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September 20, 2022

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Your invitation to disrupt philanthropy | Sara Lomelin


it's really huge today an inspiring talk about how better connecting with each other has the power to lead to positive change philanthropy disruptor Serra low million offers a guide to creating and bettering communities through giving circles inter top from ten twenty twenty two that's after the break Hey I'm Steven Johnson host of the Ted interview podcast on this show we talked to some of the world's most interesting people on the latest episode researcher and activist sorry J. Rahman talks about her nationwide campaign for a fair wage in the service industry when a very historic moment where after a hundred and sixty years of this wage structure lasting since emancipation it is finally being projected by millions of workers check out the ten interview on apple podcasts Spotify over every it's time to reboot your credit card without the card the card gives you up to three percent unlimited daily cash back it's real cash you can spend right away no need to wait and wait for rewards I know in the wallet app on iPhone to see your credit limit offers with no impact to your credit score subject to credit approval daily cash is available by an apple cash card or as a statement credit see apple cart customer agreements for terms and conditions apple cash card is issued by green dot bank member FDIC accepting apple cart after your application is approved will result in a hard inquiry which may impact your credit score support for Ted talks daily comes from progressive are you thinking more about how to tighten up your budget these days drivers to save by switching to progressive save over seven hundred dollars on average and customers can qualify for an average of six discounts when they sign up a little off your rate each month goes a long way to get a quote today at progressive dot com progressive casualty insurance company affiliates national annual average insurance savings by new customers surveyed who saved a progressive between June twenty twenty and may twenty twenty one potential savings will vary discounts vary and are not available in all states in situations

I want to invite you over for dinner at my house when you walk in their chairs clamped everywhere smells delicious you hear people laughing you see friends talking and telling stories there are more than twenty of us here tonight teachers taking either lawyers moms it flowers and it's chaotic but even if this is your first time it feels like home and then we'll sit down to work because two ninety is not a regular dinner tonight is the culmination of months of conversations and learning in my living room at the end of the night thirty thousand dollars will go out to a local grassroots nonprofit that he's doing amazing work in our community

and that

morning came from everyone in the room and the decision of where that money's going include that all of her voice this is a giving circle a group of people with shared values that comes together to create change my giving circle the peninsula at the neck of his circle is what I know philanthropy to be it's joyful and transformative and collaborative and intentional most people don't see off a philanthropist with this process when they think of philanthropy but I'm here to show you the powerful possibility that exist in all of us to be philanthropist no matter your age or your wealth no matter where you live or where you come from I am originally from Mexico City moved to the U. S. twenty five years ago and in two thousand and seven when I started my first giving circle I didn't even know the concept have a name this is not new collective giving has been going on for centuries just in the past two decades thousands of giving circles go to start it all over the world collectively given more than one point three billion dollars I have dedicated my life to this work and now I lead an organization called philanthropy to gather to democratize and divers ified the power of philanthropy through the power of giving circles they're giving circles with five members or five hundred each person giving five dollars or two hundred and fifty thousand including any generation identity or geography we give to nonprofits we have a team the Beatles were two new projects just getting off the ground there are women's giving circles a black given circles Jewish Muslim


interfaith given circles that focus on climate change and seeking gauge mint cross class and cross raise gives Rickles Asian Pacific islanders allotting excel G. B. T. Q. giving circles inside companies


see on social clubs in **** while they're giving circles in Malawi and China and Germany


these groups keep getting together each year over year because collected given is powerful we can have a much bigger impact to get there that we can alone so what is the secret I'm here to show you the four steps to start a thriving given circle the first step is to create belonging the concept of people banding together to create change if that's all after many did self I collected giving has roots in cultures all around the world but do they we don't even talk to our neighbors and more but by the longing to something that is bigger than yourself and the collective power of our dreams and voices that is what creates great that's lasting commitment to each other and to change not even circle you start with a group friends neighbors colleagues and you take the time to deepen those relationships those folks back in my living room we basically started as strangers but because we ate together and laugh together and share stories and decided on our set share the values we ended up creating a lasting community that gets together year over year giving circles make you feel at home the second step is to hold space for discourse it can be completely completely overwhelming to know how to make an impact as an individual but in a giving circle I have the opportunity to learn together the essence of people engaging challenging conversations give me new perspectives about the issues in their communities we quartet because the furnace has an ideology and viewpoints but because everyone has an equal voice we always walking with something to share and walk away with something learn I'm back in my living room we're tackling the hardest part did you fight where are we giving to gather so we'll learn and they will vote I will discuss and we'll change our minds and then we'll change our minds again but B. you won't fail we always come to an agreement at the end because we come with an open heart and open mind thank you Mr call said about me were you it's about us together and once we have shared and these costs the third step is to give would trust because he not given circle we give all together to a shared bought the funding before even knowing what that what that money's going to go we trust each other and that's frost extends to the groups that we're funding two ninety we're deciding to give to a small nonprofit with a tiny tiny budgets these numbers may shock you but in the US eighty eight percent of funding goes to just the top five percent of non profits I groups led by black and Latino leaders get the far less funding than similar groups led by white leaders my giving circle we give as you would to a loved one looking them in the ice unlike most of traditional philanthropy we give with no strings attached leads are the shift in the power into the hands of the leaders on the ground so they can decide how to best use the money when you need team knows what the community needs for any philanthropist it should never be about parachuting into our community to say that just acting alone citing partnership they don't need to be saved we need to be trusted it's just acting abundance when people think of philanthropy the usually just think on big money of course you know money is a big part of the given circle to because of the multiplying effect my hundred dollars can turn to to ten thousand or a hundred thousand you know I even can't make my kids to look outside of their phones for two minutes and pay attention when I'm telling them that I just gave you a thousand dollars but philanthropy easily yes love of humanity dealing with an abundance of heartland of spirit we can all be radically generous since so many ways the young just one so after two nights we all are going to go and volunteer




open doors and sherry social media we call the scene giving circles giving your five teeth time talent treasure testimony the types one of my favorite stories of abundance is out of my team but it has made the son of migrant farm workers whose dream was to become a colder my god the train Baez small tech skills nonprofit in his community that number off it was supported by the leading us into giving circle and for my team it was in credibly powerful to see a group of people that looked like him supporting the fuel in the work of the nonprofit that was training him so after two straining Matt dean land that these high profile internship in Silicon Valley and the very first thing he did was given fifty percent how forty signing bonus to that number off


and the other health to join the Latino since a giving circle because he is a philanthropist Metheny's thank you martinis actively using his voice and his power to bring more stem programs for kids that look like him


is a bonus the life changing things happen when we look at philanthropy beyond the money because all the money in the world is not going to save us but beloved communities will for a long time philanthropy has been just a selected few few select that the side on the impact on many who should ensure a confounding why he's found what he's not considering packed full again in the U. S. communities of color receive eighty percent of philanthropy for women and girls see shoes is just one point nine percent not even one third off one percent goes to the LGBTQ community we have to change that when we shift the power of philanthropy into all of our voices we change who give how do we give


ultimately what gets funded


didn't buy for and with the communities we represent is the future of philanthropy


each and everyone of us belong in this movement just just think what if every town every issue every community have a giving circle with passionate philanthropists like you


if you're looking for impact and connection


purpose enjoy join or start a giving circle no matter if you have five dollars to give or fifty million no matter if you are a teacher or taking either or a lawyer or a mom and if you do have millions or billions to get join us in this movement that's a hundred fold or invest alongside the local giving circle thank you so much for coming to my given circle tonight you know what that feels heavy doing philanthropy to gather fills me with so much joy and hope for the future maybe when we started you said you were only coming for dinner but actually he just got an invitation to change the world let's meet at your house next time last

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