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Real-life strategies for the modern financial advisor who’s ready to scale. Join Altruist founder and CEO Jason Wenk, Altruist’s Head of Community Dasarte Yarnway, and guests as they share proven tactics, unfiltered advice, and hard-won lessons you can apply to your own practice. These conversations will propel your career to the next level—don’t miss it.


The Advisor Journey How building a brand led to over 50 years of business with David Hicks How building a brand led to over 50 year...
David Hicks is a Partner and Investment Advisor at Oakmont Advisory. Oakmont has been serving the retirement community in New Mexico for over fifty years, David credits a large part of their success to developing a recognizable and authentic brand. In this episode, David shares the keys to developing a brand and how this can set you apart as an RIA.


The Advisor Journey How millennials added to over $100M in AUM with Tyler Purcell How millennials added to over $100M in A...
Kiplinger Wealth Advisors, founded in 1999 by Brad Kiplinger, eclipsed $100m in AUM in 2021. The firm has steadily added $10-12m per year for the past 4 years and lead flow is showing no sign of slowing down. While the firm does serve a wide array of clients, Tyler Purcell has a focus on a less traditional niche; millennials. In this episode, Tyler Purcell joins us to share the importance of never underestimating a millennial niche and how you can attract a younger clientele.


The Advisor Journey 2022 Year End: The State of the Industry with Jason Wenk 2022 Year End: The State of the Industry...
The end of the year is a common time to think about life, resolutions, commitments, and deliverables. It is also the time for advisors to think about the industry as a whole and what can be done to improve the following year. In this episode, Jason chats with Yohance Harrison to discuss the industry's current state, disruptive trends, and the three most significant pain points advisors should look out for in 2023. This end-of-the-year episode is one that you don't want to miss!


The Advisor Journey How one client led to over 300 households and AUM with Yohance Harrison How one client led to over 300 household...
Yohance Harrison, CEO of Money Script Wealth Management, has built a successful firm with over 300 households. Over 2/3 of his current book of business can be traced back to just one person. In this episode, Yohance will teach us the fundamentals of building a referable practice and how to create an automated system that will keep clients engaged and eager to refer their associates to you.


The Advisor Journey Experiencing hyper-growth as a financial advisor with Ben Beck: Live Fireside Chat Experiencing hyper-growth as a financial...
Ben Beck and Jim Bode of Beck Bode have quickly grown their firm to hundreds of millions in AUM. During the Altruist Academy in Austin, Ben joined Jason for a live fireside chat about experiencing hyper-growth and gives some insight on what advisors can do to also quickly scale their business. This live conversation was so powerful, we knew we had to share it with you. For more information about Altruist Academy, visit Disclaimer: This episode is from a live event. Audio can be spotty but the content is fire. Check it out. :)


The Advisor Journey How building community led to $17M in AUM in 6 months with Alex New How building community led to $17M in AU...
Alex Newman, of Grape Wealth Management, has grown his firm to over $17M in AUM in just five months. This growth is largely due to a community event he hosts in Temecula, California for retirees. Alex developed this monthly event to address a need within his niche, resulting in expedient growth for his firm. In this episode, he will walk us through how to create events for your niche and the technology required to make it scalable.