The Great Unbanning - Transcripts

November 24, 2022

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Dave Smith and Robbie the Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in politics! On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave and Robbie discuss the dramatic unbanning of prominent figures on twitter including Donald Trump, Sargon Of Akkad, and Andrew Tate. This Episode Was Recorded On 11.23.22 Support Our SponsorsSheath - use promo code PROBLEM20Better Help - for 10% off your first monthYo Delta - use promo code GAS for 20% off Ticket Links TEXAS (DALLAS + AUSTIN) - Nov 25 + Nov 26 - Laugh it up,+and+LOS)/12543855/ Run Your Mouth Podcast: Full Video: Itunes: Spotify: Follow the show on social media: Twitter: Instagram: Subscribe On YouTube: Buy Daves Album : Dave Smith Libertas - Dave Smith and Robbie The Fire Bernstein bring you the latest in Politics three times a week, with the promise of bonus episodes! Libertarian Philosophy mixed with a sense of humor, POTP is one of the leading voices in libertarianism. Dave Smith is a New York based stand-up comedian, radio personality, and political commentator. Dave can be seen regularly on “The Greg Gutfeld Show” and “Red Eye” on Fox News, as well as “Kennedy” on Fox Business Network. In 2013 Dave was featured as one of the New Faces at the prestigious Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He was also a featured performer on the New York Comedy Festival’s “New York’s Funniest” showcase in 2014 and 2015. Dave's outlet for his social commentary is his podcast, “Part of the Problem,” which is available on iTunes. Dave is also co-host of “The Legion of Skanks” podcast, available on the GaS Digital Network. See Privacy Policy at and California Privacy Notice at


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I am Dave Smith the most consistent mother **** you now and he is Robbie the fire burns Steen the king of **** cobit Jesus what's up my brother are you feeling this morning

I'm doing well I had a great time in New Orleans thanks for when they came out ice okay that's a fun town

the New Orleans wild right

yeah I mean I love live music so you just get to walk around and be real lady about it

yeah that's a good town for you your email in the drinking in life I think that's I think that's you might have found your home

there you go okay I can definitely spend more time there was a it was call

me and you will definitely will definitely set for sure we've never played New Orleans together will definitely do that some points out that be fun

yeah I'm down

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anything else you wanna plug up yeah I got hell live dates coming up to son Arizona Phoenix Arizona Omana brassica Kansas city at the shelter on a big old new year's blast and then might I think gonna be putting together an entire thing so be on the look out for more local dates because I'm going to run that

hello yeah last year's was awesome do normal things around to that all right so what I wanted to talk about today is the state of Twitter

tweet sure

as you know was recently purchased by the richest man in the world Ilan mosque this is been if nothing else the glorious spectacle and it's really but you know as we've we've discussed a little bit before it's really done a lot to expose how important it is to have control of communication to the kind of progressive establishment and what if the rat the view someone like you on must coming in and saying he's going to make it a free speech platform as he was as was initially sang went when he bought it

it is it it's just

that alone I think we're somewhat indebted to Ilan mosque for just exposing the hysteria that's generated by simply saying I'm going to allow people to communicate


you know what I mean like there's just something kind of priceless about that

I do

to be clear you know there were all the people who are threatening to leave Twitter who all seem to still be on Twitter still threatening to leave Twitter but there was just just to be crystal clear about this there was never any point where anyone in either the progressive establishment or left wing America ever thought that you on Moscow had any intent of silencing them that's just not it was never thought he was never suggesting that he was in fact suggesting the opposite of that like that in itself I just think it's very revealing but it's not that they were ever concerned that they would get suppressed it's just that others would be allowed to speak to


that was enough for it to be their fear so when the so that that was a pretty beautiful moment to create I did say though way back when when this was first floated that there were a whole lot of things that had to happen and that the odds were not overwhelmingly good like at the beginning I was like I don't know how what the odds are that this even happens that he even actually buys Twitter he's just offering to all these different things can happen before you know that ended up going through I also mentioned that we both talked about this a bit that then there's still a huge question mark of how he actually governs once he is in charge of Twitter now we're starting to get a little bit more of a glimpse into that and so that's kind of what I want to talk about what the state of Twitter is now yeah but you could you on Moscow claiming he's gonna buy Twitter and treat it like a free speech platform

you could

you know like if you like if a presidential candidate was saying he was going to end all the wars and then the federal reserve or something like that is amazing we'd all be thrilled about that but then there'd still be this big question of are you actually gonna do it once you get em um so let's talk about so far your thoughts on how Ilan musk is done with this I'll say this at least so far we got through him buying the company that actually happened he's taken over and he has now brought several key figures back to Twitter that actually happened mmhm personally I know my followers are going up it's it's just like when they lifted whatever this program was a few months back and then they put it back all the sudden I'm back to like my tweets are seen and my follower count is increasing like much faster than it used to things are different it's not the same Twitter but there's also some some signs of it not being exactly what he said so what let's get into all of this what it what are your thoughts by the way rob I mean you're on Twitter I don't know how much you use that but what are your thoughts on how it's changed

well off the bat all right I think I'll take about thirty to sixty new followers a day which was rare and it's more fun for me now because when I tweet things out it seems like like I used to tweet what like well when I was a live reading the news it was a lot of fun because you get a lot of engagement and then that seem to die down but that that appears to be back now so as far as I'm concerned it die I mean Twitter's been a good platform for all right working on jokes for me I I I can tell you I benefited from it of just kind of throwing out jokes while I'm just reading stuff and it gives you more of an outlet to trying to experiment with humor so I I know in this site except I will say the negative of that is that when you're on stage in the sets over it's over that little **** blood in I'm a sucker for it do they like it they like you know they talk about me that definitely sucks me in more than I wish it would but overall I feel like Twitter's been a good comedy restore yes and it made better

it's it's challenging it's it it takes discipline to use social media and I think the more of the following you get on there the more that's true like I have to put my phone away and like not have it you know because like just in any idol second if there's just nothing going on you can just be like you can check back let me tell you have you see who's really engage and I have to be like okay family time no this is gone and then I'm gonna go focus on that and then okay I can have it in a few hours or whatever so it's not that that's how I deal with it because it is like it is very challenging to have the thing in your pocket and not just be tempted to like you know

back to this kind of work time because that's my that that's what stalkers mo yeah not honored Aktiv and I do you pull news stories from it


so it's like you never can't look down and scroll which is what you're describing the second you're bored you're like Hey there might be some excitement here

yeah yeah no that is that's I mean and that's always been a thing like that's that's the thing with social media people got a like a just a how to use that in the way that's not negatively affecting them I'm so okay that that I've definitely noticed right just more engagement and more followers going up whatever little shenanigans they had going on before at least seem to be rolled back to some degree the other thing is that several I don't know I you know I don't know maybe Brian even if you could see if you could find as I was looking for and couldn't find this anywhere but like I compiled a list of all of the accounts that have been reinstated there have been a bunch and the big one came just a few days ago which of course is Donald Trump Donald trump's account at least what do you what musk says and it he says reinstated in the account no longer says account suspended but Donald Trump has not tweeted from it yet which is an interesting move like Donald Trump is making everyone wait and in the world's going to explode when he **** tweets for the first

it's not raises in a weird predicament because he has a fine I mean he's got a financial interest in the computing company and send them back to Twitter kind of I I would think mark the end of that other platform in which he has a financial interest in other people are working for him but if he wants to win any serious about running again I don't think he can not be on Twitter yeah when we had our

he has access to it you're saying he's not going to use that I just I find that to be very very tough to imagine and and again there's just so much they are by the way with the two thousand twenty four campaign of Donald Trump verse two thousand sixteen it's like can he still you know it does he still have that magic with Twitter to be able to do what he did and I'm not even talking about whether you like trump or dislike trump or you're indifferent to I'm I'm just saying like analyzing at that he was able to utilize Twitter in a way that no political figure ever had which he was dominating the conversation every single day every single day the entire corporate media apparatus was responding to what Donald Trump had said on Twitter and he just control the narrative through the entire primary and the entire general election and then into his presidency


you know debate oblique to his own detriment but still can you still do that now I really don't know I'm somewhat skeptical however I think you really you you kind of outlined in the perfect way to think about it here you have this business interests which is truth social with a bunch of people invest and money in it including I believe like Devin newness and like other you know or like our our you know primary shareholders of this company and they the entire backbone of this company is that Donald Trump isn't on Twitter he's here this is the only place you can go to see Donald trump's tweets and effect all right guys let's take a quick second thank our sponsor for today's show which is better help better help offers professional counseling done securely online so if you feel like there's something interfering with your happiness or preventing you from achieving your goals definitely go check out better help I know a bunch of people who have are are using better help to really say it's been a great service for them I'm a big believer in therapy and I think if this makes it a little bit less daunting and a little bit easier to access them that's a great thing so whatever you're dealing with go check out better help they have a wide range of counselors available for you plus better health is more affordable than traditional counseling financial aid is available and it's easy to get started once you sign up better help will match you with one of their licensed professional therapist you'll be able to communicate with them in under forty eight hours it's not a crisis line this is not self help it's professional counseling done securely online better health is committed to facilitating great therapeutic matches so it's easy and free to switch counselors if you need to you can send a message to your counselor any time you get a timely and thoughtful response plus you can schedule weekly video or phone sessions so it's the perfect way to do therapy in the modern age you won't have to go back to sitting on uncomfortable waiting rooms in the future you just go to better help dot com slash problem and join the over one million people who have taken charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional new testimonials from users are posted daily in fact so many people have been using better help but they're recruiting additional counselors in all fifty states one more time that's better help dot com slash problem B. E. T. T. E. R. H. E. L. P. dot com slash problem that'll get you ten percent off your first month better help dot com slash problem for ten percent off your first month all right let's get back into the shop from a business perspective yeah that's well then you kinda can't do that without **** over all of your investors which I don't know if trump is a big problem doing but without the **** all those people over the you know there's no way to go back to Twitter however some John just announced he's running for president of the United States of America and if you're doing that there's no way you're doing your campaign justice by not using the tool that you use more potently than any political figure in history so I don't know it's been a few days now of his account being active in him just not tweeting I guess we will see what happens with that alone though it's a huge huge statement for you on mosque to have reinstated Donald Trump that let it that was like a I'm letting you know I'm serious it was also a little bit interesting the way he did it did you see this

that he had put all

now I don't know how you feel about that I'm curious your thoughts but there's almost like two ways of looking at this one is that this kind of was a sellout move you know like oh so you're putting it up to a popular vote whether the former president of the United States of America and current leading GOP candidate should be allowed to communicate on Twitter and

you know

I mean he it and they want the vote one by like fifty two percent release last I saw there was like fifty two percent of millions of people but who knows how many bots but whatever but it's like okay if you're putting that up to a voting because the vote one now you'll allow free speech that's very different than being a self described quote free speech absolutists that's very different than saying this is a free speech platform it was truly a free speech platform we wouldn't need a vote to determine this that would just be like no those are the rules he has the right to speak on the other hand you can also say that this was a brilliant way to disarm the backlash against him by reinstating trump and being like Hey the Twitter users determined I just but I just you know you guys love democracy so much I just left this up to a vote so I suppose you could make some argument on the second but it makes me a little bit uncomfortable that this wasn't just an immediate move like now this is what I bought the company for this is what we're doing instead he went to the vote so I don't know if you have any thoughts on that


well I think you

you laid out pretty well and I do think that there were it would taken some balls and what even cooler friends just be like yeah we bought a Donald Trump you're allowed back the one thing I think you're missing out is that he might have known that if you put it up to a vote that was gonna win and with all the bots on the platform he might even maybe facilitated that I and


I own Twitter I'm just saying if I'm in the business of Twitter all right you want the most interesting people in the world on the platform the entire platforms about engagement the only reason why you would remove somebody from it is if the government basically told you that you had to if you're actually in the business of having a platform for engagement which is all it is is a people are gonna interact we're gonna have a market that we can advertise to so you wouldn't remove your most interesting programming unless there was some reason why there was a different financial interest basically being in the good graces of the elite

yes you're there it look it's not as black and white is saying you would never remove people but there's no question that all of your economic incentives would line up to push you toward not kicking very popular people off of your platform because obviously you want the very popular people to be on your platform and this is why before the government started getting involved there wasn't really a thing with people being kicked off of social media at least not for it least it was rare

that it would just be what are removed from Facebook for being violent extremists I'm not allowed to advertise on the platform in our group is gone

yep and and you know just as an example that it was in twenty twenty that this happened and it was over the covert stuff I mean that's it that our our group was just all you know a bunch of people who in real time when you weren't allowed to do it we're opposing every and I just a covert regime

I just got another strike on one of my you tube channels for playing by the congressional hearing I don't even know if losing wrestling hearing but Thomas Massey and others had the writers the great Barrington declaration on once they took over Congress to basically re visit all the errors that were made in covert policy one of the best moments it was literally a one minute clip where they were discussing I why in their opinion natural immunity was ignored I played that on my show I got a strike for it but I know in action but here's what I know what happens is that if I get over the algorithms threshold for how many new followers the accounts getting the go down my archiving Gimme a strike to cool the channel the point of just making is like were you and I are living the censorship thing like we're actively being and that's that's what I see I don't even know what happens I'm like the shadow banning side

yeah there are nights that's right who knows no you don't know until something like what happened with Twitter happened right like did something clearly was left at like something was going on that now isn't going on anymore so that is a it is it is really interesting okay so other big accounts that I've noticed have been back sardana cod was reinstated Andrew Tate was reinstated and then I know that there have been like smaller accounts who were

some voter turnout coming back

yeah I think that

gave farce mommy I think you're

not very happy about the fact that I'm at work I'm gonna do everything in my power yeah I said saga number Todd yep my nose he was back as well now the one must did draw the line at Alex Jones

is read back on

I think read more I think Reid is back on

yes although they can't tell like the the parity from the non parity but I think he's back on

okay yet but is it like a reinstated one or is it like he has a new account

I'm not sure

okay that I'd have to double check but I yes so so he he did say the one musk said that he I'm he said that there he is not going to reinstate Alex Jones very clearly I'm and I got to say this look it's it's an interesting thing and what you want musk is saying is that it's over the sandy hook thing I guess he almost lost the child which is really tragic and awful and I certainly understand why that would be like a personal thing from cities like you denied the sandy hook thing I'm not reinstating your there are look at somebody who's had you know I mean I've never lost a child but I have been very worried about losing a child and having a sick kid in like going through all that I get it I get where this would be like a a personal thing for him and and I understand that you know to be honest I kind of just as a parent I feel a similar sense of like I think that people in in the pro Alex Jones world really **** let him off the hook for that no pun intended to to easily I think the amount of money that he was ordered to pay is like insane and terror of terrifying president but it was really truly a scumbag thing what he did and just you know I I there's a sound argument but it's just unforgivable all that being said this is a tough thing for you on must now do because you're either so first of all allegations wasn't kicked off of social media for the **** sandy hook that he was on social media for years after the sandy hook thing after he had already admitted that he was wrong about that and that it was all legit that happened the other thing is that it's just like the here's the issue with the Twitter thing right if you're gonna say this is a free speech platform then it's like it's either free speech platform or it's not and the if you're going obviously there are going to be some things that you're not allowed to say like there's no such thing as the light you know you know like there's there's limits to what you have a right to say even in a legal sense those limits of what you have a right to say it like I can't just sit AT someone I'll give you fifty thousand dollars to go murder Robert stand because the heads like incitement to violence right so okay you have to if you want it to be a free speech platform in a meaningful sense then what you need as you need to have like the smoke the slimmest of limitations of what you can say so it could would be probably things like inciting violence or perhaps even like some type of degree just targeted harassment and then it needs to be very clear what the rules are and that it has to be equally applied if you don't have that then you're not a free speech platform and if that's what your promise was of been taking this thing over then I as a green juices you may find that Alex Jones saying he thinks something was a false flag event the again years after admitting it wasn't is that's just not a good enough reason and the fact that it bothers you personally and that you have your own you know what I mean like issue with that that's also really not a good enough reason if that's the case then you're not really a free speech platform hi guys let's take a moment and thank our sponsor for today's show which is you know crate I'm dot com your creative dot com home of the sixty dollar kilo but for Black Friday fifty dollars when you buy two so it is now home for one day of the fifty dollar kilo a hundred Bucks for two kilos of crater if you're over the age of twenty one and you enjoy crate I'm definitely go get it from your creative dot com they have quality lab tested kratom and they send it right to your door and they're the best sponsor in comedy history of everything here gas digital network dot com so one more time for Black Friday go to yo creative dot com two kilos for a hundred dollars all right let's get back into the show I

firmly defended Alex Jones in regards those lawsuits and I I had a conversation someone recently who had a very different perspective and I feel that I have to revisit it hi


the biggest thing is I I don't really have a firm understanding of I guess the I


how much of a show focusing wise because I don't trust the media in the way that they report these things and so I don't know how often he was doing it and I also don't know it to what extent he just lies on the show because I don't really follow the show my feeling is just always kind of been more free speed apps absolutists and that I was watching the prosecutors talk about how this is about censorship and making sure that no one can do this again and so I was more scared with the president that I was with Alex Jones and I also give out show the benefit out that I could see government doing a false flag so I don't think that he had evil intentions like I could see as to how someone in the space to get that wrong I I I I could also I can understand that if Alex Jones is really just a absolute sales guy who will just say complete bullshit on a show for better ratings and he found something as evil as saying the kids that died in a school shooting weren't data that may be that set on offensive enough level that I can understand why people go I don't want that on my platform and that that is different than conspiracy or other things the real selling at it

the real problem Alex Jones you know there's like all those are you know Alex Jones was right kind of like things that'll come out in like there were a lot of things Alex Jones was right about you know and and it really important things but also if you did listen to him and I I didn't listen to him for long but I used to listen to in like way back in the day a little bit she he was also wrong about so much is wrong about so much like you would just throw **** at the wall and constant claims of conspiracy is that once the evidence came out against it he just back off and move on to the next thing you know I mean like it didn't matter that that was like the weird thing about Alex Jones show I mean I remember this way after I stopped listening I remember I just happened to catch this one segment but I remember right before Donald trump's first Supreme Court appointment when she ham and and what's his name what had on the show god damn bike that Roger stone they they went live on the Alex Jones show to announce to his audience that it had been confirmed as a matter of fact that Donald Trump would be appointing judge Andrew Apollo Tano to the Supreme Court this is gonna happen we had it from inside sources it's happening judge Apollo tonneau is going to be the next Supreme Court justice has just just completely wrong and then like as soon as that's over they just might move on it was just like constantly that is because we tell you I have the papers I have the documents this is what's going to happen Bob with there's like you know there's a this this video clip of his that people shared around like a few months ago and it was his reaction to nine eleven and he's like what they're like look look at all the stuff you got right and there is some shitty got right in there like predicting how this would lead to the neo cons going crazy in fighting a whole bunch of wars and **** like that I think even predicted that they were gonna go fight a war in Iraq over at but he's also in the middle of it saying that he is like look we're gonna get nuked over this around already has the nukes they've had him for five years I have the documents to show that they have a fight just like crazy **** that's just not right at all and he's right so it look it's a mixed bag with all that stuff but the thing where he really **** up with sandy hook is that all of Alex Jones conspiracy theories even the ones that turned out to be completely wrong the anime was always powerful institutions so he was always it was always like who are the bad guys here well it's like the FBI


or the CIA or the Republicans and the Democrats or the billionaire banker class with that like those were always the enemies but with sandy hook he made the enemy is the parents who had just lost like six year olds they were the crisis actors they were the people who were put over perpetrating this whole **** like thing on you and like it's just that it's just a very different thing to like turn your audience on them I mean I met you know like parents who just lost their little children so I do understand that for me one must perspective that being said you can you can believe all of that you could even believe in that they had a case that under slander laws you know that that he you know what I mean like he was slanderous toward them even if you're not like a hard core and cap like me who doesn't believe in slander laws but like or libel laws or whatever but you could argue they have a case and you could still just be appalled by the amount of money that like that's insane that's insane to try to take like a trillion dollar to take a trillion dollar verdict or whatever the **** it was from him it's just like it's

also I don't get the summary judgment thing that also just makes it seem like it was not a fair trial

yes I I agree I agree with that but just to the point of like the amount of money it's like you could believe shoplifting should be illegal but if they were like chopping off

hands Saudi Arabia's yeah

you really because we don't think this is a good way this is for a punishment as you know a little bit severe so anyway I'm just saying it's interesting that you on mosque is already now that he's in charge there kind of drawing a line and now what's going to be interesting is to see who else does and doesn't get their accounts back my clothes is because there's a lot of people out there a lot of people are very influential people who have were taken out of the conversation and the you know that's it's a it's it's interesting to say

hi free speech I have for my own selfish interest is probably my most important issue because it's something that I have to deal with in the business I'm trying to build for myself like it's outside and and I'm I'm I confronted it it is negatively affected my career without question and I also it it's not even just career it's people being **** misinformed on things biggest cove it and us losing years of our lives were going to fight bad wars or supporting the fed inflation like all these things and the reason why people are so uninformed about it is because the propaganda and the fact that the internet is a very good job of by removing other opinions and making it seem like people are crazy so that the people that read the new York times every day can still go all while I read the time so I know what I'm talking about with all that being said I like I'm not you know what I mean I could be more of like a free speech absolutists all right if it's not being directed by the state the guy does have to make some business decisions and so you know I I I I can understand why even if down the line he were to be bringing on Alex Jones maybe if in week one he goes Hey we're being a hundred percent or even letting that guy back on that might just be too toxic for business decision at this time

no listen I understand I'm just saying it's like look if your going to if your going to say that this is a free speech platform

I need a live it

did well then I think you just like I said you just have to have what I said before you have to have very clear rules and they have to be equally applied and that's kind of like what the issue is with all of this stuff and what you know what I mean like it's like okay well what's a bendable offense why is it a battle offense that for you know say like Donald Trump Donald Trump never what what he ultimately got booted for I believe was that he was still after January sixth contesting the results of the election but he was still he wouldn't give up on that and they were like oh at this point that's just inciting violence and so you're out but it's like so is contesting the results of an election is that the line like okay but then if that's the case then that has to be equally applied to everybody who contests results of elections which has we all know is not exclusive to Donald Trump I mean now you could say you know when people point out like you know like Hillary Clinton obviously contested the results of the two thousand sixteen election and Stacey Abrams contested the results of these web like all of them now people point out differences they go yeah but Hillary made a concession speech the next day Donald Trump never made a concession speech or something like that it's like yeah but that's not Twitter you know what I mean like that's not what we're told are you talking about on this platform you are not is that one of the rules free speech unless you do not believe the last election was legitimate like the and if that is the case then it has to be applied equally otherwise we're still going to live in this


were still gonna live in this world where Twitter is in in a sense not a free speech platform but as a political tool for one side over the other if they can get away with doing something but your side can't get away with doing that you know what I mean so that's the only way to actually make this thing what he claimed I do think I've said this for a long time to that I thank **** look forget the fact obviously as we know and I think we've


like I think pretty conclusively argued this point and demonstrated to be correct that all of the the rise of tech censorship is a problem of government intervention into the market place much like so many of our problems that being said if you take that element out of it as I've said for years the rise of social media and how big it's become really does it's a challenging example for libertarians it's a it's a it's a truly challenging example

of what really what



if anything do people have to access to these platforms now I know obviously in strict libertarian terms you know I go it's a private company you don't have any right to use their service and they have the right to kick you out for whatever reason they they want I completely understand that it's not that I don't grasp libertarianism wanna want it's just that when you look at this the the the state of these where we are you know like look there's lots of examples that libertarians would have to acknowledge certainly once the government has intervened to some degree things get a little bit marquee so for example if Pham if back in the day of land line phones if eighteen T. or sprint or whatever bell Atlantic whatever those those companies you know where at the time if they said we disagree with your politics and so we're not gonna let you talk on the phone anymore we're gonna cut off your your telephone I think that would be pretty alarming to a lot of people in probably the libertarian would find a justification being like well it's government infrastructure that built these **** telephone poles and everybody paid for that with their tax dollars are like yeah I don't really think you do have a right to do that you know what I'm saying now certainly once the the basis of like the first amendment is like okay well you have this government that everyone's kind of forced into and so the government can't stop you from speaking so if you go anybody else can stop you on their private property right like no one has to let you speak in their home or in their business but if you go into the town square and you want to say something and the government came in and said you can't be here we're removing you from the town square that would be a violation of your first amendment rights okay but today the town square is social media and by the way so many of these like internet companies in general they were additionally piggy backed off the government telephone infrastructure and so I'm just saying there is an argument that while not technically true by libertarian principle in the spirit of what libertarians believe and it's still pretty **** up for you to just get removed from the public square for having views that other people don't like and you can think of examples like this like Kanye west is a pretty easy example of this he was not inciting violence against any group directly I mean unless you say M. saying I'm going def con or whatever is inciting violence but I think that's like a pretty big stretch certainly by the legal standard he's just saying something that's very offensive to a lot of people

he is warning people about FTX we're up to if you just listen to him we might have been able to avoid it

yeah there was probably too late

to save a lot of guys know quit sending money to the legs he he's gonna pretend like Russia bomb Poland get us an older three and we got to stop listening to these to use before you spend all the money on the crypto in Luzon Chennai

look I mean listen it's funny you bring up with an interesting other point there but I would just say that it's like mom I take would be that what I would prefer to see is that it's like look I don't care how how offensive because these words like if there's the problem with terms like hate speech or offensive speech or anything like that they really are subjective terms and like I'm I guarantee you and we're really me and you are Jewish

offended by their censorship

yeah all right exactly you know that we would mean you are Jewish but we just don't get our panties up in a bunch over the **** like we both kind of have the attitude like say what you wanna say Connie I don't care I don't really agree with you but you know whatever say what you want to set


again though this is what like my points like that it's in the eye of the beholder and and that you know there you can make a very good argument like




need to out like progressive activists dead naming calling on a biological man who identifies as a woman by his name


was his name when he was a man rather than


her name as a woman that is considered wildly offensive okay some other people don't consider that offensive at all


a lot of those same people who don't consider that offensive thank drag queens teaching little kids you know in a in a library is wildly offensive that that other great so

you know

it's like there's this is subjected to some degree what the or at least whether it's subjective or objective at least there is wide range of perspectives on what is really offensive here so I'm it's just you get into a bad area and then of course the other thing which kind of touched you know you're joking around when you mention this Lynskey thank it's like oh yeah by the way you're also absolutely allowed to incite violence if it's a government program of violence there's there's no problem with inciting violence like saying you know I think we should bomb Russia right now that's totally fine what does this is the only time it's completely okay to incite violence is if you're saying that a bunch of lawyers in Washington DC should be it should order their subjects to go incinerate children in some **** far off land then it's okay to incite violence so like that all I'm saying is like for this to really be it something that is a truly a free speech platform there again there has to be one standard that everybody that's applied to everybody and has to be clear what the **** rules are and I'll tell you it's a it's a very weird thing as you were talking about others personally kind of touches us because this is what we do for a living it's like it's a very weird thing to be out there and not only it it's weird on several dynamics like on the one hand you're like okay are you want to say what you want to say and then you know there are certain things that will get you flagged or get you in trouble for you know like saying it and then you're on one hand you're like oh yeah this is my **** like this is how I'm support myself so I gotta make sure you know what I mean this is like really threatening to me and then you're also like you know like and I'm not even wrong I'm **** great about this not even like I'm out you're saying like are making a lot of money of spreading misinformation like I'll point out your misinformation with a very strong argument behind it it's it's a very weird thing particularly when you don't even know exactly what the rules are hi guys let's take a moment thank our sponsor for today show which is the greatest underwear you will ever own the only underwear I own and it's also the ultimate stocking stuffer sheath underwear dot com that's right thanks Santa because she is having their sale of the year forty five percent off for Black Friday this is the time to stock up get rid of your garbage underwear finally have a stocked wardrobe with chief the underwear of legends I will tell you as everyone already knows is the most comfortable pair of boxer briefs you will ever own it's the only underwear I own it's the only underwear I wear and now it's gonna be forty five percent off for Black Friday go to she's underwear dot com for premium under wear base layers long Johns women's wear and more one more time sheets underwear dot com they've been a long time partner of ours a sponsor on scanning festive sponsor on this show on legionis gangs I love these guys they run a great company and the product is unbelievable sheath underwear dot com no promo code for Black Friday it's the sale of the year forty five percent off go check it out she's underwear dot com all right let's get back on the show you're not even in a situation where it's just like Hey look YouTube is decided you cannot argue that the vaccine has negative

side question official policy in writing a strike you can ask them Hey what specifically did I say and they just go after reviewing it you violated the policy but they will further clarify

yeah you don't even know right and so you're in this position now where you're like again you're like what your example where you're citing like the great Barrington declaration you're like I I mean I'm citing a group of renowned experts in their field explaining what they think happened here but it in a conversation with two sitting congressmen


I don't know if I allowed to do that to my knowledge and then you have to be in this limbo world of like I guess I'll put this out because I think it's really important to say I think this is really interesting and and really like revealing and then just kind of like I don't know I guess I'm not allowed to do that so that's the you know that's the weird thing of the the situation that we're in now and if if the if the lan must does truly you know and I don't know exactly what his motivations are it seems like he's having a lot of fun with this time which I gotta say is is refreshing it's fun to watch people have fun it's nice to watch people enjoy their lives and he seems to really be enjoying like needling people and tweeting and stuff like that but if he really does believe in this like okay we're gonna make this into something like what it's supposed to be ethically but I think you got that's the big thing you got affects your people have to know what the rules are and then you can know like okay Hey I broke the rules and I **** that's why I

can't even describe them blue and green check marks seems like he doesn't quite have it all figured out yet

although yet I heat the check mark fine but he's done

I don't know how it works now

I guess evidently you can just buy a check mark now

that is simple

I hate it listen and this is from someone I've never had a blue check mark I've never cared about getting a blue checkmark I've I've no interest in it I don't care yeah I guess brides today it's Paul's now until they sort it out yeah that was a **** that they

kind of know who is a fair you can be like oh look **** New York times blue check mark over here has this opinion of course yeah I was telling them well for one it let you cut the room go oh yet some MSNBC cont

yes all right well that's here's the thing right I never gave a **** about having a blue check mark I the like I like having a following you know what I mean I like having a good amount of followers on Twitter but I don't really give a **** about like whether there's a blue checkmark the only thing that ever makes me want to have a blue check mark is when there's a account imitating right you know what I mean that is which so they come and go I don't **** know I think they do get shut down most of the time but like the it's never that's never really been that big of a problem but that's the only like value in it is like being like oh okay no this is actually me talking so you know it's not you know what I mean I put they started doing now is just like it now all of a sudden like have people with three followers have blue check marks and then I've even seen like where there's parity accounts that have blue check marks and ****

like oh well that's just

this is stupid they just take them all away it's either take them all away or have them for like people who are in the public eye to verify that that's actually who they are that's all to me the value of the blue check mark was just that like you know when the New York times tweet something and I want to roast them for as stupid they are I know this is actually the New York times but it's not I'm not just such as some sort of some account that says New York times next to it anyway yeah that's been where I also will say this is to come just purely anecdotal but I have noticed a lot more bot accounts like in replies than I ever noticed before like almost everything I tweet now I'm getting responses that are like Hey I just found out how to make six figures working from home click this link right here to get in on it you know like when I don't remember this ever being fat but

that might just ain't just strictly be out making money brings


maybe with the advertisers gone you gotta bring the click Baity people

yeah I guess there's some I guess there's something to that anyway I don't know brown did you see was there a list of people are there other big people out there who I am I have not a notice to have gotten back on on Twitter because I'm trying to say is you with the latest as it's weird how hell like it like he does if he replies to people a lot you on mosque I'm I do have a list here but it's not

it's not I would also be fun to see people get original accounts back like I think Sam Tripoli used to have a much bigger account or own Benjamin lake

yeah enjoyments are a great example of one like **** like I there's people like that like owns one of the guys who were like you know and I don't even know you know I did talk to own and while I love that dude I've I've not talked to him in awhile I don't even know if you want it back like I don't know if he wants to be back on his old Twitter account because he kind of really went into like you know like you know he's like I'm **** kind of retreating in many ways from this **** up system was kind of his by but if you did want to back it's like there's people like that who had like huge followings and they were like people who were like influential people like really kind of moving the needle of a lot of conversations who were really taken out by the scent the censorship regime and there's a lot of people like that now I'm however you feel about him Miley Annapolis what was a guy like that like there were a lot of people like that that were very influential that got taken really you know it in essence out of any

right now so there's a lot of back on yeah

there's a lot you stopping


he figured out being you got kicked out for being gay but that's not a problem anymore Gavin McInnis Anthony Cumia

you know it's a whole bunch of people I know my wife home is another guy like him he's there now it's just he has to keep making accounts but

you never have the following you never yeah and it's

cooler to see these people be massively culturally relevant to get the recognition of the yeah look at that number look at how many deaths are falling and that's cool

I yeah and it's as a huge you know effect on what type of impact and how much money they make and like all that **** yeah it's like it's a that's a very big deal it's yes if they kick you off but let you make another **** account I don't figure out you made another account yeah that's not the same thing you're still in effect kicked off so anyway it'll be it's just gonna be interesting like it will really shape in many ways the direction that kind of like the conversation goes whether or not all these people get back then of course also you'll never be able I guess in a way that they still got all that time robbed from them you know what I mean it's like they probably would have kept growing and growing and growing or maybe not but maybe and that you know that they'd still even a best case scenario have to start from where they were I don't know I don't know how a lot of the **** works but there's no question that the kind of like the right wing movement in this country that really kind of like culminated in two thousand sixteen with Donald Trump getting elected was seriously altered and hindered by the rise of the censorship regime in Texans or ship that rose up in the wake of Donald Trump winning the presidency it's just no question about that but many of their most influential voices were essentially silenced and that that's just that's what happened and now you on mosque being here is at least okay let the big one back on which is Donald Trump it's gonna be very interesting to see where where they have enjoyed

that the sexual jokes about Donald trump's temptation

what are what are those I think

so first was you on must tweeted out like a picture of a monk next like a tantalizing lady any put I'm sure on in Donald trump's face on the other one and you know those been making the rounds

right right right

I'm trying to just need one night where Donald Trump it's a big old bowl of mayonnaise and rice


three in the morning he's drunk on that may and you just can't resistance I'll and hopefully is first words will be Columbine in fact wouldn't that be an epic return

yeah that would be something you know

it's got the votes I I finally figured out how they when they put it and whose lives have

they said that I am the one musk tweeted yesterday that Twitter added one point six million daily active users in the past week and not another all time high so really interesting

the resort account so like people that aren't well using it

yes I mean maybe that's a lot of restored account suggests it's just interesting because they kept saying it was going to implode when he took it over so far that does not

M. S. N. B. C. left for a week and then they've just concluded that the hunter Biden laptop is real and realized you know what maybe we got to go there and get some news ourselves

by the way we should yeah who was it that just had the the report concluding it was or wasn't NBC I don't think it was

it was one of them I think it was all just a same trash to me it's like just one category of trash

it's really unbelievable they just now they they recognize that we thought we had an investigation concluding that but the hunter Biden laptop wasn't

deterministic EDS if you need the news two years after it's relevant right then I guess CBS is a good place if you want news from two years ago just start watching CBS now and you'll get everything once it doesn't matter anymore

yeah you could watch CBS now or you could watch our episodes from two years ago to get

all your news they can call it late it

is not here in New thank you so well the thing that's that's interesting

the elderly like

they go to CBS that ran a thorough investigation we've determined that this is all legitimate like well that's weird because part of the problem ran an investigation and we determined it was legitimate the week it came out the week it came out the thing that's the most interesting to me about that and I was watching this little piece on on CBS where they they were talking about it and they they eat they mention it but it's almost like a throwaway note none of the reporters actually talk about it they just they did show one clip of there like at the time bieten denied this and they just show the clip of him at the debate going the this is Russian misinformation R. and that's that but it's just so interesting that like in the context of like we're in a proxy war with Russia on their border that they're not like forced to just like grapple with that a little bit more like yep only you know the only what what is it a year or a year and a half before Russia invaded Ukraine don't forget that this was the provocative tone that America was taking with Russia that we were claiming once again and not just claiming not just like Joe Biden not just the presidential candidate now sitting president the United States but he got up there on the debate stage and said did you know that four former heads of the CIA have all concluded that this has all the earmarks of Russian disinformation they were making the accusation that Russia once again is trying to topple our democracy that they've they're doing something you know here that even like the **** I could never do to us to the commies could ever do to us they've overthrown our democracy and here they're doing it again and the fact that with the even if you're gonna get it two years later I could like forgive that if you had the op the appropriate response to that which would be well we want comment from all of these four former heads of the CIA what we want to actually grill someone like why would you say that it should also come with an apology for how you covered it at the time and it should really do that should be the key story here forget even bigger than is Joe Biden getting kickbacks from these deals or are any laws broken an even bigger story than all of that ought to be why the hell did our entire intelligence apparatus decide to blame this on Russia would you like they're lying through their teeth and and making these wild accusations you know I've I say I know I've made this point a lot but just think for a second hi I have a little bit of like a just a strategic empathy toward Russia I go what do you think that sounds like from their perspective you know when the biggest like war machine in the world is laying the groundwork for a case against them that they are overthrowing our democracy based on pure lies you know what I mean well probably I'll do you think they're just seeing that is laughing in your ha ha that's ridiculous and moving on I don't think so I'd rather take that very seriously mmhm this one more thing to think about all right that's our absurd for today that's the state of Twitter very very interesting to see what goes forward with Twitter Twitter as I say it's always been my favorite social media I enjoy Twitter the most it's the it's more fun than not the other ones and it's a it's gonna be interesting you know the place is definitely been more fun since you on Moscow out there I hope that continues I hope more people I hope for more reinstated accounts

all right

that's it for us catch you next time based