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January 23, 2023

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Roberto Nickson, the Founder of Metav3rse, Instagram’s largest crypto, and metaverse-focused page, joined Season 7 and shared his view on web3 social as a whole.

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This short is brought to you by Lens Protocol. I'm a big believer in sort of, and this belief has developed over, I feel like the last year, where there's this phrase called not your keys, not your content. And as you build audiences on all these platforms, you actually read these audiences, right? And they're not interoperable, but we're seeing a wave of like web three social sort of arise. And a collector equals a follower. And you can take that following and those collectors with you everywhere you go. Is this a model that you're bullish on? Do you see sort of like a different wave kind of popping up in the near future, considering what you've built so far with Metaverse?

I feel like there's a lot in tandem. It's a great, great question. I've been thinking about this a lot, you know? And when I look at the decentralized social media landscape right now, I see so many benefits. One is you're able to be able to own your content. You know, you're able to own your social graph and the relationship with the audience, which I think is of utmost importance. Right now we see with Twitter, like people are trying to like build their audience elsewhere and they're trying to take their Twitter followers over the mastodon, whatever it is, but like there's so many challenges to that. If you're building on a decentralized protocol, your audience goes with you wherever you're going, cause you own that social graph. And so I'm looking at social and I'm like, there's so much that's broken with it. You know, you're resistant to censorship, you're resistant or you're vulnerable to censorship rather. You're vulnerable to, you know, getting de-platformed if you don't agree with, you know, the zeitgeist at the moment. And yeah, I just see so many benefits to a decentralized social landscape.

I just don't feel like anybody's really, really cracked product market fit yet. And I'm hopeful, cause there's so many brilliant entrepreneurs like playing in this space. I'm hopeful that it'll happen in the next five or 10 years

because the benefits are just like far outweigh the cons. Right. As an active user though, as a creator, what do you think is missing?

What are these platforms not getting right just yet? Well, there's a lot. Like one is probably the worst thing is like you're at their behest, right? Like you don't own anything at any time. You could be suspended, you could be taken off, you can be shadow banned, you can be de-boosted. I mean, there's like a million different things, right? And so like, sometimes that can be frustrating because, you know, say me, where I'm like working 10 hours a day, like creating content for primarily for Instagram, right? And like, I don't really own the relationship with the audience, you know? I can try to siphon them out to like email or whatever. So it's more of like an ownership thing, but that's the biggest, I would say succinctly, I would say the lack of ownership is the biggest problem with social today.

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