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January 11, 2022

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Key Trends, people, companies, and projects to watch across the crypto landscape with predictions for 2022.


section 10 bonus whatever I want.

Bonus Section five parting thoughts. This is where I'm bearing the real alpha and controversial

takes Cold War

with china and the imminent balkanization of the U. S. And the west, the future of our crumbling military and cancel culture. My thoughts on all

the sacred cow issues.

My 2024 run for office the necessary and utter destruction

of the mainstream media and my most controversial take, which is that you should

work relentlessly hard. Shut up and build and earn your stripes in the world.

Just kidding. I didn't write 180 pages to get canceled at the very end. Maybe over beers.

I do have some final thoughts for anyone interested in how the horrible monkey inside my mind works and processes the world inside and outside of crypto. Section 10.1.

Why you must write I've been asked how I can write this annual report and still run a company.

As I said in the introduction. This is good marketing asset for attracting enterprise customers partners and recruits. It should drive good conversion to our pro product and it doubles as my

annual crypto deep dive and product ideation session. What did I miss? And where are we heading? I flip the question back to you. How can you survive the remote first globally distributed hypergrowth, Crypto chaos without writing. Well reading

helps me identify blind spots

but it's writing that helps me focus and streamline my thoughts. Whether it's code or pros. You must get better at writing good code elegantly communicates your ideas to computers and spits out products that delight users good prose elegantly communicate your ideas to other humans, accepting new ideas into their heads through memes. And if you're doing it right, converting

missionaries to your cause, Nick carter had the best piece I read this year on writing, which probably not

coincidentally happens to be the title of the Stephen King book. I recommend

to all new professional writers.

Nick is Kryptos best writer. The thesis is my annual entry into the competition for second place. I'll steal his on writing closing graph here where he says for me, the struggle of writing is chiefly one of vanity versus utility. Being concise

is hard. It requires

painfully shedding text that you sweated and labored over being sufficiently humble that you are willing to convey ideas into the heads of your readers at the expense of demonstrating your skill with words.

That is the challenge. But as with all asceticism, there's a sublime joy and restraint. The best writers must learn it. Writing is for the reader after all

these pages have been helpful, entertaining and only partially

self indulgent

Section 10.2, no sacred cows. When it comes to learning, there are no sacred cows. Same goes for crypto. The very best quote of the year came from a young hustler analyst. I know who disavowed Bitcoin late last year because he was optimizing for making money

not winning a purity contest.

That analyst was very, very right in the past year and it paid off big. I'm not going to set myself up for cancelation by going issue by issue. But when it comes to writers, I happen to think Barry Weiss

and Glenn Greenwald are

two of the last remaining good journalists out there.

Thank God for Substack General. I try to read whatever is on their banned books

list and then find

the most cogent counterpoint. Sometimes the banned

book is a crazy conspiracy theory.

Sometimes it's alpha. M early covid coverage,

but there are no sacred

cows. If you're in the process of learning about a subject,

you've got to be open minded but stick to your guns. Once you've got the information you need. Section 10.3. My information diet. Here's a stream of conscience brain dump of the most important

things I have read and internalized and shared in the past year.

Build stuff. If you're overthinking right? If you're under thinking reed, your boss is tired of being your manager. How can you manage up? Don't follow your passion seriously, Don't follow your passion.

Your passion is

likely more dumb and useless than anything else. Your passion should be your hobby, not your work. Instead at work seek to contribute.

Find the hottest, most vibrant part of the economy.

You can and figure out how you can contribute best and most make yourself a value to the people around you, to your customers and coworkers and try to increase that value every day, learn the cadence of a SAS

startup lessons from vertical software investing and how to work backwards.

Peruse the crypto cannon and learned to love Lord metallic web

three King Arthur Markets and Nick Carter Bitcoin

there. The goat writers of crypto bank list is the king

of crypto pods. Turn on

notifications for biology and punk 6529, that's it. Section 10.4 tips and productivity tricks. The most important

Productivity hack I recommend is maintaining zero

direct reports who aren't

insanely organized,

communicative and capable of managing up.

I'm lucky to have found good hardworking people who share my vision for the future and help bring it into sharper focus

each day while

allowing for the fact that there are some things I will simply never get better at regardless of my best efforts.

That is to say thank you to the Mazar E team, especially Ben diran Emily.

Eric Florent and Marcia for

crushing it in a few weeks that I was essentially

absent while writing this report. Here are a few other habits I try to live by for better or

worse communications. I don't have superman but I lived by g e mails snooze button

and multiple inbox setup

which serves a similar purpose. I also use pin twitter lists. Keep open DMX.

Manically filter unsubscribed report and block unsolicited or negative messages on twitter and email.

I've significantly limited

my time on telegram and discord this year and I'm happier for it slack for the team email for business twitter

and signal for play. That's it update. I'm starting

to come back to discord now. Is it

aligns with our new product launching next week meetings? I try to limit internal

Meetings to 20% of my time per

week, which is not bad when you add up weekly leadership team and recruiting sinks bi weekly,

all hands and one on ones with direct reports,

monthly functional team meetings across eight different groups, quarterly skip level meetings

and other miscellaneous strategy product and HR sinks that arise in the normal course of scaling crypto is scaled a lot this year. I don't have any idea what I'm doing. I've never managed

a company this size but that's sort of the point. My team remains

small. I learned a lot from L. A. And Gil's high growth handbook.

Thanks eh lad transparency.

My personal calendar

is public for the whole team to see

So everyone can generally see where I'm spending my time and when I'm available. They also know I'm generally working 8-6 with rigidity

on either side for that. You hate kids plus nights and weekends here and there. I'm no

Longer in my 20's. I'm always on the lookout for tips on running more

productive meetings. Especially since the nature of the meetings is changing as we continue to scale in a remote first world

remote first engagement is my number one priority for 2022 as we're all learning how to balance the new post. Covid normal again,

send me ideas. Mind, body, Soul.

I've had headspace installed on my home screen for

Five years and I've used it 11 times please clap. I've also learned that I get a really good night's sleep when I

read books before bed and turn off my phone without ending my

day. Doom scrolling twitter.

I have even done this successfully three or four times and

have completed the first chapter or two of dozens of books. I know

I am a God among men. I also hit

things several times a week if you want to challenge me. No, seriously, you can challenge me here. Thanks Fight camp Section 10.5. Life advice. This is probably obvious, but I don't know what I'm doing and neither do you, but if you're fortunate enough to do so get married, have kids move to the burbs eventually

You will not give a funk about 5% swings in the market when your day ends with a five year old laughing about one of his farts, three year old telling you a story via a three minute run on sentence and a half naked one year old tackling you at the knees during your final zoom call of the day. If you're reading this,

you are hopefully

a time billionaire, that does not change the fact that you are at the tail end of many of your

relationships. I read this post once per year and that it is always day one, everything

is in your control. Now. Off to play with my kids. I've earned it

fam. Happy holidays. Two bit idiot

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