E152: Daylight savings time is bad & your kids are sleep deprived! - Transcripts

March 19, 2023

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On this week's episode, two sleepy parents talk about the research behind kids, sleep, and daylight savings time. There are easy things we can all start doing and stop doing to get more sleep!


Welcome to this week's episode of Teaching Keating. I am Weston, this is Molly, and we are together tired, is what we are. Let's be real.

We're tired. I don't know why the daylight savings time gets me. I read a whole article on it, which I sent you about the longevity of how bad it is for your body and how there's a reason that we wake up with the sun and your vitamin D levels and there's something called your circadian. Circadian, thank you. Circadian. Rhythm. It is a rhythm, but there's another terminology like your overall circadian pattern, and just how it disrupts your circadian pattern over time and you actually end up losing more sleep

and just even an hour, like there's a whole visual and like, anyway, which I sent you about circadian. Rhythm. Yeah.

Washington Post article everyone, it's a great article. It's just from all these like neurologists and like, you know, like your brain patterns and how it affects behavior and your brain patterns over time.

It doesn't help that I got up super early this morning. My back hurts. Yeah, it's been a busy weekend. We're literally gonna record this podcast and then I am headed straight to the airport. It's gonna be a busy week. I'll be in Georgia, then I'll be in Louisiana and then I'll be in California for the next three days. So that'll be fine. It'll be great. No, it'd be great. Like once the work is always great. It's just the travel that sucks. So yeah, so mine are real tired.

Daylight savings time was last night and that's what I wanna talk about. Yeah, okay.

I wanna talk about sleep. Yeah, it's been a busy weekend. We're literally gonna podcast. Yeah, yeah, it'll be great. So yeah, so mine are real. Wow, interesting. I wanna talk about sleep. Oh, okay great, that's funny. I didn't even know that and I gave you a great intro. it was a dynamic. And I even gave us a source for two. You really, really gave us a great lead.

Yes, okay good. It was a dynamic. And I even sourced it, too. You really, really gave us a great lead. Yes, okay, good. Yeah, so I wanna talk about sleep. You and I have interesting relationships with sleep. We do. Why don't you share with everyone It feels like a trap? No, it's not. I'm actually just interested to hear it because I'm going to ask you to share your relationship with sleep and I'm actually really interested to hear what you're going to say. Oh really?

And if it jives with what I think your relationship with sleep is. Okay.

Then, I'll talk about my relationship with sleep and how we both- We do because it feels like a trap. Okay. Yeah okay. I was just looking for this article because I can't wait to cite it for you.

how we both wake up differently and then how we both wake up differently. And then it's interesting because I actually have some really interesting research from the Alasti's Sleep Clinic that I think is interesting. It's specifically about about kids and sleep, which I think we should talk about

and research from the Alasti's Sleep Clinic that I think is interesting. It's specifically about. We've talked about sleep before, but I don't know if we've ever talked about it in this context of, of like, just its effects and how, yeah, sure. It hasn't been this context. It's been more about like, kids, they need it. Age-wise.

Age-wise. So it's not like this. Yeah, of like, it hasn't been this context. They need it. Age-wise. So let's talk about your relationship with sleep.

How would you describe it? Very, I'm so many thoughts right now. Go. I have a cordial relationship with sleep. Yep, yeah I do. Cordial. Let's just say that I need. That's lure form. Let's say I need more than you do. Oh my gosh. I always have. So for me, I do think it's unique to the person.

I do think certain people just need more sleep than other people. I do think. I think it has to do with like, your hormones, your body type, your myriad of your... You know. Your DNA, your familial breakdown. I think it has to do with all of those. Your diet. I need more than you do. However, I think I can... Like you are really specific about food, right? Like you get hangry, you get nutso. Totally.

If you have not eaten, you're like an on-off switch, which we have a child like that. I think I can go longer, like without it, but like if I haven't had any at all, you know, and it's been a long day, then you'll notice, you know. Like it takes me a longer, I have a longer runway with hangry. I am like, you are though with sleep. If I don't get sleep. That's entirely fair.

I am, I'm an on-off switch. Go, or Joel. Let's just say that I need, okay. That's lukewarm, oh my gosh, totally. That's entirely fair. This is the first time in our marriage

that you have drawn that comparison. Oh, really? Funny. I think it all the time in my brain. I probably think it, once a day in our brain. This is also really interesting.

There are so many, this is also really interesting. There are so many thoughts that go on in your brain that I'm not privy to. No, there's a whole world in there. You assume because you've thought them

that I also know that, that I'm not privy to. No, there's a little world in there. You assume because you've thought that. Yes, totally, absolutely true. Oh honey, I think it, so you know it's true, right?

This makes total sense. So this makes total sense. And I wish you had said this to me before because there's so many times I get so annoyed with Molly. Yes. About. Oh really?

Here's the thing, about.

Oh really? I know, I know. Just, so many times? I know you need a lot of sleep. Yes, yes.

I know. Can you say any times? I know you need a lot of sleep. Yes, you have been you have been partnered to it for a very long time. What I know when it works and when it does not.

You know what? What I get annoyed by is you constantly being like, I know it wasn't. It was. No, but this is going to come full circle. OK, what I get annoyed by is the constant like I'm exhausted and I'm just like, oh, why don't you back up? But I'm learning for the first time, like you are probably equally as annoyed by like, oh, I am starving, which is my equivalent. And the thing I say often all the time. Yeah. Mm hmm. OK, this is this is a good realization for me. Yeah, good. This is a really good.

I'm glad 14 years and so Molly Molly has Molly says cordial. I would call it an affectionate relationship with sleep. I also like sleep. Yes. But I like I don't need nearly as much as you do. Do not. If I like I love eight hours of sleep, but I'm fine between six and eight.

You can say this way as a trap. No, it wasn't. It was all the time. Yeah. Mm hmm. OK, this is this is a good. OK, yeah, good. This is a really good realization. I'm glad 14 years and do not. You just can operate better. I cannot like that is what fuels my tank. There's right.

Like obviously food. Yes, food and water. But for me, sleep is tantamount. It's just the most important. There's lots of can't modulate my behavior if I don't get it.

There's lots of times when I'm on the road and the most important. There's lots of there's lots of times when I'm on the road. And if I get in super late for delayed or something like I'll go have to work a full day on like three or four hours of sleep, maybe a couple of days in a row and three or four hours sleep. Yeah. And I think about you all the time, because I was like, I think Molly would die. I would.

I wouldn't be functional. Yeah, yes. I would I wouldn't be functional. Yeah, I I couldn't have a job. I wouldn't be functional. There's just no way or a just it would have to look really different I would just have to make sure that I'm in like my flights would have to be different I'm in a different pattern. I'm way earlier because I just wouldn't no function

Cuz can I tell you what shell funny? Oh my gosh, please has really good for realizations for me. Oh good Haha Probably got about five or six hours of sleep last night And that I'm not but your brain was moving I mean, you can fall asleep and you haven't bothered by that at all You know what? I'm super stressed out. What about food being able to stop somewhere and get something to eat over the airport. Yep

Like in a panic about it, please. Oh good cuz I'm so glad we Enlighten. I probably got about but your brain was moving and you can fall asleep and you're not bothered by that

Like that was okay. It was my whole like hey, I got it go. We gotta go because I'm thinking you were rushing I have to stop and get food before I get on this plane. Okay, otherwise, I'll die Okay, is it y'all die straight to death straight? Straight to death. I will go from mildly hungry to death. That's how quickly it will happen. Yep So, yeah you and I have different relationships

We gotta go because I'm thinking you were rushing I have to stop it. Okay is Y'all die straight to death straight to death I will go from yep. Oh wait talk about yours You said I have an affinity for sleep. I need I need eight at least probably closer to nine Yeah, I'm I'm but I like to go with this the setting on and you're a real nine hour and the wake

Waking of the Sun. I mean, I literally am on. Yeah, I'm

You're a real nine hour and the also called rising. Thank you the setting again. Thank you again Not a lot of sleep today folks Words words words. I probably shouldn't be talking but it's okay Yeah, speaking. Yeah, it's it's tricky I I am I feel very very close to my circadian rhythm Yeah, I feel like so that's where I'm some Patico like nothing

Yeah, yeah, I feel like sir, maybe ya have a love affair with sleep. I have a casual friendship with sleep

I don't have a love affair I have a deep need in a way that you don't have the deep need sure you have like, okay I need it to function. I have like, no, no, I need it to set my life. But here's what's so interesting,

after- The patterns of my behaviors. But here's what's so interesting, after even a mildly good night of sleep. Yes. I'll wake up so happy. Yeah, that's just you. Just ready to see a new day. Okay, you wanna let her in? Yes, keep going. Go ahead, our dog's behind the door. And because she has trained us well, we're gonna let her in to the office during the podcast. But I, yeah, she's trained us so well. I wake up so joyful, and even if you've had nine or 10 hours of sleep, you'll wake up and there's a runway that you have to travel down.

There is a runway, yeah.

Before talking can happen. Yes, yeah, that's just you. Yeah, you wanna let her in? Yes. So I'll just travel down. There is a runway. It's just the talking. You immediately wanna talk to me on full volume. I cannot feel- I wanna be close to your face and having a high volume conversation. Full on conversation. I can't do it. I can't do it.

And I'm actually equally as happy. I'm happy to be awake. I'm happy for the new day. My brain's just starting to get going, but I can't immediately engage with you. I do need a good 10 to 20 minutes, sometimes 30 minutes, depending on the coffee situation. Runway to just interact. And that's never a thing that ever happens in our house.

Versus me who wakes up. I wanna be close to your face and having a high volume conversation. Full on conversation. And that's in our house. Versus me who wakes up and I'm just, I can't believe we get another day. I'm so excited about it.

I'm equally as happy about that. I just don't wanna talk about it with you immediately. I don't. I can't. I don't have it in me.

In the spirit of talking about sleep. So in the spirit of talking about sleep, so many kids are wildly deprived of sleep. Sleep is one of those things that we don't, we know that it's important, but I don't think we place enough importance or emphasis on. And so I wanna rifle through some information about sleep and just sort of get your impressions on it now that we're on the tail end of daylight savings time. Here's something interesting.

Very young children are dreamless. Sleep but have an emphasis on. Oh, huh. That's funny. Khashar, well, very young.

What ages? Yeah, so they don't start having their first vivid dreams.

It says here till between five and eight years old. Oh, funny. Okay? She definitely, I think, I mean, she had night tears around like three and four, like the spider, she'd wake up screaming about the spiders. It was always because she was hot. It was hot, yeah, yeah, directly related to heat but yes. Every time she would get hot she would,

Yes. It was always cause she was hot. It was hot, yeah, yeah. Directly related to heat, but yes. Every time she would get hot, she would literally like wake up- Spiders! Shrill. Free. Screaming about spiders. Yes.

She would never remember it the next day. Never. Free. Screaming about spiders, next day. about spiders. And she was never awake, but she would definitely, yeah, she'd wake the

day, go ahead. So here's some applicable stuff. Daytime activity promotes better sleep

I did know that and I know this because I my workout schedule has been weird. And I've

had a lot my brain and I can tell mine has been disrupted. Just sayin Yeah, cuz you yeah. Cuz you haven't been as active during the day. No. And so your sleep is disrupted at

night. Yeah. Yeah. I'm always active during the day. But like, if I don't get my workout in in terms of like function, like I've been running the kids, I'm in the car a lot. I can just tell at night because then my brain is constantly running. I can't shut it off.

Keep going. Go ahead. This is one of those things that's like, well, duh.

Yes, yes. We say well duh but then we don't change habits. It's really tough.

I notice this too. Yes, tough. I notice this too. It's like you know where I'll notice this? On the road, the next three days this will come into play for me because I will not, Because it will literally be like land, speak, fly out, land, speak, fly out.

And so I won't get my workouts in, that I normally get big plans to get. You don't get vitamin D either. Like people think like you see you're just inside. You literally rid inside an airport. Then you go to inside a hotel.

I go from airport, to hotel, to school. No. Like people think you're just inside, you're inside a hotel. I go from airport hotel. To convention center, and then right back, yeah, I don't get any vitamin D City.

No, so that I mean we take vitamin D supplements and I still think you're deficient. We're deficient in Colorado, by the way But I can tell Noticeably, you know if I haven't been outside even like walking the dog I haven't been outside if I haven't had a good night's sleep or worked out It is a different day, which again to your point. Yeah, duh, we all know but like it just Again, Dave like savings time. We run out of time

Head out the window like on the way to run out of time

Hang my head out the window like on the way to the airport in the uber. Yes for the vitamin. Yes for the vitamin D Yes for real at least roll the window down like the fresh air the vibe. It's so imperative speaking that dog

Like I know to speak my dog like I noticed like if our dog doesn't get a water. She's a nightmare Yeah, she's super active. She doesn't sleep and this guy she hasn't had a chance So like for you out there like parents like hey are your kids getting enough activity?

They're not sleeping well at night. Yes. Maybe they're not getting enough activity during the day to pro. She's a nightmare She's super active. Definitely not vitamin D You know like and they're cutting recesses or cutting on that stuff so they don't even get outside as much which means they don't sleep as well Which means older hero groggy the next day. Yes, it's been really cold here So like a couple I notice like on days like there's a couple times like it's below a certain degree Like the they won't let the kids outside and they're night and day You know, like we don't you know, our son's in middle school. Now. They don't have a recess. They get out one time a day Literally one time he doesn't have PE this semester. He's like a different kid Thank goodness. It's baseball and he's like getting outside. But even now this time of year, it's really tough

Anyway, keep going cause his sleep has been different. Yeah, some bed, you know Get outside as much which means they don't sleep as well which means they're groggy the next day Cause his sleep is been different to that, some bedtime snacks promote better sleep Funny I would have never known that is it like the old wives tale about milk. No. Oh, okay So it's actually anything with a good level of carbohydrates. Oh, okay. That doesn't include a lot of sugar Sure, so things like bananas yogurt like whole-grain crackers Yogurt before bed and it's not too much. Okay, just a little bit of this will apparently help kids fall asleep and stay asleep great

Oh, okay. Yeah yogurt before bed and it's not too much. Okay. Good to know. That's a really good one

Yeah, so sleep deprivation is dangerous We can live for weeks or even months without eating but people who are chronically sleep deprived can die from cardiac arrest in a matter of Days Wow It doesn't happen often Wow It says here like it doesn't happen often but instead people and this one is huge for us in the education space People who suffer from sleep deprivation have trouble concentrating their moods suffer their appetites change and they have difficulty learning new information

Do feel like that's 100% true I mean I could come up with a list of at least five maybe ten kids right now who I think were just Chronically sleep deprived didn't have ADD or didn't have it You know like the things that were ever on their on their plans, right? I like I and a handful of them had plans for various reasons. I literally think I'm guaranteeing you They just did not get enough sleep or had like tech TVs in the rooms Like whatever whatever electronics in the rooms something like totally just did not go to bed Yeah and then they're like Oh you can't focus and you're not eating and you need to be on this medicine. You're on this You're not hungry and then you're not eating and you're not getting enough sleep. It's just like it's very cyclical But I don't think we understand the importance of sleep, particularly in developing brains. So, so imperative.

And then, totally. That's not just little kids. Because I think the mistake that we make, or the lie that we tell ourselves, is like, oh, you know, as kids get older, they need less sleep, which is a good segue to the next one. Teens and five-year-old kids need about the same amount of sleep, which is around 10 hours. Yes, I knew 10 at least. Yes. Yeah, because they're growing the same amount. That's the hard thing because we look at kids, especially teenage kids, and it's like, well, they're getting eight hours of sleep or seven hours of sleep. Well, if they're only seven or eight hours of sleep, they're two or three hours short of what they actually need for a developing brain and a developing body. Huge. This is a very big, giant deal. A very big, giant deal.

I know, so many of Everett's friends don't get enough sleep. Guaranteed. But also, we have to think about what their schedules look like. And so in a lot of cases like they're coming home from school, 3.34 o'clock,

and then they have a good segway to the next one. No sleep. Yes, a new 10 at least. Yes, and so when they're- Cause they're growing the same amount. That they actually need. A lot of- They're jam-packed. We should talk about that in a second too, cause it's- Oh my gosh. Our whole district just changed supposedly for sleep, but we'll see. It's gonna be interesting.

The middle school kids don't- Oh my gosh. We'll see. It's gonna be interesting. The middle school kids don't start till 9. 9 to 4, everybody. And we don't get out till 4, which means the earliest they can be on a practice field is 5. Sure, let's say the earliest they practice from 5 to 7.

Sure, which is nine to 4. Of 4, two hours at the, at the least, I don't think that will actually be the case.

Sure, at the least, I don't think that will actually be the case. You get home at around 7.20, 7.30, you've got time to shower till 7.45. Not including homework. You haven't eaten dinner yet? Yes. So it's 8 o'clock, you're having dinner. That doesn't include homework. That easily bumps you into close to 10 o'clock. And then all of a sudden, it's like, dude, our kid doesn't sleep past 6.30.

No, and he's not gonna sleep in. Again, and back to your circadian rhythm, like your melatonin brain dump naturally by what... your body really happens between 9 and 10 because the sun has been down– And your body wants to go to bed? Yes. Your body wants to go to bed and, like, that's when the melatonin dump is. And if you're not eating dinner till then, then you're digesting, then you stay up later. It's just...it is throwing kids' bodies off, like, in a huge way, really, you know, to their detriment.

And your body wants to go to bed? Yes. shoot. Aw, 10 hours. Right. 10 hours. It's really important.

I'm worried about how we're gonna get their rates. It's really important. I don't know if we It is. It's not a moment of stress yet Because I don't I can't think about it at this juncture because there's so much stuff to come before but I do It is going to be hard to get on that rhythm

So tell me more tell me more teenagers are not sleeping in to annoy you. I know I know that folks They're not being lazy Yeah The teenagers are not sleeping in to annoy you as it turns out teenagers are hardwired As teens to stay up later and sleep in later. Okay, it's biological. Sure. It's okay is illogical

Okay, like they're hard because of the behavior. Oh, I know that folks like not being lazy

Yeah, the teen is like they're hard because of the behavior that's happening at that same time. Yes, right. Yes It's impossible to change their body's preferences But like like I'll know that's merely ends of years of but like good sleep habits are still gonna be really really important Um sleep routines, which we'll talk about later great kids spend about 40% of their childhood asleep

Huge great they're growing that much 40% They're growing if you think about like development brain development and body development that that tracks With like how much they're growing how much they're learning how active they are

Yeah, all of that makes sense makes perfect sense. Yeah 40 percent yeah, I I struggled... I don't know. You don't like that one? I, it's not whether I like it or not it just is. Sure, yeah. It just, just like... Like, that's so much time.

Like sure. It just is, just like that's so much time. How are you functioning then?

What do you need to be doing? Yeah, I think that's, I think that's the hard part for me too when it comes to sleep. I think it, I think part of why I wake up the way I wake up is excitement about a new day. Sure. But I think the other part is like, oh my gosh like, I've spent so long in this bed,

and I've wasted so much time, eh? Sure. That's funny, but you can't put that on kids either. It's such a stupid album. Like, oh, you're wasting time. It's such a stupid album. No, they're not. Like, they're developing. It's actually really important for them. I do think it's like their decreased levels of sleep and somebody who's a doctor could back this up. I don't know. It's just pure conjecture, but I do think it relates to their levels of depression, anxiety, all of their other stuff.

I literally think it's lack of sleep. Yeah. I just think they're not getting enough and then their bodies are off and then it just makes them more anxious and it makes them more depressed. Then they can't go to sleep because their brain is thinking about all the things they haven't done. Like, they feel guilty for going to sleep. Like, it just, it really is bad pattern behaviors to like try and disrupt. It's a hard thing to disrupt, but I think it's imperative that we do. I know. Keep going. Yeah.

All right. Okay. Last but not least, Bedtime. It's either, like, oh, your name. It's such a stupid album. Like, no, they're not. All right. All right. Okay. Last one out of these bedtime routines. Yeah. Tell me more bedtime routines help everyone relax and sleep better So like things like turning off electronics ending vigorous play time and putting away like stimulating toys about 30 minutes before bedtime

30 and 30 is

They should have a 4.30. Yep. So is like, bath or showers are nice ways to transition. They're relaxing. Yep. Dimming the lights at night, which is so funny, which is the thing I don't like to do because it makes me sleepy.

Yes. I am sleepy. Yes. It's funny because you and Shar have the exact same habits around this, which is like you both turn them on immediately. I love a bright light. Yep. I love a bright light. Yeah.

Late. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. No thanks. I'm like, well, if the lights are dim, I'm going to get sleepy. Great. So I blast the lights on so I don't get sleepy, which is funny.

Great. So I blast.

Guess who turns off the lights in their house, everybody? Other other things like herbal tea, like, oh my gosh. Which all the habits that I have.

It says diffusing lavender. All the habits that I have.

Mommy will sometimes diffuse so much lavender in our bedroom where I'm like, oh, oh, oh.

Are you joking? Like the air, like the air's thick, thick with lavender. Babe, relaxation. You need it.

You need it. It's like if someone pulled a sleeping bag over your head and then shoved a barrel of

lavender in it. I do think you need to check in with some of these habits too, because you were on your phone way later than I am. Totally. You wake up with it, you go to bed with it, and I know that those are just like road habits seeping into our life.


Because I'm trying not to bother you.

I know, but there are some things that's just like. I will gladly not wake up and get on my phone.

If I can just go over and talk to you. I know, I know there's something there's a tree. Guess it's the phone. What do you say? I'm kidding. No you're not. You're not kidding at all. If you could whisper, but you can't even whisper, you talk to me like you're talking to me right now. Like, it is not even six, man. Could you like keep that thing down until please we're past the six a.m. mark? Oh my gosh.

Then the dog's breathing on me. It's just, there's a, I do need a runway, man. I do, oh my gosh. Okay. That's what I got.

Okay, great. No, you're not. You're not giving it all. Then the dog, okay. That's what I got. Okay, great. I think it's good for us to recognize like, hey, your kids need a lot of sleep. More than they're probably getting. And more than you probably think is normal. Absolutely, yeah. All right, you have got that article locked and loaded right there.

No, I don't, sure. Kids need to have sleep. Yes, absolutely. All right. No, I don't. I was looking for it, but it's just a Washington Post article on daylight savings. So it came out like in the last day and a half. I think I'm gonna stop daylight savings in like 20. Yeah, so that was, that was why. Because the federal government basically has voted. Marco Rubio, thank you for introducing that legislation. You know, he should listen to this podcast.

I guess an idiot. Somebody send it. Anyway, he introduced this legislation to keep daylight savings time. And everyone's voted for it. Colorado just voted for it. Like whenever the federal government does it, we're gonna do it. And then this article was just basically repudiating everything that the federal government is saying about daylight savings. Oh, shock.

Are they gonna stop daylight savings in like 20?

Oh, shocking, the government's getting something wrong. With, with just history and your biology and all these neuroscientists basically weighing in like know there's a reason that we wake up with the sun and go to bed with the sun. You know, there's biological reasons. Your body is attuned to that. And that's why you do it. There's actually something in the sun, when the sun comes up like it triggers your eyelids like with vitamin D or something that goes directly. There's like a direct trigger from the sun. Andrew Huberman says he's a... educator at Stanford, I believe, who said

him before he's just a doctor and researcher at Stanford, I believe, who said him before. He's just like, you're supposed to get up. You're supposed to get sun in your eyes. Yes. Like, as you start your day, because it

triggers. Because it triggers all of those things, and it's just like, man, nice, because it triggers. So this article cites a lot of that, but it's great. It's a fascinating article. All these neuroscientists and they're like, uh, this might be a bad idea. And then there's a ton of graphs about like, it sounds like an hour, but like over time, how it actually impacts your sleep patterns and your behaviors and your circadian rhythm. Really important. Anyway, go, go check it out folks. Check it out. Yeah. It's important. Let your kids sleep.

You need to

get some on the road this week. I need to get, I'll be getting some. Yeah. Let your kids speak. I need to get, I, yes, because I will be gone and it will just be you and Lainey and Charlotte.

I actually, I actually take magnesium, which I don't, I, is very helpful. It's natural. You used to take melatonin. Um, there's been some side effects. Thank you, Dr. Andrew human. So

we don't do melatonin no more natural. So don't do melatonin. I still take melatonin. I can't wean myself off of it. I'm having a really hard time. Uh, but I'll tell you this like kids. Yeah, I take chills, I tech, take like a milligram of melatonin. Some people are taking

images are really five milligrams of melatonin, which is insane, but I'll tell you, you take kids of melatonin. Some people are taking it. Which is insane. And your body already produces melatonin naturally so you don't need more.

Which is why people are like oh it's totally fine. I'll tell you this if you're giving your kids melatonin supplements stop tons of research out there that says it stunts puberty and development and so like stop giving your

kids melatonin supplements. You can take magnesium though. Naturally magnesium is supposed to be awesome for you. Yes and you have been

taking that and that's better. There are some it does relax you. Here's what I don't like for me about. Sure. I can take those melatonin in a milligram of melatonin if I take it. Yes. In 25 minutes. Oh yeah. It's gonna be tomorrow. This is the control part of you. I love that. I love that I can just like oh here it comes and seen.

Now it's tomorrow. Powering down. Let's have a loud conversation. Yes. But magnesium doesn't work like that. Yes. Magnesium doesn't

sort of like put you to sleep but it helps you stay asleep. Yes. And tomorrow let's have a loud conversation. Yes yes yes. Which is why I like it but like if you're on the road I can still wake up the melatonin makes me groggy.

You have a hard time staying asleep. I do. But an easy time

falling asleep. Yeah yes. But I can't go back to sleep if I wake up. See I have a

hard time. I have a hard time falling asleep but once I'm down. Yeah

you're down. Peace. Nothing will wake you up not the dogs not the kids. No. Whatever maybe it's just the difference I get the bathroom

peace. Nothing will wake you up not the dogs not the kids. No. Whatever. Maybe it's just the difference

I get up. Yeah come back and we're out again. Yeah but yeah but if youumbling up and go to the bathroom and I hear you and I wake up seeing for me that's my day I've had it. I can't go back to sleep. Again which is why I get so

I'm a gentleman. I'm a gentleman and I quiet pee on the side of the bowl. You're welcome. Thank you. I love you. Thank you. And that's what you do for people that you love.

Great. Okay with that folks. On that note. My husband's got to go get on an airplane and get some food.

On that note, I got to get some food before I get on this plane. Alright. Thanks as always for listening everybody. We'll catch you on next week's episode of Teaching Keating. As always you can find us anywhere podcasts or listen to and if you can find me on the social media

Molly. Where can we find you? All right. If you can find me, it's supposed to be sixties this week. I'm walking the dog. I'm doing a little bit in the yard. I'm getting my vitamin D so I can sleep well cause you're on the road and I have a million things going on. Very excited.

You can find me with my head hanging out the window of an Uber headed to the airport. The airport we'll see you next week you guys until then be well