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January 22, 2023

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Aidan Musnitzky, the Founder of Spinamp, joined Season 7 and shared some exciting ideas he has for Spinamp that we may see come to fruition. 

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Season 7 Episode 3

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This short is brought to you by Lens Protocol. I look at Spinamp in its current form, and I look at you as a founder. And something that I think about as a podcaster is like, what are the links between the founder's DNA and how they're wired to what they're building? And I want to understand, considering where Spinamp is today, the product that you have, both iOS and the web app, what excites you that you haven't yet executed on for Spinamp? What are we not seeing in the mind of Aiden that has yet to be kind of prevailed in the world of web through consumption, right? That you'd either want to tag along into Spinamp's product flow or new ideas that you're thinking about, new philosophies. Where does that lie?

Yeah, I think the social aspect is definitely one aspect there in the sense of further differentiating what we're doing from traditional streaming apps and really putting in on what web3 brings that's different. I think looking to see what kind of interesting social features we can build is a part of that. And specifically, I think, ideas around what we can do on-chain that involves stretching the models for how people are collecting. Whether, and like the fractionalization example is like a already existing example of that. But I think there's a wide design space for how we can build new kind of structures for people to engage with. NFTs engage with collecting and engage with each other on-chain. And starting to experiment and explore some of those, I think would be like something that I find exciting and like technically challenging and there's a lot of like a bit of potential to. I think one thing we've been thinking about a bunch is trading NFTs, being able to swap them with each other, like trading card game style. And how that fits with the content at hand and music and like what that means for, if we think about how NFT marketplaces work, especially to say like OpenSea and the majority of them today, there's often a disconnect between the participants that are trading with each other on the marketplace and finding ways to kind of grow that connection and help like trading be an act of like an actual engagement with another collector is that, I'd say that's like a collection of some of the things we're thinking about. And there's some other ones that I think they're still like bubbling and like getting refined.

Kef, all right, fair.

Kef, all right, fair. There's a sum that, you know, I'd send you on our mind as a team

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