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Dive into the world of Google: Every week, Rachid Finge talks to fellow Googlers about the latest #MadeByGoogle projects. The result? An exciting look behind the scenes. In a snackable half an hour, they explain how custom-designed hardware, powerful software and advances in artificial intelligence combine to create helpful - and sometimes magical - experiences for their users. Each episode promises insights, tips and tricks, a bit of nerd knowledge, and an anecdote or two. Listen to a new episode every Thursday. Get more information about the Made by Google products here:


Made by Google Podcast Episode 08 – Mission: Accessible Episode 08 – Mission: Accessible
One in seven people has a disability. And as the global population gets older, that number is going up – and products that aren’t built with accessibility in mind can exclude a lot of people. In the final episode of season 1 of our Made by Google Podcast, Rachid Finge speaks with Android Group Product Manager Vince Wu about what it means to design and build for everyone. They discuss many useful accessibility features, including Guided Frame, a new feature on Pixel 7 that helps people with vision impairments take selfies, and Vince shares his top tips for getting the most out of your device.


Made by Google Podcast Episode 07 – Why Matter Matters Episode 07 – Why Matter Matters
In the penultimate episode of season one of the Made By Google Podcast, host Rachid Finge speaks with Directors of Product Management Karen Yao and Anish Kattukaran about Google’s vision for the smart (or should we say helpful) home. They discuss how the smart home can be helpful today (Anish’s day starts with the blinds opening, soft music playing, and the kettle heating up for tea 🌅🎶☕) and how we’re entering a new era built on openness and collaboration, thanks to a new industry standard that truly Matters.


Made by Google Podcast Episode 06 – State of the Heart Episode 06 – State of the Heart
Have you ever wondered how your smartwatch tracks your heartbeat? Or how it scores your sleep? In this episode of our Made by Google podcast, host Rachid Finge gets into the details of Fitbit and Pixel Watch with product manager DeCarlos Love. DeCarlos explains the science behind biometric tracking, how the team turns data into insights, and how his own passion for fitness informs his work. Can you believe we've already made it to episode 6? Just two more to go before our first season is complete!


Made by Google Podcast Episode 05 – Now We're Talking Episode 05 – Now We're Talking
Speech! In episode 5 of our Made by Google podcast, Nino Tasca, Director of Product Management for Google Speech, joins host Rachid Finge to talk about talking. Nino and Rachid discuss how devices understand what you say, how products like Google Assistant talk to you, and how improved speech recognition makes Pixel 7's Assistant voice typing and Recorder app better than ever before.


Made by Google Podcast Episode 04 – Chip Chat Episode 04 – Chip Chat
Chip chat! And not the cool ranch kind. In the fourth episode of the #MadeByGoogle podcast, our host Rachid Finge speaks with Monika Gupta, Senior Director of Product Management for Google Silicon Teams, about the Tensor G2 chip in Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro. Monika and Rachid discuss Google’s AI first approach, how Tensor got its name, its role in our favourite speech and camera features, and why classical benchmarks for chips don’t always tell the whole story.


Made by Google Podcast Episode 03 – Color! Material! Finish! Episode 03 – Color! Material! Finish!
Why do our Google devices look the way they do? Who’s better to answer that question than a product designer. In the third episode of the #MadeByGoogle Podcast, our host Rachid Finge welcomes a guest from Sweden: Isabelle Olsson. She is our Director of Design for Home, Wearables, and Color, Material, and Finish and has been working at Google for over ten years. Isabelle describes our approach to choosing colors, materials, and finishes for Google devices, and how we came up with the designs for Pixel Watch and Nest WiFi. It's about how to develop devices that harmonize in form and function – and thus contribute to greater sustainability.