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January 24, 2023

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Lucas Campbell, head of web3 at Bankless, joined Season 7 and spoke about the process of converting viewers into collectors.

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Season 7 Episode 4

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This short is brought to you by Lens Protocol. The model is creating content for a select few that actually value your content and are willing to give a level of patronage for it, but what we're actually doing is creating content that's worth collecting for people who are already Web3 native, right? So the problem is, or I guess the opportunity is in this, I guess, from this point is like every collector is a viewer, but not every viewer is a collector. Right. So how do you, how do you convert more viewers into collectors and maybe you guys are unique because your channel's all about education, opening up your MetaMask wallet and getting people on board through this new revolution. But for the, for the wider, greater creator economy at large that want to use NFTs, how can they turn more of their viewers into collectors? Yeah.

I mean, I think like us and you guys, obviously like we're in a nice little like niche where we educate people on Web3 and our audiences are all primarily Web3 native, I think how this scales out is obviously just through education and getting people more comfortable with different aspects of Web3, whether it is taking out a loan on Aave or collecting your first piece of art or collecting your first piece of music, or maybe it's a podcast, but at the end of the day, it does come down to education and making the world kind of realize the value of this technology and like the importance of it and how engaging it can be for new people. And it really just comes down to broad scale education. And that's definitely the, the hard thing that I think not only podcasts, NFTs need, but music and art and DeFi and every other thing about Web3 needs to be handled and it's all through education.

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