2 Billion Dollars In One Room! - Episode #279 w/ David , Donni , & Nehemiah Davis - Transcripts

August 18, 2022

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Billionaires have different conversations! What is it like to be in a room where as a decamillionaire you're not the wealthiest? How do you soak up the game given and implement it at your current level to scale, refine, and significantly enhance your current business? After our time at Grant Cardone’s mastermind recently, we had to come back and give you all some of the sauce that was given in a room where it was common to have an 8 or 9 figure business. In this episode Neo Davis joins us to unpack : 

  • The Power Of Masterminding: why EVERYONE needs to spend the money necessary to get around people who will challenge and add value to you ( and you to them) in ways that others can’t.
  • Leadership Style & Effective Communication : what to do as a leader of an organization to get the absolute best out of your people without sacrificing the potency of your vision, intentionality, and urgency. 
  • Billionaire Questions & Thought Patterns: why someone who is worth over 10 figures approaches life, their relationships, problem solving, and legacy extremely different from others. 
  • Clarity In Team Vision and Mission : how to infuse energy, clarity, and ownership into your team culture in order to massively scale your results. 

And so much more!

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