Technical Analysis VS. Fundamental Analysis : What's The Difference - Adaeze Duncan - Transcripts

August 17, 2022

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This is a clip from Day Trading For Profits : They Key To Success - Episode # 278 w/ Adaeze Duncan

Adaeze Duncan has been able to help train hundreds of thousands of people worldwide better understand and navigate the world of Forex at a high level. As owner of the Forex Mastery Institute, she is on a mission to help traders become independent, competent and profitable! In this episode we’ll be diving into what it takes to win as both a short and long term investor. Lock in with us as we unpack:

Building An Investor’s Mentality : The truth about the skillet required to become a profitable, skilled, and patient investor in the markets.

Technical VS. Fundamental & Sentimental Analysis : Why finding your sweet spot with these approaches can greatly enhance your chances of success as you navigate the market landscape.

Assessing Your Risk Tolerance : How to know which investments are a perfect fit for your individual circumstance and which ones you should avoid ( and thus have a greater win percentage! )

The Changing Landscape Initiated By The De-Fi Movement : Why you can be successful navigating the future of banking that isn’t tied to centralized systems and why your family’s financial future depends on it.

and so much more!

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