How dance can unleash your inner joy | Ryan Heffington - Transcripts

September 16, 2022

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How dance can unleash your inner joy | Ryan Heffington


I'm Elise you. You're listening to Ted talks daily. The lockdown months of the early pandemic were weird and difficult and for so many of us really lonely but the dancer and choreographer Ryan Huffington used his time in isolation to create a community where people from all over the world danced with him through digital connections. Each day. In his talk from Ted 2022 he shares the way goofy dance moves can infuse joy and connect us at times We need it the most. That's after a quick break. Hey, I'm dr jen Gunter, host of a podcast from ted called body stuff on this show. I debunk medical myths and explore some of the body's most fascinating mysteries. Next up, can you boost your metabolism? Every heartbeat that we beat every flutter of our eyelashes is all driven by metabolism and energy. Check out body stuff on apple podcasts, Spotify or wherever you listen. All those points and miles can feel pretty pointless if they expire or go unused every year.

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What is your connection to dance? Do you love the ballet or maybe you watch those dance competitions on television or did you jump into The Horde that Bar Mitzvah one time I want you to reconsider your connection to dance because I believe it to be a simple and successful way of accessing happiness within what do you need to participate? Virtually nothing but your will to explore and have a little bit of fun, no music, no partner required when I choreograph for film, television commercials, I often generate moves that are based on the human experience. I take these moves and I string them together twist and play with their pace. In order to create more meaningful work. We all have our own beautiful ways of moving and this is worth celebrating. It's time to extract the judgment out of our dance experience and set free the preconceived notion of what good dances and instead find out how your own body loves to move and find out that in a rhythm that feels so good. Think more body less critique. So you may ask, well, how do I access or unlock this dance magic? Well, once you have the perspective that life is dance. Yeah, you begin to see dance everywhere around you all day long. Like I do like now witness how you're sitting in front of me.

Your posture are both feet grounded, is one leg crossed over the other. Where are your hands placed or envision a parent rocking their child. It's a playful flourish, right tying your shoe, a grand gesture, drinking a glass of water stylized head release. So check out this proof of concept. In the first week of the worldwide lockdown in March 2020, I decided to teach us online, follow along dance class called sweat fist. I hope I was hoping that a couple of friends would join in. But over the course of the next couple of weeks, tens of thousands of people from all over the world joined sweat fest, turning our collective isolation into a worldwide community. It was absolutely beautiful. People check their critical minds and really unleash that joy from within doing these goofy dance moves while the world is in disarray, who would have guessed that moves like the pretty pony and the bob ross would be so life changing. So I've been a student dance for 42 years and my relationship with the art form runs deep and quite intimate, just help me through trauma. It has paid my rent, but most of all it's been an unfaltering joy in my life and that's why I'm here because I believe there's more joy for you. Only steps away a simple and rudimentary moves that you already know.

So I'd love to invite you to be your own choreographer, grab your kids or go solo and let fun and laughter push the boundaries of ridiculousness. Who knows, maybe brushing your teeth or whiskey and mac and cheese will become your new favorite dance move and once you have a dance move or two or three or four under your belt, respectfully call yourself a dancer because you've earned it and share those moves and that happiness with those around you. Thanks, thank you.

This episode of Ted talks daily is brought to you by Brown, which means we're able to hear from them about how good design can lead to a better future for both people and planet. Welcome to Benjamin Wilson, industrial designer and Communications Director of Design and Technology. Benjamin, tell us a little bit about yourself and how you came to be in this role. I've an industrial designer. I've been at Brown now for over 20 years and I have sort of made it my mission over the last few years to sort of help people understand what makes Brown. Brown has become my passion area to sort of share ideas and insights into the way Brown does things, why the way we do things that Brown is today more relevant than ever because it leads to a certain type of product and leads to better products. And at Brown we believe good design is simple, useful and built to last and that in, let me say in a throwaway economy means a lot moving forward. Um and it's not just buzzwords or marketing words, it's founded on literally doing things a certain way for over 100 years now. And if you create products with these three principles, a simple use of built to last mentality. It leads to products that stand the test of time utilizing fewer resources, producing quality products that last longer, making sure that environmental footprint is reduced to the max right from the beginning, that's something which has been our ambition from the beginning and something we practice and live by every day now, Rams was obviously head of design Brown for over 40 years and I think it's really interesting that when you look at his 10 principles for good design, he included, good design is environmentally friendly, but also it's long lasting, it's understandable, you know, there are so many things in those 10 principles that lead to sustainability. The 10 principles obviously almost a summary of what the way Brown worked and the foundational thinking was developed by Irvin and Arthur Brown and a gentleman called fritz ice like. He's basically the original hipster.

They together put their brains together with the womb school and really tried to work out what does a better future look like. They literally wrote the book of what the future needs in the fifties. It's quite a stunning futurist utopian vision of the world where every human should have access to the highest quality products, even everyday objects, a simple thing like a shaver, toothbrush, etcetera etcetera. Everyone deserves high quality products in their everyday life. Obviously the elephant in the room is E waste, right? E waste is a global problem in 2019. Approximately 50 million tons of E waste was generated worldwide. That's the equivalent to the weight of 350 cruise ships. Can you tell us how much of the design process at Brown is driven by the desire to reduce the waste and whether that design process starts with the aesthetic of the appliance or whether it starts by looking at the working parts. Brown obviously a very specific way of doing design. Again, the process of actually creating products tends to always like all good design processes should begin with solving a problem or someone's gotta frustration. We're going to provide a solution to help that frustration be alleviated design needs to be core.

Right at the beginning, the role of the designers to work with the R. And D. Teams, the quality teams looking at what raw materials and technical performance is needed for for whatever product and what matters most for that product. That that is really key. The key role of the designers to look at what matters most, to help achieve a type of product that is again durable, repairable and recyclable. And finally, can you see a future that waste? Will there come a time where we just see what we currently call waste as an opportunity or as a second life material? It's happening. It's been happening for quite some time. I mean Brown getting those materials without part of the land bill out of the product streams, ensuring that materials are recycled. There's also been the idea of circularity flowing into some of the larger corporations on this planet. Talking about circularity you wouldn't have expected.

I mean, being W launched a car recently, a concept car with a hole through lines about circularity, so less decoration, less little chrome bits, a car being able to be tore down into its individual parts and those materials flow flowing back into into material streams. These are huge things that really gives me hope as an industrial designer. But in everyday life humans, young generation are sort of opening up their minds and understanding that these topics are more and more important. Moving forward. Thank you so much. Benjamin. If you'd like to learn more about Brown Head to the website at Brown dot com, R. XX