The Cadillac Lyriq: Malcolm Gladwell meets an Electric Icon – Part One - Transcripts

November 22, 2022

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Not long ago, we got a call at Pushkin Headquarters from Cadillac. They knew that Malcolm takes cars very seriously… so they asked if he’d heard of the all-electric Cadillac Lyriq and if he’d like to borrow one for a few days to put it to the test. Yes, yes he did. What resulted was a series of road tests, blindfolded experiments, and head-to-head comparisons. Part one of two. 


This episode is sponsored by Cadillac. 

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this episode is sponsored

by Cadillac do any guesses about we're gonna show you no yes yes during the same preparation is well I'm not gonna say anything I just want your I just for your reaction I want to know whether you want one of these I'm walking down the streets of a small town in upstate New York with a five year old boy who was all the typical five year old boys into Z. as for things with wheels he's wearing a blindfold we stop turning around to face the street in front of a shiny


please I see what you're gonna see is something that almost no one in America I see this is brand new okay take my arm lift off your blindfold let me just say he was a little bit shy and a little overwhelmed is blindfolded by some random guy who's friends with his parents so he looks up pause as he contemplates the apparition in front of his eyes we think I think the look on his face did not just say I like it said only to lose Detroit now I know what you're thinking what's going on here well to answer that

we need to go back in time not long ago we got a call the Pushkin headquarters from Cadillac they knew that we take cars very seriously here in fact I think they knew that the car I drive to work every morning his Cadillac I checked out twenty twenty one Cadillac CT five V. a monster so they say have you heard of the all electric Cadillac lyric I had my friend Dan the most serious gear head I know had driven one in Detroit texted me immediately this thing is the best car Cadillac ever made my friend Eddie second most serious gear head I know spotted one in his neighbor's driveway and said it looks like the Barcelona chair of cars I have no idea what that means anyway Kadlec says would you like to borrow a lyric for a few days we gave the request a great deal of thought held a dozen meetings to discuss made a spreadsheet to evaluate the pros and cons no are you kidding me

we said bring it I'm not going that well and you're listening to the first of two very special episodes for revisionist history listeners come along

on an

all electric road trip with me

and a few friends so the lyric shows up at Pushkin H. Q. and let's just say we have plans for the next few days road tests but not boring road tests my kind of road tests the things that matter to me how much can a fitness thing is it fast enough is it better than what I have in the garage already and first and foremost will it impress my friends

we started

with a five year old down the street

then we parked

and waited for the general public the way in which they did like flies on honey

first up

a duty and then escalate

literally stops in the middle of the street yeah Sharkey right out right out from the factory that man look into a house one work about it a little bit that's beautiful all right all right enough

we realized we had to drive it for ourselves piled in first thoughts it is S. U. V. presence but drives like a car an electric car which means that insanely smooth uninterrupted instantaneous acceleration and all in a kind of hushed splendor powered by GM's brand new LTM battery system we called a contact back a Cadillac Melissa Grady Cadillac's chief marketing officer put her on speaker

wait we're gonna drive down the block because I want you to explain this sound this thing is so insanely quiet so this is like this kind of quiet home yes

I'm referring to this sound

one of my tell me about what I'm here after you're you're trying to say that

yes she was it's actually the sound the sun emits has recorded by NASA

I'm not making that up what you know with any pain there really isn't a lot of audible sound and so we put that sounded so that pedestrians and others can hear that the that the vehicle is approaching yeah it's like the noise machine I use for my baby is like this calming

next I got fixated on the dash

so just so to describe for so I'm looking at this we've got this console the screen that stretches from the driver's side all away almost to the edge of the past is like a long how long this this is like a you know how long the screen looks like it's like over two feet long it is thirty three inches thirty three inches so everything is I'm driving everything is in front of me and then I have a existing which is open the map function omega it's a test and then we've got that the rear view mirror is a is a continuous HD camera

so in case you're keeping count test number one the five year old boy test passed test number two the eyeball first impression test passed but now for the hardest test of all we returned to push can H. Q. and pick up my friend Michael good for the past three and a half years has been the devoted owner of an electric vehicle made by a company whose name will not pass our lips

my goal what do I get a list of the coming for you you we need to come downstairs and they were gonna put a blindfold on you can go for a ride

the same blindfold for use for the kids

R. thirty five sure it is absolutely not this is a good educational and enjoyable experience for me Michael is a skeptical perceptive hard bitten

professional journalist a man of the world

and he loves

his current Evey he's an evangelist for the brand and we told him nothing except that we've got something very new parked out front that he's never been in before

we put him in the passenger seat

let me remind you he's blindfold we want him to hear and feel the lyric without his judgmental vision getting in the way he starts running his hands over the dash the door

everything around is set to see its it's very luxurious I hate to I just can't see it

yeah we were trying to rag on the competition I mean I've driven in Michael's car it's a fine bit of engineering lots of great software pioneer in the field blah blah blah but it's an appliance and now his senses heightened Michael sits and touches and feels and realizes Dorothy you're not

in an appliance anymore okay don't Michael I want you to remove your I felt three yeah I want you to observe the interior sleek yeah yeah this is very nice it's very different than mine my concern is you gonna go back and get a D. or the card is just driving to a leak is so nice and didn't then I'm going to be like I'm going to be like I can't I can't you can't go back Michael don't do it don't go back next time on our special series meeting collaboration Cadillac moreover compare it with the German classic


a little bit of a road race and

no crying speedy

twenty twenty three lyric orders a full go to Cadillac dot com and complete a pre order from model year twenty four to be among the first to order a model year twenty four when the dam

this episode was produced by Jacob Smith and jellyfish Graham marketer is Julia Barton engineering by Nina Lawrence and mastering by Serra began special thanks to Melissa Grady a Cadillac and Carly Midgley are on welcome back

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