.

Yeah, it's only Yeah,

because it's not being served up to you. Yeah, no, I get

that. I would be only Fringe now

your mr french fringe only from now on. I

like it. I

feel like a lot of people are like that too because remember, like even a couple of years ago I'm going to say game of Thrones, but everyone was watching

it right,


know, because they're doing another dragon something or other


there's a dragon going, yeah, everybody's riding dragons because the thing, he loves the dragons as


and but

it is

a bit unfortunate like for the record, I know I'm saying Fringe this and that, but it is a bit sad that there are so few shared experiences now where you can't say, hey, did you see the thing last night topic of conversation connect with other people. Yeah, I witnessed whatever it was now you got the weather and that's about it, like, hey it's hot out and then that's it, dead death. You have nothing else you can discuss. That is a shared experience other than the heat you're feeling. But particularly as you expand that graph now this is unless you're insanely shareable, in which case you met, you force everybody else to watch. The things that you watch. You're one of these people, you know what I'm saying? Some people are like

that. You know,

I just, some people like that. Like you gotta watch this. So you gotta watch that. You see

someone who is like Jack of all trades that just kind of touches on every little thing.

You gotta watch this. What are you watching right now? I don't know.

It's like identity. Uh making what you watch as your identity.

You are what you eat. You are what you eat next. Next. Next. Oh, what a crazy moment. This was Anita. Alvarez, american artistic swimmer lost consciousness while performing a solo routine in the pool in Budapest. This is some crazy images. Some of the craziest images. Her coach goes down there to pull her out and she's fully passed out the bottom of the pool. And you imagine those moments like every second every counts in this case. Yes.

Yes. And and being able to recognize quickly this person has fainted underwater and yes, you can faint underwater. You got a pool in your backyard mo that's why you don't go out there alone.

I do. You

go out with somebody,


go swimming with somebody.

No, he just couldn't save you. No, no, no, no. He probably wouldn't realize he would bark. Uh he knew


would take too long. He will just like patrol the pool.

This is a split second situation right here. Guys. Life and death situation. They got her up so quickly. You can see these images. It's really amazing moment between coach and athletes here. Like these are some like wild images that are captured for life. Now.

Do we know why she fainted or I mean just 100 different reasons

it can happen. Big moment like that high pressure situation.

Oh my goodness! And she's fine though, right?

Maybe, maybe little. Some nerves didn't feel like eating pressure change. Maybe. I don't know. Down there at the bottom of the thing fuentes that the coach was hailed for quick thinking, but she knew what to do because she had done it before at an olympic qualifying event last year in spain. Alvarez similarly lost consciousness at the end of a routine second time.

Does this happen a lot

as she did on Wednesday, fuentes dived into the pool fully clothed and with Schroeder's help pulled Alvarez back above the water. On Wednesday, fuentes dressed in shorts and a T shirt saved Alvarez again after returning Alvarez to the pool deck where she received medical treatment and was placed on a stretcher fuentes told reporters that Alvarez was fine and that she would be re evaluated after some rest. Alvarez, two time. Olympian finished 7th in the solo free event on Wednesday At the 2016 Rio Games? She finished 9th in the Duet event and she placed 13th in the competition. Tokyo Games last summer in Japan

Dude. Her commitment to compete still with fainting twice,

terrifying, terrifying. You imagine you wake up what happened? I mean these are some very incredible images and you hope for the full recovery and the ability to compete. But yeah, you're right, will that's a water, you gotta think about it man,


gotta well, certainly when you're competing in it, but even if you're mo going out there in the middle of the night by himself. Unbelievable stuff.

Yes, a

north texas school district is banning hoodies and limiting dress dresses and skirts. The school district published a statement video saying the new dress code will help students build self esteem and work on professionalism for the workforce. They put out a youtube video explaining really what's going


with the girls. They're cutting the skirts at like, like Grade four or something. So any older girls are not allowed to

have, have

those type of clothing and then I guess the hoodies is for everybody and I was thinking like, okay, I guess I get, I mean they did this video, they made this girl stand in and be like, I'm preparing for my career and like it was like a promo for their new dress code back to the back for the future dress code,


back back for the future, but then I was like, why don't you just do um, a uniform at that point? You start uh, once you start restricting the items.

And is this a high school? This is a high school or elementary?

I believe it's an elementary.


mean, did they say to age groups,

elementary and they're worried about their career.

Here's the, here's the one of the things they say in the video. Every profession has a dress code, whether it scrubs a welding helmet or chef's apron. Yeah. And here it's a hoodie.


who wants to keep wearing a hoodie will hire you right now, Right? No, I don't know. I was, I was thinking that possibly the, the hoodie thing is not what we think it is. Like it's some kind of

no, like bad kids.

No, no, no, no. I'm saying does a person like put keep the hood on their head and try to subvert, like try to cover their face and And like, I don't know, I can't figure out the Hoodie one. I was just trying to think of why

maybe they're wearing their ear pods in class and they put their hoodie on so they can't say no, I

don't really know how kids are using the hoodie these days to cause problems. I really don't know.

This would eliminate like 60% of my outfits if you said, I couldn't wear a hoodie, I'd be,

Yeah, well, I don't know, I don't know what to say about it. I think it's obviously a controversial move. There's definitely going to be some people that are not super happy about it. Um but like I said, I guess it comes to that conversation around like they're they're saying per build self esteem and professionalism so that that they're trying to imply that self esteem have been hurt by choices as far as outfits and I guess they're trying to also signal that it will be too hard to build professionalism later or something like this once these type of things are mandated. What like I said at that point like one of the uniforms are weird obviously.

Yes. You

know, we all kind of wear them

especially when it gets really hot

even though we all kind of wear

them. Like

everybody has their uniform.

Oh you're talking about like someone's style.

Well, I just, what I mean to say is people try to fit in regardless. You tell them, you tell them Be individual don't wear uniform and they all show up wearing, sharing seven items.

Okay, I see what you're saying.

Have you ever been to school

before? Yeah, everyone's got jordans, you just picked your

uniform, You acted like it was completely unique where you kind of picked your uniform and trust me, I did it too. Like we all we all did it want that wanting to fit in. But I don't know, I mean it still does feel it is, it is weird because you know how it's going to get used and that's really the problem with it is not the idea necessarily, but how it gets implemented now you start harassing certain kids and you go take that off and now I don't want to and it's my championship hoodie or what and now you got a problem where there never was one before you have another thing to enforce, which is it really worth it? Is it really worth the potential fallout? The negativity that's then gonna be applied? Like could you, were you allowed to wear hats in school in elementary school? I don't think so. Right,


another example. And then you would be wearing it in the hall and some teacher would use an opportunity like get that off your and you'd be like where do you have to

be like that

with each other?

Yeah. All

of a sudden things are escalating that are really relatively insignificant. The argument against it is well you let that one thing go. Guess what's next? The Gateway, the hat is the Gateway or the hoodies. The Gateway or whatever else anyway, but schools

sell hoodies of like their team and

Stuff. Not this one

I guess not,

Not that one. Okay, next up. Oh here's another one. I don't know, controversial conflicted. As far as feelings are concerned here, you have an employee at burger king Who has worked there for 27 years. This clip was going viral. I guess it was a couple of days ago And he was gifted a goodie bag for 27 years of work at burger King. Apparently never missed a day,


And he posted as this post of him kind of taking the things out of the bag and saying, you can play it saying he's so thankful. Play with the, with the audio movie ticket bag of Reese's


Starbucks glass cup, a lanyard, two pens.

Okay, Key

chains, I think Lifesavers.

So it's good to show what, you know, their appreciation for loyalty And for all you've done for the company. This is my more work for 27 years. Thank you guys.

Okay, pause it.

So I want this guy to be my friend because that's the easiest guy to buy gifts for couple lifesavers. How is he so happy about this? He's so genuinely like, thanks. Oh no. Am I alone here? You guys didn't feel the same way as I did.

This has been

going on.

There's been quite a reaction to this on social media, right? This isn't the only place that published it. This particular clip and a reaction is basically negative towards the company. It's basically how dare you.


Give him this after 27 years. It's not taking into account his level of appreciation at all. It's simply saying he doesn't that he should not be appreciative of this.

I like that. He's really But yeah, I can see how people

go ahead and scroll down, scroll down. Will and I'll show you what I'm talking about.


wouldn't want to raise after all those years. Not I would want to raise after all these years. Not some makeshift gift bag.

Did he not get a race? We don't know this.

You'll retire after 30 plus years and they'll give you a card saying thanks for all your hard work mate. All the best and a box of chocolates. Get the hell out of here. Multiple skull emojis. Here's somebody who is with mo who says this is what you call humble. Why is everyone else complaining. This guy genuinely appreciates what little they gave him contrast to wanting more and more and more. Yes, they could have given him something better. Like a bonus. I agree. But hey, if he's happy then that's all that matters. Somebody else replies not 27 years to a company and they give you crumbs.

People shouldn't be happy with the bare minimum. They give their life and health to a multi billion dollar company when they work harder than any of the multimillionaire ceo S


It's a very aggravating clip for some

people. I think me and me and will, we're talking about this about like unions the other day and just how we feel about them and whatnot and Kirk brought up a point where he was just like, I think people like these days have seen their parents get screwed over by certain companies. So they have a preemptive feeling towards devoting your life to a company and then being screwed at the end of it. Um I mean it's it's clear as day because most, most people my age have many, many jobs before they end up at their career job. We're back in the day. Like my dad did not, he worked like three jobs his whole life, right? So I don't know

if you're this guy though and you're reading through these comments now, you're pretty miserable.

Yeah, because you, everyone's telling you you deserve more and maybe he does deserve more. But and again, we don't know whether he got raises and bonuses throughout. Like we

also don't know why that's where he wants to be.

Yeah. What if this is exactly where he wants to be,

right? There's there's decisions that people make, that might not be your decisions. It's a It's a difficult one, but it's it's interesting how it can become so flipped where he you have a clip that he's I don't know if he's putting it out, but like, see he's writing on the thing. It looks like he's putting it out. So thankful loyalty pays off.

Yeah. It

looks like it's his


and then he got to go read all the comments after it goes viral about your an idiot. How dare you appreciate the thing. Well, the implication is that is that don't celebrate this.

Yeah, you deserve better.


you should expect more

but that would be different if he came out in the clip and said,


You believe this? Look at what I get after 27 years. Unbelievable. They're gonna give me some chocolates if he came out and said that and people then agreed with him and participated in that would be one thing. But for him to come out on the positive side of it and then people to tell him you shouldn't be is different. It's a little bit different. Now. I mean, it's obviously not simple. Hopefully he's been rewarded in some as much as possible in other ways for that loyalty and consistency. Absolutely. But you get into this really weird one where what if burger king gave him nothing. No movie ticket.

No nothing. Then there's no video clip. Then there's no criticism. It's a really mm

Do you think do you think burger king is gonna look at this video and like talk amongst themselves like corporate? I

think it probably escalated to that point and now we're probably gonna outlaw those type of gifts like that because people are gonna make videos and they're going to one or the other. They're going to like him or they're gonna or they're going to criticize it or whatever and

hmm maybe it's not even corporate. Maybe it's just the franchise.

Oh, totally, totally. But they'll outlaw. They'll be like, look, this was a pr disaster for us.


No more chocolates.


So very complicated scenario.


Um It's ultimately, I mean it's ultimately up to the individual if this guy doesn't want to be there or doesn't feel appreciated or doesn't feel that it's a, That the transaction is one he wants to partake in.


there's another restaurant across the street, I'm sure Toy Story, Brazilian

Oh, Brazilian

woman fell in love with a rag doll. Her mother made uh and reveals that they've welcomed a child together after getting married.

Oh my God, how

these are all the questions you're supposed to ask when they

want to know. This is very enticing what is going on? A

woman has revealed her extremely unusual path of settling down for falling in love with a rag doll who she's married and then had a baby with um mary joan Roca Maria's 37 from brazil, met the love of her life after complaining to her mom about being single and having nobody to dance with. Go ahead and scroll will She gave birth in just 35 minutes at home.

It's life size almost 35 minutes. So easy, wrap it up. You

think they look like moe do they happy

couple here. Yeah. Happy couple.

You think they're a good

match? I like his hat. I like his Oh


this doesn't seem right like for us to even talk about. Oh no! Oh no. Oh, what? He's got a new mustache.

He grew a mustache for the

wedding? Yeah. Got you. Oh my God. She's like doing a speech or something.


At the

wedding ceremony,

there's quite a bit of people in the

background. Two

150 people attended the wedding. What

she gave birth

as well at the wedding

shortly after.

Ah Oh man. Yeah,

It only took 35 minutes is actually there were no complications with the delivery.

Yeah. Also how it seems like a prank. Not like the other two is not like the other, not 12 will Oh my God. And hold on, This is the 3rd picture of 18. Oh no. Mm hmm. Wait she live streamed it? Go back, will he

does it. He likes to, he likes to go swimming as well

While live streaming to an audience of 200 people,

you can see him swimming as well. I think the wedding


Yeah. Rose petals on the bed.

This is really sad guys. Why

she's happy.

Why is it sad? Obviously she's suffering some delusion. What? There's no way I'm alone here. Like, oh my goodness in public there.

This is the one I like where he got

wet a Yeah,

That's the one I

like. Yeah. Oh, so she go back, Will she like fake the belly. What

do you mean fake?


If you go back to the article, she's very upset. If anyone says it's fake.


yeah, she's very upset. So

what's his name? You

better watch it.

Yeah. What's the what's stash his name? I'm not calling him a guy.

She gave birth in just 35 minutes at home. Yeah, anxiously awaited the offspring.

All right. No name.

Only a few months of dating. After only a few months of dating.

Oh, this picture. Mhm Oh, I don't know what to say.

Yeah, Well,


was me when uh when this was in the feed, that was that

was me basically. It was

I had to keep scrolling like I couldn't look away. It was it was

so you're like if you had to see it, we had to see

it was hard. No, it was just, you know, I don't know, we're in 2022. It feels like you can do whatever you want in 2020

two. Well, she found happy

she entered into my life and it all made sense. The wedding was a wonderful day for me. Very important, very emotional. It rained a lot, but it was wonderful. What are you doing

over there? Nothing.

This is your favorite

photo? Okay, mm hmm. Mhm

The pair

office. The bear often goes

out for meals together. But she said the only downside is he is quite lazy is he doesn't

work. Is this for real? No, this can't be real. I don't believe it. Alright,

We got it. We got it 2022 trump. It becomes the first bloodhound to win the Westminster dog show, which I don't know if you knew that was going on or not but it's never been a bloodhound win

it. Oh really Kirk has been watching this religiously. This

Show is gonna be one of the oldest things that's on t. 146 years. This contest has been going on and they walk around and you've got the different dogs from the different Classes and then one wins the overall dog of dogs The

best. Well sorry I'm still on now

and this is the one that one and it's you're looking for the best example of the breed. It has to be they come they check it out, they touch the ears and

measure everything. But they also have the agility course. Right? But

that's it separate,

separate, separate. So hound I'm assuming it's like smell tests and stuff like that. Right?

No no no no. It has to be obedient to an extent but it's more the physical

oh just the physical looks

for for that portion

interesting. The

first couple of days there were agility courses and races and things like that. But then in those they don't evaluate the look of the dog at

all. No just it's obedience I assume. But

I guess one of these hounds never never won before. And I guess so I guess this is the best example of this hound we've ever


So you can scroll through and figure out what you think of the best in show here?

Have you? Uh this might be, Have you guys seen the um all dogs breakdown on Youtube?

The which dog breakdown?

All dogs breakdown. She like it's this um she's a lady who like hosts this event and she broke down every dog that's allowed to enter. Okay.

No, I haven't seen

that and it's a two parter. It's, I highly recommend it.

So you're into this as well?

Yeah. When I was like deciding on what dog I wanted. Um Right, all breeds of dogs, all dog breeds or something like that. Yeah, that's the one.

So it was unwired



Part two, there's 2 parts and essentially they tell you the the dog breed and what they were bred to do and what attributes they look for. It's really cool. It's kind of like an insight.

So anyway look, there's your example, you can see the posture, the back, the tail, she holds the tail and they compare it I guess. And and there's a little bit of open to interpretation like the different judges, like different things very hard, how you come to this conclusion. People spend a lot of time and money on this endeavor getting their dog over there

very calm. This one

com hound,


don't know if he knows he won, but


to go trumpet, way to go trumpet, trumpet. Uh So this one, this clip is titled your life has been a lie or?


your life has been a lie and then that's just the picture. Do you agree. Has your life been alive? How would you put

the like the the folding part? I feel like that would be annoying to put the folded part through. Mhm. So

your life hasn't been a lie? Oh it's showing two juice boxes, one of them has the straw placed in a fashion where the pivoting point, the accordion style bending part is at the top so that it can reach into your mouth without tipping at all. Then the other one showcases with a check mark beside it, the straw being placed in the other way around so that the accordion portion, the bending portion goes into the juice box allowing the straw to reach into the far corner.

Did that never occur to me? And I'll probably never try this.

Has your life been a lie is the question, that's the important

part because

the name of this clip is your life has been a lie. And then it's that photo, that's the name of this clip.

I don't think I was lied to. I assume the bendy portion was for me not to put my head down to drink so that I could just,

well you can also just move the

I understand,

do you?

Yeah, but I don't want to move,

but when you're in the juice box, do you ever have any left over at the bottom? And you just throw it out anyway because you can't really get it out the corner.

No, I usually maneuver the box. I don't squeeze. No,

some people squeeze.

Some people do squeeze, which I think is very funny.

So anyway you see the check mark beside it, stirs you up, it mixes you up anything, you've done a lot and someone suggests you might have been doing it

wrong. You

go crazy. Yeah

like they say you you're supposed to open your can of like a can of pop and then spin the tab, stick the straw through and so it doesn't, how

dare they say these things. Yeah. So there's a lot of what about cracking an egg or something like that?

Oh yeah. There's many ways to crack.


How do you guys do it? How do you do it? Well how do you crack? I'm

definitely not doing it right, I'll tell you

that. Yeah. Well you've you've been lied to supposedly there's like a way to hold it and then you crack it on a flat table and it's supposed to crack perfectly. Um Yeah there's like a technique to it. One handed crack.

You're supposed to apply a little bit of a pressure to

it, right

yourself, correct. What are we talking about? There's

no chef

in here?

So this is like a typical life hack, right? We

got to try it out. I mean you gotta try it out, figure out if your life's been a lie or not. But the green check mark is telling me that. It has been a lie. You

gotta try the coke and the juice box. We have a list. We have a list



Um, that does it right. Are we

all? Yeah, Yeah,

that does it. Wonderful. Good times here today. Thank you very much for everybody who joined. Thank you for anybody who gave us a super chat. Thank you. Thank you. Will. Uh, who knows? It's a wild world out there. Uh, tomorrow could be anything. Uh, today was healthy coke.

Tomorrow. It might be more healthy. Jewel.

I doubt it.

I think we have to figure out that band

first. Yeah.

All they need to do is give themselves a Tiktok trend, completely healthy. We figured it out. We solved it for the youth. It's for, man. I wonder if anybody ever did that Because you had those cigarettes, like the Popeye cigarettes candy when we were kids, whatever those are. If somebody can figure out a way to do a thing, you can smoke that's actually completely healthy. But, but it's not even What am I doing? Right? Tryry to make a, I'm trying to do a business case for an inhalable that's healthy, isn't it? Possible? It's gotta be 12 in it. I don't know what I'm doing right now.

Anyway. Get out of here. Let's get out of here. We'll see you soon later