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January 22, 2023

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FVCKRENDER, who is a self-taught futuristic tech-digital artist working out of Vancouver, joined Season 3 and spoke about how communities treat smaller web3-native artists versus bigger mainstream names.

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Season 3 Episode 14

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This short is brought to you by Lens Protocol. Do you think crypto and Web3 favors more of the new artists

or the existing artists?

What do you mean exactly? So new artists in terms of like independent artists, like let's talk about Daniel Allen, for example, okay. If you're familiar with Daniel Allen, he's a music, he's a musician, a producer, he had a really successful Bureau campaign where he raised like 180K in less than 48 hours for an EP that he was working on, right? And I'd consider him a relatively new artist that I highly respect for his craft and his like taste in his songs, but compared to someone like Trey Songz or Tory Lanez or Jason Derulo that like are buying punks or that are issuing NFT albums, I'm comparing like mainstream to up and coming, right? Do you think crypto favors more of the up and coming

than the mainstream? Yeah, but you know why, it's because these up and coming artists, they interact with their community, they build something around their community, they don't just fucking come in, take the cash and give like, get the fuck out. So I think that's one of them, like you see like, I don't wanna bash anybody, but like a good, like you see Blau, Blau is super active in the community and he's selling super well. And you see ASAP Rocky coming in, ASAP Rocky is way bigger than Blau in the music industry, but ASAP Rocky drop was like, it was a mess. So the reason why is like people are buying NFTs, they know that Blau is here to stay and they know that ASAP Rocky might not stay or might just don't really give a fuck about NFTs or might just be as like management team that's taking care of all the NFTs. Probably ASAP Rocky doesn't even know the NFT gateway drop. So like we cannot know for certain what's happening with like these big artists unless they truly interact with the community. So yeah, I think up and coming artists and like independent artists has maybe advantage over big celebrities for sure.

I think that's a solid take. I think that's a solid take. Yeah, I think that's a solid take. What's up guys, thank you for listening. If you've gotten this far, then you are a champ and I owe you a free listener pin. Go to forward slash NFT, fill in your info and I'll distribute the NFT towards the end of the season. By collecting your pin, you prove your contribution to the season and get exclusive access to content, allow lists and more. So be sure to collect yours. Also, please make sure to rate and subscribe to the podcast wherever you're listening. This helps me out so much. And finally, hit me up on Twitter at levy chain. I want to hear what you're building, the latest crowd fun you're trying to complete or if you simply want to chat.

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