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Religion & Spirituality _beyourhigherself_ _beyourhigherself_
Hey, es freut mich sehr das du bei mir bist. In diesem Podcast möchte ich dir vieles erzählen über deine eigene Weiterentwicklung. Selbstverwirklichung und einiges mehr. Jede Woche kommt eine Folge und ich freue mich wenn du nächste Woche wieder einschaltest. Instagram: antije.ile

2 episodes

Religion & Spirituality _Like Esther _Like Esther
Come join me as I learn valuable lessons in my current season of life. My inspiration for this started as a dream to help sort through my feelings while trying to repair an estranged relationship with my father who is a recovering alcoholic. As I navigated through my blog and what I wanted to name it- I was reading the story of Esther in the Bible. She was beautiful inside and out, she was an orphan, she was courageous and she knew that she was there for such a time as that. So join me as I reflect and hopefully encourage you to know that you too are here for such a time as this..just like me.